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  1. Grizz&Grind

    Roster/ Lineups Forecast

    Thanks. Obviously they are not going to go into the season without having an announced trade completed. I've never seen that before in my life. I guess my question was more along the lines of how much longer before the trade goes through or the teams call it off or whatever. I can't imagine announcing a trade and then two-three months later it finally goes through or however it needs to be phrased.
  2. Grizz&Grind

    Roster/ Lineups Forecast

    All I've read is the teams that expect to sign him for the veteran's minimum once he is bought out. Doesn't sound like anyone wants him for $7M though.
  3. Grizz&Grind

    Roster/ Lineups Forecast

    How long do teams have to finalize a trade before the NBA cancels it? It's been a week since the trade for Culver was announced.
  4. Agree. Time will tell. This movie usually ends a certain way, but not always. I certainly have no issues with taking a chance on a 6-6 22 year old with his athletic ability and potential. Sooner or later, rolling the dice on guys like Justise WInslow or Josh Jackson or Jarrett Culver will pan out to become a reliable rotation player.
  5. Right, but the main point was his form is not awful/broken - it has a solid fundamental base overall, but just needs to be tweaked. It's not like watching Kidd-Gilchrist shoot or something. Now, his pre-draft profile speaks to inconsistent shooting mechanics as well. But it also speaks to him being player with good work ethic. Despite what people want to think, a shot can be improved with coaching and hard work. The makes/misses in a highlight reel don't matter to me as much as form/mechanics do, so that's all I was looking at. The Grizz organization has been able to improve a few player's shooting percentages - from Melton to Kyle. I'm not being overly hopeful, just stating what I've read/seen and trying to diagnose the underlying problem. He's only 22 and has really nice measurables/attributes. Time will tell.
  6. Well, whatever the case, the Grizz org needs a shot doctor for a few guys.
  7. Yeah, I think best case is to hope a change of scenery and different coaching turns him into a Corey Brewer type off the bench. I don't envision him ever being a full-time starter, but Timberwolves have been in such disarray, it's hard to judge young players from their time there - some excel and others regress. I'm not disparaging their franchise either, but it hasn't always been stable. That's not to say Culver will be anything other than what he's always been, but his Texas Tech profile and his draft profile aren't matching the NBA production. I'm willing to gamble and say it's not all on him, though he does need to look in the mirror and the Grizz org needs to identify how to "fix" him. It's a calculated risk - when you look at his athleticism and measurables, he's so close to being an NBA rotation guy for ten years that's it's borderline maddening.
  8. From what I can tell, he hasn't changed much. I've heard/read about inconsistent mechanics in his pre-draft profiles, but I've also heard/read he's a hard worker. Hopefully we have someone on staff that can slowly start tweaking his shot - and not in the Brandon Clarke way. Whoever tweaked his shot should never coach basketball again.
  9. It's not broken - just needs a tweak. His elbow is out too much, which brings his shooting hand too far across his body. Bring the elbow in just a bit, put in the reps and he will see the %s increase.
  10. Sure, he's coming off a solid playoff performance that is probably fool's gold, but he is talented and young still. His measurables are a little bit better too.
  11. I'd take a shot on Cam Reddish. Just like I'm intrigued to take a shot on Culver. I understand that there is a segment that wants the splash FA signing. They want the established "name". I got that much. But we have to roll the dice on guys and hope one pans out eventually - that or find a second chance guy like Z-Bo. We have to find the guy before he breaks out (obviously a very tough job). I think you ask yourself if the player in question has some modicum of talent, does he fit the organization, is he a hard worker/energy guy? Is he a good locker room guy? Coachable? People forget about Kyle Anderson - his 2nd and 3rd years in the league he averaged 4 and 3 and 3 and 3. His first two years in Memphis, he shot 26% and 28% from 3. This FO has detractors for taking a shot on Culver (for basically nothing) when Kyle had his ups and downs as well. NBA fans (you see it trickle down to college sometimes) tend to believe that if a guy can't perform in game one of year one then he's a bust and time to move on when that is not always the case. I don't know how things turn out for Culver or Reddish, but I think it's short-sighted to dismiss Culver already after two years in the league - guy is 22 - he's basically a college senior who got an accelerated learning curve. Same thing with Reddish - he's only 21.
  12. So I was bored and watched Jarrett Culver 2021 highlight clips - it was about a 20 minute video. I fully understand you can make anyone look like a star in highlight clips - give me a season of games and an editing bay and I can make Bruno Caboclo look like a star. Still, it's at the highest level against the best players in the world, so I do think it tells somewhat of a story. FWIW - Culver has NBA athleticism and wing size. He has an assortment of scoring moves in his game - post up, mid-range. Solid ballhandler, creator on downhill drives, nice defender (plays passing lanes well, blocks shots) etc. His shot has good form - I keep reading about a hitch, but I don't see that. His release is a little slow. However, it's not an ugly shot - maybe not textbook, but pretty solid form - he squares up, feet and shoulders facing the basket, etc. It's really diffiuclt to believe he is such a poor shooter. And by all accounts he is a good guy and an incredibly diligent worker. The whole thing is baffling. He has all the tools and ability and the work ethic, yet it just hasn't come together for him. Even more baffling, he had a really good offseason and preseason to start last year - his shooting percentages were greatly improved, then the season started and it all went in the tank again. Maybe it is all mental with him at this point.
  13. The odds are he will be the same player he has always been - that's what usually happens on these deals. However. Get him in a new system with new coaches, maybe tweak his mechanics a bit (not the Brandon Clarke overhaul) and give him some confidence and you never know. If he does resurrect his career then you've got 4 top 10 picks under the age of 25 on the roster AND he theoretically won't be expensive (should the team decline the option for next year). Contract year could be a huge incentive. Or he could be playing overseas in 2023.
  14. Justise Winslow part 2. First round wing who can't shoot coming off an injury.
  15. Grizz&Grind

    Memphis Grizzlies vs L A Clippers - 8.16/21

    He looked okay on the bench last night - no wraps or ice or brace or anything.