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  1. I say by the end of his second or start of his 3rd we see him going crazy
  2. grizzgolf

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    That's my fear
  3. I think your right PJ. I could see that happening
  4. grizzgolf

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    Is JV for sure playing in it?
  5. grizzgolf

    Tyler Harvey

    I'm going cut. I know it got pushed back to October but I think the ship has sailed on him
  6. Agree. I fell in love with him during his SL play but till he has a few games with the big boys I wouldn't get too excited
  7. Yuta should be on the main roster next season. Dude can ball.
  8. grizzgolf

    Tyler Harvey

    I wish we could stash him one more year on the hustle then bring him up next season. Should have locked in on him with our other 2 way
  9. grizzgolf

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    If he wasn't crazy I wouldn't mind him being our back up big
  10. Come on Iggy get us something in return!
  11. Cool stat. We have the all time SL team.