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  1. Agree completely. I would like maybe ~50 games in a season. That would discourage the teams/players from resting if not necessary and should in turn reduce the injuries. I don't believe for a second this will ever happen but the product the league would put forward would outweigh the reduction in the number of games.
  2. whipple

    Has Mike Conley Earned His Contract This Year?

    Simple answer...yes
  3. whipple

    Troy Williams Appreciation Thread

    I get what you're saying that you don't have to pick 1. I was merely talking in a hypothetical situation, which would you choose. Regarding Jam, VC, Zbo, & TA, I think it all comes down to how the market goes with Jam. As long as a team doesn't throw an outrageous amount of money/yrs at him, I would imagine we'd re-sign him to a decent offer, then let VC & TA go. Re-sign Z-bo for a yr with a team option for a 2nd, pick up Williams, then keep a roster spot open for flexibility. Maybe even pick up a free agent backup PG if there's any decent one's out there. Whatever happens, I think there will be a bit of a roster shakeup next season.
  4. whipple

    Troy Williams Appreciation Thread

    I don't disagree with that. The real question is, assuming you only have 1 roster spot open, which of the 3 do you keep and why? My vote goes to Williams. He's all heart and brings that athletic spark off the bench
  5. whipple

    Troy Williams Appreciation Thread

    Williams does appear to be a much better prospect than Martin..not so sure about Baldwin just yet. Let's not forget how bad Conley was his first few years.
  6. I think it's because Parsons doesn't fit with the bench unit as well as the starting unit, not to mention how that might hurt his psyche