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    Resting players before play-in game

    Only if it is impossible for us to get the 8th seed. Probability of making the playoffs is around 64% as the 8 seed and around 24% as the 9 seed.
  2. kevofrommempho

    Would any of you homers...

    I don't really like Ant Edwards all that much either. Andrew Wiggins 2.0. One thing I absolutely would not have done if I had been the Warriors last season is to use that pick at all. I would have traded it for someone that could help me take advantage of Stephen Curry's greatness while I still can.
  3. I like Queta too but not #1 overall!
  4. kevofrommempho

    Fleecing Boston

    Yes I know that was your point but I am saying that is not true. There are rumors of KAT getting shopped this offseason and the rumors around Beal have been there for some time. If those players get shopped we can offer as good a package of picks and young players as any team in the league.
  5. kevofrommempho

    Justise Winslow....Is not a problem...anymore

    Fair. It would have been amazing to have had Steph or Harden in a Grizzlies uniform.
  6. kevofrommempho

    Fleecing Boston

    I see what you did there but I'd argue we have the assets now to go over that tier of players I mentioned. We can make a very attractive offer to any franchise ready to rebuild.
  7. kevofrommempho

    Fleecing Boston

    Raptor LEBRON Box Plus Minus Real Plus Minus Player Off Defense Total Off Defense Total Off Defense Total Off Defense Total Kyle Anderson +0.4 +1.9 +2.3 +0.13 +1.64 +1.77 +1.3 +1.7 +3.1 +0.14 +2.25 +2.39 De'Anthony Melton +0.7 +2.6 +3.3 +0.72 +0.97 +1.69 +1.1 +1.6 +2.7 +2.29 -1.50 +0.79 Malcolm Brogdon +1.7 -1.3 +0.4 +1.75 -0.68 +1.07 +2.9 -1.4 +1.5 +0.64 +1.45 +2.10 Malcolm Brogdon is a good player and one I'd like on the team; but not at the price of giving up Melton who is a great value for his contract and KA who has been our second best all-around player this season. Even with good players around him (Domantas Sabonis, Myles Turnes, T.J. McConnell) Brogdon couldn't lead the Pacers to anything better than 9th in the East. He's good but not great and he's already 28 so its not like he's getting any better. I'd rather go after a great player like Jimmy Butler, KAT, or Bradley Beal.
  8. kevofrommempho

    Justise Winslow....Is not a problem...anymore

    Seconded. Chandler Parsons' signing was the worst decision the Grizzlies FO ever made and the biggest wasted opportunity in franchise history.
  9. kevofrommempho

    Fleecing Boston

    That trade makes us worse. No deal.
  10. kevofrommempho

    New York Knicks vs Memphis Grizzlies - 5/3/21

    I wish he would have taken his SAT himself and fouled Mario Chalmers though.
  11. kevofrommempho

    Extending Grayson

    WTH. No extending anybody. This isn't the NFL. You don't have to extend people in the NBA.
  12. With the 14th pick, the Memphis Grizzlies ought to select Tre Mann. He fits the team perfectly. He is the best shooter off the dribble in the draft (barring maybe Cade Cunningham). He can play either guard position. The things he needs to work on are easily improvable. It is HARD to learn how to shoot off the dribble. Many guys never develop that skill. Tre has it in spades.
  13. kevofrommempho

    NBA Play-In Tournament: What it is & Why it is

    The best benefit of the play-in game is it makes the regular season games near the end of the season much more interesting than before. The difference between 6 and 7 seed is huge now, so teams who might be coasting and resting players heading into the playoffs (Lakers) are forced to play meaningful games at the end of the season. Teams that might be packing it in as they don't have a shot at the 8 seed have new life and are playing meaningful games to try to make that play-in game (Wizards, Pelicans, Spurs). Plus the games themselves will be fun. I love the play-in games.
  14. kevofrommempho

    Pretend you're Grizz GM

    Jerry Krause and Reinsdorf thought that way too when they broke up the Bulls dynasty. They never returned to the NBA Finals. I'd say the opposite. An NBA player's development depends more on his talent and drive to succeed than anything the organization does.
  15. kevofrommempho

    Pretend you're Grizz GM

    No extension. See what happens next season and then make an appropriate offer. Restricted free agency is a great asset for the organization and it is silly to get rid of that for nothing.
  16. kevofrommempho

    Justise Winslow....Is not a problem...anymore

    We gave up very little for a chance to acquire a young player that showed some promise. It didn't work out and we should move on but that doesn't mean it wasn't a chance worth taking.
  17. I agree. I remember some years back there was a big push to eliminate flopping. Need to bring back that energy.
  18. It would be amazing if the Lakers fell to the play-in game and we could get the chance to put them a game away from elimination.
  19. kevofrommempho

    Justise Winslow....Is not a problem...anymore

    To be fair Jae Crowder was a free agent, Iguodala wouldn't play for us and Solomon Hill sucks.
  20. kevofrommempho

    Justise Winslow....Is not a problem...anymore

    He's awful. At least we didn't sign him to a four year max contract.
  21. kevofrommempho

    Free De'Anthony Melton!!!

    I have the #'s as + 16.1 with De'Anthony and -1.5 without. Running the #'s the opposite way yields similar results. When De'Anthony on the floor and Morant out the Grizzlies are only +3.3 per 100 possessions versus the +16.1 above with them both.
  22. kevofrommempho

    Where Will The Grizzlies Finish?

    We'll finish at 7 and beat Portland in the first play-in game. We'll lose to the Jazz in the 1st round. 4-2
  23. I agree with the assessment of this draft, although I really like the top 2 in this draft (Mobley and Cunningham) I don't think this draft is all that top heavy and there are a lot of guys who could be quality NBA players. One question. Apparently you are building some type of draft model using advanced stats metric (I am skeptical until I see details). How are you handling the fact that the 3pt line moved in 2019?
  24. kevofrommempho

    Free De'Anthony Melton!!!

    Give all of Justise's minutes to Melton and Allen. Problem solved.
  25. It depends on what trades the Grizzlies pull off this offseason. I suspect we will package some of our depth in an attempt to get better top-line talent. That might open up some playing time for one or both of them. If we stand pat there is no reason to play them.