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  1. had no idea the bullets were still in the league. slim.
  2. memphis slim

    Yeah, but: a thread you may wish to avoid

    I think we all (yes, I’ve been guilty as well) need to sit back and give jjj some time. he is so young and he grew 2 inches over the summer- think about that. I have knocks and points within his game that I want to see this or that...but, the kid has tremendous talent and ability. maybe it’s time to just appreciate witnessing the growth this year. dude can shoot the rock. slim.
  3. memphis slim

    Ja out tonight?

    just a little reverse psychology. was trying to stir up a great performance like that! slim.
  4. memphis slim


    I figured ja broke the internet with that nasty facial. finally caught him a fish! slim.
  5. memphis slim

    Take that for data

    wish him the best, but his problem here was he was lost with creating identity. not one of our players knew their role. major negative. slim.
  6. memphis slim

    Ja out tonight?

    honestly, it’s hard for me to watch without ja. I love the griz as much as anyone, but that kid has spoiled me. slim.
  7. big hunk.. relax. saying a young guy needs to work on his game doesn’t mean folks are being mean or wanting him gone. jtrip has some incredible potential and raw talent. good guy, but he has a lot of work to do in order to be a legitimate player in the league. as it stands, a good coach could go at him defensively and run him off the court in very little time. that’s a huge issue and one that hasn’t improved since he first walked on a nba court. rebounding is also a major deficiency. he’s soft in this regard. doesn’t mean he can’t mature and improve. if you choose to sit back and say everyone is just attacking one of our great players- well, you can do that. however, the reality is there are areas in which he has to put in some work. that’s all I’m saying anyway. slim.
  8. gtf. nice swing and absolute miss on jaren blocks out and just lets others grab the boards. come on, let’s at least talk honestly here. I love jtrip. I only want the best for him and our collective future, but shane battier (great, great reference above) would have out rebounded him 2 to 1. rebounding is about want and footwork. our third string pg I believe grabbed 9 last night. how many times this season has jtrip grabbed that many? slim.
  9. I didn’t get that memo, nor do I subscribe to such. slim.
  10. he lasted all of, what? 20 minutes on the court yesterday? not good, not at all. the last foul was not a good call..all the others seemed spot on. jtrip just not demonstrating that he’s learning about body positioning/reaching and non-reaching. slim.
  11. if I were to ever change my clint pic above.... too good. slim.
  12. memphis slim

    Ja Morant Week to Week

    I was surprised to see him back that cameraman game. as a fan, I was happy to see it but it probably wasn’t the best management in the world. just because the young man is eager and fighting to come back in.... slim.
  13. memphis slim

    1st franchise superstar?

    enjoying the ride. my only ‘knock’ as of late for the young buck would be to get going earlier. don’t worry about getting others going- what a treat to watch and admire as he matures. slim.
  14. memphis slim

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Utah Jazz- 11/29/19

    ja needs to be aggressive from the start. we simply don’t have the personnel around him to do what he’s trying to do. he just needs to go be dominant from the tip this year until we can change things via trades/draft in the summer. jjj had a rough game and ja was trying to set others up and the rhythm just wasn’t there for ja- so...ja...just go from the jump...just my take. slim.
  15. memphis slim


    always have dug watching the reruns. I’m no spring chicken though! slim.