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  1. Grizzly_Bear

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Utah Jazz - 3/8/2019

    Anyone knows how to listen to the Grizzlies post game radio feed online? When I use the Espn 92.9 website, I only get a national broadcast. Shouldn't have to go to my car to listen to this.
  2. For the umptenth year, I continue to be unimpressed with Portland. I’d honestly take the Grizzlies roster over theirs and I was thinking that at tipoff.
  3. Marc was such a sourpuss. He brought everyone’s energy down. They also play faster and are more dynamic on offense which makes them more entertaining.
  4. Grizzly_Bear

    Team Hero v Trailblazers 03/05/2019

    Mike and Delon (65pts combined). That’s a strange sighting. And congrats to Mike on his first 40 piece.
  5. Dude...our point guards got 65pts. 65. More than half the team’s points. Crazy.
  6. So nice to see Mike get 40, especially in a win.
  7. The icing on the cake would have been Mike dunking that ball! 😄 Great look ahead by Delon.
  8. That slither that Mike just did on the floor. 😄
  9. Delon is looking like he has starting pg potential.
  10. Yeah many of the passes to the bigs were not clean tonight.
  11. You'd rather the Grizzlies lose with Conley than win without him. You are pathetic. Seriously, why are you here? You don't seem to be much of a fan of the team. So why are you here? You're a veteran troll and attention dork.
  12. I feel bad for the guys. Aside from a few too many turnovers, they played well enough to win. And what happened to Dorsey? He played well and I can’t remember him coming back?
  13. What a waste of time. Bickerstaff blew this!
  14. Out of a timeout Bickerstaff apparently thought it was a good idea to put it in his hands. Utterly ridiculous.
  15. Grizzly_Bear

    Memphis Grizzlies at Dallas Mavericks - 3/2/19

    Jonas and Jaren complement each other just fine. Playing alongside Jonas is different from playing alongside Marc because Jonas doesn't have to have the entire offense run through him. He's not standing up top trying to facilitate. How many possessions have we seen when no one touched the ball besides Mike and Marc? Jonas and Marc have some similarities but they are not the same. I'm starting to wonder if you're even a Grizzlies fan. Their winning seems to really upset you, especially when Mike isn't a part of it or you feel people aren't giving Mike enough credit. Is that why you're starting fights tonight? The Grizzlies winning without doing it your way really upsets you doesn't it?