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  1. chipc3

    Grizzlies Tip Off Luncheon

    I can't deny I was disappointed. . First the bad: 1. Check in was disorganized as always. They gave me the correct table number but Jason’s table was given the wrong number. 2. Food was cold. Broccoli was nearly inedible 3. They only served water to drink. We didn’t get even Ice Tea or bread. 4. The players weren’t out early like they were in the past so we didn’t get to mingle or meet most of them as most left immediately after the lunch program was over. 5. The auction items were a joke. Signed basketballs don’t raise a lot of money when people can bring in stuff for the players to sign. There was no road trip auctioned off which usually brings a ton of money. 6. The show looked like it was thrown together at the last minute. It even started without Eric who came running onto the stage late. Wallace didn’t appear to be there (at least I didn’t see him). He’s the **** GM and he’s been here longer than anyone and he doesn’t bother to make an appearance at one of the largest functions for fans all year??? What’s up with that? On the bright side: 1. The dessert was really good 2. The St Jude CEO was motivational and probably saved the auction by getting people excited about what the money would be used for. 3. It was great to see the St Jude kids involved. 4. I got a bargain at the Westin hotel for a night’s stay so one weekend Amy and I can just stay downtown after the game. I bought the Ivan Rabb signed basketball just so it would be sold. I like Ivan who is always so nice to people.
  2. chipc3

    Grizzlies Tip Off Luncheon

    Today is the Tip Off Luncheon. Very excited about meeting the new players and seeing what the team is auctioning off. Last year we made out like bandits!
  3. chipc3

    Preseason basketball thread

    So are you saying that the only way the team could trade Conley and/or Gasol is of the team is winning? Personally I don’t agree with the concept of trading either player if the team is winning. I also believe Conley has a ton of trade value even if he isn’t having a career year but I don’t have any way to validate that opinion since I’m not a GM.
  4. chipc3

    Preseason basketball thread

    When you have a former Grizz killer in Caron Butler and a former coach who was upset about being fired doing the review the outcome is naturally negative. However many of their points are well taken. They never predicted the Grizzlies weren't a mid 30s win team, they simply believe the team will start slowly and longer term vision will overtake the short term desire to win leading to a lower win total and the move of at least one of their older stars. It isn't unreasonable to see what they are predicting. The team is built to win now and if they start off losing immediately how long do people anticipate the front office waiting before making moves to build more with the younger players?
  5. chipc3

    Grizzlies Add DJ Stephens

    You’ll get plenty of opportunities at the Landers Center.
  6. chipc3

    Preseason basketball thread

    I'm not talking about driving the ball to the basket. I'm talking about handling the ball in the backcourt. Frankly none of the three are that good at bringing the ball up the court but Brooks seems a bit more challenged to me than others. I'm sure this is also why the team is giving Andrew Harrison a strong look this season. The team wants to have size at the two guard but they also don't want Conley bringing the ball up the court every time.
  7. chipc3

    Preseason basketball thread

    I would be surprised to see Chandler starting. I expect the starting five will be Conley, Anderson, Green, Gasol and Dillon Brooks but Brooks is a wild card. It could easily be Selden or Temple starting at the two guard. Brooks has the most upside but he also is the worst ball handler of the three so I suspect the team would prefer not wearing out Conley by making the primary scorer and ball handler.
  8. Don't worry. He'll change his mind again.
  9. chipc3

    Preseason basketball thread

    I don't believe the defense you are seeing now is what the team is going to unleash on opening night. No reason to give teams anything to prepare for before the start of the season. Then again, having a winning record in the pre-season has been a decent arbiter of a successful season. It isn't mandatory for a team to have a solid pre-season but teams that are successful in the pre-season generally translate that success into the regular season.
  10. I’m shocked that KBM changed his mind.😄
  11. chipc3

    Preseason basketball thread

    Currently the future starting five in three years could be: Jevon Carter Dillon Brooks Kyle Anderson JJJ Rabb Yuta, Selden and Harrison would be coming off the bench most likely. Throw in two more draft picks and the youth movement is in full swing. I can't say that the team would be championship material but they would be interesting.
  12. chipc3

    Preseason basketball thread

    Too funny!
  13. chipc3

    Official Media Day 2018 Thread

    Ivan Rabb has been under concussion protocol. He was cleared to rejoin the team yesterday and won’t play tonight but should play Friday.
  14. chipc3

    Misery Index

    ESPN has an interesting article about NBA team Fans misery. The Grizzlies actually rank pretty solid too.
  15. chipc3

    Grizzlies Tip Off Luncheon

    Both tables are sold out now. Sorry if anyone was interested and missed out.