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  1. This was my favorite memory too. More specifically, we were down 7 points with 33 seconds left. Jaren scored 7 points in 33 seconds and it was in real time, i.e. we didn't play the foul the other team game and hope they miss ft's. That was such an exciting win....especially on the road.
  2. grizzlesbies

    Grizzlies at Miami Heat - 1/12/2019

    Is Carter living in some delusional world where he thinks he is our #1 option with 7 seconds left?
  3. grizzlesbies

    Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Does anyone know why they never show replays on the Jumbotron anymore?
  4. grizzlesbies

    T'wolves Sale Exposes Grizzlies Ownership Drama

    Pera sold $60 mil of stock in August--but that's well short of what it would take to buy out Kaplan, much less Strauss + Kaplan....
  5. I thought they changed the rules so that division winner is no longer guaranteed a top 4 seed. I think it's just the top 8 teams by record, and if there's a tie, the first tie breaker is head to head record, and second is division winner. I could be wrong though.
  6. grizzlesbies

    Los Angeles @ Memphis 03/09/17

    Wow--recovery day after 2 days off? Whatever--I think this is great--let's Fiz save face while getting CP out of the lineup which gives us a chance....any possibility that Harrison needs a recovery day?
  7. grizzlesbies

    Memphis @ Denver 02/26/17

    At least TD is getting some minutes. Parsons 0 points in 20 minutes--that's hard to do....
  8. grizzlesbies

    Phoenix @ Memphis 02/08/17

    me too.
  9. grizzlesbies

    San Antonio @ Memphis 02/06/17

    Michael wallace said he didn't make the trip--some sort of injury.
  10. grizzlesbies

    Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

    that was EPIC!
  11. grizzlesbies

    Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

    Green is out!!
  12. grizzlesbies

    Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

    They better call that a charge.
  13. grizzlesbies

    Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

  14. grizzlesbies

    Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

    we need to foul Draymond out
  15. grizzlesbies

    Injury News/updates

    Pete said tonight that they are waiting for the swelling to go down to fit him with a no definite timetable. as far as Parsons goes, it seems like he should be pretty rested already.....