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    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Since Jaren came back the last 11 games (Jaren has played in 9 of those games) the Grizzlies are 4th in the league in defensive rating. And one of those games includes the Nets game that Ja. Bane, and Jaren didn't play and they gave up 127 pts on 60% shooting. The Grizzlies are also 6th in FG% defense on the season. Its almost as if the REAL needle mover for the Grizzlies' defense came back and the Grizzlies all of a sudden became a good defensive team. As if injuries where the real issue. Go figure.
  2. Thunder 9-32 from 2 point range.
  3. Thunder are 8-31 from the field and this is a 1 point game.
  4. Heat 5-19 from 2 point range.
  5. After shooting 24.4%, 24.5% and 23.3% from 3 the previous 3 seasons, Jimmy Butler this season is up to 34.4% from 3.
  6. I'm probably one of the few Grizzlies fans that never wanted to re-sign him. Not big on roleplayers who are below average defenders that aren't scorers. Not saying it would've happen but Malcolm Brogdon was on the top of my list of backup PG options.
  7. The Grizzlies should quit leaving Bogdanovic open. He's the one guy the Grizzlies shouldn't leave open.
  8. Just goes to show how meaningless +/- is because as good as JJJ and Adams were in this game they both were still in the negative in this stat.
  9. No one can be relied upon to make free throws. These missed free throws and turnovers (alot of them unforced) are keeping the Grizzlies from being up more because the Timberwolves aren't making shots.
  10. Getting killed by turnovers and missed free throws.
  11. The Knicks are the 2nd worst 3 point shooting team in the NBA.
  12. Laravia's shooting struggles continues.
  13. Last 3 quarters, the Grizzlies have allowed 25, 25, and 24 points to their opponents.
  14. He took 22 shots last week against the Wizards when the situation was the same as this one so who knows.