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  1. Overreacting? The man hasn't played a game yet and yall already ready to pencil him in. Maybe if he gets healthy and plays 70 plus games 2 years in a row then I'll see it your way. As of r I ght now I'm not ready to resign him based solely on what he could do and not what he's done for our organization
  2. toocoolkellz

    Moving the needle

    Time will tell, as of right now we have no idea
  3. 80. 78 74. 18 26. 68 78. 66 78 . 11 93 games, more than an entire season difference than Justice. If a player can't get on the floor due to health, regardless of salary, paying them isnt worth it.
  4. What good is it if you're the greatest player on the world but can't get on the court? Sure, if he is healthy he can contribute, no one is arguing that, the issue is he's not healthy. If we got him for like the 7 to 9 mill a year I'd think about resigning him, but not at 13. I hope that you are right and he instantly becomes unbreakable, but unfortunately reality says he's more like Mr Glass
  5. Yup, I hope he's healthy but I wouldn't bet 13 million on it
  6. Big if for someone who proved to be injury prone. His last guaranteed year is next year, is ihe really worth extending for another 13 million? I surely hope he's finally health but I'd rather put that 13 million somewhere else
  7. Doesn't matter how good he looks, that won't change that he can't stay healthy. Don't matter how good you are if you can't stay on the floor. If he is absolutely outstanding are you willing to resign him? I'm cool, don't need another Chacun
  8. Neither of them are actual boxers.
  9. I'm not sure if we pick up the option on Winslow contract, or st least im not putting him in a rotation. He is just too fragile
  10. toocoolkellz

    Moving the needle

    Hopefully thats the case
  11. toocoolkellz

    Moving the needle

    The margins aren't large enough imho to consider a upgrade, at least not on the offensive end
  12. toocoolkellz

    Moving the needle

    Not sure he's a upgrade
  13. toocoolkellz

    Moving the needle

    If he were to focus on 3 and D i think he'd be much more consistent and serviceable. He shot a decent clip from 3 last year, its the other things that hurt his numbers
  14. toocoolkellz

    Moving the needle

    Exactly! On paper he fits what the front office is trying to do, but he just isn't healthy enough to be considered part of this team going forward.
  15. toocoolkellz

    Moving the needle

    if Dillon is traded its because he has more value than Justice simply because Justice is just too injury prone