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  1. oldmanGrizz

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/15/19

    Welcome back Mike. Thanks for all the memories. We love you man. That being said.........Please get rid of the man bun. Thanks in advance.
  2. oldmanGrizz

    Is Jenkins an NBA level coach?

    I'd just like to see him get through a post game interview without saying 'you know' 47 times. It's cringe-worthy listening to a head coach talk like a high school kid.
  3. oldmanGrizz

    Free League Pass

    Today thru 10/29. Check your provider.
  4. I wouldn't even know where to start! ūüė¨
  5. oldmanGrizz

    Where Are the Moderators/Admins?

    Could you provide a link? (Asking for a friend)
  6. oldmanGrizz

    Cousins injury

    Maybe there is something I don't understand. What is the logic for the Grizzlies to buy out Dwight Howard when another team has an interest in acquiring him?
  7. Grayson Allen appears to be showing a little of his antics from his time at Duke. The NBA is not a place where he will have major problems if he continues down that road. The League or another player will put him in his place.
  8. oldmanGrizz

    Parsons traded

    Adrian Wojnarowski Memphis has agreed to trade Chandler Parsons to Atlanta for Solomon Hill and Miles Plumlee, league sources tell ESPN
  9. oldmanGrizz

    Hondo & Neumann have both passed

    Yes I did. Hawkins was pretty good too. Wasn't his first name Jimmy, or am I too old to remember?
  10. oldmanGrizz

    Hondo & Neumann have both passed

    I agree, but he was absolutely incredible in high school. He would have been happy to shoot every possession if he could (and he almost did).
  11. oldmanGrizz

    Hondo & Neumann have both passed

    Yes. Many times. Overton, Kingsbury, and Treadwell were all big rivals back then. Overton had a very small guard named Steve Betzleberger that gave Mike Butler fits. As far as simply a scorer, to me it was Neumann.
  12. oldmanGrizz

    Hondo & Neumann have both passed

    Neumann was the greatest high school basketball natural scorer I've ever seen.
  13. oldmanGrizz

    Could Luke Walton coach the Grizzlies?

    I believe I would rather not have a recycled coach. I want someone new and ready to grow with the team. I realize that's probably not going to be a popular opinion. I just think it's the best approach for where we are right now. That being said, I suspect the FO will want someone just to squeeze as many wins as possible out of the roster. I think they are satisfied just to make the playoffs each year. The team will make money if they can consistently do that.
  14. oldmanGrizz

    Chris Wallace Appreciation Thread

    I appreciate Chris' unique ability to say something using a whole lot of words without really saying anything.
  15. oldmanGrizz

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    Grit n grind won't work in this league right now, and it's time for Mike and the team to move on in different directions. JMHO.