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  1. 70 points in the second half for the Magic.
  2. The only player on the floor for the Magic that can beat the Grizzlies from 3 and open hitting 3s.
  3. An absolute dumb lineup this late in the game when your trying to make a comeback.
  4. Nor do the turnovers. Magic are a horrible 3 point shooting team and they're getting to the rim.
  5. The Grizzlies are blowing this game on their own.
  6. If the Magic makes 3s you just tip your cap because they dont have any shooting outside of Fournier, Ross, and Bamba. The Grizzlies can't keep letting them score in the paint and need to quit with the turnovers.
  7. Yeah, he's 1st on the team in shot attempts and isn't even the close to being 1st on the team in scoring and if you count all of the players that were on the Grizzlies he's 18th on the team in field goal percentage. Only Guduric, Crowder, and Uthoff have shot worst than Dillon for the Grizzlies this season.
  8. JV needed 10 shots to get 21 points. Brooks needed a team leading 12 shots to get 9 points.
  9. Yep. They're 8th in the league in attempts and 30th in the league in percentage.
  10. The Hawks lack talent outside of Trey Young and John Collins.
  11. Outside of Trae Young and John Collims the Hawks lack talent. They're also the worst 3 point shooting team in the league.
  12. The Grizzlies aren't going to get anything for Kyle Anderson. He's a guy who can't shoot, has no scoring talent, slow as molasses, isn't elite at anything, and has a trade kicker. No one is giving up anything of value for him. The only way Kyle gets traded without giving up assets is if they salary dump him to a terrible team that needs to get to the salary cap floor and that dumb trade kicker is actually an asset to do so. Otherwise no team is killing their cap for Kyle Anderson.
  13. I was fine with Jonas being in. I would've been fine with Tyus/Ja/Melton/Dieng/Jonas. With the player the Grizzlies had available thia is probably the best lineup for a team needing a 3. Imagine a team needing a 3 with 4 seconds left and Kyle is not only in the game but he's catching the inbounds pass. WTF.
  14. Kyle is a situational player nothing more than that. He's not a starter that you give big minutes to.
  15. The Grizzlies needed a 3 and Taylor Jenkins puts in a guy who can't and won't shoot 3s and when he does he has the world's slowest release. Really?!