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  1. oldmanGrizz

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 1/28/22

    Sarah Todd @NBASarah 2 minutes ago Donovan Mitchell is listed as questionable for tomorrows game at Memphis (an upgrade from where he was before.) Rudy Gobert is out and did not travel with the Jazz on this two-game trip to Memphis and Minnesota.
  2. oldmanGrizz

    All Star Ja

  3. I believe I was an excellent official. However, I wore glasses for a problem that couldn't be corrected with contact lens. Therefore, I was never able to move above the small college ranks. It's kind of an unwritten rule in most places. I'm not surprised Smith appears to struggle in Memphis games like Chip said.
  4. Was a referee. That was many moons ago!
  5. Smith was my partner for the very first high school basketball game I officiated.
  6. oldmanGrizz

    Post game show

    I'm watching what comes on immediately after the game. It's 30 minutes every night with a snippet of the coach's entire post game interview and sometimes something from a player. Other teams get full interviews from coaches and players. Maybe I need to watch a different channel. Most nights you can't even hear the one or two questions asked of the coach. It just seems like an inadequate production compared to others I see.
  7. oldmanGrizz

    Post game show

    I suspect I know the answer to this, and I don't recall it being discussed here earlier. I watch other team's post game shows, and almost all of them go much more in depth and last longer than ours. Entire post game interviews, win or lose, with coach and players help breakdown that night's game and usually they discuss the upcoming game. I'm guessing we don't do it because of lack of sponsorship. Does anyone have any real insight as to why? It sure would make the game experience more enjoyable for those of us who can't attend the game for whatever reason.
  8. oldmanGrizz

    Free NBA League Pass

    Jan 14 thru 21 Sorry for the late post. Just now heard about it.
  9. KC Johnson @KCJHoop about 2 hours ago Alex Caruso is out of protocols but also listed as out vs. Grizzlies for “return to competition reconditioning.” This is the ramp-up period to which Billy Donovan has been referring. Zach LaVine and Lonzo Ball also out, as are Javonte Green, Tyler Cook and Derrick Jones Jr.
  10. Looks like he's probably out for our game.
  11. I'm too nervous to watch. This game is so huge for us moving forward.
  12. Pistons take down Jazz 126-116
  13. Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron about 1 hour ago Draymond Green (left calf tightness) is out tomorrow in Memphis. Gary Payton II (left ankle) and Otto Porter Jr. (left shoulder) are questionable.
  14. oldmanGrizz


    WTH was that?
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