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  1. toocoolkellz

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    I think that's just like saying my guy, it's not literal
  2. 🤣, I use to work there. It was a Chinese restaurant next door that was 🔥
  3. In the plaza where Bert's use to be? My back too bad to try to play ball
  4. Maybe but he seems solid all around. He has a high IQ
  5. Its not like we have a ton of avenues to address our weaknesses, any team not willing to explore all of their options are doing themselves a disservice. I'm not saying pull the trigger, at least explore our options
  6. If you're a rebuilding team and you can acquire more assets you do what you gotta do
  7. People can change, heck wasn't ZBO a part of the jailblazers?
  8. Truthfully I wouldn't mind calling Houston to see what they're looking for for Porter Jr.
  9. Its unfortunate that he seemed to.have regressed
  10. But we may need to include one in a trade if necessary. Imho.if were making a trade to move up a team is going to want a decent player and imho BC might be the better sweetener
  11. Really the biggest decision we gotta make short term is BC or Xavier
  12. I never realized it but you're right.
  13. Earlier in the year Dillon was the most disliked player on the Grizz is the point. And you can't mention a time frame if it isn't linear. I do agree with you about Jaren but I think part of it is his immaturity
  14. Man where did all these people come from?
  15. But his defense was huge