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  1. Well, at least today they competed. Jaren loves to play the game. Shame that Bickerstaff is coaching him. He has Justin Holiday shooting elbow jumpers like he's Beno Udrih lol
  2. JWill4L

    Grizzlies at Miami Heat - 1/12/2019

    Jaren is never involved in plays because his teammates don't pass him the ****1ng ball. I'm pretty tired of watching the kid going missing on offense. And it's not his fault.
  3. JWill4L

    Grizzlies at Miami Heat - 1/12/2019

    I ******* hate the three.
  4. With the stretch provision, we would owe Parsons 7,6 millions over the next five seasons.
  5. JWill4L

    Memphis at San Antonio - 1/05/2019

    And JaMychal is still playing more than Jaren, who's being cool off by his own teammates (minus Kyle). I'm out. Getting tired of watching the same **** every night.
  6. Best quarter of the season IMO. Only knock: defensive rotations on the weak side of the perimeter when Boston plays pick n pop. Brooks HAS to be important to this team.
  7. JWill4L

    Roster Moves

    I thought nobody would beat once_a_hater trade proposals. I was wrong.
  8. JWill4L

    Roster Moves

    If you don't have cap space, is usual for second-round rookies to sign their contracts using the MLE or the BAE ir the team wants the contract to be longer than two seasons (in order to have Full Birds rights), as the minimum salary exception doesn't allow that.
  9. JWill4L

    Roster Moves

    Ain't a guess. Carter was signed using the minimum exception, which allows rookie players to sign two-year contracts only. Full MLE was used on Kyle and we didn't have the BAE this year.
  10. JWill4L

    We did not just trade for Oubre

    MarShon Brooks, per Woj If this is true, a steal.
  11. Defensive rebounding and Grizzlies don't like each other
  12. JWill4L

    Roster Moves

    Ntilikina has disappeared from the Knicks rotation. I don't think New York would need some kind of haul to let him go. Selden, Rabb and the less favorable 2022 Detroit/Chicago pick we own kinda works. Fizdale gets two players he knows and a low second round pick. It won't take much more than that to get Frank IMHO.
  13. Bickerstaff should give Jevon an opportunity.
  14. A game that doesn't mean we're sleeping five hours today. Cero quejas lol
  15. JWill4L

    Joakim Noah

    I don't mind. He ain't gonna eat Jaren minutes. He's a good rebounder (we are the worst team in that category) and he has enough BBIQ to make some kind of impact.