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  1. KGF

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    This is where the JV trade hurts. He was the Grizzlies' biggest trade asset and the Grizzlies completely wasted that asset. Outside of Ja, JJJ, Dillon, and Bane the Grizzlies player assets aren't that good.
  2. +/- will always be the dumbest stat in the NBA.
  3. Imagine thinking it was a great idea to give $94M to a roleplayer who couldn't live up to his previous overpay with the Mavericks. Also acting like he's some sort of big time free agent and missimg piece when in reality he's a non-needlemoving roleplayer who isn't elite at anything and isn't really well rounded. He was basically just white Jeff Green.
  4. Grayson would be getting Ziaire Williams' minutes.
  5. Grayson Allen is The Glove on defense compared to Ziaire Williams.
  6. The Grizzlies badly need 3 point shooting.
  7. The Grizzlies has been outscored 56-24 in the second half.
  8. This team still needs a scorer off the bench and more 3 point shooting.
  9. The worst 3rd quarter since that horrible Atlanta game.
  10. Dallas is shooting 28% from 3. THe problem is that the Grizzlies are shooting 43% from the field and the Mavericks are shooting 48% from the field.
  11. Too many turnovers for Morant.
  12. Tillman and Anderson bricking free throw you can see coming because both suck at free throw shooting. Jaren bricking 4 free throws in a row I didn't see coming.
  13. Now the Grizzlies' good free throw shooters are bricking.
  14. Tillman and Anderson are unreliable when comes to free throws.
  15. Need Ja and Bane to get going.