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  1. Yes! All things must pass and these dark days will pass as well. The future can only be brighter!
  2. chipc3

    New GM Thread

    A quick rundown of the names being thrown around and their bios where I could find them. David Griffin: Sam Hinkie: Kirk Lacob:
  3. chipc3

    New GM Thread

    You can't trade back to back first round picks. I have a hard time believing the Nets didn't have a first round pick for the 2016, 17 and 18 drafts. In fact they did have a 2017 draft pick and got Jerome Allen.
  4. Didn't you say you were leaving the forum for good a while back?
  5. I'll be at the game and would love to meet up with any posters who will be there.
  6. I expect the team to win 9 more games this season. That would leave them at 28 wins which was also my pre-season prediction!
  7. chipc3

    Roster Moves

    Well at least you are keeping an open mind...
  8. Niner's fan for life. Former Mavs and Bullets fan but when the team came to Memphis I put away those childish things and became a Grizz fan for as long as the team is here.
  9. I really wish our front office could keep things like this under wraps.
  10. chipc3

    Roster Moves

    Same problem, different spin. You don't trust the current FO to handle cap space so you want the same people to bring in another bad contract on the hope they will find a young talent? If you don't trust them to spend the cap space correctly, don't trust them to acquire talent in place of cap space either.
  11. chipc3

    Future of the Grizzlies

    My narrative hasn't changed. I have consistently said that coaches get too much credit and too much blame for the teams they coach. I have consistently said that very few coaches make a difference in how a player performs. I have consistently said Pops is the exception to the rule along with a few others such as Pat Riley and Phil Jackson although neither of those coaches have made as big a difference as Pops. As for a prediction of the Grizzlies future...
  12. chipc3

    New GM Thread

    I still think Kirk Lacob should be the man to replace Chris Wallace but the guys in second and third place for me are Justin Zanik (Utah) and Bill Branch (Portland). Lacob has been in the Warriors front office for six seasons and has been in charge of their player personnel evaluation, draft preparation and scouting, as well as helping to further the use of statistics and technologies in basketball operations. Zanik left Utah a few years ago to go to Cleveland where he was supposed to be GM in waiting but was passed up in favor of Chauncey Billups. He interviewed with Philly before the start of the season for their GM position so he is clearly looking to be the top dog somewhere and has experience with smaller market teams. Branch has been in Portland for a long time so he may not be looking to move up but his running of the player personnel decisions has been pretty good there as Portland has been a playoff team for a long time.
  13. Not to get picky but don't the Grizzlies play the Cavs again on Feb 23rd in Cleveland?