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  1. If you average out both players performance over 36 minutes (to make it closer to equal) you will find JJJ averaged 6.5 RP36 as a rookie and 6.0 RP36 this season. Zach averaged 10.4 RP36 as a rookie and 9.5 RP36 in his second season. Jackson definitely has played more in his first two seasons but he hasn't rebounded as well per minute played.
  2. chipc3

    What is fair?

    It's difficult to prove or disprove that statement. It is your opinion but it isn't based on anything factual. I have heard rumors that the Grizzlies didn't want to play any more this season. That was denied however but Jason Wexler to me. I am under the understanding that the Grizzlies are involved in the negotiations and will abide but whatever the league decides.
  3. Zach Randolph averaged more defensive rebounds over his career (not just during his best seasons) than JJJ has ever averaged in total rebounds. It's not even close. Randolph averaged 6.2 DRB over his career and Jackson's best season is 4.7 TRB.
  4. If he refused to play no matter what that would make sense. Lillard is only refusing to play if his team isn't given enough games to make the playoffs (up to a complete season I suppose). If he is willing to play for the playoffs but not to finish the season then it isn't about the virus and is completely about him.
  5. Season is what it is. I kind of expect 70 total games to fulfill the local TV deals but that’s looking more and more unlikely.
  6. I can understand taking a few games off to rest but taking the rest of the season off after missing two months? The league wants to get teams ready for the playoffs where the payday goes up for the league. Sitting out because your team wasn’t good enough to be in the playoffs right now is selfish and petty. They are hurting the entire league. No one can make Lillard or anyone else play of course but they can definitely fine him and should if he refuses to play.
  7. The league doesn't want to shorten the playoffs because they get more TV money from playoff games than regular season games. This is as much an economic issue as a practicality issue. Likewise, the league doesn't want to play games that they don't have a TV contract for because they would owe the players for those games with no visible income to do that.
  8. The problem with that idea is the league doesn't get ESPN, TBS or TNT money from playing basically pre-season games. The contract states it must be regular season games to get paid. The league is doing this to help their bottom line. They will insist the games are regular season games but there isn't enough time to play all the games needed to make a full season and all the playoff games. The shortened season with full playoffs would maximize the money for the league, hence their desire to do it that way.
  9. I think it would be best for the all the teams in the playoffs to have a few games to get tuned up so they are ready for the playoffs.
  10. How is this different than any other season? Do you believe that once a team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs they should sit their best players? To me this is no different. Sorry that it isn't perfectly fair but the players need to think about what is best for the league and play the games they are told to play. Clearly the only reason any games are being played before the playoffs is to help the teams get back into game shape. If Portland had played better earlier in the season then they wouldn't be in such a position. Because they haven't played well all season they are out of the playoffs but still have a job to do for the teams that are in to be able to put on a show for the fans.
  11. Hey. my neighborhood gym team wants a shot too! I think it is funny to hear these players acting like they deserve something. There are millions of people out of work because of the virus and these fat cats are placing demands on the playoffs before getting paid? Give me a break.
  12. chipc3

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    He is a kid cartoon and a movie star if you please!
  13. chipc3


    I would be so happy to see the Grizzlies vs the Raptors
  14. chipc3

    What is fair?

    I think back to the baseball strike season where the Reds won more games than anyone else but didn’t make the playoffs. Extraordinary times result in unfair outcomes but that’s life.