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    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I wanted the Grizzlies to waive Rabb during the summer. After watching him in preseason, I wondered if Rabb would perform better in this new system than in the old grit grind system. He showed he could be better, atleast in 2 games. It's probably best to not be fooled by that though. He seems like a sweet kid and he plays hard but ultimately, he lacks the size, quickness, strength, and skills to be a dependable rotation player. They also waived Boatwright according to GrizzliesPR Twitter account. Roster is at 17 (if you count the 2 two-way contracts).
  2. Ja looks more promising, but it's way too early to be giving up on Jaren. He's had his hands full these past two games battling Steven Adams and LaMarcus Aldridge. He held his own. His 3 just isn't falling right now. Hopefully the return of Jonas will help Jaren.
  3. Ja has more highlights this preseason than Mike has had his entire career. ūüėĄ
  4. Finally a Ja to Jaren jam! I thought we’d see that alot this season but it’s been nonexistent so far.
  5. I notice that he does this when the team is really struggling. He's trying to take over. I honestly don't mind it. It's about time we get a franchise player with a real alpha dog mentality. The criticisms of Mike, Marc, and Pau were that they were often too passive...too soft... and weren't true first options. Ja is different and I welcome that.
  6. Nah I think he's been fine these past two games. That Hornets game was a disaster but I think he's been getting better at keeping his head up. A couple of these files have been some bs though.
  7. I really thought this would be a good three point shooting team. They look just as bad as previous years. That's the difference in this game right now. They're only down 6 but the 3pt disparity is killing them. Defense has been good. Passing has been good. They just can't throw it into the ocean, per usual.
  8. Few observations: Sometimes they try to play too fast. There's a difference between playing uptempo and playing chaotic. They haven't seemed to figure that out yet. Looks like they were more under control in the second half though. Then we saw better defense and fewer mistakes on offense. I thought Solomon Hill was pure trash when we traded for him, but believe it or not, I actually think he helps settle things down alot and he made some good defensive plays yesterday. I'm not saying we should keep him, I'm just saying his impact so far has been much more than what I thought it would be. Jaren had a decent bounce back game. He still committed some bad fouls and didn't make his threes but I didn't see him hang his head at any point so that was a positive. He was also working hard at boxing out, rebounding, tipping rebounds, ball denial, and contesting shots. Considering he was going up against that behemoth Steven Adams, I think he definitely held his own. One thing he has to learn though is how to exploit his matchup. I blame this on coaching as well. He should have been putting that ball on the floor and going around Steven Adams instead of settling for threes. After that second or third missed three, someone has to say, "Hey kid...You realize you're faster than that guy right?" Grayson is invisible in the starting lineup. I think we'll get more out of him if he's coming off the bench. I was 100% convinced we should cut Rabb after last season and again by the end of Summer League. He has had two solid showings however. Maybe he will be better in this new system than the grit-grind halfcourt system? I'm wary though. It's hard to believe that there are no better options out there than Rabb and Plumlee to get backup big minutes.
  9. Well, atleast I’m not a Lions fan.
  10. Jaren was so good posting up last year. I hate that we’ve completely abandoned that.
  11. I get so depressed after the Grizzlies lose.
  12. I really wish this was the first pre-season game and not the third. Those first two against non-NBA teams serve no purpose in your development. They just give you false readings.
  13. Forgot this game was on NBA TV. Not a good showing. Lol
  14. Every team is shooting the 3 like crazy. This is going to be a long year.