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  1. Remember, folks, you can "Ignore" TGH and not see its posts.

    Lol and what are you doing paying attention to my post? Just stop noticing me already why don't you already.



    You are back again. Keep coming back and I'll keep dishing man. You are a sucker for humiliation.

    Did you read some psychology articles and feel like you can diagnose folks now? LMAO

    You are a trip man.

    Keep coming back_______and I'll keep putting you in your place.

    I didn't realize I ever was gone. Sweet, how about those Kings!

  2. You think too much man...trying to find some deep meanings from my post? None of what you wrote makes any sense. SMH

    I realize the truth hurts man. But just like folks who don't have a life, you keep coming back for more. You are welcome's fun reading your diatribe.

    You seem arrogant and looks as if you mask it with self-assurance ignorantly. You were the first and only to attempt to throw a blow and now you just look like a person without self control. Tisk tisk what a waste of air your rants were.

  3. LMAO

    What a waste of life!

    Folks like this live vicariously of others as their own team sucks. I understand it's hard not having any friends and since your only source of enjoyment are these boards, stick around and keep taking in the humiliation.


    Do you really think you know me beyond your smart device? You talk like your God so I'll leave it at that. Lol at your defense mechanisms, you sound like your young, I mean name calling and all. Your basically calling me a meanie LOL, now do you see how that looks?

  4. LOL

    You are responding to the wrong poster about name calling. I have been cursing you out the whole time LOL. Senile and a dickwad.


    These boards have looked asleep and a waste land for a while now with only drunken posters looking like lames writing useless babble like this guy. Proves that the admins really don't care. LOL

  5. Defensive effort is stellar again. With everyone healthy this team can be championship caliber.

    Let's not forget that both Mike and Marc seem to almost always have stellar stretches but when it really matters they fall proving that they are not true leaders. Factor in rookie players and coach and they equal at the most a tuff out in the first-round of playoffs at best.

  6. Way to go out on a limb and predict the Warriors will finish ahead of us.  I notice you said "your team".  I guess that means you don't have any more business on these boards so have a nice life.

    True, these boards are like a barren land of disinterested inequitable followers that can't accept the true nature of the NBA and at the same time still seem to have an insatiable need to follow this team but I'm still here. It's entertaining to watch foolishness in its entirety. The Grizz haven't seen any consistent true competion from the beginning. Smoke and mirrors are your record.

  7. Oh so the Grizz beat the Dubs, big deal. The league will fix your team soon enough just as they did last season before and after Gasol got hurt. The league gave the Grizz the easiest shedule in the NBA and the Kings still only have 7 more losses than them. I hope you all enjoy this little run because it is inevitable that this team falls. I'm just informing you all. Dubs will finish ahead of this team anyway while the Grizz struggle to stay healthy like always.

  8. Lowry is better offensively but Conley is a very balanced player. I loved Lowry and wanted him to stay on the team. Honestly, after this injury, I am starting to wonder if Conley can stay healthy if he focuses more on offense.

    That takes me back to when I first heard they chose Mike over him I hated it but at this point in their careers I would still have chosen Kyle because of how durable and less injury prone he seems to be. But I guess Marc liked Mike more and the F.O listened to him.

  9. I don't believe the Utah game was a crossover win at all. Utah is injury riddled and still managed to play them close enough to almost win despite how well Vince played. I think the Clippers know they played terribly to close the first meeting and will win demonstratively tonight. Clippers win in their house 110-92.


    I am not optimistic but I will be watching and hoping to be surprised. 

    I'm an optimist. I don't see much use in being anything else.


    I hate that you have Churchill as your role-model especially since he expressed that he believed that international Jews were seeking "a world communistic State under their domination". He correctly imputed that very idea in his book The Gathering Storm to Adolf Hitler.