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  1. Ndq0327

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    If Miami is willing to give up 13 I'd make the trade with them.
  2. Ndq0327

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Yea Exum had another season ending injury so no need even adding him to trade talks
  3. Ndq0327

    Roster Moves

    There will be more compensation than just favors
  4. Ndq0327

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    He'd be a great pick up
  5. Ndq0327

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    both of these Michigan wings could probably go first round if they went back for one more season but I think since their coach left for the Cavs they will stay in the draft. I’d be happy if the grizz grabbed either one
  6. Ndq0327

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    No way they do this deal and not get at least one of their three picks this draft
  7. Ndq0327

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

  8. Ndq0327

    3 on 3 Tournament

    Yea she'd be kinda mad if she knew I was trying to sign up for something that weekend lol
  9. Ndq0327

    3 on 3 Tournament

    Oh **** I'll be in New Orleans it's my anniversary weekend 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  10. Ndq0327

    3 on 3 Tournament

    I definitely would try out for the Grizz forum squad I'm pretty established around here lol
  11. Ndq0327

    Im with KBM Reddish will be a star and we need him badly...

    I was just about to say something about how smooth he looked in this little session. It would be crazy if he turns out to be the best wing in the lottery
  12. Ndq0327

    3 on 3 Tournament

    I'm 31 so I can handle guys 28 and up 👍 I don't qualify as an MVP season ticket holder though 😫
  13. Ndq0327

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Whiteside is one year JV insurance he is only here for the year and is a big expiring contract that can be moved for a player on a long-term deal at the deadline if need be. If they went the season with Chandler in the locker room they can handle Whiteside for a season.
  14. I think that's ilegal to talk to teams before July 1st, but good for him 👍
  15. Ndq0327

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I think Miami and 13 should be the baseline. Lower than that then one of the players you get back in the deal should be a long-term guy. Cause then it's possible to get two role players. One in the trade and one at whatever pick you get if it's lower than the lotto