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  1. Melton played when Allen was hurt. His mins were greatly reduced when Allen was healthy. There’s no reason Melton should have been pushed aside in most games in favor of Allen. With them playing more mins now, Dillon developing into a very good starter and JJJ coming back healthy, our shooting will be better than last season.
  2. Basically Allen is why the shooting is worse, right? Melton and Bane are both younger and both shoot at a pretty good clip. It’s essential they get more mins to keep developing since the organization has actually invested in those 2 players. I don’t think we’ll see a big drop off in shooting.
  3. He was so unwanted apparently that we would be stuck with him for 2 years. Other teams in the league fortunately hold him in higher regard.
  4. grizz1016

    Welcome to Memphis Ziaire Williams and Santi Aldama!!!

    Tracy McGrady level?!? Dang, then we got ourself a mega star.
  5. grizz1016

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Good deal One way to force Taylor to stop playing his son a ton of mins. Those mins should go to Bane and Melton
  6. grizz1016

    Grade the Draft

    Of course you don’t wanna read the rest lol Doesn’t fit your agenda
  7. This guy could have been there at 40. I wonder why we jumped?
  8. How do you know we could have gotten him at 17? Are you just going off mock drafts on other sites?
  9. He’s a SF He still has to gain weight over the next couple years to fulfill any potential he may have.
  10. grizz1016

    Superstar JJJ

    Cool as a cucumber brother
  11. grizz1016

    Superstar JJJ

    Call it whatever you want lol I’ll make it easy for you. Since you believe just like in the original post that the majority on board stated JV was holding JJJ back, cite 5 posts. That’s an easy task if you know how to use the internet.
  12. grizz1016

    Superstar JJJ

    Nah you aren’t mean man Just dumb and in a fit of rage for some reason. Just like the OP said, laugh a little
  13. grizz1016

    Superstar JJJ

    Ok that’s funny
  14. grizz1016

    Superstar JJJ

    Yeah you are losing it man I bet you and the OP can’t cite even 10 posts that state JV was holding JJJ back. That was OP’s premise.