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  1. My goodness Dillon is so boneheaded. I can't deal.
  2. nice air ball on a wide open look from the baseline
  3. Brooks giveth, and Brooks taketh.
  4. He's one of the most frustrating Grizz players I've ever watched.
  5. Amazing what knocking down a few threes can do for you.
  6. GF#1

    What is fair?

    I don't like the idea of going straight to the playoffs. I'll take whatever the NBA gives us, but I would prefer a 5-7 game finish to the regular season before starting the playoffs, all things considered.
  7. GF#1

    All-Time Grizzlies Lineup

    If we're talking strictly about impact as a Memphis Grizzly, Zbo has to be placed above Pau because he was the best player on some legitimate playoff runs while Pau never won a playoff game, albeit with weaker teams overall. Overall career wise? Yes. Pau over Zbo.
  8. GF#1

    The Last Dance....Also, Who's The Greatest?

    Jordan is the greatest, but Lebron is most definitely top 3 in my book.
  9. Portland. NO is just media hype for obvious reasons.
  10. source coming. Actually a part of the Memphis/Miami deal it would seem:
  11. GF#1

    Jordan Bell to Memphis

    Memphis has the right to swap the least favorable of Dallas' and Miami's second round picks in 2023 for Houston's second round pick in 2023, as long as Houston's pick is not 31 or 32, per Woj.
  12. GF#1

    Boom goes the dynamite!!! Bye Iggy!!!!

    No just says he is a part of the deal. He’s piecing it together.