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  1. srmjr23

    Dwight saves some money for the Grizz

    Ok, lets get @fanboyslim in here to explain how much a theoretical buyout of $1m off his $5m contract will save us + how much the Lakers signing him for 2.6m will save us, if any.
  2. Anyone know how many national TV games the Grizz have this year?
  3. srmjr23

    2020 NBA Draft

  4. srmjr23

    Has Taylor Jenkins hired assistant coaches yet?

    I agree. Us hiring the franchise's first ever female coach, and just the 9th woman to be named a coach in the NBA, is much different than your average 'grizz sign random assistant' news.
  5. srmjr23

    make or break

    So it is October 19, yes?
  6. Dallas has been associated with this for a while, but primarily before they used their trade exception and with the belief that they'd most likely only be in the mix if we buy him out. The Grizz really need to hold on to Iggy until the deadline, IMO. This helps future bargaining ability by not caving in these types of discussions, which is no small thing, when you have so many alpha male types as GMs.
  7. srmjr23

    Free agency 2020 This list shows both 20/21 free agents and their options in the clearest way possible. There are great options 2021. This team is really looking up.
  8. srmjr23

    Free agency 2020

    IMO the best case scenario for this coming season is that we have an exciting team that can build a fun and competitive culture, to ensure we keep our young guys when free agency comes. The most likely scenario is we end up with a top 4 pick in the draft, and that's about the best result we could hope for. If we can get another piece to go with our exciting core, sign a shooting guard like Hield or Beasley, and then draft either a guard or small forward, we have an extremely strong case for deep playoff runs 4-5 years down the line.
  9. srmjr23

    Free agency 2020

    It's completely based on bad logic. That pick is a sunk cost. And if Boston doesn't get a high pick, under the scenario in which we do well and make their pick as low as possible, then someone else gets that pick. We aren't preventing any team from getting a good pick. People really need to get past this pick we have and really think through their logic.
  10. srmjr23

    Free agency 2020

    Buddy Hield would be very, very high on my list of players in RFA, though I suspect basically all of those teams will match. The most reasonable target we could go after, due to Denver's inability to match, would have to be Malik Beasley. We wouldn't have to max him, and we'd still have cap space the following year.
  11. srmjr23

    Free agency 2020

    Its basically irrelevant what our pick is in 2021 unless we somehow manage to convey this year.
  12. srmjr23

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    This is great news. Players often really improve when they get opportunities like international tournaments, FIBA and the Olympics.
  13. srmjr23

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Shopping for talent
  14. srmjr23

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Fair enough points, but I don't consider any of the remaining players NBA viable, especially to a rebuilding team, excluding Rabb perhaps, who I considered to be a sure cut after Summer league. I suspect the team will be cutting Howard/Hill/Rabb (and trading Iggy) - leaving us at 15, including Marco - and will not require that we cut anyone else. It's possible they even cut Plumlee, though I doubt that's the case. I don't mean to say that I'm necessarily on board with the signing 100%, but my post was more about certain people completely writing him off without any reasoning whatsoever, per Grizz board tradition. I do trust this FO though, and it seems to me they've scouted this player, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, for now. He does shoot 47% from three, which seems to be the most valuable commodity in the NBA these days, whether on the court or as an asset. It's possible this is Chris Wallace's last hurrah, which would be unfortunate, but there is also the chance we actually hit on one of these players, and I think that chance is probably worth it, even if we have to cut someone to do it. This team is going to be very bad, and there will be ample opportunity for development of all of the players, across the board. I don't think bringing on another project will change that.