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  1. memphis slim

    Nut Heads IV

    I think when watanabe comes in, we should play mj’s you wanna be startin’ something. slim.
  2. memphis slim

    Will there be any "scrub love" this season?

    there definitely will be scrub love. tko was my all time favorite- terrance kinsey. its what makes sports so incredibly fun and personal- watching guys grow, mature and sometimes beating the odds. our own socks, elliot perry, was once considered a long-shot, or journeyman in the league. slim.
  3. memphis slim

    Josh Jackson to start season in G-League

    just hoping he doesn’t win the stromile swift award for blown potential. this will be interesting- would love to know this young man’s mindset. slim.
  4. memphis slim

    It looks like Thabeet may be getting a new lease on life

    just keep him away from malls. wish him the best. no ill will. slim.
  5. memphis slim

    Fan favorite of all time

    thanks for this quote. classy guy indeed. it goes well beyond b-ball. I’ll pull for the griz forever and a day, but you can bet I’ll also be happy to see mike and marc succeed as well. slim.
  6. memphis slim

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    iggy needs to have a good trainer out in lala land and stay in really good shape and hope that he doesn’t suffer an injury. that’s his job for the foreseeable future. this is the bed that he has made, the path which he has chosen. he could have been cool, understood our position and essentially chosen his role, mpg etc..., but he has chosen the as5-hat, entitled position- so I truly dig our retort and stance. turn the page. slim.
  7. memphis slim

    Nut Heads IV

    what in the sam hell is going on with the board? did some japanese dude get drunk and go wild?? slim.
  8. memphis slim

    Josh Jackson to start season in G-League

    not in love with the move, if the reasoning is as mentioned above- to essentially remove him from media attention. my stance would be for him to face those lights and questions and accept such attention. to me, it looks like we’re going to definitely not pu his option for next year and see if he can hold it together this year and contribute to the team. looks like we are playing hardball with him and telling him how it is going to be- if this is the case, then I’m slim and I approve this message. slim.
  9. memphis slim

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    i believe we hold the cards iggy. if he becomes a headache, let him hang out in lala land or wherever and we go about our grizzly lives until someone does want to trade for him. to me, that's it. nothing more or nothing less. at this point, i would be da**ed if i would help him in any way. would not happen. he is a contract on the books and a mouthpiece on soft-mute. slim.
  10. memphis slim

    Fan favorite of all time

    shane for me. one of the smartest players ive ever seen play. hubie, though not a player, up there as well. slim.
  11. memphis slim

    Tip Off Luncheon is Being Shelved

    central bbq downtown. slim.
  12. i just want for jjj to come in hungry and ready to prove things. as talented as he proved last season, he has work to be done. it's one thing to come into the league as a rookie, turn heads and come in the following year with some clout. it's another to come into the 2nd year hungry for more and to climb the ranks. what i describe above is what penny did his second year. that kid came back from the summer strong and had worked on his game tremendously. this is my hope for the young fella. when he looks back at this time in his life, may he never once utter the words, 'i wish i had come in more serious about my game after that first year'... go griz. slim.
  13. memphis slim

    make or break

    yea, gtf. i actually was thinking the ship has already sailed for rabb. too bad, but maybe he can continue to work and land on another team. agreed on dbrooks. he really needs a healthy, productive season. slim.
  14. memphis slim

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    isn't that the ****ing truth? but, give me a break. these guys would be upset if it was leaked that they had takeout from gus’ for lunch. (drop the catch me if you can fbi mentality and release some info now and again). you ain’t working at area 51. very cool idea for the uniforms if true. slim.
  15. memphis slim

    make or break

    who has the most to gain or lose this year on the team? josh jackson has to be near the top for sure, but bruno is certainly in the equation, as is grayson. others? it could certainly be argued that all 3 of these guys are playing for their nba lives. slim.