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  1. That literally cracks me up. I try to ask em if they no any prior warriors that were decent players. They’re like who is Baron Davis.
  2. Dirk does look like a corpse
  3. This game is way too obvious
  4. I believe that. We have suffered at the wing for too long
  5. bobblybook1

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    If we get a shot at Darius Garland We should take it. Dudes a pg with a flamethrower
  6. I’d honestly like to see them play him like JJ Redick and run him off some screens.
  7. dusty is like a tj McConnell type. He’s a decent shooter.
  8. bobblybook1

    JJJ - What's his upper limit?

    Dude he’s like the youngest player in the league atm and he loves to drive and spin
  9. 1 foul in the quarter Gg refs
  10. Refs are ridiculous tonight
  11. Definitely pf with his shooting
  12. Wallace probably thought Kidd-Gilchrist were 2 separate players 🤣
  13. Utter mediocrity if we can’t get some deal done. I’m not talking about trading any scrubs. Mike or Marc need to be dealt at some point.