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    bad brooks

    I think your third point is part of the reason that this stat may not be "failing." When you're not efficient, and take 20 shots a game, that's taking away possessions from more efficient and productive teammates. When Dillon calls his own number and takes a wild, midrange shot falling away from the basket, that is basically a turnover. Also, I think his fouling drops his defensive rating here as much as the tough assignments he draws. He was #1 in the entire league in fouls last year. Seems a bit better this year, but he still fouls at an obscene rate. I can imagine that advanced analytics of all kinds hate a player like Dillon, but you're right that they shouldn't be seen as some kind of definitive statement but more as one variable in a huge equation.
  2. Zappastache

    bad brooks

    LMAOOOOO IT'S BOTH! I thought his defense was actually pretty good. Eye test failing me.
  3. Zappastache

    bad brooks

    Hmm, guess his offensive score is dragging him down? Not sure what to make of this metric. Would be interested in what those offense vs defense scores are.
  4. Zappastache

    bad brooks

    What is TPA?
  5. wasn't that what Justice said the plan was in his press conference?
  6. I mean, his rookie year they held him out for the remainder of the season after a minor injury to tank too, didn't they? I'd be getting pretty ****** if I was him too, especially if they are going to try to hold that over his head in contract negotiations (which they should, and will). Hard to know what's really going on, but as a fan watching games, it is painful to see our rotations with so many missing players, thinking how good we actually could be.
  7. Yeah i heard that too...
  8. Dillon's gonna read this board at halftime and go off 🔥
  9. Jonas gonna get pulled off the floor in the middle of the game from a sudden NBA suspension?
  10. Not getting my hopes up, but will definitely watch this one and see the national tv crew root against us. The broadcast team was NOT happy that the Grizz had the lead against LA in the last ESPN game. I think TNT will be a little bit more fair (except Shaq).
  11. Zappastache

    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Lakers -2/12/21

    Yup. And the bench with all our injured players.
  12. Zappastache

    Memphis @ San Antonio - 2/1/21

  13. Zappastache

    Memphis @ San Antonio - 2/1/21

    ah ok. hopefully a repeat of saturday then with the good play from our bigs with JVs absence. That's quite a long list 😕
  14. Zappastache

    Memphis @ San Antonio - 2/1/21

    JV is supposed to come back tonight, but I've been loving our lineups without him 😅😬 I think he is a good matchup against San Antonio's lineup with Aldridge at the 5 though, as long as Aldridge doesn't get too hot on offense. Excited to watch grizz games with regularity again!
  15. Zappastache

    All Star Ja

    This is the year for MC. I'll throw him a few votes too.
  16. Zappastache

    Memphis Grizzlies @ San Antonio Spurs 1/30/21

    You mean THIS year right?
  17. Zappastache

    Memphis Grizzlies @ San Antonio Spurs 1/30/21

    Where's Justice? WHERE'S OUR THIRD HIGHEST PAID PLAYER?! That doesn't look like him there between Konch and Allen. I can be in team practice picture and get the team hyped up from the sideline for $13M.
  18. Zappastache

    20 Year Season Ticket Jackets

    ****, those are fly. I've never been a season ticket holder but talked to a ticket rep mgr when watching the McGregor fight this weekend. Said they were doing some deals at the moment for 2021-22 since this poor season has been a wash from the FEF perspective. Might have to jump on that.
  19. Zappastache

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    JJ Redick and Lonzo on the block potentially. Not sure that either would fit here, and i think they are both on expiring deals... But an interesting development nonetheless.
  20. Zappastache

    ESPN disrespecting the Grizzlies

    Ha yeah I didn't think this was much of a slight. It was Paul Pierce's opinion, which isn't exactly scripture. Also, I would probably agree that we are right on that line and at the end of the season probably will be either the 8th seed or one of the play-in teams. I am not as convinced about Golden State staying competitive, but if Curry is back to form (as he seems to be) they should be right with us in the 7-10 range.
  21. Don't think they'll try to tank, but Lonzo is playing himself out of the rotation and I could see them trading him since they don't want to pay him.
  22. Zappastache

    Grizz Getting Off On Opponents

    Nice. Kevin O'Connor does a podcast with Chris Vernon for the Ringer called "The Mismatch," so he has to hear from Verno all the time about watching Ja live and the fun team we have down here. Like that they call out that Ja is a great team player and makes the others around him better. Took a shot at Trae Young when comparing them in that aspect 🤣 Love the respect that Tillman and Bane get from the Ringer crew too. I've been listening to some of their podcasts and Tillman especially gets a ton of love.
  23. Zappastache

    Suns fans on Booker

    No kidding. Y'all are crazy if you think he's just a stat padder. He is having a bit of a tough time adjusting to the snail's pace that they are playing at with the addition of CP3 to run the show, but he's still awesome. He had a terrible game against us after a week off due to the contract tracing stuff, but he's miles better than any wing we have on the roster. If he improved his playmaking a bit (which i think he'll be forced to with them playing in the half court so often this year), he will be an all-star every year.
  24. So no word on who exactly was out for us? We have any positive tests?