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  1. chipc3

    People are sleeping on Dillon Brooks

    To answer the question about how many 22 year olds averaged at least 11 PPG last season: Kristaps Porzingis 22.7 PPG Karl-Anthony Towns 21.3 PPG Aaron Gordon 17.6 PPG Kyle Kuzma 16.1 PPG DeAngelo Russell 15.5 PPG Myles Turner 12.7 PPG Kelly Oubrey 11.8 PPG Domantis Sabonis 11.6 PPG Dillon Brooks 11.0 PPG
  2. Chris Wallace should be inquiring but not getting into a bidding war for a one season rental in Butler.
  3. chipc3

    Grizzlies Tip Off Luncheon

    I’m down to two spots remaining. Anyone interested let me know.
  4. chipc3

    Grizzlies Tip Off Luncheon

    We are down to 5 spots at the tables now. Please let me know if you are interested. We have traditionally filled two tables every year.
  5. chipc3

    Grizzlies Tip Off Luncheon

    Ticket prices for the Tip Off Luncheon have gone up this year. Tickets are $75 for individuals and tables are $650. That makes each seat at my table $65 not $55.
  6. Sounds a lot like the Blake Griffin draft when everyone said it was a one man draft. They were right too except for James Harden, Steph Curry, Tyreke Evans, DeMar DeRozen, Ricky Rubio, Jrue Holiday, Taj Gibson and more. Give me a top 8 pick any day of the week over a mid to late first round pick in any draft.
  7. I'm not sure I am following this line of thought. If the Grizzlies finish in the bottom 8 they keep a high lottery pick. If they fall out of the top 8 they sacrifice that pick to the Celtics. If they team is struggling out of the gate wouldn't it make more sense to keep the pick? I despise the idea of tanking but I understand the logic of it too. as a season ticket holder I hate to see the value of my investment plummet because the team isn't trying to play competitively. That doesn't mean it is a bad decision for a franchise looking to become great one day.
  8. This has become an annual event for me. Once again I have purchased two tables for the Memphis Grizzlies Tip Off luncheon. It will be held Monday, Oct. 15th at the Forum. It will be the first opportunity anyone has to meet the new teams and players in a pretty informal surrounding. Ticket prices haven't been set yet but I assume they will be $55 per person for our table (we get a discount for purchasing the table that I am passing on to the posters). There will be a silent auction and a live auction. I have 9 seats remaining for the 2nd table. Let me know if you are interested via a PM.
  9. chipc3

    Finally, the boards are back!

    It’s been a long time. Glad they are up again
  10. chipc3

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

  11. As a long time Sunshine Patrol member, I do believe there is a difference between criticizing the Front Office for their decisions and not supporting the players representing our city. the FO hides in their offices (Wallace was rarely seen at games last season) and the players have MEMPHIS across their chests. It may not seem like a big difference but it's how I feel. Also, no one should hope for a player to fail but there is nothing wrong in expressing doubt in a player's ability. Just leave open the hope that the poster is wrong and that he turns out to be better than he expects.
  12. chipc3

    9-10 man rotation

    This happens every season. People get so fired up by rookies after summer league they start thinking that the player should immediately replace a veteran. It's not likely going to happen that easily. Last season it was Wayne Seldon becoming a starting SG with potential all-star talent. This season it is JJJ. Reality is that summer league performance is a poor indicator of regular season success. JaMychal Green understands the Grizzlies offense and is in a contract season. He should be very motivated to come in and prove last season was more about his extended contract holdout and early knee injury than his inability to play. He won't be willing to just give up his playing time to someone who isn't outplaying him. Further, while Jackson showed a great potential to block shots against summer league players, that is a long way from saying he's ready to begin the season in the starting lineup. He has a lot of areas in his game he needs to improve. Rather than rush him into the starting lineup and have him fail or struggle, I anticipate the team to go more slowly and let him learn the speed of the game before thrusting him into a role he isn't prepared for. The team's stated goal is to win 50 games and return to the playoffs this season. I doubt they agree with your opinion that the team isn't good enough to win more than 35 games with their lineup. You may consider it a long shot but Wallace has been very public about that being the team's goal. Fans would be less upset if they accept that premise at the onset. I'm sure If things fall apart and it becomes clear that a playoff position isn't feasible, they will move back into rebuild/development mode and give Jackson more minutes.
  13. chipc3

    9-10 man rotation

    I think that depends on the player. If they are ready to handle longer minutes they will get playing time. If they aren't, and most rookies aren't on playoff caliber teams, they won't play that much. This is the big boys league now and players have to play up to standard on teams looking for a playoff birth.
  14. chipc3

    9-10 man rotation

    Neither did Kevin Garnett. What's your point?
  15. chipc3

    9-10 man rotation

    Jackson is only 18 and only played 20 MPG last season.