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  1. I don't think this applies to the lineup you suggest. A wing player has to have skills as a creator. Tony Allen had more skills than these guys. Positionless basketball will be short-lived if this is how it's defined. We shouldn't forget how much trouble the grit-n-grind Grizzlies gave the positionless Warriors who had 4 skilled players on the court at all times.
  2. cousy

    Prospects Dreamers and Busts

    Whoa Bruno has played well as a Grizzlie. He's a threat on the perimeter and handles the ball well enough. He has made good decisions I've observed. He is still a prospect no more or less than Dillon and Clark
  3. cousy

    Dwight saves some money for the Grizz

    They wouldn't cut Plumlee ($12M) to sign Noah I don't think . It would have to be someone cheap. There's no one left that would be worth it.
  4. Oh thanks. I never got to see him play well.
  5. Where is Konchar. I haven't seen him since Utah.
  6. cousy

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Over 4 seasons he has a 33% 3pt percentage. He won't be a regular at the 2 if he can't stretch the defense. But, the Grizzlies have not exactly loaded up on suitable wing players so the competition is weak. I'm crossing my fingers on Konchak and Jackson.
  7. cousy

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    I think $10M for a back up point who cannot play the 2 is overpaying. I love Delon's game and his size et al. but he duplicates Ja's skill set. It's not a good match for us. Only if they think that he can develop an outside shot is he worth it.
  9. So I thought. And that's a bad thing.
  10. Whoa! I didn't realize Clarke was only 6'7". Can someone give me a comp extremely athletic guy at that height who can't shoot (other than Draymond) in the current game ?
  11. I think you guys are selling Ja and JJJ short. They are players with lots more than their talent. They have clearly defined games that are suited to the NBA. They should be easy to build around. The organization should start filling in this year. Conley is never going to be a better trade chip than he is now. Move him for some of those pieces. We have 2 lead guards who are going to be healthier, faster, taller, stronger than he. JV helps shoulder the load. We need to add an experienced wing to do the same
  12. I agree our "plan" should not be based on a style of play. We should be reactive as when we stumbled in to "grit and grind" and over the succeding seasons gave playoff teams considerable problems. For this reason a drafting theme should be flexibility. Jaren is a model of this. He will one day be undefensible for 4's or 5's. We could then pair him with a big or a stretch 4.
  13. Jaren will be a center. Who you can guard on defense defines your position. When he adds 20 pounds given his length he will be a formidable obstacle to the Embids, KATs and the like in the middle. That's where we want him- defending the rim and within reach of defensive rebounds. Based on this, he is best paired with a versitile 4.
  14. Pau played on a bad team. Our record after his trade was the same as when he was on the team. No loss there. A leader can't be critical AND moody. Marc is a "controller". This isn't the culture we need. We need JaM pushing it and leading by example. Why people want to trade him I don't get. Are we so enamoured of the grind that we can't appreciate a prototypical small ball 4? HIs numbers are way better now that he has space. If we had "pace" they would be even better. JaM=Draymond. Jaren=Zbo. He has a plan everytime he gets the ball. We have plenty of leaders. We're held back by our "stars" who believe their own press.
  15. The problem with Marc is that he's overburdened with the leadership thing. We need a leader. We have leaders but they are on 1 year contracts. Casspi and Temple to name 2. Wallace shorted us on this one. Hats off to JB for sitting Gasol and MC in the 4th against the Spurs. Youthful energy can replace leadership. Message to Gasol is that he can't carry the team anyway so relax. He's sucking the energy out of the team when he's a moody center of attention.