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  1. Yeah PJ Tucker is a PF/C in the NBA and he's like 6'5-6'6. Zion's size is a non-issue.
  2. Exactly. Harris is putting up 18-20ppg on playoffs teams and is a good rebounder. Things Chandler has never done regardless of what team he's on. Chandler Parsons is white Jeff Green. A roleplayer does zero dirty work. A roleplayer that the Grizzlies were hoping would be a star despite never being a star or putting up star numbers at any point his career.
  3. Kyle Anderson being a clear cut starter let alone a foundation player is laughable at best. JV is a fine roleplayer, but not a building block player.
  4. KGF

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    Agreed. Celtics are gonna want that guaranteed lottery pick that they're gonna get either next year or the year after. And Terry Rozier is terrible. Who is going to overpay for that scrub?
  5. KGF

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Well I was never a fan of Cam Reddish anyway. I'm not a fan of players who struggle to make shots in college. These players usually don't become good in the NBA. It's laughable that Reddish is considered a 1st round NBA prospect let alone a top 10 NBA prospect. He is just as much a slam dunk to be a bust as Hasheem Thabeet. So this means if Chris Wallace is in charge and Reddish is on the board he's not getting past him.
  6. Chandler Parson standing around watching everyone but his own man Bradley Beal.
  7. KGF


    He's basically Lithuanian Enes Kanter.
  8. John Collins is averaging nearly 20-10 a game for the season and is the Hawks leading scorer. He's better than an big on the Grizzlies by a wide margin. But yeah Chris Wallace is a terrible GM who wastes the Grizzlies draft picks for no reason.
  9. Parsons is Tayshaun Prince now. Terrible on offense, terrible on defense, terrible rebounder despite being 6'9 or above, just terrible at everything.
  10. The Grizzlies were terrible defending the 3 point line when they were healthy. Heck the Grizzlies have been terrible defending the 3 point line for year, people just now noticing because they suck now.
  11. Not only does Bruno not have any talent he's also an idiot.
  12. True. Kyle Anderson isn't even an above average player nor a starting level player so from a talent prospective he doesn't move the needle. I would say that the Bulls' and Hawks' starting SF and PF are better than the Grizzlies'. Otto Porter > Taurean Prince > Kyle Anderson Lauri Markkanen = John Collins > Jaren Jackson Jr.
  13. There really wasn't a better option. Temple is better than Marshon Brooks and Wayne Selden. I would say Temple was the Grizzlies' best wing player, but the Grizzlies probably have the worst wing rotation in the league. Temple was merely the tallest midget.
  14. Yeah this roster is horrible. I don't think much about JB as a coach, but no other coach was going to do anything with this crap roster either. Wallace is a much bigger problem then JB.
  15. The Grizzlies front office thought that a 3rd-4th option guy as a #1 option, a declining and aging center as a #2 option, a rookie and a bunch of mediocre to below average bench players would be a playoff team. This isn't exactly an intelligent front office.