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  1. Grizzfan7979

    I’m saying it.. The NBA is rigged..

    Wrong. Top players don't need to get injured playing a desperate team in a meaningless game for seeding. They will all be sitting.
  2. Grizzfan7979

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Marko has 0 value. You would have to give up a pick to move him.
  3. Grizzfan7979

    Former Grizz in Million$$ ESPN event

    Stop. Go look up Hasheems best nba stats and compare them to JJJ and then get back to us.
  4. Grizzfan7979

    3J workout video

    I'm not going to watch the whole thing but for a lot of it they seem to be working on moves and countermoves. They're not going full speed, they're working on ingraining the ball control and muscle memory of certain actions so they can do it without thinking in a game
  5. Grizzfan7979

    The Last Dance....Also, Who's The Greatest?

    Because 2000-2002 shaq was just the most unstoppable NBA force in the last 20 years
  6. Grizzfan7979

    So, on return, how will the minutes be divided

    So, if winslow is playing well i'm not sure kyle gives us anything he doesn't The issue with not playing allen is he gives us shooting which unfortunately none of our wings beyond occasionally brooks does.
  7. Grizzfan7979

    So, on return, how will the minutes be divided

    yep. We basically need a shortened rotation 9 man, not an 11 man rotation. Ja, Dillon, Clarke, Allen, JJJ, JV, Dieng, Winslow, Josh Jackson/Melton
  8. Grizzfan7979

    So, on return, how will the minutes be divided

    JV is somebody you can only play at certain times in certain matchups. It's why Toronto moved him for Gasol, who can play regardless of who is on the floor
  9. Grizzfan7979

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    there is 0 incentive to be a higher seed because there is no home court advantage
  10. Grizzfan7979

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    this plan seems so smart until teams like the Kings start tanking and teams locked into position start resting players
  11. Grizzfan7979

    What is fair?

    The NBA is shamefully trying to shoehorn Zion into the playoffs this year. It's obvious and everybody knows it. Just move on and tell him to win more games next year. His team will be out in the first round anyway
  12. Unless he doesn't get paid to play those games . . .
  13. Not just Zion. Dame and "the spurs" also. It's pathetic. Why would a 16 team format not work the same? It actually works better with top 2 advancing into quarterfinals
  14. Some of us liked the AP player of the year who was a great 3 point shooter and total winner and leader in college who was still available, Jalen Brunson. Classic end to the Chris Wallace front office that we took Jevon Carter and then the immediate next 2 picks were also PGs who are starting level players and impact players.