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  1. Tempus

    Memphis @ Charlotte 11/21/16

    Hope Ennis is ok! Hopefully he will be back after halftime once that adrenaline kicks in!
  2. Tempus

    Memphis @ Charlotte 11/21/16

    Looking excellent so far... offense is starting to look more fluid game by game! Fizdale also managing the game very well...not letting the Hornets get into any real rhythm.... Nice fadeaway by Gasol!!
  3. Tempus

    Memphis @ Utah 11/14/16

    Lol! I said I would like to see what Ennis is capable of with a comparable amount of shots... And I said I think he would put up similar numbers...
  4. Lol! Right! All the naysayers are now fans of his... I just would like for him to get more opportunities to score and just go get it... But his role is more than likely provide top notch defense... Rebound... Hit open 3s and hustle... James Ennis can score in multiple ways... He just isn't getting free reign to do as he pleases... And that's ok... All the doubters who claimed he wasn't NBA quality are looking sheepish already... And when he makes that next step I'll be laughing to myself... Also shout out to Ennis for making that clutch 3 at the end of the game... Which put us in position to win... The whole team was out of sorts the last 2 minutes...
  5. Tempus

    We Need Balance.

    We should pick up Wroten... Find a trade partner for Tony... Waive Harrison (maybe Wright too)... Pick up another center like Chris Kaman... Conley/Wroten/Carter Ennis/Baldwin/Daniels Parsons/Williams/Martin Green/Randolph/Wright Gasol/Davis/Kaman Let the bench unit run and score with Wroten facilitating... Develop Baldwin as a combo guard... Zbo trails behind the younger players ReynA get early offense for 3s or early post up... Zbo needs to go back to garbage man Zbo....Replace Randolph with Martin for even more pace.. Randolph can't be on the floor without Gasol or Davis... Smallball lineup of Conley, Ennis, Williams, Parsons, Green...or replace Conley with Wroten... All players 6'6" and over and athletic...
  6. Tempus

    Roster Moves

    I'm not a player fan number one I just see what a blind person should be able to see... He can score regardless of what you say against multiple people and in different ways... And although he isn't a main option (already explained above why) he is already one of our most important players... And other teams have game plans for individual players... That doesn't stop them from scoring (more than Hayward in a lot of instances)...
  7. Tempus

    Roster Moves

    Nowhere did I say he was better than Gordon Hayward... I said I am fine with Ennis... You say these players with known names like they are a million times better when a lot of times it's opportunity and touches... What has Hayward done with his team that makes him so great? They haven't even been to the playoffs with him leading them...I'm not comparing Ennis to LeBron so chill... Also...show me something Gordon Hayward does that James Ennis can't do... I'll wait... And I'm sure you won't be able to find anything proving my point... Ennis has been a scorer his whole career... That's what he does... He has been the number 1 option on his teams (not NBA but like I said it's about opportunity... Clearly due to contracts the pecking order has already been established... Conley will have the ball majority of the time, get most touches and Gasol next... Then Zbo and so on and so forth... We saw what Ennis was capable of with a lot of touches in New Orleans) in the past... So to say he can't be a go to option is insane to me... He can score in multiple ways if you put the ball in his hands to do so... To be honest we shouldn't be having this discussion because James Ennis was supposed to be horrible last year... He shouldn't even be starting at all and doing as well as he is... He is almost averaging what our max contract players are on less than half the attempts... He is not even a NBA rotational player if you asked the majority of people last season... Now everybody loves him... That's all that needs to be said... He is just 26 you guys are acting like he's 30+ already! Hayward got 15 shots a game on average... Not scoring more than 20 per game... What would Ennis do with 15 shots a game if he averages 12 with less than 8? Hayward averaged less than 4 assists (with the ball in his hands a lot) and 5 rebounds... Clearly you are enamored by names of more marketed players... He is also coming off injury so what do you expect of Hayward? To be BETTER than he has been? Lol!
  8. Tempus

    Roster Moves

    Whatever you say Dwash... And not because he is athletic... What I have seen... He is very capable... But we will just agree to disagree... And we will just see by the end of this season who is correct... SN: I will be...
  9. Tempus

    Roster Moves

    Lol dude are you serious? Just wait as the season progresses... The end of the last game Ennis finally got the ball in his hands to do some things with it... He is very capable of creating his own shot... The Ennis we are seeing is the tame Ennis that has to also play with players with big contracts trying to get their shots up as well... He is not the top dog... When he gets the ball he is trying to get it to either Marc, Mike, or Zbo... Like I stated above you can't compare a max contract player who will get all of his touches to a player making less than 3 mil a year or a JaMychal making less than 1 million a year... When having these crazy efficient games they stop getting touches in favor of the big contract players to get their touches as well, instead of riding the hot hand... This is the ego needing to be put in check... Every time Ennis drives to the rim he draws a foul more often than not so your shot creating point is moot when I have seen him beat so called star players off the dribble plenty of times in his whole NBA career... When we have fast break opportunities Ennis is usually the first person down the floor, but he doesn't get the ball... As a matter of fact have we even done ANY alley oops? With all this athleticism it's just crazy to not have thrown any lobs up... We have the players capable of doing this... Also, Allen completely destroys any spacing we have... What is the point of a slasher when he can barely finish at the rim... Allen has been accommodated far too long... What happens when Parsons comes back? Allen will be in the starting lineup with nobody guarding him, basically telling the team to beat you with Allen... Also, let this sink in... Two players with a combined 4 million dollars a year salary are a very integral part of why we win... Why put ceilings on a player? James Ennis' ceiling is higher than you are giving him credit for... Without Ennis we would more than likely be 0-6 right now... He has been one of the top 4 most important players on our roster and one of the most consistent... His rebounding is necessary... His defense is necessary... He was put on Chris Paul in crunch time... He is probably our best perimeter defender...
  10. Tempus

