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  1. KGF

    Roster/ Lineups Forecast

    Obviously Ja, Dillon, Kyle, JJJ, Adams are the starters with Tyus, Melton, Bane, Clarke, and Tillman as the bench unit. Obviously Konchar, Zaire, Culver, and Aldama aren't going anywhere. If it was up to me Edward's and Oturu don't make it to training camp. I rather have Dunn as the 3rd string PG than Tim Frazier so I'm all for keeping Dunn.
  2. I prefer picking Trey Murphy over cashing in the JV trade chip to get a terrible college player. Since the rotations are set i doubt any of the players the Grizzlies drafted this year would get on the court this upcoming season.
  3. A guy averaging 9ppg, 36% FG, 29% from 3 and not elite at anything will never be considered untouchable to any team (nor should it be). Besides his replacements (Kyle and Dillon) were upgrades over him.
  4. I don't want Simmons either. Agree with everything you posted. The Grizzlies biggest needs are a top option talent and 3 point shooting. Simmons solves none of those problems and quite frankly solves none of the Grizzlies' problems. There's no need to overpay for a chance to overpay Simmons $33M-$40M the next 4 years.
  5. Outside of defending Luka which no one did a good job doing, Beverley did do a good job defensively in the playoffs last season and has always been a decent 3 point shooter. Don't have an issue with Beverley on the roster.
  6. There have been plenty of players that played like crap in the Summer League that had successful careers. Mike Conley shot 36% from the field and 0% for 3 in Summer League. DeMarcus Cousins shot 33% for the field in Summer League. Kemba Walker shot 35% for the field and 7% from 3 in Summer League Malcolm Brogdon 34% from the field 16% from 3. Buddy Hield, 32% from the field and 22% for 3. Delon Wright 37% from the field and 0% from 3 and averaged single figures. Karl-Anthony Towns and Julius Randle shot 39% from the field in Summer League. Jaylen Brown 30% from the field 25% for 3, more shot attempts per game(11) than points per game(10). Summer League doesn't mean much. There are players who were great in Summer League go on to do nothing in the NBA.
  7. He has always sucked tbh.
  8. This is a Chris Wallace type of pick. Drafting overhyped guys who sucked in colleges .
  9. The Grizzlies traded up to draft a worse Cam Reddish
  10. The Grizzlies already have a player whose only strength is passing and isn't a scorer, shooter, or defender. His name is Tyus Jones. Considering that Tyus and Ja can't play together because they both have similar weaknesses of shooting and defense, Jenkins souring on Tyus, and Tyus can barely get in the game for the playoffs I don't see how drafting another Tyus with the 10th pick makes sense.
  11. KGF

    Jaren Jackson the X factor

    Ja, Trez, and JV are awful fits. Offensively all 3 need the paint and Trez can't do anything away from the paint and has by far the worst range of the 3, and all 3 suck defensively. Paint clogging and more bad defensive bigs is the last thing the Grizzlies need.
  12. KGF

    JV career playoff stats...starter or role player?

    Tillman and Clarke were out there and they sucked and couldn't even outplay Derrick Favors. Also neither guy is skilled offensively nor a threat away from the basket so (as already proven) neither guy is a matchup problem for the Jazz. And also the Clippers personal is better than the Grizzlies.
  13. KGF

    JV career playoff stats...starter or role player?

    It's obvious that JV is a roleplayer and always has been. Sucks on defense and isnt a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd option level talent. Nick Nurse sending him to the bench was the correct call.
  14. KGF

    The future of the Grizzlies - next step

    Reddish sucks has always sucked in both college and the NBA, but he's out due to injury right now.
  15. No one on the Grizzlies' bench is a bucket getter or 6th man level guy. This is one of the things the Grizzlies need to get in the off-season.