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  1. I’m just saying unless this convey thing leads to that type of player then what’s the point Jalen Green ain’t worth all this trouble
  2. Jalen Green isn’t anymore of a stud than RJ Barret is I knew you were going to say him cause he’s the top name of that class none of those kids pop out like Zion or Bagley and Ayton. Jalen Green will be good but he ain’t looking like no franchise changer right now and the guys I mention looked like nba players in high school...
  3. The grizz aren’t getting Zion he’s going to a big market but I’d tank for Wiseman cause even if he isn’t a Zion level franchise changer the City would be ok with the tank if they knew he was the prize and pairing the 2 unicorns would be cool PR wise. I don’t care anything about 2021 those kids are juniors now and from what I’ve seen of them they aren’t Zion level either just give me a decent player from this draft and tank for Wiseman next year
  4. Let me rephrase in 2021 how many Zion’s Bagley ..JJJ ...Luka ...Trey Young’s ... Ayton’s.... are there going to be? The same for next years draft. Cause unless 2021 is going to be like 2018 was at the top there ain’t no difference between 2021 and 2019 or 2020.... this class has one very good player and a pic from the rest but the Grizzlies have one very good young player and a bunch of ?’s after that I’d rather try and find someone good to put with Jaren now than wait and hope 2021 is a good draft and the team gets a good pic
  5. Who u drafting in the top 3 of 2021?
  6. Like this just screams sheep mentality someone said the draft is bad so this is the year they should convey so they can control their own pic and not give Boston a top pick in 2021..... let’s say they convey the pick draft a player in 2020 but don’t get a top 3 pick in 2021 and land somewhere 6-8 like now .....then they whole convey the pick thing makes no sense cause you ended up with the same caliber player except you wait two years.... just draft a player this year Tank for Wiseman next year and give Boston whatever in 2021 that is the smartest and easiest thing to do all this convey talk is complicated and doesn’t make any sense at all
  7. So I’m assuming no one here wants the Grizz to be apart of the draft this year? What exactly is the reason to convey the pick now instead of 2021 when it doesn’t matter what spot they are in? If the team is going into a rebuilding phase why are we so content with missing an opportunity to add a piece to the new foundation of the grizzlies? I’m totally confused as to why people want them to convey this pick so badly
  8. Ndq0327

    The positives

    You’re too much of a super fan there is nothing to discuss in regards to this trade deadline just wait till the summer and see what they do this just looks like them trying to buy time till the summer and for whatever reason conveying that stupid pick which makes no sense
  9. Ndq0327

    The positives

    There are no positives the goal was to get assets to build around Jaren all they did was get assets to try to trade in the off-season if Biyombo and MGK were actually coming off the books after next season I would have ate the money for the extra pick. Holding up that deal for Malik Monk is stupid I can bet you Romeo Langford is better than him and we already have the means to get him they could have taken any of Charlotte’s other young players Bacon or Graham and been in a better spot than this. Jonas is good true but there is no reason for us to be good being as bad as possible is how you get the young talent that you CLEARLY can’t get any other way.. They can’t sign good young players and they can’t trade for good young players so draft pics should be the most coveted asset for this team. And they did the complete opposite and got a bunch of contracts that will fall off the books after next year and allow them to have lots of cap space to inevitably sign a bunch of garbage like they always do..... this deadline is an F
  10. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    All they got was cap space and the opportunity to try and make trades with expiring contracts again next year....they just bought themselves more time to make deals next season
  11. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies acquire Tyler Dorsey for Mack

    Only trade I like and he's someone who can be here with Jaren and him and Dillon were teammates at Oregon
  12. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    He's 26 and Jaren is 19 he'll be 30 when Jaren is ready at 23
  13. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    There is no **** future that includes Conley Jaren is 19
  14. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    Casspi he's out for the year