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  1. memphis slim

    What's wrong with Jaren?

    no update yet for jjj status?? slim.
  2. memphis slim

    Does Yuta Watanabe deserves last roster spot

    yea, I’m over the marko experiment. slim.
  3. memphis slim

    Next 8 games

    the kings loss showed a little immaturity. the guys were content trading blows with them and allowed open 3 after open 3. we don’t, and will not ever be again, need to be grit and grind defensively...but this team has to buy in better than that. it was a really bad loss. hopefully we can steal one vs the clips or rockets but I’m not counting on it. slim.
  4. memphis slim

    Memphis Grizzlies @ LA Lakers - 2/21/20

    yes, he needs to develop the long ball into his game, but for me..the more pressing need now is for him to take what the defense gives- take the 5 foot shot instead of hitting the rack. he does it some games and then others- he seems intent on attempting dunks or layups on every shot. slim.
  5. memphis slim

    1st franchise superstar?

    the team needs ja to be far more aggressive in the first halves. his passive play is not a good thing for us right now. slim.
  6. memphis slim

    No dunk contest for Ja

    lost a lot of respect for the contest when they stole it from dominique and gave to mj. slim.
  7. memphis slim

    Nut Heads IV

    this is a great thread. been a few of these over the years. slim.
  8. memphis slim

    Grizz Nation How We Feeling?

    tip of the hat to our young coach. many times, I’ve wanted ja to play more minutes (or others as well) but he’s stuck to his plan and developed a strong second unit. feeling great. go griz. slim.
  9. memphis slim

    Nut Heads IV

    missing our griz. slim.
  10. memphis slim

    1st franchise superstar?

    ha, perfect thanks other slim. slim.
  11. I like tyus and ja out there together. know it’s a small lineup, but I like it. slim.
  12. memphis slim

    1st franchise superstar?

    kid is so impressive. roy is vince carter over. slim.
  13. memphis slim

    Ranking The Best Players In The NBA By Category

    hoping all the best for mc. such a classy guy and competitor, and grit and grind would not have been without him. always a griz. slim.
  14. memphis slim


    counter point to just throwing out whatever to db as long as gone within 3 years- these guys are humans, not robots. if db were to get big money, I think it could lead to issues off court and on. lots. just throwing it out there, something to ponder... slim.
  15. memphis slim


    agreed and I’m not knocking db. love his attitude and fight but I think the organization has to be careful with his negotiations, especially if someone comes in with a big contract. the fo has done a great job as of late not being cw reactive. not saying I don’t want to keep db...I do but it needs to be on a griz friendly rate. it’d be a shame to lose him, but I’d walk away briskly if price was too high. slim.