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  1. My counter to that would've been that they should've told Wallace as much so he could PR spin the questions instead of saying JB will absolutely be back, etc. That or demote Wallace, and promote Wexler and let him answer questions in PR speak. THEN fire JB later in the week or something. And if the bold is correct, I still wouldn't have admitted it publicly. They really need to hire a PR front office person.
  2. Grizz&Grind

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    I meant more along the lines of they're going to trade him, so we have to see what the return is before we make further roster judgments. I'd be shocked if he's on the opening day roster next year.
  3. Grizz&Grind

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    I think that's accurate and where all ideas will come from going forward. Once the return is known on Mike, then decisions get made.
  4. Thanks for the info - should be interesting to be sure.
  5. Grizz&Grind

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    We still haven't even seen Jaren and Jonas play together for any significant stretch. To me, I'm interested in keeping this core over the summer: Jonas Jaren Slomo Bruno Dillon Delon Not against these players, but not tied to them either - if they are back, fine, if not, also fine: Dorsey Jevon Zeller Noah Miles Avery Holiday Parsons Rabb Yuta Obviously you now trade Conley for what you can get.
  6. dumb question but when does this coin flip happen?
  7. Grizz&Grind

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I think the real fact is no one knows. You could find a terrific player at 9 or 10 this year. Or you could bust out. You never truly now a player's work ethic and devotion to craft, etc. There are some guys with the measurables and potential for sure though.
  8. Grizz&Grind

    Comments from media day..

    ^^words every fan wants to hear from their GM in the offseason^^
  9. Grizz&Grind

    Comments from media day..

    I can't tell you which direction we're headed in right now
  10. Grizz&Grind


    I wanted to see all of these guys play a few weeks after the newness wore off and the enthusiasm waned a bit...I think that's a better judge than those first few outings with the frantic energy. I still lean toward having Jonas opt in, but not entirely sold on it after these past few games. Like his size, effort, physicality and he's still on the younger side than the downside.
  11. Grizz&Grind

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    Bruno already playing disinterested.
  12. Grizz&Grind

    Parsons back after all star break

    Bruno is very raw. Have read good things about his work ethic (so far), and he does have intriguing size/athleticism. He will need to put in big time work this offseason, but he's an interesting project of sorts. Not a lot of NBA experience yet either.
  13. Grizz&Grind

    Team Hero Lakers@Grizz

    THOSE GnG teams had more parts to the equation. You're smart and know that too. I'm talking about this year's GnG and was pretty clear when I said as much - the version with Marc out top setting a pick and Mike pounding the rock for most of the shot clock.
  14. Grizz&Grind

    Parsons back after all star break

    Yep. Go straight up and down and put some arc on the shot.
  15. Grizz&Grind

    Parsons back after all star break

    Chandler needs to quit fading away on his 3s.