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  1. toocoolkellz

    Did We Make the Right Move?

    And we had guys like Sam Young too. I think the grit and grind mentality would've been even more killer
  2. toocoolkellz

    Did We Make the Right Move?

    Imho it's pretty even. I do wonder would Kyle's bulldog mentality have fit better with the grit and grind era
  3. toocoolkellz

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    I really like Hughes, josh green and scrubb. I could be sold on the junior out of Colorado too. Nowra is a guy I'd be ok with too
  4. toocoolkellz

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Yup, they're in a bad situation
  5. toocoolkellz

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Rebuild probabilit
  6. toocoolkellz

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    If Hughes is there I'd take him too
  7. toocoolkellz

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    I like Scrubb too, I'm just worried that he maybe feasting on lesser players as a jco star. Of course he's going to take a small step back but at 40 I don't see any issue with talking him
  8. Most people scratched their heads when they decided to go completely small ball. I think Mike is al but gone even if he makes a big push. They just can't matchup with the Lakers.
  9. Exactly, my points were about his defense, which he isn't going to get much better at. He does the big boy work in the paint and on the glass but it's telling that he can't close out games when possessions get a bit more intense.
  10. I never mentioned Clarke starting. JV is appreciated for sure but that doesn't mean I can't just ignore his glaring weakness. Especially when taking into account that ja has issues with the pick and roll defense and fighting through screens. Teams basically just exploit the switches on defense until they get the matchups they want or pick and roll to get the shots they want. Teams basically can get whatever shot they want against ja and JV because ja can't fight through screens and JV wont at least hedge the pick forcing the ball handler to turn the corner.
  11. Ja, Winslow, Kelly, JJJ, JV Tyus, Allen, Dillon, Clarke should be our 9 man rotation Melton, Jackson, and kyle if we resign the 2 are insurance for injuries and matchup security. Dillon could slide in for either 2 or 3 in the starting lineup if neccessary. The biggest weakness would be our defense from the pg spots and the starting center position. JV is just bad in the pick and roll and Ja has trouble fighting over screens. I suspect Ja will improve but JV is just who he is.
  12. All I know is he's been working his tail off since
  13. That's hard to see, I think he'll at the least be a serviceable center
  14. With the same roster that'll be tough to do.