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  1. Ndq0327

    2020 NBA Draft

    These are the projected top 25 college basketball players https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2019-07-12/top-25-college-basketball-players-entering-2019-20-according%3famp
  2. If you look in the trade machine there just aren't that many playoff teams that can trade for Iggy they don't have the contracts to make it work if I'm the Grizz I'm trying to do CLee and Jackson for Iggy or see if they can work a deal for Tony Snell in Detroit and a 2nd from them since there's will be better than Dallas's
  3. Ndq0327

    Trade with Dallas

    Yea honestly none of the teams rumored to want Iggy have anything appealing to trade. Maybe Houston will give us next year's 1st but they would need another team to facilitate the money part. The Iggy deal if there is one isn't going to look all that good most likely we got the best asset on the front end.
  4. What would be a better name for them collectively
  5. Ndq0327

    Roster Moves

    U can take Dwight off the list as well so that would open. Up another spot.
  6. Cause they probably would rather have the guys they traded for than our scraps we got from asset collecting
  7. Ndq0327

    Who are the scrubs on our team?

    Konchar got shut down he wasn't sitting cause he was bad they just didn't need to see anymore from him same with Yuta
  8. Yea but Barton can actually play for you he's 28 so a year older than JV just look at how many playable vets over 25 they have right now. JV, Crowder, and ?? Barton is sixth man of the year caliber and his, JV, Kyle Anderson, and Tyus Jones contracts all end the same summer. And I thought we already established that next year's FA class isn't that special so it might be beneficial to have vets on decent deals so they don't have to sign a bunch of two year deals next summer.
  9. Just trade him to Denver for Will Barton it's a PR win for the team Barton can be a legit scoring option on a rebuilding team that isn't expected to win much. He has a player option for 14mil in 2021 when he turns 30 it's possible he declines and looks for one more long term deal or he's a 30yr old 14mil trade chip. If Denver is really interested in Iggy that would be an easy deal to make. They can attach some good seconds if they have any since we would be taking on more years with Barton.
  10. The Houston offer isn't going to be any different now than it is at the trade deadline that's if they sign Shump to a big enough deal to trade for Iggy later on. The only reason they can do the Shump deal is because they can absorb some extra money from the Westbrook Paul deal once that deal is finalized Houston has to match salary like everyone else for Iggy The best deal is possible with Dallas or Denver
  11. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    He's been waived everywhere he's gone cause no one give him a real shot.
  12. JJJ said he wants to play like Giannis so let's not rule that out ūü§Ēūü§Ē
  13. I think they find a way to bring him to training camp.
  14. They can also decide they don't really need him and stop trying to negotiate all together. It's a double edged sword