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  1. Zappastache

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    I think Parsons' expiring especially will be worth something at least. Problem is the players that match salary and whose teams would be willing to trade for Parsons is probably a short list. Gordon Hayward has one extra year than Parsons @ 34 mil. I feel like he is realistic if Boston needs that space for a big free agent splash year after next. Kevin Love would possibly make sense but i don't like it from the Grizz standpoint AT ALL (too many years of crazy money) Batum would make sense Eric Bledsoe? Dennis Schroeder? Waiters? Marcus Smart? I'm not sure we'll be able to swing anything for Parsons that isn't Batum or Hayward (that's looking at single players that make sense with the salary numbers) (sort by 2019-2020 salary)
  2. It's sad that we'll be having another lottery watch party instead of actually being a decent team. I'd be cool with top 3 or convey. Would be very disappointed with #8 or #4. Well... maybe someone would screw up the top 3 picks and we'd get one of Ja Morant or RJ Barrett. Honestly think this draft is sketchy and would be happiest with conveying.
  3. Not at all. I want a pick next year. Guaranteed to happen if we convey this year.
  4. Lord jesus please give us #9
  5. Zappastache

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    I agree trading Mike should bring back as little salary as possible. I wouldn't mind Hayward if it was in a trade for Parsons. I could see Boston maybe wanting to get off the last year of the Hayward contract to have max money in 2020-2021. This summer would have to go pretty poorly for them to consider that though. I think it's possible both Mike and Chandler will still be around until the trade deadline, and Wallace will throw up his hands again and say "nobody would give us what these great players were worth!" when we can't find a trade at the very last minute.
  6. Zappastache

    Kyle Anderson Injury

    Whaaaat. We just can't win when it comes to injuries. This team has bad juju. Trail of tears runs right near the forum, the curse is real.
  7. Zappastache

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I think you're right on the order (though maybe throw Reddish in there with Culver and Hunter) which makes me even more hopeful that we convey. and if we don't PLEASE GOD let us pick top 4. #7 or 8 in this draft will be the WORST possible scenario. d@mn you Chris Wallace... we couldve been tanking, looking for a (better) shot at Zion.
  8. I think it will be tough for us to stay out of the top 6 next year also, which is why I'd prefer to convey now in a weak draft. If we do keep our pick, let's pray we jump up to top 3 or 4.
  9. Would you really rather have Coby White this year and nothing in 2020 than convey now? We could be terrible in 2020, and give up the #1 pick to Boston.
  10. If we're drafting 8th though, we probably can't find a great guard. It's Ja or bust from a guard standpoint. We're looking at worst case scenario of picking 7th or 8th right now ūüėď
  11. This is the issue. I think it would at least make the fanbase feel better if we didn't have to guess whether or not Wallace is making decisions any longer. I know I personally I would feel better if he was gone.
  12. Washington is looking like they will have their choice among many competent GM options. The article mentions the fact that they are in such a bad cap situation with Wall's terrible deal that the new GM feels they will have some leash and not have to worry about losing their job in just one or two years. If When the Grizz fire Wallace, will the same be the case for us? Will we EVER get a competent GM? Do we already have a different set of people making front-office decisions and GM Chris Wallace is only GM in name and there to take the heat? Let's discuss.
  13. Zappastache

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I've watched a couple of the Duke games in the tourney and Reddish was pretty mediocre. His body looks the part but he has to have really killed his stock by going to Duke instead of somewhere where he'd be featured instead of a distant 3rd fiddle. I guess if we could get him at #7 or 8 i'd be happy but he doesn't look like a top 5 pick from what I saw in the tourney. I am no expert though, and wasn't really paying attention to the prospects other than the fact that you can't miss the production of Zion and RJ Barrett when watching Duke games.
  14. This is the $113 Million question. I agree, and hope it's not just Gasol leaving for 2 reasons: 1. Maybe Bickerstaff is a decent coach. I like his staff. 2. I loved Gasol and don't want to think that a.) we should've traded him sooner b.) he actually was a "coach killer" with us. Wasn't a huge fan of how everything shook out with Fiz, and still not sure what happened with Joerger. Are any coaches going to want to come here if we fire JB? I guess he has had a year and a half of mediocrity, but we have not treated coaches well in the past 5 years.
  15. Zappastache

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    seems like the answer is no. sad that neither he nor Kyle Anderson are playing. are we being extra cautious or are they actually injured? we could use them to try to convey this **** pick. would be good to get wins against teams like the Wizards instead of putting us in a spot to keep the **** #8 pick and make the conclusion of this season the absolute WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO.