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  1. srmjr23

    Ja out tonight?

    I think it makes sense to rest them on the front end of this against a time we're likely to lose to and try to win one against the Wizards tomorrow.
  2. srmjr23

    Trade Targets 2020

    Taking Hood is like basically eating 6m for next year as he just tore his achilles. Their 1st this year will probably be in the 15-20 range, I'd guess. I suppose its close and something we would have to consider. I suspect Portland will want to use Bazemore's contract as a way to get someone more impactful than Iggy, like in a package that gets them Kevin Love.
  3. srmjr23

    The disrespect!

    I'm afraid this is slightly hyperbolic
  4. srmjr23


    This FO won't let players dictate what decisions they make. He's in no position to bargain or make demands.
  5. srmjr23

    Mavs have a new model

    If this were a real thing then Denver would be the best team in the NBA. In the regular season it might work but be borderline gimmicky. Not to mention that in the playoffs the rotations shorten so much that it really removes the advantage of a team like Denver substantially
  6. I doubt with the way Tyus has played that anyone would be too interested at the number we signed him at. I still believe he'll play better at some point this year, but he's not been good. It seems that has been our new FOs only misstep, albeit not a small one. You really need a good backup PG, particularly with a rookie PG. I don't even know which teams are interested in a backup PG at this point anyway.
  7. Simply not true. I sort of think that people with this opinion haven't watched the playoffs the last 5 years. He's not a good regular season player but hes one of the best on ball defenders in the NBA. Portland doens't need Bazemore's scoring as much as they need someone who can guard Kawhi/Harden/Lebron/ etc. If you don't have someone who can defend these players, youre simply not going to win. Bazemore's impact in the playoffs should be a net negative IMO.
  8. srmjr23

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Maybe we should be bringing up DH instead of Josh Jackson
  9. srmjr23

    Unloved Unwanted and Underappreciated

    I think the people who think Hill isn't good simply don't watch the games and their opinions shouldn't be taken seriously. It makes things much easier for me. Once someone says something like "Hill sucks", I just ignore everything else they say.
  10. srmjr23

    Should we Trade JV????

    He doesn't know. He just says things.
  11. srmjr23

    Jenkins system has not,is not and will never work.

    this was painful
  12. srmjr23

    Should we Trade JV????

    Some of our bigs are suffering from the lack of our VERY good rookie point guard's ability to make efficient entry passes. JJJ/JV constantly battle for position on the block, particularly JJJ/ and Ja can't make the entry pass. We've also not had nearly as much success in the pick and roll than I would have expected. It's really my only criticism of Ja. Which is so heartening, because those are things which will absolutely come as they get more volume on the court together and develop chemistry.
  13. srmjr23

    Should we Trade JV????

    These aren't based in reality.
  14. srmjr23

    2020 NBA Draft

    I wasn't disputing what you said, I was just asking for clarity. You said it more clearly the second time. No need for the attitude.
  15. srmjr23

    2020 NBA Draft

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Can you explain?