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  1. i just want for jjj to come in hungry and ready to prove things. as talented as he proved last season, he has work to be done. it's one thing to come into the league as a rookie, turn heads and come in the following year with some clout. it's another to come into the 2nd year hungry for more and to climb the ranks. what i describe above is what penny did his second year. that kid came back from the summer strong and had worked on his game tremendously. this is my hope for the young fella. when he looks back at this time in his life, may he never once utter the words, 'i wish i had come in more serious about my game after that first year'... go griz. slim.
  2. memphis slim

    make or break

    yea, gtf. i actually was thinking the ship has already sailed for rabb. too bad, but maybe he can continue to work and land on another team. agreed on dbrooks. he really needs a healthy, productive season. slim.
  3. memphis slim

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    isn't that the ****ing truth? but, give me a break. these guys would be upset if it was leaked that they had takeout from gus’ for lunch. (drop the catch me if you can fbi mentality and release some info now and again). you ain’t working at area 51. very cool idea for the uniforms if true. slim.
  4. memphis slim

    make or break

    who has the most to gain or lose this year on the team? josh jackson has to be near the top for sure, but bruno is certainly in the equation, as is grayson. others? it could certainly be argued that all 3 of these guys are playing for their nba lives. slim.
  5. memphis slim

    The "Rebuild" is over guys...this team will compete next season.

    nice bna! slim.
  6. memphis slim

    The "Rebuild" is over guys...this team will compete next season.

    it would be foolish to not see what josh could be for this team. nothing to lose really. contractually, the fo is in the catbird's seat. it is he who must prove his worth in the nba this year. this is make or break for him. josh is playing for his nba life and that is not a stretch. now, it may never really register with him and he could very well be a knucklehead and never see the light...again, we are in the catbird's seat. if, however, the young man does treat this properly and does the work and wants to be a part of this team...could be outstanding. up to you josh. slim.
  7. memphis slim

    Summer Doldrums

    ha. was it delivered in the night written on a scroll? slim.
  8. memphis slim

    Season Ticket Holders

    part of a group since the second year here. missed the yellow jacket because of that initial year too. sux. thats nice of the ticket rep- karl- to send the email, but here’s a perfect example of where the fo’s lack of stated goals and shared vision hurts. it shouldn’t be left to a guy pounding the phones telling you on the side what the plan is...are we smart enough to see what the plan is by now? certainly, but that’s a moot point. come out and do a presser. state a few goals for this year and a vision for 3 years from now. it’d help, get you tremendous buy-in and free press. I don’t get the fo on this front. they’ve done a tremendous job this summer- put a bow tie on it. it’s ok to talk to the commoners. slim.
  9. memphis slim

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    this post above should not be tolerated. this is no place for such talk, and, honestly, i don't know where that talk would be appropriate. go griz. slim.
  10. memphis slim

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    wow, it’s truly summer time, so allow me to also critique chip’s post. i believe not knowing on a particular topic or issue is the definition of ignorance. problem is a lot of folks confuse the terms ignorance and stupidity. they are far from the same. a brilliant person can be ignorant regarding the griz or the rules of the nba. that doesn’t necessarily make them stupid- unfortunate or not blessed perhaps, but not stupid. slim.
  11. memphis slim

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    well, well. maybe this truly will be his wake up call. it’s going to be interesting to watch for sure. hoping this kid looks in the mirror and grows up because this year is it for him. slim.
  12. memphis slim

    Summer Doldrums

    off topic? just kidding. don’t forget the wgc event at southwind! slim.
  13. memphis slim

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    this guy shows flashes of brilliance on the court. hate to even type this, but somewhat reminiscent of stromile. it’s almost as if he wakes up from a daydream upon occasion and pretends to be the greek freak for a moment or two. don’t toy with father time. put the work in now and get mentally prepared now to throw your cards on the table. he sure doesn’t want to look back in 10 years and think about all the missed opportunities. if I were part of griz brass, I’d devote a lot of time to him right now. the lights need to come on this season. if they do, this kid could do great things on the court. po’ man’s greek freak if you ask me. slim.
  14. I actually like what the kid could be but I realize he’s a long way from that potential and certainly it’s a threat he never touches said potential. on a bigger note, I think many on here are getting all freaked out about a hill of beans. if grayson makes it (he’s a griz, so bet your last dollar I’m pulling for him), then great. if he doesn’t, then he doesn’t. its as simple as that. this is a growing stretch- nothing more, nothing less. don’t overthink this stuff. kid will either grow up and work on certain aspects of his game or he won’t. slim.
  15. as for grayson, yea it was a petty, childish act(s), but I do like a little chippyness- something we could use. that being said, he needs to get his act together. he could definitely start accidentally catching elbows across lanes. a flying elbow from a 6’10”, 250lb man can straighten out a bad attitude pretty quick. slim.