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  1. lions

    Bleacher Report likes JJJ

    in time jjj will be a Anthony davis type of player , watch what happen once is body is filled out , MOSTER
  2. lions

    Role Players

    7 posts away
  3. lions

    Role Players

    every grizzlies past/present player would have been a role player on other teams if traded , there no grizzlies player that I can name that would have been that teams main player . the only grizzlies player I see making the H.O.F is pau Gasol ,and that because of los angeles lakers and kobe
  4. dave joerger took over a pretty good grizzlies team those other coaches took over bad grizzlies teams
  5. CONLEY must be TRADED this off season
  6. the hornets will get NOTHING for K WALKER
  7. lets not be the charlotte hornets
  8. lions

    Role Players

    most of the grizzlies players past/present were role players
  9. lions

    We should've had the 6th pick

    I may not watch the lottery may be that will bring me some good luck
  10. that's what keep us from going to the finals back when the grizzlies were 56-26 , grit and grind sounds good but a champion needs a scorer
  11. alots of teams got lucky the grizzlies NEVER had a GREAT scorer
  12. after all of the past drafts I,m surprise the boys werenot lying on the floors after hearing the grizzlies draft pick
  13. Maybe the Basketball GODS will answer my PRAYERS
  14. OFF SEASON DREAMS be able to pick up a superstar small forward who can avg around 29/30 points a game
  15. the best grizzlies all have been veteran coaches HUBIE BROWN. MIKE FRATELLO, LIONAL HOLLINS it doesnot take a ROCKET SCIENICE