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  1. bobblybook1

    Going to Breakers Grizz game!

  2. bobblybook1

    Going to Breakers Grizz game!

    Any clue as to how long it generally takes for the tix to be ready
  3. Just wondering has anyone used stub hub for purchase of tickets?
  4. bobblybook1

    make or break

    Weird no big 3 teams 🤣
  5. Ah okay. I was hoping he didn’t have ill will toward the Grizz.
  6. I understand your point. I see this as an underhanded tactic on social media. Slavery is a very touchy subject for many people and to use it as a barb at an administration that is just trying to provide us Memphians with a winning culture to our youth. We aren’t in the slavery period yea I get that but you don’t get to use that word with intent to get yourself moved to a different team. Grown man acting like a kid in the cereal aisle. That is dirty and we don’t need toxicity around Ja, Jaren, or any of our guys.
  7. Honestly just trade him like we did Parsons.....For a bag of chips and a door stop
  8. Yutarus is ballin out
  9. people trying to make the Grizz look like the bad guys because they won’t buy him out. They don’t realize we Barely survived Chancun.
  10. Anyone that uses “slaves” as an excuse to draw millions from an organization because it isn't where they wanna be is beyond help. Send him packing like we did with Chancun. I ain’t black not claiming to be. I hope I’m reading this wrong. Dude is making millions of dollars and their are people living in slums here. Is he that out of touch?
  11. Trade Iggy’s drama queen ahhhhhh. Boy can’t even shoot
  12. bobblybook1

    Can Solomon Hill contribute

    He will contribute just by playing lol
  13. Jevon = Wade Baldwin