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  1. Grizzfan7979

    Ziaire Williams??

    FO should cut or trade him honestly. There's no room to develop him., roddy/jake/chandler etc need minutes
  2. Grizzfan7979

    Ziaire Williams??

    He can't penetrate he can't handle he can't rebound he can't stay in front of shifty guards, he can stay in front of PF and C but just gets overpowered by them and he can't shoot consistently. He has 5 biggest problems, lots of deficiencies and no plus talent or skill.
  3. Grizzfan7979

    L A Clippers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/31/23

    I assume the forum is built to withstand a tornado by a pretty wide margin
  4. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Atlanta Hawks - 3/26/23

    It did have a lot to do with crap rotations though which the board was upset about and which he's now corrected, primarily shelving ZW. It also helps that everybody found their shooting stroke again.
  5. The Mavs offered him the max during the season. The offseason before he was looking for like 4/55 and the Mavs wouldn't do the extension, then he blew up and they couldn't pay enough to keep him. He didn't turn down 4/105 the offseason before final year of contract, he'd 100% have signed it.
  6. Grizzfan7979

    Orlando Magic vs Memphis Grizzlies - 3/28/23

    It's good to hold Morant out. I don't like this Magic team. It's the sort of team that injures an opposing player because they're making an overly exuberant low probability of success play on the ball, a PetBev diving at Westbrook's knees sort of play or going way too hard after an offensive rebound and undercutting you. Not dirty but equally as dangerous.
  7. Suspect Bane will sign the offer this offseason, who wants to take a chance? We've seen multiple instances recently where players have lost tons of money. There is probably a bet on yourself success story but not that i can think of. Brunson doesn't count because the Mavs were just insanely lowballing him, unwilling to sign him for 13 million/year.
  8. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    It's teams fighting for their playoff lives, as we already saw the Kings aren't good enough to be able to smash a bunch of playoff teams. The whole kings hype train is out of control. They're decent, that's all, and their record is only better than a bunch of other western teams because the Kings have had freakishly good injury luck this season. Their starters are all going to have at least 70 starts and their key reserves are all going to play at least 70 games. Compare to us where Dillon has started 67 games and then nobody else has even started 60. They're going to be exposed vs healthy teams that actually scout them in the playoffs. I'd be surprised if they win their first round series.
  9. Grizzfan7979

    Play in possibilities

    Doubt it, they'll mess around and fall into the play-in where they currently are. There's no breathing room to jockey for position or try to be cute
  10. Grizzfan7979

    Roddy permantly in the rotation now?

    It's not hard, Jitty is a solid player who doesn't create much other than the occasional hustle play and that doesn't happen in playoffs because everybody is close to max effort then. Seen this 2 years in a row. There's nothing bad there but Roddy's ability to playmake and drive to create offense combined with now solid 3 point shooting means he should be in rotation. It shouldn't be a debate honestly though I don't trust Jenkins to see this, he has a blindspot regarding solid but unspectacular players like Jitty and X. You can play them, they'll do their job and not make a ton of mistakes, and it's fine when you don't have better options like our current situation. But when you're playing X more than BC who actually creates things (Oreb, rim pressure, easy points, rim protection) or Jitty over Kennard for instance (spacing, 3 point shooting, marginal playmaking) you're hamstringing your team
  11. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    @ pelicans @ mavericks @nuggets warriors t wolves? They're not winning all of those
  12. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Atlanta Hawks - 3/26/23

    We're 8 games ahead of the 4 seed with 8 games to play and we still have 4 home games left. We're the 2 or 3.
  13. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Atlanta Hawks - 3/26/23

    Nothing to see here, just the 2 seed in the west and hottest team in the nba winning again. Please can I hear more about Lebron's foot for the 10 seed lakers and how amazing the kings/nuggets/clippers/suns/magic/bulls etc etc are.
  14. Grizzfan7979

    Play in possibilities

    On the Lowe post podcast Zach Lowe has really been shorting our potential to win the western conference because of the Adams/Clarke injuries. Teams he usually advocates for are Nuggets, Kings, Clippers, Suns, Warrios. Doesn't see how we can sustain rim pressure without their offensive rebounding. Getting annoyed of hearing him say it on the last couple of podcasts since Adams should be back and Clarke, who I love and think is a baller, was only playing 18 minutes/night because Jenkins doesn't value what he does as much as Santi's 35% 3 point shooting. Also, it's opened up the Roddy possibilities on our team which is a nice new wrinkle. It's also annoying that he keeps saying it since 1) The Nuggets have sucked now for 3+ weeks and it's not really injury related or anything 2) The Kings have 0 defense and little playoff experience and have had zero adversity this season, no major injuries to sort. 3) The suns have been a$$ since KD went down and CP3 is cooked 4) PG injury for the Clippers and also they havent been dominant even when he plays 5) Warriors can't win a road game. Just feels like since the Ja stuff we have been dismissed. I'm very hard on our team but we look dangerous as hell to me especially if Adams comes back. To my eye we're the best Western Conference team right now.
  15. Grizzfan7979

    Houston Rockets vs Memphis Grizzlies - 3/22/23

    I'd rather take the 2/3. There's a pretty decent chance the Nuggets lose before the conference finals and I don't want any part of the Kevin Durant suns. Although lord knows they have a tough closing stretch so god knows where they end up.