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  1. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Chicago Bulls - 12/4/19

    a direct result of playing sloppy positional defense instead of moving his feet and getting -quickly on his msn- he will do a half hearted swing at the ballas it passes by him. shane battier was not athletic at all but he was heady. he knew how to beat you to spots on the floor that you are comfortable with. then when they got frustrated - they always got frustrated- they dip their heads and run at him full speed expecting him to move or reach ...he did neither . he took evcery charge that had his name on it. hes gotta learn the game. scouting reports...who his guy is and what he like to do in certain situations and take it away from him- positionally - not swiping at the ball getting fouls called
  2. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 12/7/19

    I just said the EXACT same thing... feels like every time I look up - we're playing the Jazz again side /MAIN note : just got back from the Liberty Bowl... CONGRATULATIONS to our MEMPHIS TIGERS FOOTBALL TEAM AAC CHAMPIONS!!
  3. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Any thoughts on what the plan is for Yuta ?
  4. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Indiana Pacers @ Memphis Grizzlies -12/2/19

    wait... whuh ? IMPOSTER !!! the REAL Joey Crawford NEVER ever ever EVER made a bad call ! 🤣💫💨
  5. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Indiana Pacers @ Memphis Grizzlies -12/2/19

    Rodman played for the Spurs too...
  6. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Indiana Pacers @ Memphis Grizzlies -12/2/19

    Yeah... but Is he CRAZY ? cause every winning team has to have some crazy . 💫🙃💫 Dennis Rodman was a rebounding demon - and first team all- crazy
  7. I have been saying the same thing... the reaches are either desperate swings hoping for a block or reaching with his hands because he cannot move his feet and properly defend with his body. Shane Battier was a master at position defense. I also notice that when he gets it going on the offensive end - he can get hot . Now , opposing coaches will just go at him hard when he’s on defense and get him in foul trouble and send him and his potential points to the bench. There is still time for him to learn real defense and cut it out with the ‘gotta block everything’ mentality.
  8. Ravens win 20-17 Whats happening with the blue bears?
  9. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    NBA Authentic Gear Exist Anymore?

    Good points . Sooo does anybody know where we can get real authentic Grizz gear ? Somebody knows somebody’s always knows
  10. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    NBA Authentic Gear Exist Anymore?

    Nike store
  11. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    NBA Authentic Gear Exist Anymore?

    Oh... I got some of my gear directly from the Nike stores and others from online ...
  12. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    NBA Authentic Gear Exist Anymore?

  13. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    NBA Authentic Gear Exist Anymore?

    I see it every where ... brick and mortar stores have it and fanatics and nba store online... where are you looking? and if you’re not in Memphis- I wouldn’t mind grabbing stuff from the team store in the forum and sending it to you. pm me if you want
  14. First Team All Defense