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  1. grizz1016

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    Way to make a fun sport boring, Grizzlies
  2. grizz1016

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    Not true Look at Mack’s stats per 36 mins
  3. grizz1016

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    So, getting rid of two dead weights is irrelevant? I hope Carter pays off but most second rounders don’t last long in the league. I’ll take an 8 yr vet with leadership skills over an unproven 2nd round draft pick.
  4. grizz1016

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    Jeff Green trade?? D@mn we b!tching about second rounders now. We got off 2 crappy players and got a role player with a solid vet presence that has good b’ball IQ and can actually shoot.
  5. grizz1016

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    SMDH at this post
  6. Still don't see the great excitement you mention. It's a solid signing for an MLE level player. "Everyone" seems to be pretty level headed about the signing. Better than the McLemore crap we pulled last year.
  7. grizz1016

    JJJ vs Mo Bamba

    11 pts, 5 rebs and 1 block is domination? Heck even during a bad game, JJJ had 10 rebs.
  8. A couple ppl brought it up albeit with caveats. I guess you overlooked those. Couple is not the same as everyone fyi
  9. Link showing everyone is excited? It appears everyone is saying we got a good young player at the MLE who has more room to grow. It fits the defensive culture JB is trying to implement and for MLE, we have a starting-level player. The other key is he’s only 24. There’s potential for more growth as a player.
  10. grizz1016

    Vegas Summer League

  11. grizz1016

    Grit N Grind Redux....Will It Work?

    It’s all a matter of opinion. If Brooks doesn’t start and average close to 13-14 ppg, it would be disappointing for me given the way he finished off the season. IMO he’s a starting level player in this league. He’s athletic enough and has shown that plenty last season.
  12. grizz1016

    Vegas Summer League

    Damned LOL I fell for it
  13. grizz1016

    Vegas Summer League

    Umm is this the only game you have seen so far?
  14. grizz1016

    Grit N Grind Redux....Will It Work?

    D Brooks will be starting at the 2 and getting the same amount of mins or more. If he can’t beat out Selden or M Brooks for playing time, then that’s disappointing as well.
  15. grizz1016

    Vegas Summer League

    Our guard play today is horrendous. I have seen 2 passes to JJJ that were out of his reach when they should have been easy passes. Anther 2 passes to his feet. This is some ugly a$$ b’ball.