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  1. this game stings big time because of last nights horrible loss to the heat. It is what it is. had the team taken care of business last night.. tonight wouldn’t sting as much. slim.
  2. memphis slim

    We did not just trade for Oubre

    selden has had his opportunity and I just don’t see what he’s doing with it. slim.
  3. memphis slim

    We did not just trade for Oubre

    another embarrassing blimp. not good. slim.
  4. memphis slim

    Team Hero v Trailblazers 12/12/2018

    ha. he kinda does. too good. slim.
  5. I think marshon could have been given 5-6 minutes in the 3rd to see if he could have given the team some buckets. chip is correct in the sense that we rely heavily upon the d given by temple and anderson. without those guys, the doors could get blown off- have to keep that in mind. we are not a team to just be able to match bucket for bucket. jtrip is going to have his struggles. that is the education of a rookie in the league. however, I still advocate for conley to hit him on the initial post down the stretch of games. if conley does that, it takes the pressure off of himself and the rest of the team. go griz. slim.
  6. coach has been fine, but I do question why marshon did not play in the second half the other night when he really had it going.. I also question why green closed the game instead of jtrip. truth is, for whatever reason, conley is reluctant to hit jtrip on the initial quick post early in the clock. he looks him off and he passes to gasol who immediately passes it back to him or to shelvin. at that point, the clock is really winding down and we are in a predicament. if conley would hit jtrip with the initial look, it would do wonders for the team. slim.
  7. memphis slim

    Gasol getting Street Cred

    gasol could sure use an evening off. it was pretty apparent the wear and tear on his body during the 6'ers game. might be about time to have a night off for him and then another game to get conley a break as well. slim.
  8. memphis slim

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    long time ago at bwwings chris wallace uttered the words ‘lightnin’ in a bottle ‘ to a few of us crazy griz fans over some beers. it was very shortly after he arrived. it certainly seems as though we have our message in da bottle- police reference, sorry. the kid is special. on top of all, he’s a good kid. go griz. slim.
  9. selden got him his 4th- think it was. he did not wait long enough for jjj to set the pick. that should not happen with selden- he has been around long enough now to know to wait a moment for the big fella to be set. slim.
  10. reading. its Fundamental. I agree to feed jtrip. never said otherwise. go griz. slim.
  11. luvthemgrizzlies, thanks for the input, but now exactly sure what that has to do with the conversation between me and carloj63. if you read any of my recent posts, you know that im a big advocate for getting jtrip the ball more. slim.
  12. I get your point, but shelvin has accounted for 2-3 wins this season by his clutch play. we cannot discount what he has meant just because he is in somewhat of a recent slump. slim.
  13. memphis slim

    Roster Moves

    I posted somewhere else before, but conley needs to hit the young man with the initial look. numerous times, he is reluctant to him him on the initial, very quick post...I don't know why, but if im on the coaching featuring these misses and making it a point of emphasis. conley has his reasoning im sure, but if he wants some pressure off...come on. slim.
  14. memphis slim


    i was born in sc. love the carolinas. really cool, great, states. but they don’t know sh1t about bbq. memphis is and always has been the king (in many ways). slim.
  15. memphis slim

    Roster Moves

    father pat. im with you. have no idea how casspi is doing what he’s doing, but please...keep doing it. go griz. slim.