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  1. Confused about what you're saying. It was a team option for 8.93 mil, which Josh is worth considering it's less than the MLE, and would have also let us retain matching rights when he became a RFA. I personally don't really see a logical reason why we declined it.
  2. sativa417

    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    pretty sure we still have bird rights for josh, so we can sign him for multiple years, we just can't match any offers he gets
  3. If only we had the option to keep josh next season for less than the MLE
  4. we just need to bring michael beasley back to take care of tolliver's knees
  5. wish we would have given jordan bell more of a chance, but you can see they brought in tolliver for his vet presence and knowledge. New to the team, and already yelling at them on court.
  6. sativa417

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    would suck if winslow was actually going to OKC
  7. this dallas cat half time act is pretty rough
  8. sativa417

    Jae Crowder Appreciation Thread

    jae and solo were great vets and mentors for the team, and a big part of how we were able to get this good this fast
  9. sativa417

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    trade for okafor next?
  10. sativa417

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    "Justise is one of the players who moves the needle.’ Where does Heat miss Winslow most?"
  11. sativa417

    Boom goes the dynamite!!! Bye Iggy!!!!

    like getting winslow. Seems like a lot of heat fans didn't want him traded
  12. sativa417

    Appears that Andre is about to be traded.

    read solomon and crowder might be moved too
  13. sativa417

    Appears that Andre is about to be traded.

    winslow would be nice, otherwise hope the filler is james johnson as opposed to dion waiters
  14. sativa417

    Appears that Andre is about to be traded.

    Even without knowing the details, seems like happiest i've ever been to see a grizz traded in franchise history. Like a weight has been lifted.