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    we dont bluff
  2. some1nw

    Kings sign Zbo - 2 yrs/24 mil

    they just need him for his veteran leadership, like george hill. THey can still play at a high level. Who should they have spent their money on? THeyre clearly building a culture around their young guys. I think its a great deal for the Kings. Two short term contracts.
  3. some1nw

    Kings sign Zbo - 2 yrs/24 mil

    good luck to Zbo. I kinda wish he played for a competitive team, but thats his choice at the end of the day and I respect it.
  4. Harden is better than Conley in all aspects of the game except defense i guess, i dont even think it is fair to compare the two. However, you can make a great case for Conley being the 3rd best point guard in the league behind Curry and Westbrook.
  5. some1nw

    Vince Carter Looking To Stay

    im a vc fan and him staying in Memphis depends on Parsons' health. If Parsons is 100% healthy, yeah then he can back him up but if not, its better the Grizz sign one of those athletic swingmen who can give about 12-13 points a game. Just as a side note, as a starter in the regular season he shot ~45% from the field and 43% from the 3, making 2 3s a game.
  6. we would be complaining about this team's offense if the Grizz matched up against an offensive minded team like the Rockets. The Spurs were just a better matchup for the Grizz. Parsons has never been under pressure to perform even when he was at his "peak". Not to take anything away from his abilities, but i dont see him being that guy. Just gotta hope he fully recovers from his injuries for the next season.
  7. hopefully he secures a permanent position in the NBA
  8. some1nw

    New York @ Memphis 04/07/17

    i was writing my audit exam, im glad i was able to catch the 4th quarter.
  9. some1nw

    Oklahoma @ Memphis 04/05/17

    yeah write tony off because seldon had one decent game based on his standards
  10. some1nw

    Oklahoma @ Memphis 04/05/17

    okay gasol plz dont stink it up already
  11. some1nw

    Oklahoma @ Memphis 04/05/17

    i really hope they dont overcommit on the help defense for westbrook, let him go for 40-50
  12. just when i thought KBM was making logical comments but then...
  13. some1nw

    Memphis @ San Antonio 04/04/17

    yeah unfortunately the grizz dont get those calls. David Lee got away with a few fouls as well.
  14. some1nw

    Memphis @ San Antonio 04/04/17

    yeah you are getting 2 guys who cant shoot the basketball