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  1. gave me about 15miilion a year and i will smack those cockroaches right off that bed sheet .
  2. Happy bDay to the first true Grizzlies Fan from vancouver
  3. have the Grizzlies flew to orlando yet
  4. i forgot about Winslow , that because he has not played any games for us
  5. if the Grizzlies can have some Team Friendly contract in the furture this team should push for a title in about 3 years , thanks to J,V for doing that
  6. i would like to see if clark can play the 3 ,anderson is NOT the answer going forward
  7. lions

    NBA latest transactions

    good to see a Carolina Gamecock make it, thornwell went to Hight school the next town over from were i live Lancaster hs Lancaster sc
  8. lions

    3J workout video

    he is only 20 years old
  9. lions

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    starting to look bright for the Grizzlies,
  10. lions

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    add 10/15 pounds, start posting up ,after 2 years he should jump up to 1or 2
  11. i.m surprise some one like you would attack a grizzlies fan, your 71 years old, you should know BETTER
  12. lions

    Grizz 8 Games

    they will go 5-3