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  1. KGF

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Probably? Gordon is guaranteed to start here. JV starting in Boston is a much bigger question mark considering that they have Enes Kanter who is exactly the same player as JV and Kanter averaged 16 mpg for the Celtics and some games he couldn't get onto the court. I don't think Boston would give up the best player in the trade and the best draft pick in the trade just to get a more expensive version of what they already have and don't give a lot of minutes to.
  2. Trading a 1st round pick for a 9ppg roleplayer to come of the bench will never not be terrible, especially for a non-playoff team.
  3. I have never been impressed with Anthony Edwards when I've seen him. My description of him is he's like Dillon Brooks if Dillon took more shots, decided not to play defense, and had Kyle Anderson's 3 point shooting. While I have never seen Lamelo Ball play, 37% from the field and 25% from is terrible regardless. Will never understand why either are considered top 2 picks tbh.
  4. KGF

    Would You Rather....NBA Draft Lottery Edition

    Convey and be able to use the pick next season. Besides I was never big on this year's draft and guys like Anthony Edwards and Lamelo Ball do nothing for me.
  5. Dillon already averages 14 shots per game. The problem is that he leads the team in shot attempts per game yet he's 4th on the team in makes, not even close to being 1st or 2nd on the team in scoring, he's 18th out of 21 on the team in field goal percentage, and last on the team in field goal percentage among rotation players. Alot of Dillon's shot attempts need to go down and go to Ja, JJJ, and Jonas and if he is going to start he should get his shots from feeding off of the 3 better be players. He's a role player not a top option.
  6. You can't bite on a pump fake at the 3 point line on a guy who is shooting 26% from 3 this season, 15% last season (which isn't even the worst in season percentage of his career), and 28% from 3 for his career. That's just dumb. To quote Brevin Knight, you gotta know your personal.
  7. To me a selfish inefficient low BBIQ ballhog roleplayer who leads the Grizzlies in shot attempts per game despite being the 4th best offensive player in the starting lineup (and not even the Grizzlies top 4 offensive player) will always be a bigger issue.
  8. 70 points in the second half for the Magic.
  9. The only player on the floor for the Magic that can beat the Grizzlies from 3 and open hitting 3s.
  10. An absolute dumb lineup this late in the game when your trying to make a comeback.
  11. Nor do the turnovers. Magic are a horrible 3 point shooting team and they're getting to the rim.
  12. The Grizzlies are blowing this game on their own.
  13. If the Magic makes 3s you just tip your cap because they dont have any shooting outside of Fournier, Ross, and Bamba. The Grizzlies can't keep letting them score in the paint and need to quit with the turnovers.
  14. Yeah, he's 1st on the team in shot attempts and isn't even the close to being 1st on the team in scoring and if you count all of the players that were on the Grizzlies he's 18th on the team in field goal percentage. Only Guduric, Crowder, and Uthoff have shot worst than Dillon for the Grizzlies this season.
  15. JV needed 10 shots to get 21 points. Brooks needed a team leading 12 shots to get 9 points.