    Los Angeles @ Memphis 11/04/16

    I think Allen on the floor killed us...Spacing was horrible every time he touched the floor... Nobody is gonna be sad if we get rid of Tony! Harrison also needs to go... We really need to go back out and get Wroten... Davis also needs more burn... Conley/Wroten/Carter Ennis/Baldwin/Daniels Parsons/Martin/Williams Green/Randolph/Wright Gasol/Davis/3rd string big I also think a more naturally gifted facilitator like Wroten will get a guy like Daniels more in rhythm with his shots... Switch out Martin and Williams depending on match ups... Let the young guns run on the 2nd unit for transition offense... Try to get Zbo trailing for a 3 or get early post ups...
  11. Tempus

    Roster Moves

    I'm not being funny... The Jazz are doing just fine without Gordon Hayward... Gordon Hayward is the franchise player don't get me wrong but what do you think Ennis could do with the amount of touches he gets? Ennis barely gets the ball because of the other players who are apart of the core.... He is still consistently one of the top 4 players every night... At the end of the game with the Clippers they started letting him handle the ball more and initiate offense... He has the capability... A guy like Hayward is out of our price range unless you want to give up one of our core players (like Gasol or Conley) and if you do that what's the point?... We have to develop our players... Ennis is already a better defender than Hayward... He is efficient... He just doesn't get the touches because he isn't a franchise player (yet)... Ennis for the most part is a decoy while Marc and Mike run pick and rolls... Ennis is already one of our most important players... When Parsons comes back... If Ennis still starts at the 2 his rebounding alone will be invaluable to us at the 2 spot... You can tell there are still a lot of egos that need to be put in check... But at this point it's not hard to see that Allen needs to go.... Also not hard to see that Zbo needs to go back to focus on Zbounding and scoring on the inside... We need to let our young guns run and try to get Zbo initiated in the early offense for a quick post up... No more Zbo isos if they're not working...
  12. Tempus

    Los Angeles @ Memphis 11/04/16

    Mike Conley will be up for this game... He pretty much plays Chris Paul evenly... I think Allen will have our spacing bad... He is like an old school Center in a 6'4" shooting guard body lol! He likes to hang around the perimeter on offense when he is not a good shooter and he is not a good finisher when he slashes to the rim because he is not a good shooter and a defender doesn't have to worry about a random pull up jumper while he slashes... Just play him for the layup... Allen does best when the ball isn't in his hands and finds backdoor cuts to the rim... With all that being said... I hope Allen stays in the game for about 5-6 minutes before he is swapped for Martin or Williams... I really don't see the purpose of Tony Allen anymore but maybe he proves me wrong this game... But I would rather put his offensive touches in another player's hands... I just feel like he takes away momentum and deflates team spirit when he is in trick mode and more often than not (last season included) he has been in trick mode... To the game... I say we win by 10 or more... Marc will have a big game to make up for that last turd he dropped...
  13. Still can't believe this is a discussion when Joerger barely let him sniff the floor... Lol wow! He is literally the type of player we all wanted... The ultimate hustler and a great rebounder at the 2 spot... Able to hit the long ball and defends well! Literally every broadcast Ennis gets praise from Pete and Brevin! Another question would be if you had a choice between Tony Allen and James Ennis to remain on the team who would it be?
  14. Tempus

    Roster Moves

    Lol! Why are you trying to get rid of Ennis? He is sure to outplay his contract with ease... Who would you replace him with? I would not give Ennis up for Iguodala, Reddick, Milsap, Gallinari, Ibaka, or Hayward... He has been an integral part of our team this year and has literally helped us win games already... Ennis is the new Tony Allen but with offense... He ain't going nowhere! Like I said in another thread... We should get rid of Allen and Harrison and bring Wroten back in to run with the second unit... Also get another big like Chris Kaman... Wroten will probably run the second unit better and also push the pace and get players in position to score better than Harrison... Let Baldwin be the backup 2... Conley/Wroten/Carter Ennis/Baldwin/Daniels Parsons/Martin/Williams Green/Randolph/Wright Gasol/Davis/Kaman That looks like a hell of a nice depth chart... You can also have the bench unit with Martin or Wright at the 4 and Williams at the 3 to run the floor hard with Wroten...