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  1. chipc3

    What's wrong with Jaren?

    Jaren has a sprained knee. He will be updated in two weeks.
  2. Makes the Grizzlies loss at Sacramento a bit more palatable.
  3. Or it is simply that they have played far better teams since the trade deadline and you are using too small of a set of numbers to make a serious statement.
  4. In my opinion, Dieng needs to be a part of the rotation especially against the two LA teams. The Lakers can throw out Javale McGee, Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis in the middle. JV and JJJ can't handle them. The Clippers can toss out Zubac and Harrell. Dieng seems like a better defensive alternative than Clark or Jackson against those two as well.
  5. Didn't Houston start a 2 way player last season? Danuel House I believe was a two way player who started 12 consecutive games for the Rockets where they went 9-3 last season. Not saying the Grizzlies should be starting Yuta but it can happen.
  6. chipc3

    Dusty Hannahs - 10 day contract

    Welcome back Dusty. I hope you can stretch this into a 2nd 10 day contract as well.
  7. Pelicans visit the Blazers tonight. I'm rather torn about that game. This is one of the more difficult games remaining on the Pelicans schedule so having the Blazers win, even if it moves them a game closer to the Grizzlies would seem to be the best outcome for Memphis. The LA game would be a great surprise win but is not a must win.
  8. Oh no. I do agree. This isn't good at all.
  9. Once Justise has returned to play. You aren't suggesting benching Kyle now are you?
  10. chipc3

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    As for whether or not I have proved my point, consider these analytics. WP48 is -0.097 this season. Last season he had a +0.039. POP48 was -1.7 last season and this season he is -6.1. Jackson's PER is 16.22 as of today. It was 16.43 last season. His WS is 2.9 this season. Last season is was 3.3. Over and over we see that the statistical analysis of his play this season is showing a regression not improvement despite his being the supposed #2 most important player on a more successful team. I can't make it any clearer than that. But I also agree we should wait until the end of the season to see if Jackson's off season work in 2019 improved his play or not. 55 games into this season isn't enough information to make that declaration. I was premature to point out what to me appears obvious two months in. The training camp, pre-season and early regular season work wasn't nearly as clear as the totality of his work so far has shown and I imagine the remaining 27 games will make for an even more dramatic statement.
  11. chipc3

    Who thinks we beat Sacramento

    Grizzlies have always struggled in Sacramento. Perhaps it's the Eric Haseltine curse. He's from Sacramento after all.
  12. chipc3

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    Jaren Jackson's monthly stats for February (6 games): FG% - 36.8% 3pt% - 33.3% Reb - 5.2 PF - 4.0 PPG - 12.8 Dillon Brooks monthly stats for February (6 games): FG% - 31.8% 3pt% - 17.2% Reb - 3.8 (monthly season high) PF - 4.2 PPG - 11.0 Ja Morant's Monthly Stats for February (6 games): FG% - 51.8% 3pt% - 17.6% Reb - 4.0 (monthly season high) PF - 3.7 PPG - 19.0 Teams are going to struggle when their top 3 players have numbers like this. Grizzlies are probably fortunate to only be 3-3 so far in February. Perhaps it isn't any one players fault right now but the cumulative grind affecting all of the younger players. I think it's called hitting the wall.