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  1. Ja has been really bad since the 4th q in Cleveland.
  2. Jaren was great on defense that 3rd quarter.
  3. Grizzly_Bear

    Indiana Pacers @ Memphis Grizzlies -12/2/19

    Justin Holiday ugly *** couldn't throw it in the ocean as a Grizz.
  4. Be great if we could get this Dillon more than once every five games.
  5. They call the most ridiculous fouls on Jaren and Taylor Jenkins doesn’t stand up for him at all.
  6. Grizzly_Bear

    Music playing when game is on the line

    No it definitely sounds more like Mike Tyson Punch Out than this.
  7. Grizzly_Bear

    Music playing when game is on the line

    But why do it during the final possession? I really think it creates nervous energy.
  8. Has anyone else noticed that atleast twice this year during home games when the Grizzlies needed a game winning basket, the arena was blasting video game music? The first game they turned it over and the most recent time against the Lakers they nearly turn it over again but I think they got it back and then missed the basket or something. Now I know people will probably say that NBA players are trained to ignore crowd and arena noise but it's hard to believe this wouldn't affect them, especially the younger players. If you think noise doesn't affect them then why chant defense or cheer or anything else? To me it seems extremely unhelpful to play frantic music during your own team's possession that will make them play more anxiously. I really believe they were impacted by the music both times and I wish they would stop playing it. I wish I knew the tune so that I could share it here. It sounds kind of like the Mike Tyson Punch Out on Nintendo SNES music but I'm not sure. It's also odd considering they rarely (especially compared to places like the Q) play music during any other possession of the game, but on the final possession they think it's a fine time to play this irritating, chaotic noise. And that's just how they play when it comes on: chaotic. Has anyone else noticed this? Am I thinking too much of this?
  9. Grizzly_Bear

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Indiana Pacers - 11/25/19

    Our starters have the potential to be competitive but that bench needs some work. Tyus and Guduric get cooked on defense and they rarely give you much in terms of scoring. I have no idea why the Grizzlies would sign a small pg who can't shoot. Atleast Delon had great size and was good defensively.
  10. Grizzly_Bear

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Indiana Pacers - 11/25/19

    That's irrelevant. Are you not watching the game? They were playing the best they've played probably since the score was like 12-12 and you make subs at that point? Unnecessary. That's not a criticism of Melton. That's what Jenkins does routinely. The timing on his substitutions are just dumb.
  11. Grizzly_Bear

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Indiana Pacers - 11/25/19

    Grizzlies playing solid to end the 3rd so what does Jenkins do? Sub in a guy who's played 10mins all season and a guy who's missed multiple games before this one. Jenkins is this team's biggest momentum killer.
  12. Grizzly_Bear

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Indiana Pacers - 11/25/19

    Tyus has been so bad.
  13. Grizzly_Bear

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Indiana Pacers - 11/25/19

    Absolutely ridiculous call on Jaren. He’s just holding his position while the guy is driving his shoulder into him and he gets called for the foul. Bull****
  14. Exactly. Tyus has been very disappointing. I really wished the Grizzlies had matched the offer for Delon Wright but I heard that he wanted to go to Dallas because he believed he had a chance to start there.