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  1. oldmanGrizz

    Grizzlies at Warriors 11/5/18

    Just having a chance to win down the stretch is all we should really hope to have.
  2. oldmanGrizz

    Memphis at Sacramento - 10/24.2018

    The Kings took a beat down last night. Hopefully they will still be reeling.
  3. Geez people. It's one game.
  4. oldmanGrizz

    Free Tickets to Opener

    Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons has purchased 1000 tickets to Friday’s Home Opener against the Atlanta Hawks and will distribute them to fans Thursday, October 18 – via NBA.com
  5. oldmanGrizz

    Fire Sale???

    I'm convinced that the goal of this franchise each year will be to just make the playoffs. The first priority of any move will be to accomplish that goal.
  6. oldmanGrizz

    Hindsight 20/20 I just don't like this pick

    KBM should have his own subforum.
  7. oldmanGrizz

    Best of the Rest... Undrafted Players

    I'm guessing most of the decent unsigned players will be asked by teams to play summer league. Not sure any will be signed except fro a few non-guaranteed contracts. There's probably a limit on how many a team can have of those.
  8. oldmanGrizz

    CW- Front office direction

    There is no doubt in my mind that the goal of this franchise each year is to just make the playoffs. If we catch a break and get past the first round, it's a plus. I don't believe this town would support the Grizzlies through a long rebuild. This team will profit and stay here a very long time as long as we make the playoffs every year.
  9. Krystals hamburgers are a lot like Parsons. They were both good a long time ago.
  10. I believe the Grizzlies aspire only to be in the playoffs every year. Luka helps accomplish that.
  11. oldmanGrizz

    Trading the pick

    I would do that proposed Bleacher Report trade with the Clippers in a minute.
  12. oldmanGrizz

    The worst thing about getting the 4th pick

    Trade it please.
  13. oldmanGrizz

    It's the Final Countdown!!!

    I think we trade the pick for veterans. I believe CW and the FO are afraid of screwing up another pick. They want to play it safe. Make the playoffs. That's the goal of this organization.
  14. It doesn't matter. We don't keep a coach around long enough to make an impact anyway.
  15. Different organizations, especially political ones, throw out trial balloons all the time to sample public opinion. It's not out of the question that this is what's being done here.