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  1. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    I’m saying it.. The NBA is rigged..

    This. I’m with you all the way. We have never been gifted anything. Why expect anything different now?
  2. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    3J workout video

    Shane was a really good technical defender. He knew the spots and he was really good at taking charges. Atheletically 13 is hands doiwn the winner.
  3. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    Scoot over... I'm going to sit next to you !
  4. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Memphis Grizzlies players on twitter

    Really appreciate you feeding us with the latest greatest GRIZZ related news ! 💫🤣💫
  5. Thanks ! It's been a long time ... best game threads in the NBA On paper we look pretty good. young (very) but good. Their starting 5 are formidable ... but our bench is taking their lunch money and kicking sand in their faces.
  6. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    One of my biggest fears ( I am a Memphian after all) is that we ( the Grizzlies) allow him to grow into his paws , take his lumps and become a star player that will run for the hills bright lights, beautiful scenery , great weather, beaches / bikinis (LA or Miami) , The Garden in NY , TD Garden in Boston ...as soon as he can. A player ready to do what Pau did for Kobe. This is honestly the main reason that I am nervously watching him and Ja and Clarke and Jones develop that all important chemistry. I keep seeing Russ and KD and Harden...all in different non-Oklahoma jerseys.
  7. I smooth didn't notice an ACTUAL GAME THREAD! WOOOOHOOOO! !@#$%^*&(*O()* THROW IT UP!!!
  8. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    3J workout video

    Hahaaa! Right. Ben Wallace level growth there. BOSLEY hair growing company needs to get 13 on the line. I see a good business opportunity. I am pretty sure LeBron already has his people trying to land him .
  9. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    3J workout video

    Come on Chip ... I'm going to keep saying it until it sticks : TA was assaulting pretty much everybody he defended. ( and I am a TA guy all day) 13 has the ability to do the same... he needs time (actually - the refs need time.) Guys don't magically stop fouling - referees tend to relax the calls down the line. They are also human. When the talking heads start SAYING watch how good a defender he is and BAM - magic. Same style he has been using just less whistles. Add that to at least 5 to 7 mean faces , 22 guttral growls , and a torn jersey for good measure - easily first team all defense !!!
  10. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    3J workout video

    13's hair growing game is on point too. He went from high and tight/ low cut straight to baby afro -> in ONE year!
  11. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    3J workout video

    Am I the only one watching all of these offensive sets beginning 5 out? remember how J Dub used to get Coach Hubie fire hot with the whole shoot the 3 on the break? Not one guy inside of the three point line. Rarely even a guy on the elbow. This is what I think the future of the NBA means... everybody can and will shoot. Some are better ball handlers than others. JV can shoot it - I have seen him do it live. Now he clearly didnt want to shoot it but when he did - good things tended to happen. When we feed JV - right out of the gate - traditional big stuff: Let him bang for position Catch high and shoot (domn't bring it down) back to the basket or catch and face up or send it back out to reset or finally hitting one of our guys with an assist Thats "traditional" to me anyway.
  12. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    3J workout video

    I kinda get where you're coming from... but the Big that needs feeding is JV. 13 can handle and create / force his own offense. He (JJJ 13)has speed, handles, a very good three point percentage and a very nice floater / shot put . The best / most successful style of play for us once we really started vibibng was pretty clear. 1st quarter - right outta the gate : Ja hits the big fella (JV)and let him get some work in - in the paint ... set the tone... purposely involve JV. Shaq has consistently told us how easy it is for a true big to get disengaged early. In those instances - looking at the floor you have Ja able to suck 4 of 5 defenders into the paint When that happens you have 13 ready to hit with the pick and roll / pop Also have 13 to kick it out to. With his shooting - he forces the opposing team to at least track him. This is the part that we mention Dillion heat checking. *Dillion doing Dillon things works. Coach can see real early which one showed up.
  13. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    I’m trying to figure out how to handle a player - in the bubble -that having tested negative - later tests positive ...
  14. 10SC-2-TOKYO


    Link please !
  15. 10SC-2-TOKYO

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Good point. I remember when the I believe it was the Knicks in the Garden ... they played a regular season game ( half?)with no house music / dj / chants... it was weird you could hear the shoes squeak and the announcers but yeah... it sucked.