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  1. godrick15

    Well Well Well

    Z done so much for the city and is a 6th moy candidate. He deserved that money. Pretty sure he would of stayed. Management probably screwed up again and completely low balled him.
  2. godrick15

    Gasol to Celtics? Naw. Right?

    Those guys couldn't do squat against the cavs with IT. They wouldn't do much better with Mike and Cancun either. If Marc is traded it has to be for another star or first picks.
  3. godrick15

    Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Now that Z is gone, signing vc needs to be a top priority. Team needs his leadership and half court game. Maybe this might open up the Wright duo that dominated back in Dallas.
  4. godrick15

    McLemore it is

    BM stands for bowel movement.
  5. godrick15

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    You cannot wait to develop 2nd round draft picks and d league players. Mike and Marc window is now. If that's the case, trade them now while they have value.
  6. godrick15

    ZBO ??

    Cavs strongly pursuing him. If we could get Love I'm all for it.
  7. I disagree. Grizz kept up with the 2nd seed in playoffs. This is without 2 key players. Parsons would help a lot on offense and having Tony would of been phenomenal against Kawhi and Parker. We have yet to see what this squad would of been capable of. You can't expect to compete and develop through draft. I don't know how you could think that. Unless you hope for tank, but no. Trade? We have 0 assets. Go all in now or blow it up.
  8. Our best shot was to keep the core and GnG while hoping a healthy Parsons could produce. Also, surround the team with a good backup pg to relieve pressure off Conley, perimeter defensive bench players, keep Vince, and develop Deyonta.
  9. Include two 6th Man of the Year candidates and one of the top when defensive perimeter players of all time. Grizz needed those enforcers and veteran presences to compete. A top scorer, defense, a good pounding, and a hell of a lot of luck is the only way to get past GSW. Hoping for guys that will give us "better spacing, faster offense" is completely useless. No one is going to beat GSW at their own game. Comeback POTY? That has melo's name written all over him. Parsons was the worst signing and doomed thy franchise. He was never an all star and was no where close.
  10. godrick15

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    Opportunistic basketball means opportunistic basketball. Zach demands double teams meaning someone is open regardless if he kicks it out or not. And yes, he does do that. Not as often, but I'll take Zbo putting up shots in the paint. 7 years ago or not, Zach was a leading candidate for 6th man off the bench, is respected by the league as a threat, can get you 20/10 any given night, helped this team to go toe to toe against the 2nd seed in the west without Tony and Parsons. I don't need stats to tell me he had a bad series. Fizz trusted him and we competed. That series could of gone either way. We were also great against the Warriors during the regular season. I always hated Parsons but you can't say his career is done judging him off an injured season. Deal him for anything but don't make that assumption.
  11. godrick15

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    I don't think Zach defense is that poor or detrimental to the team. He's a big body with quick hands. Never slowed down this team to having a top defense in this league. He does have trouble guarding the 3pt, but Parsons can be a good help defender as he's quick, long, known for chasing blocks and taking charges. Parson played on high paced teams but that doesn't mean he can't play slower or even has to slow down. Fizz himself said he doesn't play run and gun. He wants to play opportunistic ball. Your assessment of spacing is also wrong. Zach demands doubles in the paint. Open shots for teammates. I was never a fan of Parsons, absolutely hated the deal when it went down, but i know well enough he could play with Zach.
  12. godrick15

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    Great posts. Grizz needs to stick with Tony and Zbo. Who knows what could have happened if Tony was playing in the playoffs? I could guess he'd do a way better job than anyone against Kawhi and Mills.
  13. godrick15

    Vince Carter Looking To Stay

    You need to watch more closely and pay more attention than box scores. Vc wasn't asked to be a scorer, but he delivered in clutch moments when called upon. Defensively, he played as good as anyone could against Leonard
  14. godrick15

    How This Coup Affects The Grizzlies

    AD overrated? Some people are in for a RUUUUDE awakening.