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  1. Nah I'd let Chris Makris and Tayshaun have a go at it Hollinger just needs to be over scouting Wallace needs to go....the organization doesn't have a good reputation so it's gonna be hard to get a good go to come in.
  2. I think Pera is running this with input from the FO don't thing Wallace is in control
  3. Conely and Marc are the leaders the alpha guys on this team now everyone said if they we're healthy the grizz would be good well now that was proven to be a lie. They can't lead a team cause they aren't good enough. They have always been secondary players
  4. What did they get out of those playoff appearances? Again if you want to be overly estatic about small accomplishment like going to the playoffs a bunch of times but getting exposed each time cause your team can't score ,only had one playmaker, was too slow, played a style that was totally exposed in the WCF yet continued to do the same things over and over, then by all means be proud of that....... I'm not that kind of person all I saw was a team that needed additional pieces to be considered a real contender and a FO that was content with just being apart of the festivities.
  5. Nope the meeting was about the team shopping them this is serious
  6. Yet your pg has no accolades Derrick went from being an afterthought to back in the allstar game in the Western conference the same conference Conley has been in his entire career and never been invited once so not only is he overrated and overpaid he isn't even popular enough to get voted into a a meaninglessness exhibition game with the rest of the best players in the league......I don't know what point u are trying to make but the only point that keeps getting proved is mines. There's nothing special about Mike Conley outside of Memphis
  7. Derrick Rose was the youngest MVP all of the guys you named are multiple time all stars some are gold medalist all of those guys are alphas and led their team at some point Conley has done none of that maybe he's led the team in a playoff series or for a month or two but consistently for the season no he hasn't......you can't name one accomplishment Conley has that would put him in a top tier list. Other than being the guy that passed Greg Oden the ball in College
  8. Ndq0327

    Roster Moves

    Memphis needs to start liking a different kind of player time for something new
  9. Who cares the grizzlies aren't winning one and they have the most assets a need for Conley and the perfect combination to make a deal with......
  10. He hasn't won a **** thing he hasn't done anything not one all star appearance look how long it took for him to actually become a decent player as opposed to other lead guards that were good right out of the gate.... U clearly suffer from the same small minded little accomplishments should be important mindset the Grizzlies have been trying to program the fans with since GnG started.....Conley is overrated He's a very good role player when he's not hurt but that is it and he's on the downswing of his career now so he isn't gonna get better. And he's way over paid so I don't understand why u think the grizz should get an all star level return for a guy that has never been an all star and is no where near the level of actual all star caliber guards........ Conley fits in with the Jeff Teague, Eric Bledsoe, Kemba Walker, Jrue Holiday, crowd. Not the Steph Russ Lillard, McCollum, Paul, and Harden crowd
  11. Oh I didn't know we were trading allstars I thought the forum had finally agreed that Mike and Marc were over paid overrated high level role players.....I see even a full season of them playing together and the team still being bad isn't enough to sway you to the light.....getting rid of them isn't about finding good players now it's about getting assets for the future. You call Shamet an average player but he's a rookie so he has the potential to become an above average player in the future.......u wanna know what an average player with no potential looks like???? Look at the dudes getting minutes on this team all of them aside from Jaren are Average players and they aren't doing anything but getting worse. I would rather have Shamet right now than Garret Temple I'd rather have Bolden than Green and I'd rather have Korkmaz than Casspi not because they are awesome now but at some point when they develop they will be better than what we gave up to get them..... There's nothing left to hold on to embrace the change it's well overdue
  12. I don't think Fultz will play again until he gets his shoulder fixed so in my proposed deal Shamet would start alongside Kyle he can play 1or2 doesn't really matter Kyle should be the one initiating the offense going forward anyways that's the best way to utilize his skillset. And just have guys around him that can score
  13. He's better than any wing we currently have and he's a rookie perfect to grow with JJ He's better than Rabb and he has the size to bang and the ability to stretch the floor. Here's your shooter two of these 3 should be available in a Conley trade you may not get any picks out of the deal but these are three young players with NBA experience who can all grow with JJ.
  14. They have to take Fultz to make the money work to me Shamet is the real young asset prize if somehow Fultzs fixes his shoulder then that's a win as well....Philly would actually have a need for Mike if they are trying to win it all and they don't really need all the young guys they have on the bench some vets would help them in the playoffs. I like the idea of getting Landry Shamet but the also have Furkan Korkmaz who can score and Jonah Bolden who I thought they should have drafted instead of Rabb I'd take all three of them if possible. I don't like the idea of Fultz but he is talented and if he can fix his arm he'd be a steal....if the team is rebuilding they would have time to figure out if he can get back to where he was coming out of school
  15. I think the sixers would be the best team to trade conley to. Conley and whomever for Wilson Chandler, Mike Muscala, Fultz and Shamet or Bolden and a future pic