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  1. Since the game is being replayed tonight on FoxSports I figured we should put it back up on the conversation line
  2. What did I write that allowed you to come to this conclusion?
  3. According to the USA has 7,788 active cases today and only 12 are considered serious or critical. That’s less than 1%. If the country can just slow the increase of new cases things may be brighter than expected.
  4. chipc3

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    I am not sure that the franchise is going to fold as long as Robert Pera is the owner. Your premise is faulty. Any conclusion drawn is irrelevant.
  5. chipc3

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    Did you just quote yourself to ask me a question? Force Majeure - a superior or irresistible force
  6. chipc3

    CoronaVirus Effects

    An interesting website about the virus.
  7. I haven't hidden any of your draft threads. Maybe some other moderator did but not me.
  8. True that it’s a worse case scenario but most people haven’t been tested yet, few took the early warnings Seriously and it’s in all 50 states already. The USA is seeing nearly 1,000 new cases a day right now according to . It doesn’t seem to be contained and is actually increasing in numbers here. This isn’t China also where the government has far greater control over their people. I'm not a scientist and I don't pretend to know just how bad this could turn out being but everything I am hearing from people who should know is that the USA population has no idea how really bad this is. To close down all sports, colleges, businesses and to request national guardsmen and the military to "protect" (which I read to mean enforce) quarantine areas, tells me this is very serious and the NBA season is the least of the country's problems currently.
  9. I believe we can forget this season being played at all. I am hearing predictions of 2 million fatalities from Covid19.
  10. chipc3

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Are you seriously expecting GTF and the rest to listen to facts instead of their finger pointing emotional responses?
  11. Have the Grizzlies been tested?
  12. I can’t merge them but I can lock two and just let one run. Usually I just let them work themselves out however.
  13. The Masters has been put on hold and likely will be cancelled.