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  1. its a shame because after that first year O,J i thought O.J was on course to be the Memphis Grizzlies First superstar
  2. it fair to say Mayo started out with a bang , then after that every thing went to hell
  3. lions

    Moving the needle

    i hope your right , grizzlies need to hit a homerun in this draft
  4. lions

    Moving the needle

    to early
  5. lions

    Moving the needle

    next year the hawks have some of there young players are coming up for new contracts , ownership is showing they are willing to spend to win
  6. i would be happy to see him play 65 games , most likely 23 games
  7. JAREN will put up good stats this year , when he comes back because he seems like he loves basketball and loves playing for the grizzlies , we will be lucky to see justise play 1/2 of the season
  8. this is the result when a basketball player trys to box a BOXER
  9. lions

    Moving the needle

    Happy to see Dave joerger was hired by my eastern team the 76ers and Very Happy my Detroit Lions FIRED matt patricia and GM Bob Quinn
  10. lions

    Moving the needle

    the problem with Dillion Brooks he has to many games were he plays 3 good games 4 bad games 2 good 5 bad
  11. lions

    Moving the needle

    as of now I have to Faith with Justice Winslow until he can show us he can play a full season , the man is only 24 years old and cannot play a Full Season un-----------
  12. lions

    Moving the needle

    training camp starting this tuesday and still no N.B.A schedule
  13. lions

    Moving the needle

    all of the players that can move the needle are already on a team