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  1. Grizzfan7979

    all about ja

    Yeah, Ja is the guy you protect by putting him with good defenders and try to institute a bunch of switching so he's not getting killed going through picks. Teams will try to run him around on defense to take away his offense if we let them. You don't see Steph being asked to kill himself on D.
  2. Grizzfan7979

    Jaren Jackson the X factor

    Yeah, we are not being talked about by anybody right now and it's funny because we fit the profile of a team about to make a jump forward. Young core coming into its own but with continuity, team identity, good bench, etc. Plus we have the assets to make a move. Barring health problems we look like a 45 win team at least to me.
  3. Grizzfan7979

    ReDraft the 2018 Big Men

    Well, MPJ can't defend for crap, so we've all seen that.
  4. Grizzfan7979

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    He needs to be played and see if he can develop, I agree. It's just we see this great athlete poor shooting poor stats guys drafted all the time and often they bust. Culver comes to mind.
  5. Grizzfan7979

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    I'm just going to say I think Ziare will never be more than a poor shooting poor scoring 9th man. if I'm wrong I'll be happy to eat crow but I think it was a terrible pick considering Murphy and Moody on the board and that both of them will be waaay better than Williams. I'm on the record with it.
  6. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Atlanta Hawks 10/9/21

    YOUR 10TH PICK LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! PUT HIM IN THE G LEAGUE AND LET KONCHAR HAVE HIS MINUTES This is an extraordinarily bad sign that we're saying stuff like this.
  7. Grizzfan7979

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Atlanta Hawks 10/9/21

    Yeah, shot coming around means that it's been there at some point. When has it ever been there for Williams? As the level of competition goes up his shooting will improve?
  8. Grizzfan7979

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    He shot 2-13 in a preseason game. There is no shooting aside comment with that line.
  9. Grizzfan7979

    SI's Top 100 players for the '21-'22 season

    You think we'd be better with Jaylen Brown or Middleton on our team? Those guys have different skills but Ja's shot creation for himself/others and ability to break down defenses 1 on 1 off the dribble is way better than those type of guys.
  10. Grizzfan7979

    SI's Top 100 players for the '21-'22 season

    so we're thinking we need to max the 87th best player in the league?
  11. Grizzfan7979

    Marc Gasol traded to Grizzlies . . .

    Nothing to be negative about here. Free 2nd rounder, suspect LA basically paid the contract, saving them 7.3 million and costing a 2nd rounder. Value fair
  12. Can somebody explain to me what we were thinking with the Juancho trade? I honestly don't get how it helps us other than we get to trade Juancho? We take on 2 contracts. A second round pick swap with the celtics, who probably project to have Brown and Tatum in their primes at that time. I'm not upset I just don't get it. What's the asset here? It feels like we're just laundering players now, moving them around to make it harder for the feds to track down.
  13. I agree, the return on the trade is the insulting part.
  14. Help me out for our in total trade net so far: JV, Grayson, #17 (Trey Murphy) , #40, 2 future seconds, Bledsoe, Beverly, FOR Adams, Bledsoe, #10(Williams) , #40, Lakers protected first, 2 future seconds, Aldama, Beverly, Juancho, Rondo, Culver, otoru, Merrill, 5 million dead cap (rondo) So . . . JV, Grayson, and Trey Murphy for Adams, Williams, Aldama, Juancho, Culver, Otoru, Merrill, Lakers 1st, and 5 million in dead cap (with 3 more guys needing gone?) So likely JV, Grayson, Murphy For Adams, Williams, Aldama, Culver, Merrill, 12 million dead cap, Lakers 1st (assuming we wave Juancho and Otoru)
  15. Grizzfan7979

    Roster/ Lineups Forecast

    just sayin