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  1. I keep seeing those ‘Hulu does live sports ‘ commercials in my head... sooo... how does it work? sign up pay ?? $ a month watch any and all nba games profit?
  2. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Dusty got all the love when he checked in tonight ! Lots of 'Put Dusty in' until he got in and 'Shoot it !' when he got it !
  3. It’s gonna be brutal ... BUT We’ll be right here opening threads cheering them and hating on refs and opponents each and every step of the way !
  4. I get it. I kinda feel that those first two were more for us fans than team development.
  5. We don’t look very good right now... can’t lie... we need to work on everything. I have a feeling that tomorrow’s practice will be ‘spirited’
  6. I can’t tell if it was one play or a combo but Coach has lit into 13 going into both of the last two timeouts... 13 definitely cares ... I think his emotions get to him .. gotta keep playing with passion but ... nevermind - just fouled out ... on an OFFENSIVE foul...
  7. He can get UP too . Easily👀!
  8. He is definitely going to need to go harder - all the time . Not just select plays ... ALL THE PLAYS ! Effort heart Hustle -> commit and GO HARD!
  9. Well ... yes. yes he is! I was kinda hoping that he would do it less and the refs would overlook it more... that’s not what’s happening
  10. Guy in front of me said the SAME thing! 🤣💫💨
  11. Ja is running the offense right now- today. Calling plays, waving off screens and telling guys where they need to be . and they are listening
  12. Right! he gets waaay up there!
  13. Hard to tell ... refs have called a billion and 3 travels and quite a few touch fouls...