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  1. Best team in the NBA in the paint and we keep jacking up 3s.
  2. If anyone is interested..... Lady Tigers lead in NIT game 68-55 with 5 minutes left.
  3. Taunting after he dunked
  4. Dillon just can't stay out of trouble for extended games.
  5. Our interior defense is like swiss cheese tonight. Mavs have 28 paint points.
  6. I guess we're not in too bad of shape. Feels like we should be down 10 or 12 points.
  7. Seems like every out of bounds call has gone against us.
  8. 1/9 from 3 for Grizz
  9. Has Konchar really been helping us lately?
  10. I hate when we take an intentional shot clock violation at the end of a game and then the other team comes down and tries to score.
  11. Crunch time and Curry is on the bench?
  12. We can't let them parade to the line this quarter.