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  1. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    That would be a hard thing to do because you don't even know if they are going to play to win or try to finish close to the bottom. They might have surprised people had they kept DW and AB.
  2. Maybe but I don't think it will be the 2 you mentioned.
  3. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Well in the US it is how much dough you got or who you know. If that had been LBJ or KD the cops would've probably asked for their autograph and escorted them to where they wanted to go. JJs' mistake was he hadn't been in the NBA long enough for people to know who he was. Just look at Epstein and his diversion.
  4. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Tyler Harvey

    Dusty Hannah looked lost last year when he was with the team.
  5. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Summer Doldrums

    What' wrong with you, the British Open is on this week and the Fed Ex Cup starts and then the Presidents' Cup. Man does not live for BB alone and then you can throw in those GREAT NFL exhibition games. I've gotten to the point I don't even watch much regular season football. I used to quit playing golf when their regular season started.
  6. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    They don't have to play him, just pay him. Hard to see him getting hurt that way and can you imagine what a year without BB could do to a man of his age?
  7. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    I don't think he is stupid enough to do that, he would be skewered for that. A rich BB player doesn't want to play for a team, he wants them to give him money and let him go play for another team on another teams' money. I don't see anywhere else they are calling for the Grizz to pay him, they say he is a valuable asset. Where are you from, Pluto?
  8. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Have you gone over the deep end, why would the Grizz buy him out when they have other teams wanting him? What is the benefit in that for the Grizz?
  9. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    They might already have that 3rd guy if Josh Jackson can get it together. I love 6-8 SGs.
  10. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Official: Russ to Rockets for CP3

    Paul looking for a BO! It would seem he is spiraling out of control, from NO to LA to HOU and now to OKC. You think he can square dance?
  11. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Tyus Jones, Grizzlies agree to $28 million offer sheet

    If you actually listen to what Davis says, all the teams he played for had someone else in mind they wanted and he was the guy who got left out. Had he played better for some of those teams he could've been retained by some of the them. He had 3 years in Portland to show them but apparently he didn't show them enough.
  12. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Tyus Jones, Grizzlies agree to $28 million offer sheet

    Hollins didn't want the players that Levien brought in, he held that against them but I never thought Davis was very good.
  13. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Neither do I, I thought Dwash was way off track about buying Iggy out from the get go. People talking about it would make the Grizz look bad for not buying him out was just BS.
  14. LuvThem Grizzlies

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    If all 3 of those players you mentioned were to be sent home then what would be the point in getting rid of Iggy?
  15. LuvThem Grizzlies

    AB signs with the Lakers

    Do you have a brain? DW was with his 2nd team when he was with the Grizz, being with 2 teams doesn't make anyone a journeyman. AB played 7 seasons with the Celtics before becoming the odd man out because of all the draft picks the Celtics had. He was also a 2 time member of the nba defensive team. GET REAL.