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  1. hill was solid in his minutes
  2. I'd rather have Rabb than Plumlee or Hill, but could see front office holding onto one of the latter for trade filler since they have big expiring contracts.
  3. sativa417

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Guduric's less than a year older than Dillon, only a few months older than Grayson, and could potentially be the best 3pt shooter on the team next season. He's worth developing himself IMO.
  4. sativa417

    Has Taylor Jenkins hired assistant coaches yet?

    "Pacers assistant David McClure will join the Memphis Grizzlies next month"
  5. Clarke makes me excited about Grizz future. Feel like he's karma making up for the Drew Gooden and Stromile Swift picks.
  6. Kind of weird that most of the Minny fans that regularly watched Tyus play liked him and wanted to keep him, yet a bunch of Grizz fans that haven't or barely watched him don't like the move. Delon might be the better overall player, but he's had four more years than Tyus to get better (27 vs 23), and he's probably going to be starting for Dallas. He wouldn't have been happy here coming off the bench behind a rookie, and we don't need unhappy players around our young nucleus. Tyus has been in the league for 4 seasons, but he's only four months older than Brandon Clarke. Do people think Clarke won't get better? Tyus fits our age range, and given his passing ability will have chemistry with anyone. Every teammate will love having him on the court because they'll know if they get open there's a good chance he'll get them the ball. The money isn't a big deal. Players get paid more now. 9 mil now is like 4.5 mil years back. Regardless of the number, it's still just the MLE. The same thing we used to sign Brian Cardinal (granted that was Jerry West throwing it in the face of management). Tyus is 23, an elite passer, fits our age range, has no history of on or off court issues, fans like him, and he wants to be here. That's worth the MLE. He's not the best shooter, but that's not his job. He's not a shooting guard. He's a backup PG that needs to hold down the fort while Morant is out of the game, and get the ball in the hands of the player in the best position to score while minimizing turnovers, and he's statistically one of the best at that. I think he'll be what we wanted Nick Calathes to be.
  7. sativa417

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I doubt Hill would take a buyout. He's not going to get another big contract, or have many teams knocking down his door, so can't see him agreeing to take less money.
  8. sativa417

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright
  9. Wanted to keep Delon, but I'm ok with the outcome of Tyus Jones and 2 2nds for him. Tyus has his weaknesses, but seems to be an elite passer. Instead of looking to score, he'll get the ball where it needs to be, and help initiate highlight plays.
  10. Don't know if already posted, but article about matching Tyus. A lot of comments at bottom. Most seem to like Tyus.
  11. sativa417

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Crowder wants to play for memphis
  12. sativa417

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Someone probably already mentioned it, but if Mavs are interested in Iggy and Delon, I wonder if Grizz do a Iggy and Delon sign and trade to Mavs.
  13. sativa417

    Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs

    I missed alot of it. Keenan Evans looked good from what I saw. Has a nice 3pt shot, and looks confident, granted it's summer league.