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  1. chipc3

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    This is your opinion. I am happy you have NO control over this franchise and won't waste the talent and chemistry with you draft and trade ideas. Have fun playing fantasy GM. You clearly have no desire to live in the real world.
  2. chipc3

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    You really don't have faith in our team or our front office despite everything they have done. Cleveland was bad for years and the main reason they are improving now is one of the former top picks got injured. Another reason is Kevin Love is in the running for 6th man of the year. If/when Love comes back to earth and Sexton returns to his normal team killing ways you'll be happy the Grizzlies are who they are. Last year it was Atlanta that Memphis had to get old farts onto the team to compete with. This year it's Cleveland. I wonder who the team will be next season the Grizzlies have to emulate. In case you forgot, the Grizzlies are 2-0 against Cleveland this year with a better record overall despite losing a number of players to covid and injury.
  3. chipc3

    Team Hero Grizzlies @ Spurs 01/26/2022

    TH: JJJ HM: Ja
  4. Brooks and Kyle were with the team yesterday, so I imagine that Kyle is very close and Dillon not far behind. I didn't see Tyus which is problematic on two fronts. If he wasn't with the team then he may still be symptomatic and his brother plays for San Antonio so you have to figure if he could be there he would have been. Then again maybe I just didn't see him.
  5. The issue with Russell Westbrook is not his talent but his willingness to accept a 3rd wheel role on the team. Harden and Durant both left OKC because Westbrook couldn't share the spotlight. He left Houston and Washington because their stars couldn't co-exist with him. He is best when he's the lead dog and he isn't good enough to be the lead dog.
  6. I don't believe the team is in a Win Now mode. I believe they are winning despite not being in a Win Now mode. I also suggested that Melton be traded at the trade deadline yesterday so I don't know how you can look at what I am posting and think I am saying this team has to remain.
  7. If the Grizzlies didn't decide who the pick is used on, does it count as their pick? I understand the reality of the situation, but common sense should kick in at some point.
  8. Interesting question. I suppose it depends on how well Ziaire develops. If ZW turns into the player the FO hopes and Bane continues his development, Brooks could become a luxury the team can no longer afford.
  9. ESPN has the Grizzlies taking the following players: Jean Montero Ousmane Dieng Hugo Besson Two of the three are combo guards (PG/SG). Doesn't sound like ESPN expects Memphis to keep Tyus Jones is what I take from this. I am willing to bet $5.00 the Grizzlies don't take any of these players too.
  10. The Spurs have one of the all-time greatest coaches who gets the most out of his players. The only reason this team isn't winning more today is that they made the playoffs for 20+ straight years and even Popovick can't find enough diamonds in the rough to make up for a lack of lottery level talent.
  11. When I wrote for 3 Shades of Blue that actually was how I did my mock draft and I was consistently more accurate than most. Of course, I threw all that to the wind when I predicted Josh Selby would go to the Grizzlies in the 2nd round. That got me a lot of notoriety since I was the only one who got a 2nd round pick correct that year. If anyone is curious, I went back and looked up the top picks from Rivals.com for that draft class and found who wasn't already in my mock draft. Selby was a top 5 player coming out of college but wasn't being predicted to be drafted. I knew Wallace loved to pick players in the later parts of the draft who were highly rated coming out of college. Selby fit the bill perfectly and that was who Wallace ended up drafting as well.
  12. chipc3

    Nut Heads IV

  13. What I found pretty accurate is to take all of the predictive mocks you can find and get the average placement of all the picks. Throw out the top 5 because that is usually leaked prior to the draft. You should know them beforehand. That actually comes pretty close to getting it right. At least most of the picks are within your 1-3 range. Looking back at the last time I did that work, make it 1-5 range.