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  2. I worded it bad but I was referring to him being one dimensional. I apologize for the confusion.
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    I'm not a man who's too proud to admit being wrong, I have zero problem saying I made a bad decision. With that being said, I need to admit some bad decisions. 1 I wanted Bruno Fernando over Clarke. I felt like he could be the center moving forward and thought drafting Clarke could be an issue due to the fact that he was a pf and we'd previously drafted Jaren. Speaking of Jaren, I didn't want him either but I wanted anyone but him. Currently he's the 3rd or 4th best player from that draft and he seems to have the most room to grow out off all the guys ahead of him. I say that to say I'm sucky at assessing players so disregard anything I say during the draft.
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    Yeah, but: a thread you may wish to avoid

    But if you look at his scoring over the past few he's done it several different ways. He's been more efficient on 2pt fgs and he's doing a better job of getting behind the defense or finding his spots that he can just go straight to work .
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    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Dang it, I was pulling for Josh too
  6. His defense has gotten better in the past few games though
  7. Why did you use commas?
  8. His fouls have been much better as well as his defense, I'm not sure why you pointed out those things. He did have a game the other day where he had some foul trouble but for the most part he definitely has improved in that regard. He has also been scoring inside as well as out. He does shoot a lot of 3s but that's not the only wrinkle to his game.
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    My condolences, may his ancestors guide him to peace in the afterlife
  10. When his test drop, he's still a kid but you can see a little more fluidity from his entrance to now
  11. Bad habits that were created over years won't be changed over night. I do expect him to get better simply by gaining experience and the time and effort put into being an NBA player. I have full faith that he'll one day be a premier player in the NBA.
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    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    Wallace is the last person I'd ask anything. I wouldn't ask him for directions to the Forum from Beale lol
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    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    Billy D can get the point across
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    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    Nope, it would serve no purpose to just sit him. I wish the front office were a little more open about this situation
  15. Right now he's playing mainly off instinct. The keeping his hands upright is just something that'll take time. It'll take muscle memory. Most of his issues are fixable with time and or experience which are the same I guess. Back in the day I used to compete in amateur boxing, muscle memory was one of the most important aspects of the sport. One of the biggest issues I struggled with was blinking when someone was attacking. It took me years to get past that natural instinct. Natural habits are hard to break but I do like what I've seen in the past few games. His numbers haven't been great but I've seen some post moves and a few more wrinkles in his game that will come in handy