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  1. The Warriors game isn't?
  2. KGF


    Would do this deal in a heartbeat. Not sure the Kings would, but I certainly would.
  3. Jordan Poole is trash yet already above his season average before the 1st quarter is even over. I mean if Poole is going to beat you from 3 you just tip your cap.
  4. Last time the Warriors came to Memphis they had a 7 game losing streak. This time the Warriors are coming to Memphis on a 7 game losing streak.
  5. If Scrub Culver is gonna go 3-4 from 3 you just have to tip your cap.
  6. This Grizzlies team has never played defense to begin with tbh.
  7. Grizzlies making Jarrett Culver look like an actual NBA player.
  8. Just 10 losses when they Grizzlies have a double digit lead? I thought it would be more. I guess the Grizzlies blew other double digit leads but ended up winning.
  9. The Grizzlies blew a 20 point lead in less than 10 minutes. I'm shocked I tell you. Shocked. (sarcasm)
  10. The Grizzlies have to lead the league in traveling turnovers.
  11. Grizzlies are 32 for their last 49 from the field after starting 5 for 27 from the field. A shame they can't get any stops.
  12. Twice as many turnovers than field goals made.
  13. Instead of killing the Grizzlies in the 2nd quarter they decided to kill the Grizzlies in the 1st quarter this time.
  14. A guy shooting under 30% from 3 taking a contested corner 3 with 18 seconds on the shot clock. Thats some low BBIQ stufd here.