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  1. GF#1

    Season win total predictions???

    I guess this was the week I was in Hawaii with Jana Kramer, seeing as how I didn't make my prediction. Funny how KBM lambasted everyone in this thread who dared to be even the slightest bit honest about the Grizzlies, and they were right.
  2. GF#1

    Tyler Harvey

    Sadly enough, once we convey the pick, Wallace will probably make a dumbass trade that'll tie another pick up for several years.
  3. GF#1

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    And on top of announcing that we were shopping Marc, we botched a trade TWO DAYS EARLIER (than the Raptors trade) to trade him to the Hornets. Didn't play, cleaned his locker out, left the arena, etc. Everyone and their brother knew there was absolutely no way that we could keep him on board after all of that. Any form of leverage the Grizzlies might have had went completely out the window. It's just continuous, utter stupidity.
  4. GF#1

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    Regardless of the results, it just irritates me to no end that the Grizzlies are continuing to operate like a totally incompetent, clown franchise.
  5. GF#1

    Welcome aboard Delon Wright!

    chip's such a party pooper.
  6. GF#1

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    He said that the morning of the deadline whenever he had seen the reports circulating that he would only want to play for 'x' number of teams. What else was he supposed to say? I would have said it too to make myself look better. Behind the scenes though, of course he expressed a desire to play in certain places.
  7. GF#1

    The positives

    If only we could get rid of JB.
  8. What in the blue hell are you talking about?
  9. Well on a brighter note, I'm much more excited about watching the Grizzlies now. Being forced to watch Gasol out there recently has been pure punishment.
  10. GF#1

    2019 Post Trade Grizzlies Roster

    Sign Tony Allen!
  11. Only reason the dumb *** hasn't traded any more firsts recently is because he can't
  12. This is so hilariously sad.
  13. I'm a little bit better now that I've had time to digest everything. Totally understand that the Bradley deal was tax related. And I know that Gasol doesn't carry much value, but I just felt like a desperate team like the Raptors would come off of a future 1st. I just don't like that we didn't get any picks, even heavily protected ones. But we do have some movable parts to play with.