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  1. cousy

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    Jaren has developed more than anyone on the team. I think he may be better than Ja. He plays on instinct, reacts quickly, and may soon be the most skilled big man in the league. He's a triple threat from 30 feet on in, and doesn't hesitate to act. His best asset is his mindset. He struggled with his role early on but now seems comfortable with his role which is to develop his skills. edit: He has a big hole in that he needs a mid-range game. He has no jump shot.
  2. I can't see anyone stopping Zion, short of LeBron. No, he would overpower him too. They may have to change the rules for him a la Kareem. Jonas?
  3. That was the best game I've seen this year. The Cavs had an answer for Jonas, Ja's mythic 4th quarter brilliance was exposed as false once again. The Grizz were forced to 3rd and 4th options and showed their resilience. Cleveland won as Grizzlies often do, with resourcefulness. Boeheim is doing a good job it looks like to me.
  4. cousy

    Jenkins system has not,is not and will never work.

    I think that Jenkins system is primarily to develop young players though now it may emphasize winning games. We will still see him resting the rookies I am sure. I don't believe in the fire away mentality.. It has been successful though. Good offensive rebounding such as we have displayed makes it look more effective than it really is. The impact of the long rebound is underacknowledged.
  5. Great report! You forgot to mention that he can't stay in front of any other NBA player.
  6. Jaren shows a tendency to be a self-starter on offense and eventually this will carry over to rebounds. In the mean time, can I get an AMEN for Bruno's boarding and D?
  7. cousy

    Jenkins system has not,is not and will never work.

    I'm loving how Jenkins coaches. People who want to see ;players develop with the big team need to know this is what it looks like. Let them make their mistakes. That's how they coach the G league, we're just not used to seeing it at this level. Jaren is playing with more pace, he's buying in; establishing position, running the floor. Ja's confidence is strong.
  8. Marko has some serious moves. His first step and crossover are first class. His new confidence in shooting is going to make him more of an alpha on offense. He is a good assist man too. Go Gudie!
  9. thanks. Good points. Bruno just seems comfortable in there. If your scenario means that Clark is slotted for the backup at the 4 then Bruno doesn't get on the court much. He justs looks like a more complete player than JJJ. Probably there is fo pressure to develop JJJ into the center. I hope they can figure out a way to get those 3 on the court at the same time.
  10. What does it take to get Bruno more playing time? Even without Clark available he gets less than 10 minutes. He was effective it seems to me. He has been decent defending the 5 position, gettting blocks and avoiding fouling and rebounding. He seems more active at the 5 than other positions. It's a good fit.
  11. Ja finishes off of the wrong foot better than anyone I've ever seen! He scored over shot blockers repeatedly with his left hand jumping off of his left foot and made it look so natural it wasn't even noticeable! Who does that?
  12. If you are trying to describe a player as poor or unuseful I see no need to be offensive. It degrades their teammates who support them and thereby is not supportive of the team as a whole. By this logic, one day Ja and Jaren will become "trash" to the members of this board and they know it.
  13. Why are we calling our players "trash" and "garbage"?
  14. I don't think this applies to the lineup you suggest. A wing player has to have skills as a creator. Tony Allen had more skills than these guys. Positionless basketball will be short-lived if this is how it's defined. We shouldn't forget how much trouble the grit-n-grind Grizzlies gave the positionless Warriors who had 4 skilled players on the court at all times.
  15. Oh thanks. I never got to see him play well.