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    Offseason Moves and Plans

    Not having a backup point guard to backup your generational talent starting point guard is a recipe for disaster.
  2. I live in the Bay. I think we met yesterday. Or maybe that was literally any other Warriors fan. Hard to tell. This post gets a major
  3. srmjr23

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

  4. Shout out to the refs for allowing these two teams to play basketball. Hopefully that remains the case in the last two games.
  5. The "Is Memphis better without Ja" conversation is exhausting and pointless. There are plusses and minuses to his game and the impact on the overall team success. We can win with him, and we can win without him. We probably don't win the Minnesota series without him and there might be a matchup disadvantage against the Warriors with him. This is a basketball team. It's not just one guy. I know this conversation will continue in perpetuity, so I should just get used it, but it doesn't really matter and only leads to negativity in the media. We should appreciate this Grizzlies TEAM for what they are, rather than what they aren't.
  6. I expect a loss tonight, though I'm not writing anything off. What I know for sure is, our guys will fight till the finish. Regardless of the result, in my opinion this season has been a great success and, for me personally, it has been the most entertaining to date in my long Grizz fandom. This was a drastic leap forward in the trajectory of the team and we should all be very excited. Ja's injury is disappointing and, yes, we could just as easily be up 3-1 as down 3-1, but we should be thrilled about where this team is headed and we are lucky to have witnessed such a wonderful and exciting season. Not to mention that everyone knows NBA teams grow linearly...... Year one, overperform and make the play-in and lose to the Blazers. Year two, overperform, win the play-in, lose in the first round. Year three, overperform, get to the second round, only to lose after a disappointing injury. As things will surely progress as they have to this point, next year we will lose in the WCF finals, lose in the Finals the year following, and naturally, we will be NBA Champions the year following that. Don't forget to appreciate the season for what it was guys, don't view this series or the playoffs in a vacuum. The team has a very bright future.
  7. Didn't they go to the NBA finals and lose to Miami?
  8. Kerr has Covid. Mike Brown coaches in his place. Something tells me that none of the Warriors players will be placed under H+S protocols. Just a wild guess.
  9. I don't know why, but I suspect Ja will end up playing in the game. Perhaps some gamesmanship on our part, to counter the Warriors media B.S. Then again, you would hope that wouldn't distract from the task at hand, which is to find a way to get rebounds and play better defense. Regardless, game 4 is a must win, and I'd be shocked if we won it without Ja, despite our success without him this year. This is why winning a championship is so hard. So many things have to come together, a lack of injuries for your team, injuries for the opposing team. Can't ever take any of these chances for granted.
  10. It was less subbing Jaren and Bane than the zone IMO, but you're right. That was definhitely the turning point. Then again, we can't be expected to come out and hit 6 threes to start the game. That said, the warriors shot something like 65% from the field and over 50% from three. This is what the Warriors can do on any given game. It's one loss. If Ja can come back and play next game, I think we still have a good shot.
  11. It was a 15 point game. You don't win in the NBA by just giving up.
  12. It is a bit concerning that we are relying on, despite his recent good performance, Zaire WIlliams so heavily in situations like these. It's one thing to have a one-off great contribution during any given game, but it's another entirely to consistently make the right decisions and plays against players of Steph Curry/DG/Klay/Poole's caliber. Bane, Jaren, Melton, Brandon, ZW etc, must bring it this game. Ja is going to see defense on multiple levels and we will have to make the Warriors pay for their double teams and pressure. Fortunately, Ja has shown that he's able to get his teammates into the game when he sees that much pressure during the Wolves series. I'm glad our guys are getting a much needed rest, particularly Bane, but man do I want this game to happen already. Gotta love the playoffs.