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  1. 3. All 3 are having better seasons than any player currently playing for the Grizzlies.
  2. The Grizzlies' are basically just getting beat by 3 players. Russell, Beasley, and Townes.
  3. The Grizzlies best players are Kyle Anderson, Dillon Brooks, and JV. Three roleplayers and 2 of which aren't starting level players and in Kyle's case not even 6th or 7th man worthy. If you're expecting wins with bench players and a roleplayer center then I don't know what to tell you. The Grizzlies have overachieved by not getting blown out by 30 every night.
  4. Tyus basically left Okaro for no reason.
  5. But Kyle's shooting hasnt even improved. Kyle is shooting same horrible percentage from 3 that he shot last season. He's just taking far more 3s per game then he ever has.
  6. The Cavaliers' terrible 3 point shooters are killing the Grizzlies from 3.
  7. I didn't watch NBA TV. I was watching the Grizzlies broadcast.
  8. I rewind it. The bottom of the screen says Timeouts: 0 for both the Lakers and the Grizzlies.
  9. The Grizzlies' don't have any timeouts so even if it was stolen it doesn't matter. Also the Lakers player was wide open when he threw that pass
  10. Agreed. The Lakers just have more talent. Their best players are LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The Grizzlies' best players are Dillon Brooks, JV, and Kyle Anderson. 3 roleplayers. I never thought for a second that the Lakers were losing either game.
  11. I don't understand why the Grizzlies are consistently leaving open Anthony Davis. He's only guy that's actually knocking down 3s. Not to mention is shooting 41% from 3 on the season.
  12. Jae Crowder shot 36% from the field and 29% from 3 for the Grizzlies and is puttung up just as bad numbers for the Suns. People here are acting like the Grizzlies traded away Durant or a bunch of unprotected 1st rounders instead of a guy thats not even close to being an above average player. Talk about scrub love. Beside if Crowder was still here this board would still be complaining about his shot selection and bricklaying.
  13. Hopefully the Grizzlies can get their top 2 option in this upcoming draft. Dillon and JV are roleplayers and not even top 4 option level guys. Even a healthy JJJ isn't a top 2 level guy. The rest of roster are not even starting level guys.
  14. Solomon Hill, Nathan Knight, and Kevin Huerter are 4 points away from outscoring the entire Memphis Grizzlies team.
  15. The Grizzlies don't have any good defenders other than maybe Melton.