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  1. kevofrommempho

    2020 NBA Draft

    I agree. Plus if we get a top pick next year we can use our cap space to sign some good veterans and try to be good in 2021.
  2. kevofrommempho

    Free agency 2020

    Neither LaVert not Beasley will come cheap. In order to sign a restricted free agent you almost always have to overpay. Much more fiscally responsible to Target unrestricted.
  3. kevofrommempho

    Grizzlies sign Marko Guduric

    Moxie?!? Please, Manu's talent is the reason he succeeded. His European stats where way more impressive than Jacobsen's. Not even remotely comparable. Manu was the best player in the league. He won two Italian League MVPs and a EuroLeague Finals MVP. Casey was just a guy. I think Marko is better than that but let's not throw around Manu or Luka comparisons.
  4. kevofrommempho

    make or break

    Odds are overwhelming that Josh's option is not picked up.
  5. kevofrommempho

    Free agency 2020

    Restricted Free Agent means he won't be a Grizzly.
  6. kevofrommempho

    Free agency 2020

    This. Unrestricted free agent. Nets are probably going to have to spend the rest of their money on LaVert. We desperately need good wings. Joe Harris is solid.
  7. kevofrommempho

    Kyle vs Bruno

    Iggy is clearly the best of the bunch, but he's not the answer long term. His main value to us is what we can get for him in a trade. Playing him exposes him to injury risk. Even if we don't trade him until the deadline, I doubt he plays a minute for the Grizzlies.
  8. kevofrommempho

    The "Rebuild" is over guys...this team will compete next season.

    Moving goal posts. It is evident that dominant centers can get plenty of endorsement deals. Especially if they win.
  9. kevofrommempho

    The "Rebuild" is over guys...this team will compete next season.
  10. Haha. True. Garnett was and remains so underrated. Stuck on crappy TWolves team the majority of his prime. If JJJ is anywhere close to Garnett we should all be very happy.
  11. kevofrommempho

    Kyle vs Bruno

    I'd really like to see Kyle, BC and Bruno play a lot of minutes together. They would be very interesting defensively together. I like Bruno as the backup C, BC as the backup PF and Kyle as the backup SF.
  12. kevofrommempho

    make or break

    Marcus Mariota
  13. kevofrommempho

    Kyle vs Bruno

    I see Bruno's best fit more as backup center than SF.
  14. None of that answers why they prioritized a position of 15 minutes a game rather than a position where even the backup can play substantially more minutes. You know like combo guard or wing.
  15. kevofrommempho

    2020 NBA Draft

    Who knows what the draft order will look like. A lot of these guys are going to move up and down. Projected positions could change. Extra picks aren't that valuable to us next year. We have enough young guys. We just need one more. The rest we should fill in with veterans. If we are top six and Edwards looks like our guy, and we don't think he'll fall to us, we have assets now where we could trade up.