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  1. Still subpar considering he played against a Minnesota team with KAT hanging at the 3 point line and Golden State with no one close to his height. He grabbed 4 rebounds in Game 6. That was an elimination game and he grabbed four rebounds total. Everyone on Golden State's front line grabbed double figures and Adams, who rolled his ankle in the 1st quarter, managed to get 10. Yes this year was JJJ's best so far but he needs to improve a lot.
  2. chipc3

    2022 Lottery

    The previous FO gets the credit for Jaren and DB but they had already been replaced as far as who Pera listened too in the draft room. Chris Makris and Tayshaun Prince ran the scouting on that draft. Afterwards there has been no doubt who was in charge. Tayshaun and Makris make the recommendations and the higher ups follow their recommendations.
  3. chipc3

    2022 Lottery

    My lottery prediction: 1) Houston - 4th largest TV market and one of the teams with the most balls 2) New York Knicks - Largest TV market 3) Orlando - Team needs some help 4) Detroit - Won last year, gets screwed this year 5) OKC - small market 6) Indiana - 7) Portland 8 ) Sacramento - 9) New Orleans (Lakers Pick) 10) San Antonio - 11) Washington - 12) New Orleans 13) L A Clippers 14) Charlotte Not a huge surprise but one long shot (largest TV market) gets a boost. Grizzlies lose the Lakers pick too. 😑
  4. chipc3

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    When has Dillon refused to come off the bench? Can someone show me when or where that was reported or is it just typical rumor driven misstatement? I also agree Dillon is a chucker but he's clearly not the biggest since Dion Waiters. He's more like JR Smith, a huge help when hot but unfortunately unable to realize when he isn't.
  5. chipc3

    2022 Lottery

  6. chipc3

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I doubt he will be on the board when Memphis picks anyway.
  7. chipc3

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    Dillon could be an excellent 6th man. He can defend, create his own shot, has unlimited confidence (needed for a 6th man), a decent passing game and good range. His ability to create off the dribble would mesh perfectly with Melton, Tyus and BC. That also creates a perfect spot for ZW in the starting five. He doesn't have a need for plays run for him, he doesn't have a huge ego to shoot outside the flow of the offense. He can defend the opposing team's best wing scorer too. If I was in the Front Office the concept of Dillon being the 6th man is very exciting. I'd give at least a season to see how he adapts to the role before initiating trade talks.
  8. chipc3

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I remember similar comments being made about Luka Doncic before his draft.
  9. The most likely bust in the draft is whoever Sacramento picks. I like using history as a gauge of future success. 🤣
  10. chipc3

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I'm not saying forever Slim. I am saying this offseason. As he matures he can continue to add parts to his game. Right now, strength, three point shooting and defense are the areas he needs to develop the most. In my opinion, the Grizzlies don't need another dribbler charging into the lane. They need more floor spacing to allow the big three to attack the lane and not have it cluttered. Face it. One of the biggest problems with Dillon is that his best skill is creating his own shot. When he does this too much it takes shots away from players who are better scorers than Dillon. However, even when he isn't forcing up shots, he doesn't spread the court that much. Teams are more than happy to have him shoot from the arc. Coming off the bench Dillon won't be taking shots from the big three as much and his ability to create shots is a bonus with Melton, Tyus and Clarke on the court. It's not so much with Ja, Desmond and Jaren. When ZW becomes more proficient at hitting the three, Ja has a better option to pass to when defenses collapse on him which will save him from a ton of pounding that he is currently taking. That has to be considered a positive. Throw in a rebounding big who can shoot the three and suddenly the court is wide open for Ja to attack or dish off to the open perimeter shooter. That's the system Milwaukee uses isn't it? Wasn't that what San Antonio did as well. Jenkins learned the game from Pops and Budenholzer. Spread the court with shooters and that opened up the paint for Giannis to drive. Spread the court and it opened up the paint for Parker to drive. When teams collapse on them they dish to the open perimeter shooter. It isn't just 'reign in Dillon.' It's keep Dillon in a role that suits his style of play and find the best players to surround Ja with . That means a perimeter threats who force defenders away from the paint. Teams have been using SF's on Ja to beat him up. ZW at 6' 9" can shoot over any PG or SG who tries to hide defensively against him. The offense wasn't bad this season with ZW being so-so from the perimeter when Dillon was out. Imagine how much more deadly the team would be with ZW being a better perimeter shooter!
  11. chipc3

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I agree in part but disagree in other ways. First, ZW should be required to spend three hours a day every day this summer lifting weights. Second, he should spend two hours every day shooting three-point shots. Third, he should spend two hours on defensive positioning exercises. Finally, he should spend an hour on dribbling exercises. That makes for an eight-hour off-season workday. This is an exaggeration of course but the reality is Memphis doesn't need ZW to be a Rudy Gay as much as a Bruce Bowen. Ziaire starting makes him the 4th or 5th offensive option. He isn't going to take shots from Ja, Desmond or Jaren. As such his main role is to be a defensive stopper on the perimeter and a court spacer by hitting three-point shots. If Ziaire could become a more deadly corner three guy he will be taking a defender away from the paint and that will open up lanes for Desmond, Ja and Jaren to exploit. If the defender leaves him then they can hit him with a pass and drain the three. On defense we play Ziaire on the opposing team's best/hot perimeter shooter to shut him down. When/if Ziaire gets into foul trouble we send in Dillon Brooks to shut that player down. This makes Dillon the sixth man instead of a starter. It will force Dillon to watch the game instead of coming in hyped up. His game is perfect as a high volume scorer off the bench who can also play great defense. I've heard people say Dillon won't accept that role but we will never know until he is placed in that position. If Dillon can't accept a 10th pick in the draft is going to be given his job then the team can address that at the all-star break or before. In the meantime ZW is best suited to fit into the role the Grizzlies need filled.
  12. How do you know Dillon? Have you spoken with him? Has he told you he won't mature and develop? The man is 26. I wasn't finished growing at 26 and for those of you who have lived at least that long do you feel at 26 you had it all figured out? Give him a break. He tried to help the team win. He failed but he gave his best effort. Next time he will be better.