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  1. Yea he could be like Adrian Griffin Jr was for Duke last year. He’s a hard evaluation cause of the hype he came in with vs the injuries vs the production
  2. This should have been the case from the start.
  3. Did LaRavia get sent down to the hustle too? I would expect him to get some run if he’s available
  4. Maybe against their bench cause their main guys will pick n roll him to death
  5. Haven’t looked at one video of him mainly cause he was always mocked way higher than the Grizz pick. I’ve read he one of the better guard defenders in the draft. Not knowing what the Grizz intentions are this summer I think they should have a good opportunity to get a decent player at 24-26 if they stay in that range I know they love the draft so I fully expect them to draft two rookies this summer.
  6. Ziaire is 🗑️ with them middle school handles he has I hate watching him dribble he needs to learn how to become a specialist and just be a catch n shoot guy cause between his slight frame and not being able to dribble all that well I don’t see he becoming a guy who can consistently create his own shot
  7. Ndq0327

    Roddy permantly in the rotation now?

    I don’t think we need an elite defensive stopper cause we have been doing just fine without one up till now. Dillon is a good defensive player but he’s not an elite stopper a solid 3-D wing would fit just fine as the starting 3. Does Jake have enough defense on the wing to be a solid 3-D wing is the question.
  8. Ndq0327

    Roddy permantly in the rotation now?

    Jake can certainly play ZW’s role of corner 3’s and cuts but is he a plus enough defender to take over Dillon’s spot. He clearly can be the efficient offensive threat but he can’t be a negative defender
  9. Oh they gone use Roddy Jake(?) and Tillman to replace BC’s minutes next season I don’t see them bringing a player in just for that. They will bring Tillman back this summer he’s been playing too good and it’s a real small number.
  10. Why would they need Larry Nance. I do think that’s the level of player you are gonna get in a Tyus trade tho. Herb Jones would be great honestly
  11. Ndq0327

    Roddy permantly in the rotation now?

    And to think of he would have just kept him in the rotation when Ziaire came back how much further along he would have been.
  12. Not against him it’s just would Jenkins use him in this way is the question what you laid out makes sense to me but Jenkins is weird about who he plays and in what role
  13. That’s also an option TD would be better in that role than a rookie for sure. I don’t think they would see him as a pg and would probably still play Bane Kennard Jitty lineups if all three are still here. They really just need a guy off the bench who’s a bucket getter and has that scorer’s mentality. I kinda feel like they chose Luke over TD they probably wouldn’t have a role for both.