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  1. cousy

    Tillman Luv

    X is so sound fundamentally. I love it when he uses his quick feet to shut down Curry on the perimeter.
  2. cousy

    Coaching Thread

    It sounds good to me. We keep hearing about poor fourth quarters. Really, the difference is that other teams lock us down and our scheme is indadequate.
  3. cousy

    Coaching Thread

    The lineup you mentioned is filled with willing passers and notably absent Tyus. Jenkins has not taught his team how to move away from the ball and move the ball in general. I don't see Taylor as a good developer of talent. What improvement there is comes mostly through high charater and initiative. I think he;s a good leader but should turn the offense over to someone else.
  4. We would have one this one if Nick Calathes or Grevas Gasquez were on the team. They could find the hot hand and didn't run all over the court looking for their own shot.
  5. It's going to be interesting. why wouldn't you go? I don't know what the offense looks like here. is there any way we can compete? 1. Jaren will have to be the guy you go through . I like that for sure 2 I won't count on Tyus' scoring 15. 3. Bane can go for 25 here I hope. Still we're going to need 20 from Roddy, 15 from Ziaire, 4. I want to see the pro--passing lineup of Jaren, Santi, Ziaire. Konchar. 5. It's going to be fun to see if the "reserves" can assert themselves and be competitive.
  6. cousy

    Ziaire Williams??

    He might help. He has a good release. The Grizzlies rrely heavily on wide open stationary shooters from distance and that will not be very helpful against the better teams. Des, Kennard and Roddy will be crucial for spacing the defense.
  7. I'm glad to hear. I look forward to watching him next season.
  8. Prescient! You nailed it. I was there and enjoyed. 1. Roddy is taller than I realized. 2. Jake's stroke looks great. 3. Luke should get good minutes with both units. He keeps the ball moving, good cutter! 4. Grizzlies are back to their swashbuckling style. 5. Xavier held his own with Joker. 6. Lots more- it was Great!
  9. cousy


    Jaren is very bright and personable. The players see a lot of great personal qualities.
  10. cousy

    Welcome aboard Luke Kennard

    They will all get minutes because they are among the top 4 wing defenders on the team.
  11. I always had the sense that the Grizzlies out performed their abilities. This equals better hustle play, transition offense, etc. We don't have even one well rounded wing player- the position that most defines basketball skills. Ziaire is the only possibility which is why I think he should get priority in the rotation. Can we get back to winning on hustle and enthusiasm?
  12. Jaren no matter how well he is playing rotates out at the 6 minute mark of the first and 3rd quarters and Ja rotates out around the end of the quarter. His "best duo" numbers are probably based on low number of possessions. Bane and Dillon missed a lot of games. That accounts for the 2 man stat probably.
  13. It's a sign of Jaren's discomfort with Ja Ball that Jenkins rotates him out half way through the first and 3rd quarters. Jaren is painful to watch. A 5 year veteran he's still a nervous wreck.
  14. cousy

    Ziaire Williams??

    Thanks for the great observations. As long as Ziaire is progressing he is worthwhile. Many of our major contributors have peaked and we need someone with multiple tools to make the jump to title competitiveness.
  15. Yep. There is so much fundamental stupidity in this offense. The wheels are coming off it seems and that's good. Change must come.