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  1. chipc3

    Grade the Draft

    You should really consider doing something else with your spare time. Your ability to rate players is highly suspect.
  2. Thank you. For some reason I couldn’t get it to paste.
  3. Utah traded this pick to Memphis as part of an undisclosed package. They surprised many around the league by selecting Santi Aldama from Loyola (MD). Aldama made a name for himself on the international FIBA circuit playing for the Spanish national team, winning the U18 European Championship in 2019 and being named MVP of the tournament. Aldama had a mysterious draft process, not conducting any publicly known workouts with NBA teams and electing to decline an invitation to the NBA draft combine, citing a desire to "continue his career in Spain." He openly discouraged teams from selecting him, going as far as to turn down Zoom interviews after returning to his home country.
  4. chipc3

    No Love for Steven Adams???

    The trade isn’t official yet
  5. If Westbrook returns to the West Ja Morant will have to wait even longer to become an all-star. Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, etc. PGs are everywhere in the West.
  6. Jevon Carter is now on his 3rd team since he was drafted.
  7. chipc3

    Prediction 3 of 5: Player drafted

    Unless Giddy is gone…
  8. Sounds like Cade should definitely be the #1 pick now. Weren't you down on Ayton and Zion also???
  9. Who else do you leaving? If you have Josh Giddey at 10 I assume you have Jonas gone with Bledsoe and Adams being new. So you believe the FO is going to add two or more additional picks? That would be a minimum of 5 new players.
  10. chipc3

    Team USA and Olympics Basketball

    I agree but for a slightly different reason. Anyone who though Kevin Love, Jeremy Grant, Bam Adebayo, Keldon Johnson, Zach Levine or Javale McGee should be on a winning team needs to have their heads examined. Where are Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, Steph Curry, Jaylen Brown, Michael Porter Jr, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Paull George, etc? You bring a second rate team to the Olympics you get second rate results.
  11. Hollinger may be taking credit for Jaren and Dillon but he wasn't the person leading the discussion in the draft room. Hollinger (and Wallace for that matter) had already been removed from their positions and Makris and Kleiman were leading the drafts. I did talk to Wallace, Hollinger, Makris and Kleiman at the time and they all agreed that the "young guns" had taken over the draft process. Before the draft there was discussion between RJ Barrett and Ja Morant. I believe you agree with me about the so called Draft Experts and their ability to predict what will happen.
  12. chipc3

    The Official 40th Pick thread

    Wouldn't it be funny if the trade doesn't get done and this thread is unneeded?
  13. People need to remember that 95% of the so called draft experts can't get the top 10 picks correct in the draft. Don't worry about what they guys are saying. Trust the Grizzlies Front Office that produced Dillon Brooks, Jaren Jackson, Ja Morant, Brandon Clarke, Desmond Bane and Xavier Tillman in the last few drafts. The brain running the Grizzlies draft is far superior to anyone you are reading right now.