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  1. we still have a ways to go
  2. lions

    Where Will The Grizzlies Finish?

    also i said we would finish the season at 38-34
  3. Melton MUST STEP UP. He scores over 18pts we WIN
  4. I Believe this if Memphis BEATs the Spurs [ and I believe we will ] I can see us going Back to GoldenState and Beat the Warriors . we must play a our Game. that 4th QT show me Alot . this Golden State team is Good BUT not GREAT
  5. lions

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    100 Agree His opt will not be pick up unless we have Him in part of a Trade
  6. sorry Disappointed i was looking for my Friend I LOVE JV to correct me BUT I have not see him around for over WEEK ,HOPE every thing is Well with Him
  7. That GREAT news they will need that
  8. if the Grizzlies loss i will be very DISPORTANT
  9. This will be a Good Test . don`t look at the spurs 33-39 POP will have this team really
  10. I`m Hoping Ja becames a SUPERSTAR he would be the First one the Grizzlies have ever Had . this Franchise needs one in a very bad way
  11. SUPER STAR players stand out in BIG games
  12. the Lakers by far are one of my most DISLIKE teams because they BUY titles
  13. just like I feel the Nets win go to the Finals if healthy
  14. I`m not a Laker Fan I,m a N.B.A fan and I FEEL the Lakers have the BEST team when healthy