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  1. Grizz&Grind

    New depth chart speculation thread

    If we wanted to go by a combination of PER and strictly who is healthy, then this is how it should look. Jonas/Noah Jaren/Rabb Miles/Bruno Bradley/Holiday Conley/Wright Even then, Holiday and Bruno shouldn't get as many minutes as the other second stringers. Kyle can work his way back at SF when healthy, Dillon is out, and the remaining players haven't earned it in practice or in their game minutes - Yuta, Julian, Jevon - all have poor numbers (FWIW - Dillon's PER wasn't good either). Dorsey is an unknown right now. All of this is assuming they are in fact trying to win and convey, and not simply develop guys through playing time.
  2. Grizz&Grind

    New depth chart speculation thread

    I'm looking for the game where JB plays any of these groups together. Jonas/Jaren/Miles/Wright/Bradley Jonas/Jaren/Miles/Bradley/Conley Noah/Jonas/Miles/Wright/Bradley I'd like to see first two lineups where 4 of the 5 players are vets that have been on winning teams. And with the third lineup, I'd just like to see a veteran group who have won elsewhere play together for a few minutes just to see.
  3. Grizz&Grind

    Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls - 2/13/19

    Ball movement is much better with Mike out. Defense was horrid. Rotations/lineups were not good. Bruno should've played 20 minutes. Frustrating to watch JB's teams.
  4. Grizz&Grind

    Grizzlies acquire Tyler Dorsey for Mack

    Didn't look horrible last night.
  5. Grizz&Grind

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    Not playing Bruno more last night was borderline criminal.
  6. Grizz&Grind

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    Yep. Bruno has intriguing potential, but is still raw and inexperienced. He could be a heckuva role player in a few years or back in the G League. Reports are he is working his tail off though, so that's the encouraging part, but he's got to shoot better and definitely has to make better decisions on both ends.
  7. Grizz&Grind

    Grizzlies acquire Avery Bradley

    I think the hope is all the trade newcomers remain healthy and play well, so that they can potentially be flipped next season for assets - most will be expiring as well.
  8. Grizz&Grind

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    Dude is still pretty raw, but he has potential based on his physical gifts.
  9. I'll say 6-7, assuming no injuries.
  10. In reality, to get the rebuild going, the FO just needed to forget about the pick. The fact that's it's still driving a lot of the decision-making is mind-boggling at this point.
  11. Grizz&Grind

    Tyler Harvey

  12. Grizz&Grind

    Tyler Harvey

  13. Agree, but not sure they will strip it down all the way - acquiring players like Jonas and not trading Mike makes me wonder.
  14. I mean, Boston only gets to pick where Memphis finishes. In theory, if they finish 11th overall in 2021, then that's the pick Boston gets. In reality, it's not going to be fun to give that pick to Boston whenever, just hope it's not #1. Anything 5-7 range and lower, I can live with.