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  1. if the grizzlies can some how fix that problem we will have player who would WANT to come instead of playing asking to be TRADED
  2. that line up will be a good one once they can have some chemistry together. this team still needs a superstar star 3 who can shoot .I know its the same old story year after year
  3. I want that top 8 lottery pick
  4. watching game last night vs hot shots blew 4th qt lead hackenburg days may be over
  5. lions

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    2 more posts for that magic 5000
  6. lions


    welcome GO RAPTORS
  7. lions

    Valanciunas 23 & 10 in 21 minutes

    jv will be a great pick -up . like I said before the grizzlies problem is and always was trying to find a GREAT small 3.if we find one, special things will happen I PROMISE that
  8. this was a very bad lost to a very bad team
  9. lions

    Keeping up with Jonas

  10. lions

    Keeping up with Jonas

    I hope when that time comes the grizzlies are set with TOP LINE SMART BASKETBALL PEOPLE RUNIING THE SHOW a young jerry west good times are coming MY friends I promise. very special THINGS will happen the Memphis grizzlies because they are do, ITS COMING, I FEEL IT, I feel a STRONG FAITH IS COMING AND IT WIILL BE REWARED I CAN EXPLAIN IT I ONLY CAN FEEL IT
  11. lions

    Keeping up with Jonas

    if the Memphis some way and I BELIEVE it will happen this team will get LUCKY in the draft and land a K.D type of WING and the rest will be history
  12. lions

    Keeping up with Jonas

    that's the reason the grizzlies fell short so many times in the play-offs having some good teams 52-56 wins our closes best wing was rudy gay , the problem with rudy he fell short so many times in big games and the grizzlies had to trade him because his results fell short but his salary was going up
  13. lions

    Keeping up with Jonas

    for the Memphis grizzlies to get to the next level they badly need a superstar small 3 wing
  14. welcome to your first post . the grizzlies are a Memphis team
  15. after this great effort tonight. the grizzlies NEED to WIN weds vs BULLS something to build on