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  1. Great key win for the Grizzlies. These games against Western conference playoff contenders are huge for standings and to get a winning streak going. The team plays much better, as many teams do, when they're on a streak. And CJ Mccollum is insane, by the way. I would take him over Lillard in a heart beat, but that's just me. Can you imagine being a Portland fan and one of your players go for 40 but that's literally almost half the points the team scores. I'd be infuriated.
  2. I saw Marc's interview with Herrington about his injury "not being a normal sprain" and it wasn't exactly obvious what he meant. Even Herrington asked him "what does that mean" and Marc was coy in his response. I couldn't tell if he meant it's worse than a normal sprain or not as bad as a normal sprain.
  3. Somehow Marshon looks like an actual NBA player for the first time this entire season and he doesn't see the floor in the 2nd half.
  4. You can't win in the NBA if your star center doesn't shoot. Everyone knows he's hurt, but there is only so much you can do when you pass the ball back and forth between your center and PG when the other team knows one of them won't shoot.
  5. srmjr23

    Roster Moves

    I don't disagree with any of this but KCP is an expiring deal also, so they're kind of a similar situation. I don't mind the idea of getting assets for contracts of middling players who we may not be able to resign, but getting a half year rental on a player who is only maybe better doesn't really do it for me.
  6. srmjr23

    The Grizzlies should trade for John Wall

    +1 - Moving threads to an inactive forum on an already low traffic fan board makes a lot of sense.
  7. srmjr23

    Roster Moves

    We'd have to trade JAM or Temple for KCP and I'm not sure he's even better than either of those two guys. And if he's better, it's not by much. Not enough better to disrupt chemistry, in my opinion.
  8. srmjr23

    The Grizzlies should trade for John Wall

    What are the circumstances under which we will convey the pick? Our making the playoffs this year increases the chances it will convey this year, yes?
  9. srmjr23

    Roster Moves

    I think KCP will be going to Phoenix in that trade, not to a 3rd team. I'm pretty sure that's the case. edit: No, im wrong. Phoenix is wanting a point guard and wants a 3rd team to take KCP like OP said.
  10. srmjr23

    Roster Moves

    I'd rather let his contract expire and sign one or two players in 2020 with the cap space: Harrison Barnes, Gallinari, Bazemore, Dragic, Khris Middleton ( my #1 choice ), Roberson, Buddy Hield, Jamal Murray,Taurean Prince, Caris Lavert edit: It's possible I'm looking at the wrong year. Parsons is under contract next year, yes?
  11. srmjr23

    Roster Moves

    I moved to the Bay Area a few years ago. The fans here are intolerable. That "WARRRRRRIORS" chant is the most annoying thing in sports. I HATE their announcing crew. Every other feed for the Warriors games is blacked out here, so I'm only able to listen to these ball washers. I literally turn the volume off. In fact, where everyone seems to love their style of play, I much prefer the Grizzlies mud ball. All that said just to agree with your point about smacking the stupid *** grin off Steph's face. And if I could fight one dude in the NBA, it would be Draymond. If I thought trading for Wall would give us a chance at winning a title, I'd take it in a heart beat. But just being realistic, I think Wall barely moves the needle from 1st or 2nd round exit to MAYBE the Western conference finals. Look at OKC, they've got the horses, their defense is amazing, yet they almost surely won't be able to handle the Warriors in the playoffs. My point is, if you're going to take on the kind of investment that Wall is (his contract is one of the worst in NBA history), it better win you a title. If it doesn't, you're absolutely hamstrung for another 4 years. Not to mention that there is probably some fire to go along with smoke regarding him being difficult in the locker room. One of the Grizzlies best things they have going for them is how close they are in the locker room, how much fun they have playing together. Wall isn't worth risking the money or the chemistry just to maybe make the West finals, in my opinion.
  12. srmjr23

    Roster Moves

    I never made an argument one way or another about whether we should trade this person for that person or whether it would be good for us or good for them. My only point was, to dismiss a trade based purely on the fact that you believe that none of the players mentioned could help our team at any point is ridiculous. edit: But as you say, you're entitled to your opinion.
  13. srmjr23

    Grizzlies at New Orleans - 12/7/18

    If you criticize him for the team's failures you have to give him credit for some of the team's success. It doesn't just work one way or the other.
  14. srmjr23

    Roster Moves

    Regardless of whether we should make a trade or not, this notion is ridiculous. If we got a player like Fournier he would immediately solve our main problem, helping us now and into the future.