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    Lakers & Memphis Rebuild.

    I know that the grit and grind era is slowly coming to an end and that we aren't ending it gracefully. Even with the win last night im still not confident we could make it to the playoffs or past the first round. So instead of trying to make it why not use the assets we have now to help us plan for the future. David Thorpe had an interesting trade suggestion Lakers: Russell, Randle, Clarkson, and a future first rounder Grizzlies: Gasol and Conley. zbo comes off the bench and mentors Randle while he is here or until if he is traded and we get a future pick with a big boost in wing help for the future. I think it is worth blowing it up if we get some assets like that. see what we can get for carter, toney, wright, and zbo and go from there but we would at lest have some building blocks for the future.
  2. Blowing up is an over statement but he is playing better over there than he did when he was here.
  3. Our system needs to change. To dependent on our bigs without enough ball movement. Our system is terrible. Constant cutting and jamming of the basket with kick outs to non shooters. We have had decent role players on our team but they don't thrive till they are in a different system. The Suns and Pelicans are good examples. They take our 'bad' role players and use their skills properly and make them into steals especially with the rising cap and their small contacts .
  4. Neither Smith or Cole can be traded till December 14. I think they would be willing to get rid of Smith and Stevenson especially if they continue to play the way they have been. The pick I think is a stretch because neither team wants to have these players in their future, except maybe Lance. He could reignite his career in Memphis; he did thrive with a veteran team in Indiana so who knows. Maybe Zbo and some of the other vets could help him channel all his emotions positively. Obviously the Clippers and young Hornets couldn't help him.
  5. why jabba?

    Will The Grizz Get Stuck With A Maxed Conley

    I think the problem more has to do with the fact that those teams can be seen as a team that can win it all year in and year out. Monroe went to Milwaukie because it better fit his play style and he liked the direction the franchise. Going off older situations is starting to become less of an argument because now almost everyone can afford two maybe even three max contracts. It comes down more to the type of person the player is. If they want money they go to the highest bidder. If they want to win a championship, the way the organization presents its plan is vital. If they look like they want to win but are dysfunctional *cough* Lakers and Kings, then there is now way that player will go there. This is why the Spurs and even Milwaukie got big name free agents. They were able to pay the player what they wanted and also presented a way that they could win a championship. Definitely not saying Milwaukie will win a championship this or next year but big market teams cant really use just their name to get free agents anymore. They need a plan to win as well besides saying "We will pay to get these guys next year then our dream team will be set".
  6. why jabba?

    Will The Grizz Get Stuck With A Maxed Conley

    The way that Fournier has progressed and the how he has played recently has made making a trade a lot harder to me. Looking at his career you can see him steadily improving and he could possibly be a solid number two and even one option on some teams. The only way I see a trade for him would be a combination of Fournier and Frye for Lee ,Jeff and probably a pick knowing Wallace. In a ideal everything goes our way world you swap Vince for Jeff for his mentoring skills but Orlando's GM seems to know how to ***** talent and trades pretty well. So as much as it sounds good to me that Vince's knowledge would be invaluable to the young forwards and guards of the magic, Fournier's play recently far outweighs it. Who knows, Flip seemed to be onto something with having a couple vets with the young core. KG seems to be helping Karl a lot and Prince looks like he has been helping Wiggins improve his defense even more than last year. Maybe Orlando would copy that strategy with Vince.
  7. why jabba?

    Will The Grizz Get Stuck With A Maxed Conley

    I think Fournier is a better option than Barnes or Turner. If Barnes is going to leave GS he is going to ask for a max contract and even then GS could match plus he is the third and even fourth option on that team. He has talent but I haven't seen what he can do as the number one or two option in the offense. Turner plays hard with some good dribbling skills and defense but is not a three point shooter. His career three point shooting is 31% and this year its 22%. Fournier has been lighting it up so far with the magic (career 38% ,Currently 39% shooting from 3). It is still early but I think he is more obtainable than Barnes and is only 23.
  8. I think it would be possible to pull off a trade of Vince and Courtney for Frye and maybe Fournier. Fournier has been playing really well for the magic but I think Vince being able to mentor the young potential stars of Oladipo and Mario would be tempting proposition. Plus lee shooting the three for them would be good. Smith I think is a harder sell because he has played more than Frye and dumping Frye makes more sense to them. More cap space for them next year to add better players to a young core while providing us with another big and a young three/two that can dribble defend and shoot. If this were to happen I know that Wallace would more than likely offer a draft pick in the deal to make it happen. I think it would be worth it to get Fournier into our system for a year though and then resign him. Plus having a stretch four would be interesting to see on this team in my opinion. Just imagine having Conley, Fournier, Green, Frye, and Gasol on the floor. The floor spacing would provide a lot more room for Gasol and Conley to work the paint and driving lanes.
  9. why jabba?

    Roster Moves

    Fournier is a RFA at the end of the year but I think they are higher on Mario so hopefully the Magic would be okay with having Harris and Mario as their small forwards. With the way the FO evaluates young talent I wouldn't be optimistic about signing him though.
  10. why jabba?

    Roster Moves

    Why not through some money at Evan Fournier? He has limited playing time but is averaging 18.8 ppg this year. He is a career 37% three point shooter (35% this year). knows how to play the three or two with some decent ball handling skills. I haven't seen enough to comment on his defense but he is 6'7 and at 23 years old has some potential
  11. why jabba?

    Raptors, Grizz

    Toronto trade. Patrick Paterson, DeMar DeRozen Memphis Trade. Zack Randolph, Courtney Lee The grizz get a power forward to stretch the floor that plays decent d and is young. they upgrade on the wing with a guard that can help Conley when he gets pressured and hit a couple outside shots. DeMar is also a player that can get a couple buckets by himself but the he would thrive more as a number two behind Gasol in my opinion the raptors get a catch and shoot guard to replace DeMar and get a power forward to bang down low with veteran playoff experience. They crumpled against the Wizards and the Nets last year in the playoffs and need more players that can handle the playoff atmostphere It would be hard to convince both FO to do this trade and is highly unlikely to happen. Although I personally would like to see marc in the low post more and having a stretch four would force him to use his skills down low and make him be more aggressive to open up the outside shooters. Plus we would get a lot younger Mike/beno/russ DeRozen/Allen/Adams Green/Carter Patterson/Jam/Stokes Gasol/Wright