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  1. Great Win, team looked good .excited to see our west coast trip outcome . go BRAVES
  2. lions

    Memphis Grizzlies win total: 41.5

    thats because the grizzlies have a very good F.O
  3. 100 percent right looking Back at memphis history they almost never win a opening night GAME
  4. Great Move by our F.O our F.O has been Hitting HOME RUNS
  5. GO SanFran Giants tonite
  6. our c team played GREAT Last night, I'm starting to get excited by this Team .
  7. Great showing by our starting 5 . only preseason . i .m eyeing our west coast trip if the Grizzlies can come out of that trip over 500 then watch out
  8. Great Double/Double by Adams. Mate this guy and team should be special 50-32
  9. lions

    Impressed by Adams

    I Feel Adams did a very Good job for grizzlies day view a Double/double in 3 qt
  10. I was little surprise he would make that type of statement on TV
  11. The Grizzlies Looked Great last night .this grizzlies may be the Best shooting team in the History of the Grizzlies .
  12. hornets in the past played there preseason games in greenville nc