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  1. Zappastache

    Team Hero Suns @ Grizzlies 01/18/21

    I wanna give BC the nod, but Ja was too clutch, so he's team hero. BC really did work for us against Ayton and their bigs with Jonas out. His defense is stellar all over the floor and on switches.
  2. Zappastache

    NBA disrespecking us yet again: Let's Boycot!!!

    The replies set em straight though. don't think they'll be calling Zion rebounds z-bounds again anytime soon after the roasting in the replies XD
  3. Zappastache


    I agree, I think they FO is looking to use him in a trade and thought about that when they acquired him. Problem is, his number is HUGE. $17.2 M he is getting paid this year. #1 on our team. If there is a deal out there for his contract, it would be someone trying to get off of money for next year. and who is getting paid enough this year to match that number, that a team doesn't want to pay next year? Probably nobody we'd want. Anyone who would trade for him is probably going to be asking for a 1st or BC to give us a player worth anything. So my guess is he's just going to roll off the books and the Winslow trade is going to continue to look worse. Especially when Winslow, Dieng and Waiters are 3 of the top 4 of the salaries on our books this year (NOT ONE OF THEM IS PLAYING AT THE MOMENT). One thing I thought about though was that we could jump into someone else's trade and include Dieng to make the numbers work for them. Not sure what realistic scenarios there are for that tho. I'm not optimistic
  4. BC again with the most consistent performance. Grayson shot us back into this one. First time he's outplayed bane all year. Bane had a really rough game offensively.
  5. Yeah, I think they wanted to convey last year when they saw where we were in the standings at the end of the year. If we had a higher chance of getting a top 3 pick I'm sure they would have played it differently. I agree that I never want to tank. I watch every game and go to a ton of them. I certainly want to see the best, most competitive team we can field. But getting Ja has completely turned this franchise's hopes around, and getting another player of his caliber in the draft has to be on their mind. I am speaking hypothetically, in that if you were going to tank, this is a year when potential repercussions are less than when there are fans in the stands.
  6. Looking for our FIRST western conference win #StealthTank #JustFrontOfficeThings I'm getting to Q levels of conspiracy with Justice and Jaren's injuries at this point. How the F has Justice Winslow played 0 games for us so far? Did we already decide on his option for next year, because I'm thinking that cap space could be more useful than a bench cheerleader.
  7. Not sure how you can say this with so much certainty. If the front office and the team doctors are on the same page then they can do their best to "tank" by being "extra cautious" with injuries and providing the coach with inferior talent to work with. The coaches and players are never going to tank, because their continued employment and future salaries depend on current performance. But the coach can only work with the players he has available. The front office can have a longer-term view and sacrifice current success for a higher draft pick that may lead to more success (i.e. revenue) in the future. If you were going to tank, this is the year. There is no risk of losing ticket revenue from disgruntled fans who want to see Jaren play instead of whatever we pull off the scrap heap while half of our team is on the injured list.
  8. Yup. Melton looks so bad with the ball in his hands and Frazier has been a bit shaky also. Lots of turnovers when we don't have Kyle, Tyus or Ja handling the ball. Regarding getting Bane and BC and others more touches, I think it's just how the offense runs. It's not meant to have plays run for anyone really, just for a screen to be set by a big, the guard to penetrate and kick (or go to the hoop), and if that doesn't lead to a shot, for that to repeat with another pick n roll with a big and guard at the top of the key. I agree that with Dillon, he calls his own number off of these screens a bit too often. His vision does seem to be slightly improving though.
  9. Zappastache

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Nets 01/08/2021

    BC finally looking like himself. He's my TH for sure in this one. Don't like him shooting 6 threes a game tho... I know they were leaving him open but I think 3 or 4 attempts is the most we should see from Brandon even when he starts. Grayson is playing his way out of rotation. Bane is already better than him and Konchar should also be above him in the rotation when he returns.
  10. Zappastache

    Schedule Look Ahead...How Many Wins in Next 7 Game Stretch?

    ūüėé I figured we'd get one of the one's we weren't supposed to.
  11. I think they are holding Jaren and Winslow out purposely, hoping for a high draft pick in a year where the loss of revenue from ticket sales that comes from being a bad team is mitigated by COVID. Best time to tank when the fans cant hold you accountable.
  12. Zappastache

    Brooklyn Nets vs Memphis Grizzlies - 1/8/21

    This game so far is an example of how analytics are making the ability to hit a 3 the ONLY thing that teams care about. Last night: bricking a million open 3s Tonight: dribbling two steps inside the line and hitting a jumpshot. Using the screen to drive and actually going to the rim instead of just passing to players WHO CAN'T HIT A THREE. Right now Tillman, JV, Clarke jacking up multiple threes. Why...? We should play to our strengths.
  13. Zappastache

    Brooklyn Nets vs Memphis Grizzlies - 1/8/21

    Yeah where is he? Tillman looks good for a rookie tho.
  14. Zappastache

    Cleveland Cavs vs Memphis Grizzlies - 1/7/21

    I know this is a joke, but it honestly feels like we are trying to lose these games...
  15. We wouldn't need to trade Kyle for Otto Porter bc Porter is on the last year of his contract and will be a free agent this summer. He's definitely one of the wings that I hope the FO is strongly considering.