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  1. grizz1016

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - 3/15/23

    Weird strategy we have shot 20-32 on 2s 11-37 on 3s thru 3 Qs Why the heck are we getting away from our strength which is the paint?!? Jenkins at it again…SMH
  2. grizz1016

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - 3/15/23

  3. grizz1016

    Tillman Luv

    Hope Tillman sits when Adams is back. If he plays, that means we are most likely playing a 10 man rotation.
  4. Bucks took care of the Kings tonight so we are back in 2nd place. There’s a decent chance we may still end up finishing the season in that spot.
  5. Gotta be 9 Jitty sits When Adams is back, Tilllman sits Hope he doesn’t out-Jenkins himself
  6. This will be a 3-0 road trip. Loving the 9 man rotation
  7. Is Dillon better on O than JJJ now? Dude’s been slaw
  8. Gotta let that go JJJ Know when to give up a basket
  9. Aight Jenkins Lets see your halftime adjustments
  10. Jenkins says it’s gonna be a nine man rotation from now on. Hope he sticks to it and stops experimenting with weird as$ lineups.
  11. Whew…escaping with a win here
  12. It’s the Roddy show