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  1. I think you guys are selling Ja and JJJ short. They are players with lots more than their talent. They have clearly defined games that are suited to the NBA. They should be easy to build around. The organization should start filling in this year. Conley is never going to be a better trade chip than he is now. Move him for some of those pieces. We have 2 lead guards who are going to be healthier, faster, taller, stronger than he. JV helps shoulder the load. We need to add an experienced wing to do the same
  2. I agree our "plan" should not be based on a style of play. We should be reactive as when we stumbled in to "grit and grind" and over the succeding seasons gave playoff teams considerable problems. For this reason a drafting theme should be flexibility. Jaren is a model of this. He will one day be undefensible for 4's or 5's. We could then pair him with a big or a stretch 4.
  3. Jaren will be a center. Who you can guard on defense defines your position. When he adds 20 pounds given his length he will be a formidable obstacle to the Embids, KATs and the like in the middle. That's where we want him- defending the rim and within reach of defensive rebounds. Based on this, he is best paired with a versitile 4.
  4. Pau played on a bad team. Our record after his trade was the same as when he was on the team. No loss there. A leader can't be critical AND moody. Marc is a "controller". This isn't the culture we need. We need JaM pushing it and leading by example. Why people want to trade him I don't get. Are we so enamoured of the grind that we can't appreciate a prototypical small ball 4? HIs numbers are way better now that he has space. If we had "pace" they would be even better. JaM=Draymond. Jaren=Zbo. He has a plan everytime he gets the ball. We have plenty of leaders. We're held back by our "stars" who believe their own press.
  5. The problem with Marc is that he's overburdened with the leadership thing. We need a leader. We have leaders but they are on 1 year contracts. Casspi and Temple to name 2. Wallace shorted us on this one. Hats off to JB for sitting Gasol and MC in the 4th against the Spurs. Youthful energy can replace leadership. Message to Gasol is that he can't carry the team anyway so relax. He's sucking the energy out of the team when he's a moody center of attention.
  6. cousy

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    When Parsons plays, he starts. Think of how bad it was last year and how unhappy everyone was for his poor play. He started every game he played that I saw. Even though he was horrible. It must be because they don't want him coming off of the bench.
  7. cousy

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    Part of the problem may be that Parsons needs to start games so he can go in to the game with knees warm and loose. Going in cold risks injury. Parsons/Gasol is not a recipe for fast starts, transition offense, rebounding or pressure defense. He puts us out of sync.
  8. Jevon hasn't shown me much. Compared to the other 4 year player, Brooks anyway. I think JaMyk should be reatained. We have 5 guys over 6-9 who are not athletic. We need him. He seems more comfortable playing with the playmakers we can finally put on the floor. Mack is solid and more creative than the other 2 backup points. If we could trade for KK or someone else who can run the floor and handle alley oops it would greatly benefit our offense. I don't see much of that in Rabb.
  9. It's not so much about the individuals. Temple beat out Selden, Brooks, Brooks and Harrison for the 2 slot during camp, not just Friday night and had the best performance of any Grizzlie 2 guard I can remember including Tyreke. Caspi deservedly worked his way into the lineup. I'm impressed that these guys took it upon themselves to generate offense not defer to M and M as has been the case for 2 years.
  10. I've seen a lot of Grizzlie games. That was the best exhibition of basketball on the offensive end I have seen. Everyone on the court seemed to feed their teammates. The injection of high i.q. and leadership delivered as advertised. Wallace was beaming getting off the elevator afterwards. (I have noticed he has not sat behind the bench for a year now- wonder why?) And I love the offense sets. Spur-like back cuts for cheapies plenty of room in the middle. Awesome. Full disclosure- I wanted Wallace gone on Wednesday.
  11. cousy

    Preseason basketball thread

    Trade the Bum! Ha ha . How can you be sour on him!!! He's 19 and schooling veteran 5's on the block. My concern is he won't be able to play the 4 cause with his frame he's going to put on weight and lose his foot speed in the process.
  12. cousy

    A Honest 2018-19 Grizzlies Season Preview

    Good analysis on the glass-half-full scale. Regarding Gasol and Conley's demise. Their prime era was when they were not in position to take advantage of their offensive package. Today, the court is spread, Zach and Tony are not clogging up the offense. They could be equally or more effective than in those days. We don't know what the results of the new scheme will be. Granted we don't have all-league players on the wings but they are improvements in what we have had in the past offensively and i.q. wise. The glory-days Griz teams won games in the last minutes due to the grit mentality. If today's Griz are to win they will need the same thing, this time based on their smarts.
  13. How long has it been since he has been healthy during the playoffs? At least 4-5 years. That's why I though he wasn t worth the contract. Last year it was painful to me to watch him getting stripped in the lane and sprawling out on the floor like Andrew Harrison. This, our $150M Man. I pray for the return of the cat like, always landing on his feet version of MC.
  14. He had surgery for bone spurs in his feet.
  15. Kosta, Brandon, Darrell and Davis lit up when in pick and roll with the above mentioned guards. It was pretty obvious. It's no co-incidence that DD's rep as a lob target materialized when Conley was off the court.