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  1. grizzgolf

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Murphy would have looked good on this team
  2. grizzgolf

    Ziaire Williams??

    Rough but not wrong....
  3. grizzgolf

    Tillman Luv

    I mean Hes doing better than I thought he would. I just think this next offseason we might need to find a backup C
  4. grizzgolf

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    Ending up not being as bad as we thought but I really hope he is ready
  5. grizzgolf

    Around the NBA - 2022-23 Season

    Whatever it takes
  6. grizzgolf

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    NBA Memes cant stop crapping on us
  7. grizzgolf

    Roddy permantly in the rotation now?

    Roddy is way ahead right now
  8. grizzgolf

    Roddy permantly in the rotation now?

    Roddy is doing those little things to have has spot. Jake....Come on bro. I need you playing good D and hitting 3s.
  9. grizzgolf

    Ziaire Williams??

    I wanted Trey over ZW but I mean what else can we do? Just hope he comes back better this next season
  10. grizzgolf

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    I just wish all the slander would stop for him
  11. grizzgolf

    Ziaire Williams??

    Chip said it best here.
  12. grizzgolf

    Grizzlies final standings position

    3rd-5th my feelings
  13. grizzgolf

    D Brooks’ role

    I don't listen to draymond and I think all the Grizzlies fans lashing out on twitter at them after one win is embarrassing.
  14. grizzgolf

    Steve-O out 3-5 weeks

    Man I want season tickets if I lived closer
  15. grizzgolf

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    Agree. I know me and people will have different feelings on that topic. I know on the facebook group page Im nOT A rEAl fAN because I said something the mass didnt agree with on that subject.