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  1. I think our best five is Ja Jae BC JJJ and Healthy JV when JV isn't healthy then Ja Jae BC Kyle JJJ Tyus is really good but he needs to be the oh off the bench to help get our wings good shots BC needs to start cause and play as much as possible he is very good our wings already can't shoot so starting Jae and BC isn't going to make things any worse
  2. I think I'd rather spend more time on Marko than Dillon as well I don't see any development in Dillon's game since his rookie season everything looks the same to me
  3. Hopefully Dillon is better this game but he got beat off the dribble by Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson and he doesn't look like he's worked on his body much this off-season he's creeping close to the overrated line of thinking. I'd like to see Marko get more time and get comfortable with his shot he's hesitant which isnt a good quality for a shooter. I think Marko is the best sg on the roster at the moment
  4. Uh oh ­čś▒­čś▒­čś▒ these new posters just out of line ­čĄú­čĄú
  5. They can shoot better than anyone on the roster I don't care about the semantics
  6. And folks talking about drafting Wiseman team won't ever grab a rebound
  7. This grizz team at full strength isn't better than a middle of the pack Easter conference team so this is to be expected when you add the reffs killing the momentum.
  8. We need to trade Iggy for anyone that can shoot at this point. Beasley hasn't signed his extension so we can sign him in the offseason. The grizz need shooting or they gone have to start playing through JV like last year ­čĄĚ­čĆ┐ÔÇŹÔÖé´ŞĆ
  9. Yea but that's every season we needed some context for y they can't shoot again this season
  10. Grizz can't shoot they traded away all their shooters. It's just one game but the grizz have no guards that can score consistently from the perimeter.
  11. Ndq0327

    2020 NBA Draft

    These are the projected top 25 college basketball players https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2019-07-12/top-25-college-basketball-players-entering-2019-20-according%3famp
  12. If you look in the trade machine there just aren't that many playoff teams that can trade for Iggy they don't have the contracts to make it work if I'm the Grizz I'm trying to do CLee and Jackson for Iggy or see if they can work a deal for Tony Snell in Detroit and a 2nd from them since there's will be better than Dallas's