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  1. I'm not big on Kyle but he definitely is a solid player. He may not space the floor but his defense and high bbiq makes a huge difference
  2. You don't have to get commercials on Hulu if you don't want to
  3. I like Brooks spirt though
  4. toocoolkellz

    Grizzlies sign Marko Guduric

    He's already confirmed basically.
  5. toocoolkellz

    Grizzlies sign Marko Guduric

    He seems to be getting more adjusted to the speed
  6. Wish we could see all our players but this is a good way to see the other players
  7. toocoolkellz

    JV Shut Down The Rest Of The Preseason

    I'm saying if we get Noah will still likely need a 3rd center. No plum isn't a backup but many are suggesting we get rid of plum (myself included lol) but he's a 3rd big off the bench which will be needed if/when Noah goes down
  8. I've been a long time lurker so I've seen him around. I know he loves this team or at least Mike, but he's been mia and he's probably forsure on the jazz board as we speak
  9. No better deal was gonna present itself for Parsons, he was dead weight. Unlike Parsons Hill is at least serviceable but that trade was never about getting better just getting rid of him.
  10. As someone said earlier , kbm seems to be more a player fan than an actual Grizz fan
  11. The bright side is ja will play better and jjj won't play much worse. Db turned the corner and ja is the real deal
  12. Wish we could've got a glimpse of jv abd see how Jackson fits
  13. Agreed, this would be the best time to see what Josh has
  14. Glad to see Brooks not forcing it.
  15. Chemistry on the court take time. They'll figure it out