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  1. Of course we are. I just don't think the facts are on your side. JV is averaging a double-double playing 25 minutes a night. 15ppg/10rpg, shooting nearly 60% from the floor and 42% from 3 - on 1.5 attempts a game. That seems very starter quality to me. He's not a great defender, but that's not enough of a reason for him not to be a starter. If you just look at the top teams in the West, their starting centers: McGee, Zubac, Capella,Kleber. You could argue he's better than any of these guys and better than some of the teams not in the top 8. That's just in the West. In the East you have: Myeres Leonard, Daniel Theiss, Jarret Allen. I could keep going. So I just don't understand what your standard is for starting center. The case for Dillon Brooks is a bit harder to make, as we don't know exactly what position he is and the league is deeper at the 2 and 3. But the guy is averaging nearly 16ppg while shooting nearly 40% from three. Not to mention that he's a great defender. I'll do a deeper dive on Dillon and other starting 2's/3's another day.
  2. Boston was awesome last night. They looked like a top 3 defense. They crushed the Lakers the same way. I definitely think they will be in ECF minimum. They might not beat the Bucks, but I wouldn't be shocked.
  3. srmjr23

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    Who casts votes for ROY?
  4. I consider them average to above average starter quality. They're flawed players, as most are, but are perfectly serviceable starters. I just don't agree with the notion that Dillon/JV aren't starters simply because they're flawed players and still have vast room for improvement.
  5. I have no idea what you're talking about tbh. I was referring to people losing their minds over a loss. It had literally nothing to do with roster spots.
  6. Perc O-Set. First year player.
  7. How are we "far from a PO contender" when we're a half game out of 8th mid way through the year? Makes no sense. Who knows if we'll make it, but we aren't far from it. The hyperbole is real.
  8. Off topic, but Zion looks awesome and is really fun to watch. Here's to many, many years of Ja v Zion. May they take over the NBA together.
  9. Strongly disagree with your classification of JV and Dillon
  10. Man, a couple bad games and the boards are already miserable again. Can't say I'm surprised but God forbid we should lose again. This place will be a toxic waste dump.
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    Brian Robb: Brad Stevens on Jae Crowder: “He’s a winner…he impacts winning.” 50 mins ago – via Twitter BrianTRobb
  12. He shot 50% from the field taking 25 shots. What's the issue? Yes, he's going to blow a possession or two, but the dude plays harder than anyone on our team. This is not on Dillon. And I just don't understand how anyone could think it is.
  13. Showed some of his worst? Did you watch the game? The team lost a game. You lose games in the NBA. We won 7 in a row and 5 at home. Lawd 1/2 mercy.
  14. This is one of the best things on the internet. But where was Marc?
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    I don't know what to say. The Nuggets aren't going to trade Jerami Grant. They may be willing to trade Beasley, and it would probably make sense for them to do so IMO. The Lakers might be willing to trade KCP, but they aren't going to trade Kuzma for Iggy or anything else we want to trade. They will go after Covington or someone else before they come calling about Iggy for that deal. These deals are simply one sided, both of them.