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  1. Jonas is not a star. He's a solid starter. Jaren can be a star and he's only 19. Let's see where he's at in 2-3 years. This whole argument is foolish.
  2. Jonas is who he is already. Jonas is no match to the potential of Jaren. This is some crazy ish being spouted here.
  3. grizz1016

    Memphis Grizzlies vs L A Clippers 2/22/19

    The Hawks must be blowing out the Pistons tonight. Oh wait...down by 5 after three giving up 100 pts to the mighty Pistons thru 3 Qs. LMFAO
  4. Wright is 6’5 and the average height for a SG is 6’4.2 He needs to work on his shot but played a good floor game. 8 rebs, 6 assists with 2 TOs. With more seasoning, he could be a very solid PG.
  5. Back and forth...back and forth Loving it!
  6. Spurs put on an offensive clinic but Grizz still hung on.
  7. Don’t jinx them. The goon squad lost way more than they won. This one is way more talented.
  8. So many guys now that can drive the ball. It changes the offense a ton.
  9. 2019 is a below average draft other than top 2-3 possibly turning out to be stars/NBA starters. There can be some surprises from later picks but that can be the case with any draft.
  10. I respectfully disagree. Our roster isn’t good enough and won’t be good enough with average rookies (unless we luck into Zion this year which can still happen finishing #9 from the bottom) to ensure we have a good record in 2021. Convey pick now, get a good pick next year, maybe a stud in 2021 and go from there. Infact I think they are being quite shrewd about the way they are going about things for a change. Get the anchor off our back and let the rebuild occur.
  11. Of course but I don’t think it’s worth taking the risk to give up a top 3 pick. I don’t see the Grizz turning their fortunes around in terms of win-loss record anytime soon. There’s a good chance IMO we’ll trade Conley during the draft and get a 1st round pick regardless. To get the rebuild truly going, IMO we need to get off the d@mn Boston pick and move forward.
  12. Ideal finish is to be outside the top 8. We can still jump in the top 4 depending on the lottery but if we don’t let’s convey otherwise we’ll be stuck with an average- mediocre player in the 6-8 range and still having to give up a potential stud in 2021 to Boston.