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  1. They probably should have brought someone in this summer who could actually play if need be i still don’t see the point or need for Danny Green being on the roster other than as a trade chip. Hopefully this isn’t some coach Jenkins, Danny Green spurs connection while he’s hanging around The whole playoff idea doesn’t really work for me cause the Grizz have experience in the playoffs it’s not like having green is going to push them over the hump. Hopefully they move him between now and the deadline cause they are going to need some help when the injury bug bites. Tillman’s spot should also be on the block
  2. I don’t understand all this ZW hype either there were glimpse of what could be last year and summer league he looked like he was adding some level of shot creation to his bag, but none of that is proven yet so I don’t see why people thinks he’s just gonna come in and be a missing piece. He was basically a catch and shoot lob threat last year and he has yet to play this year but I highly doubt he’s gonna be much more than a catch and shoot lob threat this year too. His handle was shaky in summer league, he showed an improved mid range and some nice passes from time to time but nothing to really say when ZW gets back it’s going to add another weapon. It’s much more likely all this experience Roddy is getting will pay off and he becomes more like his college self “AT SOME POINT” which offensively is a guy that can generate points from different spots.
  3. Ndq0327

    Is this roster currently

    This has been debated since the draft and quite frankly the conversation should have been moved along by now. People wanted the FO to make moves cause of the perceived 20mil worth of cap space they had and apparently the only two Buzzwords from Keiman‘S exit presser that anyone heard “championship” and “contender”. Yet a lot of the ones complain about the lack of veteran additions completely ignore the numerous times Kleiman said that they were sticking to their plan and wouldn’t make moves just to make them, nor were they planning on making a big splash this summer. So then the complaining started that the Grizz were acting less like contenders and more like a team rebuilding cause they replaced Kyle and Melt with late round rookies and that the team would likely be worse. Once again disregarding our own guys like Konchar, ZW, Santi, and Dillon (who missed most of last year) coming in and playing larger roles. Effectively being the actual replacements for Kyle and Melt while the Rooks filled the rolls left by Santi and ZW. I think the team will be better this season because the actual players that matter most will be better Melt and Kyle had big roles for the Grizz but they weren’t the main reason for the teams success
  4. Ndq0327

    David Roddy? 260 pound small forward??

    I think Roddy will be the best rookie
  5. Starting to think Roddy won’t be playing much in Southhaven either
  6. Ndq0327

    Summer League Chats

  7. Ndq0327

    David Roddy? 260 pound small forward??

    If they could have gotten Jalen Williams and Roddy it would have been an A+ draft night
  8. Ndq0327

    David Roddy? 260 pound small forward??

    This I believe Chicago drafted Terry mainly cause the Grizz wanted him they already have a lot of guard/wings
  9. Ndq0327

    David Roddy? 260 pound small forward??

    A tweet came out from an nba site right after Chicago took Terry stating that the Grizz were trying to trade up with Chicago in order to get him and Chicago took him instead.
  10. We are still comparing him to guys that have had multiple years of college under their belts. I honestly would consider ZW a straight out of high school prospects mainly cause of how little he played at Stanford for various reasons. I think we see him start to show real development in his 3rd year.
  11. lol definitely has the pump fake a wide open look part down
  12. Ndq0327

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Well **** now they really can’t trade for KD unless they involve a lot of teams
  13. Ndq0327

    David Roddy? 260 pound small forward??

    I think Roddy is gonna surprise a lot of people I feel like he was a legit target in the draft with that second pick and I bet they invest a lot of developmental time into making him a long term member of the roster. Eventho they traded up for LaRavia as well I dont feel like he was their first option similar to what we all thought about ZW last year.
  14. Yea they have one more I doubt the main guys will play tho
  15. One thing I’ve learned from SL. There is no room for Tille on the roster, if Santi has gotten better and LaRavia and Roddy like promising young talents to develop where does Tille play?