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  1. Ticket availability for the non season ticket holders starts at 2 PM TODAY! I’m just about ready to head that way!
  2. Grizz announced THE RETURN OF THE GROWL TOWELS!!! enough for one towel per properly socially distanced seat. lets go throw it up already
  3. Not many true centers out there anymore… not many that matter anyway. 13 plays against guys that play like he does… dance around the corner or between the top of the key to the elbow. His dunks are mostly put backs or being the recipient of a nice dime from Ja… ive given up on him ever becoming a decent rebounder. his value is in out offensing the other team . ( made it up. It’s a word now) defensively- any coach can foul him out in record time and he’d be twisting and twirling with his hands out at the reffs swearing he’s never fouled anybody - ever.
  4. He has to go into the paint. I don’t know how much of it is by design to make space for Ja’s drives and how much is because he thinks he’s a shooter
  5. I’m with you here. I’m first team eye test. There is a stat to prove and disprove whatever whoever wants it to…
  6. and the prize for this is -> the privilege of facing the #1 seeded team that’s good and rested. easy road ! 💫🤣💫
  7. Small sample size indeed . 13 has not even been available (healthy) enough to make ANY type of observations good / or bad … his fashion ‘sense’ on the sidelines… plenty of observations We can’t even honestly say that his penchant for fouling everybody has decreased based on a few games at the end of the season… I have not even tried to confirm this -> but my eye test has JV eating the offensive glass… I may be wrong. Eye test again, but the starting Center position belongs to JV. Without his work while 13 was out we probably wouldn’t even be in the position that we are in now. Now I would agree with finding ways to get them on the floor together … Watching not only 13 …but ‘bigs’ all over the league can now go more than a couple of possessions withOUT even crossing the 3 point line.
  8. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    There's an issue the coaches are not addressing

    Sooo… we are supposed to believe that we have, on our roster, any 1 guy that can ‘handle’ Steph ? wow When Steph does Steph things -> you shut your mouth , do your best and take your whoopin. Even ‘allowing’ Curry to get his is laughable. Now… when y’all want to discuss allowing Wiggins to get his off … I’m all ears.
  9. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Ja got his first up close and personal look at Steph Curry yesterday. He saw right quick that dialed in superstars most definitely have an extra gear that they can reach when they dig in. There was really no way the Dubs were losing yesterday while Steph could breathe. Ja now knows firsthand - from experience - what it takes to be a boss in the league. So , I still think that experience plays a bigger not insignificant role in winning when the lights are brightest. And the cute plays you mentioned - x1000. I watched the game with my parents on tv yesterday… my Mom is a casual nba fan… meaning if a good game is on - she won’t change the channel. Yesterday she said come on Grizz… everybody knows who Steph and Dray are. And everybody knows that they would not lay down. The cute stuff gains you a few casual fans during the long regular season.. Reputations are built on the gritty performances , not the cute plays!
  10. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Kings 05/13/2021

    Missing one more guy - Mike Conley earned his spot for me when he balled with a broken face.
  11. From the Commercial Appeal : “The Grizzlies announced tickets will go on sale Tuesday at 2 p.m. Presale for MVP Season Ticket members starts at 9 a.m. Details will be shared Monday regarding increased capacity, the team announced. The Grizzlies host the San Antonio Spurs at 6:30 p.m. on ESPN. Fans must wear proper face masks inside FedExForum except while eating or drinking in their seats. The Grizzlies will continue to use mobile ticketing, contactless transactions at concessions stands and X-ray machines for all bags allowed inside.”
  12. Im starting to get a better view of what our guys optimal games need to succeed. Ja is a ‘once he gets in the lane ‘ its over player. He needs room to operate in the paint. I also think that 13 needs to be closer to the paint to get better percentage shots. Once he gets a few of those then I am fine with him sending an ugly 3 or so long balls. Dillon takes his … long twos included. Kyle adapts very well to situations as they arise. JV is a paint point monster. Do we have the right guys on the court at the same time to play to each other’s strengths? Is spacing really an issue or am I missing something?
  13. When I saw JV’s stat line from this game my first reaction was what??? Really? When? That’s how smooth he gets his in. His main issue , to me, is that he can’t pass the ball to himself ( right?) … guys have to recognize when he’s in his bag and they are in the midst of a stupidly cold streak missing from 3 - set the table and let this man EAT. If JV screamed and hollered that he’s not getting the touches he needs to really dominate - people might sit up and and pay attention. He puts his head down, keeps his mouth shut and plays the game as it comes… and he has the stats that say he’s handling business. The whole league has shifted to shooters… shooters that are center sized optimized for an outside in game. Emphasis on the outside part. Inside ? Name 5 better. We have a really good physical clear starting center… USE HIM!
  14. Correct. Plus he has a guy in the trenches with him who can take some of the pressure off of him in Dillon.