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  1. memphis slim

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    in his defense, his guess is as good as anyone’s about what the catch me if you can clan is thinking. they need to drop the secrent agent crap and state a vision. slim.
  2. memphis slim

    NBA Playoffs thread

    I actually feel that the bucs will be able to offer them a decent series. the greek freak that played last night might just be the best player in the world. (he has to stay that aggressive). slim.
  3. memphis slim

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    no, a cigar (backwoods, as im smoking in my picture here), or a beer! kbm, im excited about this kid as we all should be. he sure seems like a great young man that has a firm foundation on which to grow! go griz. slim.
  4. memphis slim

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    sure seems like destiny for him to come here. like how he laughed about being a no-star coming out of high school. he’ll do wonders for jjj and develop with him. land us a 3!! slim.
  5. memphis slim

    Summer Plans

    I could certainly see the logic of ja and jjj as locks and the rest- lets make a deal. if d.brooks is in high demand, a deal can be made. just my take. slim.
  6. memphis slim

    Summer Plans

    see your point father pat. however, if we don’t start winning in a couple of years and the fo is still doing this crap...lo’d help em. slim.
  7. memphis slim

    NBA Combine Prospect Interviews

    it’s hard not to get excited watching this young man’s interview and reading this scouting report. I had an incredible feeling we would get lucky in the draft- actually thought we’d win it. 3 years down the road, we may all look back and say we did win it. slim.
  8. memphis slim

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I really don’t want the mindset for jjj to bulk up to oppose the other true bigs in the league. to me, he’s not kg, but I like that template. kg didn’t use his girth to defend. Even though he certainly added muscle, he was able to never lose his agility and athleticism to defend. get chiseled and stronger but I don’t want to see simple muscle mass. to me, it’d be detrimental and counterproductive for what I see him becoming. slim.
  9. memphis slim

    When Should Conley be traded??

    if the thinking is- let’s roll with these 2 young bucs, then I’d do everything possible for a boston trade. my goal would be to get our conveyed pick back and I’d be willing to essentially give mikes services away in order to achieve that. ive heard some folks say here and on radio- just don’t worry about the convey and I understand the thought/hands up approach...but, missed high first round opportunities have a tendency to sting for a long time. id be exploring all possibilities with boston to rid ourselves of the obligation. slim.
  10. memphis slim

    Summer Plans

    I want this fo to have a press conference and state their vision for this organization. it’s not the sexiest bullet point, but it may be the most important. the 3 year plan wasn’t the easiest of pills to swallow, but it gave us fans a clear understanding of their vision. it’s important for these counselors to lighten up on the double talk and secret agent mentality and share a vision. it ain’t a great look. you’re in the south- we’re sort of straight shooters. just a thought. slim.
  11. memphis slim

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    celtics still seems the right locale. take away the pick obligation and let the development begin without worrying about conveying. slim.
  12. memphis slim

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!

    ja probably has to be the pick, but I could certainly envision rj being better. slim.
  13. memphis slim

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    don’t see why it couldn’t. slim.
  14. memphis slim

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    so, want him gone no matter the return? slim.
  15. memphis slim

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    don’t assume mc not coming back. if the offers are not advantageous for griz, then mike is just fine coming back. he’d be a huge help in helping convey next summer and he’s a hell of a player. slim.