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  1. KGF

    The future of the Grizzlies - next step

    Reddish sucks has always sucked in both college and the NBA, but he's out due to injury right now.
  2. No one on the Grizzlies' bench is a bucket getter or 6th man level guy. This is one of the things the Grizzlies need to get in the off-season.
  3. Dieng would be better. He has size and is a better 3 point shooter than Tillman and Clarke.
  4. I wish Ja would not kill his dribble before he's ready to give up the ball. He does it all the time.
  5. I also don't like it when Ja kills his dribble before he's ready to give up the ball.
  6. The starters are gonna have to play 40 minutes because the bench has been giving the Grizzlies nothing for weeks and they have been a consistent negative when they're on the floor.
  7. This team needs vast improvement in talent first. Vets mean squat you don't have talent. The Grizzlies from 2 years ago had vets and that team was trash and looked far worse than this team.
  8. This team needs a massive upgrade in talent, needs a upgrade at backup PG, and 3 point shooting.
  9. Once again teams go on runs when the bench is in.
  10. Funny enough half of those 4 losses were to the Timberwolves.
  11. Finally someone on the Grizzlies bench not named Bane does something.
  12. As I said before. If Anthony Edwards kills you from 3 you just have to tip your cap. Hey. It is what it is. He will be back to bricks 3s the next game like he usually does.
  13. If Anthony Edwards is knocking down 3s you can just tip your cap
  14. Absolutely. He would be a massive upgrade over what the Grizzlies currently have right now at the backup PG spot. People here falsely claiming that Tyus is the best backup PG in the league even though he isn't even close (he isn't even the best or second best backup PG in his own division) but with Rose you can make that argument.
  15. It's as if the Grizzlies are a mediocre team or something.