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    Welcome to the board but if you're adding meaningful insights to the board you'll be in the minority. This is not a sophisticated fan board like you might find from our neighbors to the North. This is a place where hope comes to die and negativity runs rampant. Turn back now while you still can. Again, welcome.
  2. Now that was a very entertaining game. Hopefully JJ doesn't take missing that FT too badly. The truly great players learn from situations like these. I love Ivan Rabb and hope he develops but J.V is too good not to start at center. Holy crap. He's the strongest player on the court. Obviously Bradley was amazing and its a shame he didn't get a chance to take the last shot.
  3. srmjr23

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    Well your case simply doesn't have much weight and you are in the vast minority.
  4. INB4 K.B.M makes a thread titled "The Grizzlies Have Been Gifted a Potential Super Star in Bruno Cabocolo"
  5. If the rest of this year isn't dedicated to Jaren and Rabb playing as many minutes as humanly possible then I just literally can't even
  6. And the difference between picking 7th vs picking first is like 6%.
  7. Parker/Satoransky gets it done
  8. Also agree. I'd NEVER take that garbage deal that Charlotte is offering though.
  9. The strategy to ask "too much" for Mike is the right move. You either get a great deal or you simply don't trade him., Don't just trade him for some average deal. That defeats the purpose. Mike has such a high value to this team as a guy running the show as JJ matures. Demand 2 picks, and if you don't get it, then fine.
  10. Luke Kennard is a good young asset to go along with what will be a middling 1RP. If we deal Conley, this us the deal we should take.
  11. My belief is that the idea is that they would include Temple or Jam also. A great man once said. "It's stupid man. It's universally stupid."
  12. Why don't we just wait till the deadline before we get the pitchforks full sharpened?
  13. Yes, the counter is outrageous too, but thats the point. If we allow other teams to propose outrageous trade scenarios like this, we'll never get any serious offers. Lowry/Val for Marc/Mike is insulting.
  14. Counter with this, they say hell no to Siakem. Demand a 1st and O.G and then hang up if they don't go any further.
  15. Toronto better give us Siakem if they want this deal. What an absurd trade proposal. I'd tell Toronto to lose my phone number for this garbage. edit: This would gift the Raps a trip to the Finals. Teams are just trying to fleece us.