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  1. young team = turn-overs
  2. 7 days and counting to opening day
  3. He did well making adjustments in the summer leagues games
  4. T This will be a great look how coach Jenkins made his adjustments from losing to a BAD charlotte hornets team
  5. lions

    JV Shut Down The Rest Of The Preseason

    I believe J,V is like a marc Gasol type of player, but he has not played yet and we will see
  6. the young grizzlies played there First N.B.A team this may be a long season
  7. so far grayson Allen is passing your SH-T list
  8. lions

    JV Shut Down The Rest Of The Preseason

    after watching last night game vs the hornets, I don,t know how good J.V will fit in, the NEW grizzlies will be running and gunning
  9. lions

    JV Shut Down The Rest Of The Preseason

    I glues J.V preseason was the summer games
  10. lions

    Grizz on National TV

    very simply answer win
  11. lions

    Grizz on National TV

    no Make Grizzlies GREAT
  12. lions

    Grizz on National TV

    one problem J,V is HURT
  13. lets see how Grayson Allen handle N,B,A players I rooting for him
  14. its Funny 2 years ago I had a BIG dislike for Grayson Alan because of his ties with Duke HOW I,m thinking about buying a Grizzlies Jersey with Number 3 ALLEN
  15. 2-0 Happy to see Allen be the MAN