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  1. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I'd look to give Iggy to whoever wants him I think we've all been listening to Memphis media too much and think there are suitors for Iggy when in actuality there may not be. Portland went and got Ariza when they could have done a similar trade or the same trade for Iggy that's pretty telling to me
  2. Now I'm over the whole got to get a first back, but I'll take the best deal with the best long term asset attached
  3. You don't hold out this long on Iggy just to get Clee and two late seconds it's either that GS second or the Justin Jackson kid for me. They should be able to at least get a decent second or a young unproven player
  4. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Nerlens Noel could be a decent pick up that could run in TJ's system catch lobs, defend the rim, and rebound. It's weird cause normally with grizz teams there are guys that can be easily replaced this team has gelled so well that I'm not sure who the replaceable guys are other than Bruno and Marko( who I think will be better next year it takes euro wings a little longer to adjust)
  5. No I don't I did before the season started but I think Harkless and Robinson would just be duplications of what we already have. Harkless and Robinson are a lesser version of Solo and Grayson at this point to me. I'd rather just roll with what we have and possibly try and do Clee and the GS second if possible.
  6. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I'd look for a more vet big with experience as the 4th big to be honest I think the team is real close to good on young talent and everyone seems to mesh well don't need a young guy with a chip on his shoulder trying to prove he's something he's not. You brought up Christian Wood well he's an unrestricted FA this summer just sign him on a cheap deal
  7. Yea at this point I'm just ready for that deal to be done. I still like the Harkless and Robinson for Iggy deal the best. But it's kind of hard to find minutes for outside guys that would come in unless they are miles better than players already on the roster. I would say Harmless is at a level between Jae and Solo and Robinson is probably worse than Grayson so there's no real point in that. The Clee and GS pick may end up being the best deal cause we may be able to trade that pick or take a decent sleeper in the early second round this summer
  8. Sure so if that's the case then Iggy isn't as valuable as we think he is and we should have just did the CLee and seconds from Dallas.
  9. Im not advocating for a specific player he was an example. You're the most one side or the other poster on this board. If you can't understand that I wasn't saying we have to trade Jae for Semi then what is the point of going back and forth with you.......what is Ja and Jaren going to do next year when Jae plays for another team...... are they gonna go into some type of shell cause the vet they both liked left them for another team or are they going to be professional and move on without him. Just because they "like" him doesn't mean we have to deter from the plan I'm sure Jaren liked Marc and Mike but we got rid of them if Jae can be moved for an asset that will help the team then move his *** he's nobody special there are other vet leaders in the NBA that Ja and Jaren will like and look up to.
  10. No I said he could be had in an Iggy trade not for nothing. How can we say he went from an undrafted two way player till now he's too good for the heat to throw him into a Iggy trade? Hopefully we trade Iggy to a team who values him and is willing to give up something of worth for him. I think Duncan's shooting would benefit the grizz alot. But I don't think he's a player that would hold up a trade
  11. Ndq0327

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    Whatever the grizz do it needs to be organic
  12. He doesn't play he's barely in the rotation they have better players infront of him. Let's be smart about this players who aren't in the rotation have shorter leashes they aren't allowed multiple opportunities to fail or play outside of their assigned roles. Boston thinks they are a contender in the east they don't have time for Semi to be on the court proving he's a knockdown shooter when he's in the game he has a role. Put him on the Grizzlies where there weren't any expectations this would be the place where he could blossom into a different player...
  13. Maybe cause Crowder is an unrestricted FA that can get the team more assets and that was the plan starting the season. Iggy doesn't want to be here so trading him for assets was and still is the plan. Has the plan changed from asset building to playoff push and if so what's the goal cause it can't possibly be a championship? We've already went through the going to the playoffs just to go stage. the young guys building and growing together can't possibly hinge on our current group of vets if they can be moved for assets it should remain the plan.
  14. What was he doing last year for them? You people get so caught up in stats and names y'all hear from the media Duncan Robinson was in the gleague not too long ago so now all of a sudden he's a budding star in Miami that's untouchable??