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  1. Zappastache

    Nut Heads IV

    What is this thread? I've lurked here a long time before i started posting, so remember seeing it active, but don't know what started it or why it keeps coming back lol. inb4 i'm too lazy to read the first couple pages
  2. Zappastache

    NBA Rising Stars Game

    That was rediculously entertaining. They were kinda playing defense, and definitely fighting for rebounds after the first few mins (BC gobbled up every one). Ending was so much fun. Wish Ja, BC and Zion had hit those dunks. That needs to be a new tradition if the game isn't close. I feel like this game will be much more competitive than the actual ASG. I dunno what will happen, but on paper, lebron's team is so much better than giannis's. BC is MVP of this game next year. Book it.
  3. Zappastache

    Dion Waiters appreciation thread

    We just took him in a trade to match money. I could see that happening again next year, regardless of his play. As an asset, we lose the ability to trade his contract if we buy him out, right? Seems like that should be a decision made more like next year, but I guess that might not be the best look if he wants to play and we hold him out. I think that is why they want to go this route, so that he isn't around the locker room or disgruntled away from the team. Someone will take a flier on him.
  4. Zappastache

    Dion Waiters appreciation thread

    Like, we trade for players and then don't let them get on the court? Do we have a reputation for that? Only one i can think of right now is Iggy, who wanted that himself so doesn't really count.
  5. Zappastache

    Dion Waiters appreciation thread

    I don't know how excited I was about his on-court fit, but I still am surprised by this also. It'd be one thing if he was expiring, but we're gonna have his dead number on our books next year. Wouldn't he be more useful as a chip in trades for matching salary? Do we absolutely need the roster spot to not cut someone?
  6. Zappastache


    Can't believe GSW would be so high on Wiggins. Thought it would take a lot more to move that monster contract. This makes minny a much better team and now FA destination. Not good for the rest of the west
  7. Zappastache

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Yeah i'm trying to figure out who could match Johnson's big salary on either Milwaukee or Minnesota... Dieng would be interesting but don't know why they'd let go of him, and he's owed $17M next year anyway so it's still eating into our capspace if we did get him. Think we might be done and holding onto both Johnson and Waiters at least until around draft time.
  8. Zappastache

    Three-team trade involving the Grizzlies?

    I misread Shams's tweets, he has only confirmed Waiters coming back so far. But we are def sending Solo and Crowder to them so think we need one more of Johnson or Olynyk from them to make salaries work. Probably should include a pick or two, yes.
  9. Zappastache

    Three-team trade involving the Grizzlies?

    Olynyk is expiring so don't think that would be a huge deal, but would hate to take on both Waiters and Johnson since they're both getting paid like $15M each next season.
  10. Zappastache

    Three-team trade involving the Grizzlies?

    Better be Olynyk. I'm good with taking on ONE bad contract that goes into next year, but would prefer the second to be expiring. Apparently that's not the case tho. Shams saying we are taking both 😶
  11. Yeah smart on our part. Some offers would've been thrown around and we would've matched a number that's probably 5-10M higher than we got him for. Front office playing that 4d chess.
  12. Zappastache

    Three-team trade involving the Grizzlies?

    where y'all reading this? I've seen it speculated but it could very well be we take one of them and OKC takes the other.
  13. Zappastache

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Yeah we better be getting a 1st to take on BOTH those bad contracts, even with Winslow. Don't like having their contracts on the books next year, but I'd bet we could move one of them in another move this summer. So meh maybe it aint as bad as i'm making it out to be.
  14. Zappastache

    Dillon Brooks signs 3 year, $35M extension

    Nah it would be less, I'd think.