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  1. No. I think ZW, Roddy, and Jake can fill that spot and bring missing elements such as sharing the ball and better shooting.
  2. Wow. I was going to post the same thing! but you came with the stats. I noticed he seems to be just behind Ja with the penetration , quick step then the strength to get to the rim.
  3. Santi = awesome Our bench guys are looking pretty good and rookies too. Both units have shooters this season. That's got to be good.
  4. cousy

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    You mean late first round draft picks like Clark and Brooks? Melton had already been made expendable by Ziaire. Our new players are physically better fits for our system and are mature enough to not suffer rookie malaise.
  5. cousy

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I think the draftees represent an improvement on the perimeter. I expect to see much better playmaking from the perimeter this season with size, mobiliity and passing and shooting from Laravia and Ziaire! Lets play!
  6. cousy

    When will JJJ return to the court?

    I think the blogger who said the starting 4 might be Dillon Brooks has a good point. It has the advantage of getting Ziaire into the starting line up as a player development move. For the same reason, Santi is the next choice.
  7. Very true . I like the fact that he did well guarding Steph early in the season- he didn't go for the fakes and forced him to give up the ball . Another thing is that he defends penetration with his hands up which I never see because a low center of gravity is better for mobility but it's impressive.
  8. He's strong. Athletic but not quick. His stepback 3 reminds me of Hardin.
  9. cousy

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    Anyway though Kleiman talks about standing pat, I think he will move as you suggest. I certainly hope so.
  10. cousy

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I think we need to make a move in the starting lineup. Basically, we are a drive and kick team on offense without enough shooters on the perimeter. Minnesota was better at this. They lost because they didn't box out Brandon. This will not get us over the hump against the Bostons, Miami teams who are athletic and good defenders. We could probably get an all-star wing in a trade for Jaren. He would fit better in a team without a ball dominant lead guard. Jenkins realized the misfit and rotated Jaren off of the floor early during Ja's shifts. Then trade Dillon for a serviceable 4. (I know it doesn't add up to a championship team but JaBall seems to be our identity...)
  11. cousy

    Is Desmond Bane challenging for the #2 rank?

    They put their heads down and drive toward the basket. They are effective against most teams but not the better ones. We need a plan B. If they would run the offense as does the 2nd unit we would be more effective on offense b/c our skilled bigs would get more chances. Remember, we set the scoring record for Grizzlies when Ja was out. It's not a question of who's better as I see it.
  12. cousy

    Is Desmond Bane challenging for the #2 rank?

    Regarding the wing/perimeter rotation two factors stand out. 1. Our top 4 players are ball dominant- limiting the effectiveness of others and 2. Ja and Des are below average defenders. Playing the top 3 isn't going to be effective enough. I see Dillon taking some of Des's minutes. We are going to need to be more effective defending and scoring from distance. If Williams continues to develop he would be a good option in the playoffs in this scenario.
  13. Jaren's numbers skyrocket in certain easily defined situations; those where he gets more touches and has access to the paint. He has shown very good center instincts and competes for rebounds.. I have always questioned his desire. Now I'm seeing a Zbo-like relentlessness.