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  1. Unless Lebron is on crutches, the Lakers make the playoffs comfortably. They won 35 games last year with a bunch of young guys. Add in Lebron and some veterans and they are most certainly a top 4 team in the West. I'm not going to say they're better than Golden State or Houston, but they will be a 3 or 4 seed. As presently constructed.
  2. Eh, not if it means gutting most of their young talent and multiple future picks. The Spurs were asking for the farm.
  3. This is actually a scenario I hadn't considered until I heard a couple talking heads discussing it today.
  4. Yeah that's as close to a foregone conclusion as it gets at this point.
  5. I'll be interested to see how Derozan evolves under Pop. He isn't the prototypical Spur, but he's coachable and I think it could work.
  6. All I can say is wow. The Spurs did really good in this trade.
  7. GF#1

    OKC Needs a Trade Partner

    First PMI, now Latty. Who's next?
  8. He could, but if the team isn't competitive this season, I'm not sure that I see him doing that. Winning and being competitive is important to him, and if this season results in missing the playoffs, I don't see Marc taking less and signing long term here, unless the interest in his services is down among other teams in the league.
  9. GF#1

    Marc's interview with Spanish newspaper

    I can buy this. There was a ton of backlash after everything went down. I certainly agree with you that he didn't realize how bad he would look in all of it.
  10. GF#1

    Marc's interview with Spanish newspaper

    Marc definitely thinks he's smarter than what he really is, but I don't think you're giving Gasol enough credit to think that he didn't realize how bad their relationship was at the end. Of course that's just my opinion.
  11. GF#1

    JJJ vs Mo Bamba

    Admittedly I didn't pay much attention to this year's draft class so I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not sure I watched one game that JJJ played. But from what I am seeing so far, this dude has what it takes to turn into an exceptional player. It'll be fun watching him develop.
  12. JJJ has all of the tools and physical gifts to be the best player in this draft if he's able to put it all together. And if he proves to be dedicated to getting better every single day.
  13. GF#1

    Vegas Summer League

    "Dee Dede Davis" needs to worry about his own development if he wants to be on an NBA roster past his rookie deal. If he ain't careful he might end up like Baldwin.