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  1. lions

    Preseason basketball thread

    the lion will be a way this week going to philly to see family and maybe pick up a 76ers game
  2. lions

    Preseason basketball thread

    a young ZACH RANDOLPH is not walking into the grizzlies locker room any time soon ,the grizzlies need young high draft pick players on there roster , its time to start over
  3. lions

    Preseason basketball thread

    if the grizzlies get off to a bad start, and I feel they will. they should trade conley and Gasol and start this thing over
  4. lions

    Preseason basketball thread

    rebounding problems and ounce again shooting problems
  5. the only thing he will do in G.S is sit on the bench like he did with Memphis
  6. deserves his ring. he was one of the biggest bust
  7. with the way the grizzlies luck is he signs then gets hurt
  8. lions

    Memphis Grizzlies sign Ismaila Kane

    he was cut great signing
  9. lions

    Preseason basketball thread

    great game jj
  10. lions

    Preseason basketball thread

    it was great to see c parson had a good game . this team needs him to step up this year. good job
  11. lions

    Grizz to Seattle?

    I would love to meet up with you at a Memphis grizzlies game . once you see a 6feet 2 245 pound MAN with no fat you would have met the lion
  12. lions

    Grizz to Seattle?

    I will say this you are a BIG man on the internet
  13. lions

    Grizz to Seattle?

    for the grizzlies to content it may be the best move for them
  14. lions

    Preseason basketball thread

    this is the first year I feel the grizzlies will have a hard time first time in years