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  1. I knew everything I needed to know about Dwight Howard when he quit on Kobe and the Lakers. That was the best shot to win a title he ever had up to that point (and would ever have up until now) and he was 100% uninterested.
  2. Grizz&Grind

    Cousins injury

    Boogie never properly rehabbed from that quad. Shame.
  3. Completely forgot the Grizz signed Tyus Jones.
  4. Grizz&Grind

    Bruno vs. Greek Freak
  5. Grizz&Grind

    Tyler Harvey

    Harvey needs to hit the weights, work on going to his right, and keep developing his range. During next season, I certainly wouldn't be against giving him a few games here and there during the season. Can't be any worse than some of the guys the org has rolled out these past few years.
  6. Grayson Allen was certainly out of control...but... If you watch the first flagrant, you see that Grant Williams set a screen and then sort of hooked Grayson's arm and was holding him - Grayson then pushed Grant off and Grant acted like he'd been shot from behind...which is no surprise to anyone who watched UT basketball last year - while being a fine player overall, Grant Williams is also a major league flopper, a foul hunter and an irritant. No telling what he'd been doing all game long to Grayson and others. On the technical, sure it LOOKED bad, the optics and whatnot, but he hit the ball first, then the head. Whatever - I'm sure everyone has made up their mind and I'm not here to defend the guy, just providing a little perspective. Josh Hart, Perkins from LA, and others have been ejected from SL before. Players have gotten into fights before in basketball, etc. However, Grayson's history of this behavior though is what makes this look bad.
  7. I would do every single other trade listed before doing Dallas and Courtney Lee, which is now looking more like a cash grab than a real trade.
  8. Grizz&Grind

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    Yep. Clarke looks a little smallish, but has a high IQ on defense and has a good motor and is active. He will definitely need to develop a face up jumper at the very least and likely 2-3 reliable post moves. Not sure he will be too successful at center - depends on matchup.
  9. And teams WANT Iggy...that's an asset in an asset driven league...why give him away?
  10. Grizz&Grind

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    True, but it sure sounds like he doesn't want to play here, so we can assume some things are more likely than others.
  11. Right, just at least give me a player that can play meaningful minutes on an expiring contract.
  12. Grizz&Grind

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    0% chance you buy him out...this ain't a charity...some folks are getting it twisted...unless he wants to negotiate his buyout to less than we would save on a trade (i.e. the $4M for Courtney Lee), then no dice. If he really wants to play for the Lakers or Clippers instead of Dallas or Denver, then that's his play...dude and his agent are trying to both get ALL they money AND play where he wants to next year. I don't see how any Griz fan doesn't say F no to that.
  13. I'm not sure they want THAT much more...but at least a player who can somewhat contribute...Lee is a broken down bum. Also, the Griz seem to have a player that playoff caliber teams why give him away?