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  1. Unless he doesn't get paid to play those games . . .
  2. Not just Zion. Dame and "the spurs" also. It's pathetic. Why would a 16 team format not work the same? It actually works better with top 2 advancing into quarterfinals
  3. Some of us liked the AP player of the year who was a great 3 point shooter and total winner and leader in college who was still available, Jalen Brunson. Classic end to the Chris Wallace front office that we took Jevon Carter and then the immediate next 2 picks were also PGs who are starting level players and impact players.
  4. Grizzfan7979

    The Last Dance....Also, Who's The Greatest?

    In an 8 team league where the best record got a bye to the conference finals . . . and the league was not very integrated either
  5. Grizzfan7979

    Would you rather?

    I'd rather have the #1 pick than lose in the first round. Then you have a top 4-5 players set and can focus on building around the edges and building continuity.
  6. Grizzfan7979

    What is fair?

    Put a number on regular season games left to play and play it out. If we go straight to playoffs, grizzlies are in. We're not 1/2 game ahead, we're 3.5 games ahead with like 17 games left to play. Completely ridiculous to change the rules and throw us into some BS tournament
  7. Grizzfan7979

    The Last Dance....Also, Who's The Greatest?

    Tim Duncan is too low. Career wise he's better than shaq
  8. Grizzfan7979

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Trump doesn't want to kill people. He just wants to get everybody out there and get the economy back to full speed. Which he can't do, but he's doing everything he can to try to do it, because he thinks it will get him re-elected. And blindly going full speed ahead will get people killed by coronavirus.
  9. Yeah, neither of them is getting that much money because the salary cap is going down. Way freaking down probably. And teams with the uncertain financial status of the future won't want to commit to marginal shooters.
  10. Grizzfan7979

    What to do with SloMo?

    No, he can't, because the defense just ignores him and it takes away Ja's driving lanes and lets help defense close out open 3s because there's a guy they don't have to worry about out there. At least with JV they can't help off him near the rim or he'll just get a dunk. Our death lineup is Ja, Dillon, ??? (winslow? Free agent?), Clarke, JJJ
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    What to do with SloMo?

    Who's giving that up for Kyle? He's also a bench player
  12. are we sure he'll be healthy even if the season resumes this year?
  13. Grizzfan7979

    The Last Dance....Also, Who's The Greatest?

    Please point out who is arguing Barkley was the best player on the dream team
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    It's probably the hydroxychloroquine that's effective in that study combining azithro and plaquenil (trade name, easier to type). I don't think the azithro does anything. Chinese and Europeans already quite heavily using the old malaria drugs, probably is a reasonable treatment. Remdesivir is the other medication that might be effective in really sick patients. Shelby County numbers are way low compared to true cases because they're not testing and +/- may not have all access to private lab results.
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    The flu vaccine is a best guess looking at emerging flu strains as to which will be prevalent during flu season. They have to start making it well before the dominant flu strain(s) emerge, which is why some years it's pretty good and some years it's not. The flu isn't just one virus it's caused by 150 different influenza strains that are constantly shifting and mutating. So, it's not just a moving target it's one you can't see.
  16. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks - 3/6/20

    We'll see if TJ makes the obvious changes. The starting lineup almost looks like it's designed to make JV and Ja ineffective. Put Josh out there. Run Melton with the 2nd unit. Honestly, I'd rather play Tolliver with the starters over Anderson because ja and JV need SPACE, not Kyle. DB and Tolliver space and Ja and JV can get some room to work while Josh can create and shoot.
  17. In fairness, how many non-shooting guys do we need on a team?
  18. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Clippers 2/24/20

    No, it's not the loss of Solo and Crowder. It's Dillon going ice cold, JJJ cold, Allen out, and Ja refusing to shoot 3s plus bad rotations/lineups. This is also a game we weren't going to win. Clippers on a 3 game slide. Patrick Beverly back, Kawhi ******. On the road. It was always a recipe for a beatdown. This is the reason not winning the Sacramento game was so bad, because now we're going to lose 4 in a row.
  19. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    Agree the rotations were not good tonight. Marko shouldn't have played. Dillon was awful the whole game and when he doesn't have it and keeps forcing it he needs to sit, especially when tyus/melton playing well. Needed to make that adjustment earlier. Too much trying to force feed JV in the post. He was taking too long to make his move and getting swarmed. Finally, this ja not looking to score at all until the 4th quarter thing needs to stop. It's too cute by half. We need him to score consistently throughout the game AND carry us down the stretch. He can't take 5 shots or whatever through the first 3 quarters
  20. Grizzfan7979

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    When I watch him now, he actually rebounds outside of his immediate area when he's defensive rebounding. He never did that last year. I suspect his rebounding numbers look similar because JV is a good rebounder and gobbling up a lot of balls (plus JJJ lets JV have rebounds that he could fight for). He's a better rebounder this year.
  21. Grizzfan7979

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    He rebounds better, he defends better without fouling, he's a better shooter than last year. What the hell do you want? You're too dug in on this point.
  22. Grizzfan7979

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    The re-draft would be: Luka Gilgeous-Alexander Trae/Jaren (depending on whether you valued more players putting up stats and losing or getting a better 2 way player).
  23. Grizzfan7979

    NBA Rising Stars Game

    They should make a rule you can't win the game on a FT. If a player fouls he just sits out until his team gets the ball back and they check the ball up top and go 5 on 4. Got to make a basket to win.
  24. The Pelicans only have 27 games left in regular season. They have to go 18-9 just to reach .500. Probable games they won't be favored in left: @POR, @LAL, LAL, @DAL, @UTA, @LAC, @MEM, @SAS, @SAS. They just don't have a lot of margin for error.
  25. Grizzfan7979

    Grayson Allen Out For the Season?

    If he is done for the season grizz should just say so, no benefit to not announcing, plus if he goes on IR it frees up roster spot right?