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  1. toocoolkellz

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    We all choose to be fans. I know more laker fans than Grizzlies fans
  2. toocoolkellz

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    Exactly, I was one of the main guys saying swing for the fence, not the swing I initially wanted but looking at it without bias, probably one of the better swing we could've made considering who was on the board.
  3. toocoolkellz

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    The more I have had time to think about it, the more I like the pick. I think the initial disappointment was because guys like Moody and Bouknight were still on the board. Neither of which truly have the upside of Williams. Bouknight will likely be a sparkplug off the bench, which isn't a bad role, but not what we need. Moodys ceiling is a high level 3 and D guy also not a bad role, but still not the upside of Williams. If Williams hits we have the big wing we wanted. The potential to play both sides of the ball, create his own shot as well. I'm starting to really like the pick actually
  4. toocoolkellz

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    Again low IQ isn't really accurate, more so inexperienced in a really tough situation
  5. toocoolkellz

    Welcome to the Memphis Ziaire Williams and Santi Aldama!!!

    I do hope so, he has a lot of promise
  6. I think Moody and Bouknight will probably have a faster impact so most people will hate this trade at first. If he goes out and looks good in summer league then he might get a pass. He could very well end up being one of the best players in the draft, at least I hope
  7. If this guy hits, Zach might look like he's smarter than everybody. If he misses i fear Zach might be the opposite. Honestly if either Bouknight or Moody come out better than Williams, which they probably will, Zach may have to hide out in the basement at the fourm
  8. To be fair he was injured at the beginning pg the year
  9. I was afraid of Giddey to but we go full special ed. All jokes aside picking Ziaire makes more sense than Giddey
  10. Yes, yes you are. I kid, I'm not tooooooo upset
  11. toocoolkellz

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

  12. toocoolkellz

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    Low iq isn't really accurate persay