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  1. As long as Lebron and Kawhi are able to walk, Utah aint winning a championship.
  2. The Memphis Grizzlies: where dominant Summer League teams happens
  3. This is a great time to be rebuilding, IMO. So many teams feel as if they have a chance at the title. More parity in the league in a very, very long time. Maybe ever, at least in modern history. Teams are going to be looking for that final piece. That's why I say hold firm on Iggy. No reason to be in a rush to move him.
  4. Exactly. The Clippers have to be in 'all in' mode. If they can't win a championship in the next couple of years, Kawhi/George could bolt quick. Even if Kawhi and George both opt in for their 3rd years, that also aligns with the last year that Lebron has on his Lakers deal (if he opts in). If Lebron bolts, or retires, the Lakers is Kawhi's for the taking. The time is now for the Clippers. And they know it.
  5. I don’t think Houston has anything we want.
  6. Let em. Someone’s gonna bite sooner than later.
  7. We aren’t on a deadline. We hold all the leverage, here. Put it out there that you aren’t going to give him away, and see who bites. I love it. Evans ain’t no Iggy, especially for a championship contender.
  8. GF#1

    Dissecting Chris Wallace

    Could very well be, but it was ultimately the cap space created by the Gasol trade that made it possible. So I'll definitely give Wallace some credit for that much of it.
  9. GF#1

    Dissecting Chris Wallace

    I agree with chip that he deserves credit for insisting that Marc be involved in the trade for Pau. It was well documented at the time of the trade. I do agree with you though Bna on this...Zbo was one of his famous "lightening in a bottle" trades, one that actually worked. And the TA signing was intended to be a marginal rotation guy, not a guy that would completely spark an insane era of Grizzlies basketball.
  10. GF#1

    Dissecting Chris Wallace

    I agree that Wallace was poor at drafting, but it's most certainly not the only thing that he was bad at. All it will take is looking back at some of the trades he's orchestrated in the past 8 years to know that he was awful at that as well. Tied up future picks for average players. Signing Parsons without doing his homework on his health was a major fail.
  11. If I have to hear one more time that the Conley trade didn't yield a good return I'm gonna talk Toke into doing some banning. lol. The new regime strikes again.