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  1. Ndq0327

    Welcome Aboard !Santi Aldama!

    He can have Tilles possible spot no need having him around if Santi intends to sign this season. Which from what I read he likely does.
  2. Pons is going to be the reason Clarke gets traded he’s the same size but with a stronger build and length. They both play similar game but Pons may have the ability to have better perimeter skills he has a much more workable shot form and he’s younger. I can see Clarke not finishing the season on the team.
  3. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Jaren is starting at the 5 next season you can take that to the bank I told yall the only way to unleash this roster is for him to e the 5 now if it doesn’t work out that’s Jaren’s fault but he’s not a 4 he’s a 5 and we’re about to see if he really is a cornerstone piece fit this team
  4. I think the one thing that can blow all of this up is one of Kai, Bouknight, Moody, Jalen Johnson sliding and being available at 17 I think the FO would have a difficult time passing on any of them. the guy I most want is Josh Christopher I think he’s the type of player that has all the makings of a star on the court and off the court. After him I’m ok with any other combination of big wing and big man we have highlighted so many that it’s gonna be hard to be upset as long as we get at least two guys that we’ve discussed.
  5. Yea I see a blend of both cause even tho the stats don’t show it Murphy has the ability to defend maybe he’s likely not as quick as bridges but he can guard 2-4 most likely. And his shot isn’t as pure as Cam’s but he’s a good catch and shoot guy.
  6. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Long as they don’t have to max him to keep him it’s cool
  7. I actually think something like this makes sense if we could get two picks between 17 and 36 then we could draft two solid players for sure then at 51 draft a center prospect, I think EJ Onu would be perfect he should be available around 51 maybe Neemia Queta too. I don’t see the FO trading JV at least until the deadline cause he’s insurance if Jaren still isn’t able to log significant minutes at the 5 next season. So the team won’t need a new center on the roster until JV is gone. So that would be the perfect scenario get two good wing prospects, then a big you can put on the Hustle until he’s needed.
  8. Ndq0327

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    I don’t think they sign a FA unless it’s a cheap pg the FA class isn’t that strong they do better trying to make trades or get an extra pick cause the draft seems pretty strong
  9. Ok well who’s at 12 that screams core piece I think that’s the worst section of the draft. The second half of the lotto is completely hit or miss.
  10. I wouldn’t consider our role players as rebuild pieces. I haven’t really looked at any consolidation trade options but I’m sure a combination or melton Grayson BC and Tyus will get u someone worthwhile
  11. Get rid of Porter and Winslow there goes two spots. Trade 3 of Grayson Melton BC Tyus gives you even more space. They have to consolidate the roster this off-season so there will be room.
  12. Yea Murphy and Josh is the ideal combo. They need to take one sure thing player and one high potential player Murphy at 17 and trade back in for Josh makes sense. Or Duarte at 17 then trade back in for Vrenz. Or on a lesser level Springer at 17 and Wieskamp