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  1. Haha yeah definitely needs to get bigger. But I figure that will come with age. It certainly did for me.
  2. kevofrommempho

    SEC Defensive Player of the Year to Memphis

    I'd be very shocked.
  3. I'm excited to see Chet Holmgren play next season at Gonzaga. His highlights from high school look great.
  4. kevofrommempho

    Grizz Summer League

    More like he is the kind of guy who is playing in Europe 3 years from now.
  5. kevofrommempho

    SEC Defensive Player of the Year to Memphis

    He'll be a fun player to watch in NBADL games. He'll only play significant minutes on the Grizz if we have some catastrophic injuries to all the bigs ahead of him.
  6. kevofrommempho

    GOOD LUCK ZW!!!! Alt Grind's deep thoughts

    That is what I am saying. ZW is a high ceiling, low floor pick. They think he might develop into something great. I think the odds are higher that he develops into a below average player. He certainly will be one years one and two. I think rather than make that gamble I would have tried harder to make a consolidation trade or draft a tradeable player.
  7. kevofrommempho

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    NBADL minutes.
  8. kevofrommempho

    GOOD LUCK ZW!!!! Alt Grind's deep thoughts

    I think the issue is that we just didn't need more slightly above average players. We have too many. So what this team needs is consolidation trades. Since they weren't able to pull that off they just panicked and picked projects.
  9. I was disappointed in how that turned out. I wasn't that upset draft night. I didnt really care as much then though.
  10. I have never been more disappointed in a draft pick.
  11. I hope Ja isn't four years away from hitting his peak.
  12. kevofrommempho

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    To follow up on that. Here is year 4 through year 10 for both Lebron and Kawhi playoff advanced metrics:
  13. kevofrommempho

    NBA changes foul rules for non-basketball moves

    Great news. Now I wish they would do something to disallow intentional fouls.