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  1. if every thing goes well , this coming FALL will be one hell of time for sports and this country , that's what i.m praying for
  2. end this season and lets watch the N.F,L draft GO LIONS
  3. just think , our Grizzlies are playing a very important game if we win were in the play-off and the game is some where in lowa with no one in the stands and we lose , and that game would have been played in Memphis
  4. I feels LIFES are more important then money , these players and owners are rich, end the season , and start up next nov
  5. if that's the case , i'm very happy our Grizzlies finish in the top 8 great season , bright future
  6. lions

    News from Tillery

    Maybe Robert Pera doesnot want to be in a small market any more
  7. lions

    News from Tillery

    I forgot Seattle will be getting the next New N.H.L team with a New ARENA
  8. lions

    News from Tillery

    Seattle SUPER Grizzlies
  9. after this CRAZY stuff goes away I hope every one can try to be nicer toward each other no more attacts
  10. if the season is over I,m VERY please with our Memphis Grizzlies. they made MEMPHIS PROUD
  11. I Believe the Season is over, but if this mess is over with by sept , the N.B.A will start will a New season by there normal time . oct 2021 every team is 0-0