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  1. Dillon is headed in that trajectory He already calls the Grizz his team. Now he needs to start lighting a fire under some of these fools.
  2. 2-10 sucks but he held Curry to 4-14. When he went on that run, he wasn’t guarding Curry. This is next step in Dillon’s evolution to be Butler-lite. Bring the offense along with the tough defense.
  3. I was being tongue in cheek We don’t have a true star. Dillon has the effort of a superstar but he’s limited athletically and skill wise to be a true star. Our 2 possible stars don’t have the passion or the chutzpah to be superstars. And frankly I doubt they ever will. So I hope Dillon develops into a Jimmy Butler-lite and brings this team along for the ride.
  4. Melton’s shooting has fallen off the cliff
  5. Dillon’s our star. He led us back and soon as he was out, we folded
  6. How can we bottle up Dillon’s passion and distribute some of that to the younger guys?
  7. This is just lackluster effort. We will probably win but the effort is inexcusable
  8. Tillman is better
  9. Another blown game