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  1. kevofrommempho

    What To Do With the Draft Pick?

    To get a real star it will require either Ja or JJJ or both
  2. Embiid is African but he played high school and college ball in America. Anyway your argument was that bigs are best from Europe. Africa ain't Europe. By your logic one could have easily said Luka isn't going to be elite because no elite guards come from Europe.
  3. kevofrommempho

    What To Do With the Draft Pick?

    We definitely need to make a consolidating trade for a star level player. Whether that means trading our draft picks or current players on the roster we shall see. But we definitely do have plenty of depth.
  4. That is a ridiculous statement. Just because there are currently a lot of great non-US bigs in the league right now that does not mean the US doesn't produce elite level bigs. Even disregarding the absurdity of that statement historically (Shaq, TD, KG, Wilt, David Robinson etc) there are currently many elite bigs who played college ball in the US (AD, Embiid, KAT, Draymond, Zion). Just a stupid statement to make. I for one would take Mobley over anyone else in this draft.
  5. I like Tre Mann too. Incredible improvement from his Freshman to Sophmore years. I like to see guys who have proven they can improve because they are going to need to improve to succeed in the NBA. Part of what I liked about Brandon Clarke. Good shooter from 3 and FT projects to be a good shooter in the NBA. Also, most of his 3PAs were off the dribble and not just catch and shoot 3s like Kispert or Moody. He was 32 of 78 (41%) on off the dribble 3s. That is very good. Also shot a lot of deep 3's so that bodes really well for his shooting to translate to the next level. Has the potential to be a good, versatile defender. Competes on the boards.
  6. kevofrommempho

    What Will Be the New Starting Rotation?

    I don't think JJJ should start over Kyle Anderson. Kyle has had a really good season for us so far. No reason to mess with his confidence and the team's chemistry in this stretch run. Let him take minutes from Tillman and Bane but not Kyle.
  7. kevofrommempho

    Derrick Rose vs Ja Morant

    Just looked at Derrick Rose's first 2 season stats compared with Ja's and I thought it was interesting how similar they were:
  8. kevofrommempho

    Defense is the Key

    We don't have anybody who is good enough to be considered part of a big 3. We have a lot of good players, best depth in the NBA in my opinion, but nobody great yet. We have some guys who could develop into that type of player but we'll see. Let's start with a big 1 and work our way from there.
  9. I'd love for us to make a run at Bradley Beal this offseason.
  10. But not too crazy.
  11. kevofrommempho

    Updated Grizzly player rankings

    Looks pretty good. One interesting thing to note is that I don't think the top 5 Grizzlies in these rankings have played any minutes all on the floor together this season. I'd like to see them play together some.
  12. Yeah he's not the most athletic guy in the world because he is so big, but neither was Gasol. He has great length, 9' 3'' standing reach, and defensive instincts, led the NCAA in blocked shots last season, and he has shown improvement each season offensively, especially his passing. I think a big man who is great rim protector and a good passer can be very useful to us coming off the bench in certain scenarios.
  13. I would love to see that. Really would like to see Milwaukee, Denver, Utah or Phoenix win it all this season if it can't be Memphis. Let's go small market teams!