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  1. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    all about ja

    Right? Why are people still repeating this? Even as he lets them fly without hesitation…
  2. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    How will we do vs the following players?

    Me too. I did see Ja force a foul last night with a couple of quick rip throughs to get the defender to back off a bit.
  3. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    you can't havebjust expected to ease a word like 'besmirch' in on these boards and not hear about it , did you? real real big word using ... 🤣
  4. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    yes ! coming from you - we'll take it 🤣
  5. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    Well... Adams played situational defense. He picked and chose his spots... several times you could see him show and then retreat back into the paint. Many of those situations eb=nded up with the ball handler getting a bucket. He does play defense though. Ho wlong are we going to hate on JV who did his thing for us very well last year? I mean it is ok to both like who JV was and appreciate the benefit he provided AND like Adams and what he brings too
  6. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    we were betting that Ja would finish with 40 ... and he could have... thing was - did you guys see just how balanced our scoring was??? wow Ja got his first few buckets at the beginning of the game and then settled in and made sure the other guys got to eat. Then ... whenever the Cavs made a run ... Ja took it upon himself to shut that ... um stuff... right down with a few quick beautiful buckets - every time. Adams with the 14 boards was a surprise to me... they were a 'quiet'14. And gotta give 13 props - his shot was not falling BUT his body language was a breath of fresh air! He lost the whole throw the hands up who me arms flopping around in mock disbelief thing he used to do... AND -> My man had every bit of ONE foul in the whole first half!!! He was actively playing defense with his positioning and just as I hoped - he played much more sure of himself with Adams on the floor behind him.
  7. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    Bane. Easy. Played BIG ... HUGE. I dont know why I had him as a shooter (cstch and shoot shooter) that could stroke it from deep ... only. Tonight he was driving , dishing, shooting set shots, driving, creating opportunities for others - the whole game. In the right spots at the right times and just the right amount. DIdnt feel like he forced or rushed anything. Played more like a vet. A seasoned vet. He's an athletic shooter... he can shoot and create and set up teamates with a hard dribble or a shot fake... kept defenders guessing if he'd shoot or drive ... trhey had fits trying to figure out how rto guard him. Melton played huge too. He seemed more agressive and sure of what his role was with the second unit best when Ja was out. If Ja was in - Bane needed to stay... Ja went to the bench and Melton stepped right up.
  8. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    he is a vet that knows how to reach his guys. one specific example -> Ja hit a three (I believe that was the play) and walked the full legnth of the court flexing and talking to the whole Grindhouse while the reffs were reviewing and giving the ball back to the Grizz... Adams wnet down and swiftly 'collected' Ja and got him back in the game! It was hilarious ! Adams is business enough to keep his guys both engaged and alert without barking or flexing. It was so cool to watch. I have it on video ... never have been able to understand how to upload personal vids here though... @chipc3 if I text you the vid -> can you figure out 1. If it is ok to upload, and 2. if it is - can you upload it? I took several less than 10 second quick vids with an awesome view of the plays close enough that you can hear exactly what Ja is saying when you see him flexing on tv... right at the beginning of the game - first tv commercial break i believe, Grizz did a skit where he hates Adams and has a fladshback to the Zbo incident... The arena cam switched to MacBo LIVE courtside in a black suit ... Zbo hit em with the ok sign and the head nod that things had been properly squashed and gave Adams the official welcome to the Grindhouse gesture. The crowd lost it ! FOr those on the fence , that plus Adams's play quickly earned him several standing ovations for smart tuff basketball. It may seem weired but I believe , speaking for myself, I love having a big man / enforcer / big that plays big (old school big) ... tuff no nonsense brute that lives to tussel in the paint and protect his guys. Adams did exactly NOTHING that JV did and still made a huge impact on this game. I was crazy about JV ... still love what he did here... but Adams played a different role that is equally important to the team as it is constructed now. Adams will be extremely comfortsble here. Edit: They called him GRIZZLY Adams and it fit like a glove !
  9. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    Y’all hating on slo Mo -> knock it off cut it out really? wow
  10. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    Looks like he IS the third option 👀
  11. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    Yoooooo this season is gonna be a BLAST!!! 💫🤣💫
  12. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavs 10/20/21

    FIRST FOUL on 13 ! 1:56 left in the first half !