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  1. sativa417

    Memphis @ Oklahoma City - 12/26/19

    What gets me about Crowder is he usually looks good when he drives to the basket, but instead jacks up 3's.
  2. IMO, not bringing up Josh Jackson to see if he could be a potential piece is just silly at this point. I was behind the idea at the beginning, but they've dragged it out too long.They declined next year's salary, so he'll be a UFA. He plays the position of arguably our biggest need, and was the 4th pick only 3 seasons ago. They need to see if he's a keeper or not. The off court issues are irrelevant because you're paying him. If you have a problem with it, then just cut him, and be done with it. Otherwise, you're paying him over 7 mil, so it's idiotic not to see if he could potentially be a key piece to our future.
  3. New TV deal and increased salary cap has bumped everyone's contracts up. A 15 mil contract now isn't the same as a 15 mil contract from years back. Salary cap this year was around 109 mil. Just 5 years ago, it was around 63 mil.
  4. Not gonna happen, but please let Bruno dunk on Giannis's head
  5. sativa417


    I don't know that they'll hit a wall since they're limiting Ja's minutes and sitting him out as a precaution, and then you have Jaren not getting the minutes due to foul trouble.
  6. Problem is they often seem to jump forward instead of up, and then they foul. They need to practice while wearing spiked Mad Max suits, so if they jump forward, they're bleeding. Then maybe they'll try to avoid jumping into body contact.
  7. There's no doubt JJJ fouls too much, but there's also no doubt that he has terrible calls made against him. Every game 1 or 2 of his fouls are complete booboo. It is what it is though. We don't have a superstar, so don't get superstar calls. As far as fouls go though, I really wish all the players would stop running and jumping at 3pt attempts. It's one of the dumbest things. They run, jump, the shooter holds the ball, we fly past, then they shoot, or we foul them. I don't understand it. Stop jumping at 3pt attempts. Run up and put a hand in their face. If they make it, they make it.
  8. sativa417

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    He'd be coming off the bench at the 2 and/or 3 spot, for now at least, so even if he was trying to be "the guy" it'd be with the bench rotation, which needs someone to be "the guy." Tyus, Kyle, Guduric, and Hill will never be that. And that's not a knock against them, I like what they bring, but they aren't go to players. JJ's a better scorer than all of them, a better defender then all of them, with Kyle arguably a man to man exception, a better rebounder, and he's even averaging over 4 assists, so it's not like he's just out for himself. I had no problems with the Grizz starting him out with the Hustle this season, but it's not really making sense to me at this point. Grizz need to call him up and find out whether or not he's a future piece to the puzzle.
  9. When new Grizz are on, they're so fun to watch. Grizz need to just bring up Josh Jackson though. Unlike others, I actually like Hill, Allen, Guduric, etc, but Josh offer far more potential and excitement. Grizz didn't pick up next year's option, so they need to see if he's worth keeping and bring him up to sink or swim.
  10. what a wet fart of an ending
  11. crazy to think Ja's just a rookie, and will still bulk up
  12. that kyle anderson pass...