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  1. Toronto played Lowry, Gasol, Siakem, Anunoby and Ibaka more minutes than they did against Boston. Anyone hoping Toronto would go easy on us was sadly mistaken.
  2. This is for the Naismith Cup!
  3. chipc3

    JJJ - Injury Prone? Progress

    Not everyone is calling him injury prone. Do t co fuse the vocal minority with the majority.
  4. chipc3

    JJJ - Injury Prone? Progress

    Chancun was a guy who got hurt at first...
  5. Fixed and "Aug" is capitalized both as a proper noun and the first word of a sentence.
  6. They won't remove anything. They may have to go in a sew it up but that is unlikely.
  7. Torn Meniscus A meniscus tear is one of the most common knee injuries. Often ice, rest and some light medication is all that is needed to allow the meniscus to heal on its own. Sometimes however surgery is required. We should hope for the best that the meniscus will heal naturally since Jaren is young and in good shape with a strong medical team around him.
  8. chipc3

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Grayson starting alongside Ja, Justise, Jaren and JV doesn't need to produce a ton of points. Just hit the open shots when defenses collapse around the others.
  9. I'm still waiting to see what this team can do with Ja, Justise, JV and Jaren all on the court at the same time. Throw in Allen as a spot up bomber and Brooks coming off the bench with Tyus, De'Anthony and Brandon and that is a ton of talent under 26 years of age except for JV.
  10. I got the fear and loathing connection. I don’t believe this thread belongs in Grizz Talk.
  11. Did you seriously bump your own thread after one hour?
  12. Rockets gagged against Portland and Phoenix has defeated Dallas and the Clippers. I don't see a path to the playoffs right now. I doubt the Grizzlies will make the play-in game right now.
  13. chipc3

    Effort & body language

    You mean like that time you wanted to fire the Grizzlies head coach after the first quarter of the first pre-season game (which the Grizzlies came back to win by the way)?