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    Roster Moves This would be nice Ben though very unrealistic. Lol Then just sign Oden. Mike/ Beno/ Russ CLee/ Adams/ Andrew Rudy/ Barnes/ Jarrell Zach/ Wright/ Jam Marc/ Dirk/ Oden
  2. GrizzFan3

    Roster Moves

    If SAS gets Aldridge and can't afford Danny Green maybe we can sign and trade for CLee
  3. GrizzFan3

    Draft Day 2015

    It's going to be Martin
  4. GrizzFan3

    Draft Day 2015

    Portis or RHJ would be amazing
  5. GrizzFan3

    Roster Moves

    I like the idea of trading 25 and Jeff Green for 13 and PJ Tucker. Then draft Portis to be the zbo replacement.
  6. Beno had 2 with San Antonio
  7. GrizzFan3

    Should The Grizz Add Another Green To The Roster?

    I really like this team but how exactly would they aquire the new players. Can you explain who gets traded to who for which guys?
  8. GrizzFan3

    Could It Be Joerger?

    Thibodeau just got fired
  9. GrizzFan3

    Roster Moves

    Plus monta is a good ball handler so that would take so much pressure off mike to create the offense.
  10. GrizzFan3

    Roster Moves

    I like the idea of trading Jeff green and maybe somebody else to get monta in free agency. The only problem is he doesn't seem much like a team player.
  11. GrizzFan3

    Draft Rj Hunter

    They don't nedd to be drafting another shooting guard unless they are planning to move CLee and start Adams
  12. GrizzFan3

    Roster Moves

    DJ needs to go and we need to change the offense a little bit. Nothing drastic but get more ball movement and run more plays to free up shooters. If Green does opt out I would go for Wes Matthews. He is coming of the Achilles injury but he plays way better defense than Jeff and has a consistent 3 pointer.
  13. GrizzFan3

    Grizzlies & Warriors - 5/15/2015

    If Gasol has missed his last 9 shots why is he playing over Koufos who is having an incredible game?
  14. GrizzFan3

    Dream Scenario

    What are the chances that Jeff Green will opt out of his contract? And if he does what do you think about Wes Matthews?