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  2. The deal with incentives maxes out at 26.5M, not 28M
  3. Read what you wrote again. Escalation of a contract is dependent on the player’s years of service. Tyus’ years of service is the same as Powell, Cook, one more than Dunn and one less than Dinwiddie, Payton and Exum. Now that I have explained it as one does to a child, do you finally understand?
  4. Why does the age matter? The longevity of NBA career is more important than an arbitrary age. Tyus - 4 years Exum - 5 years Powell - 4 years Dinwiddie - 5 years Dunn - 3 years Payton - 5 years Cook - 4 years Average playing time in the NBA of the 6 players Chip listed is 4.3 years. Tyus has played 4 years. They are very comparable.
  5. He’s the only one in the last decade plus not to have an NBA career. He was the co MVP with Lillard that year. Selby is the exception and not the rule when it comes to summer league MVPs completely flaming out.
  6. Jeez Grayson stop being a head case
  7. But it’s cool to pay more than that to Delon, he of 7 pts and 2 assists?
  8. grizz1016

    AB signs with the Lakers

    Do you have a brain? DW was a 3rd string PG and is now on his 3rd team. AB is getting paid 9M over 2 yrs. These guys are the definition of decent role players and journeyman. Nothing wrong with that...they still get to play professionally. But for you to lose your everloving mind on not getting these 2 role players on the team is insanity at its finest.
  9. grizz1016

    AB signs with the Lakers

    It's not the player's age. If they were studs, they would have gotten better contracts. If they were studs, they wouldn't be career journeyman. It's quite something to see Grizz fans lose sleep over AB (who wanted nothing to do with the team after his injury) and DW (who wants to be a starter). They are decent role players and that's about it.
  10. grizz1016

    AB signs with the Lakers

    AB and DW must be studs. Big loss for the Grizz supposedly
  11. grizz1016

    AB signs with the Lakers

    Didn’t know AB was a stud. Must be a big loss
  12. Nope negotiations went on between Grizz and Mavs
  13. Cuz most likely Mavs were going higher if Grizz didn’t do a sign and trade.
  14. grizz1016

    Kris Dunn possible sign and trade

    Folks crying over Delon Wright? LMAO
  15. Clarke - good offense around the basket and defensively excellent so far