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  1. Zappastache

    Memphis Grizzlies @ New York Knicks - 4/9/21

    Their interior defense has actually been one of their biggest strengths. I saw a post on reddit yesterday commenting that Nerlens Noel has been one of the best defensive bigs in the league this year in NY. JV is a monster and should still get his, but we'll definitely be relying on some outside shooting again to win this one. Trap game for sure.
  2. Zappastache


    I don't think this is a hard decision on his option. Nobody should be paying Justice Winslow over $10M a year. If we want to keep him, decline the option and negotiate a 1 or 2 year deal at $6M per or something. Or just let him go find his own 1 year "prove it" deal somewhere else if he wants that much money. No point falling for the sunk cost fallacy at this point. We should use our money wisely, not pay someone because "who else is available?" What to with that money is a whole other discussion, but it DEFINITELY shouldn't be spent to pay full price on a player that can't (and shouldn't) crack the rotation above a Deanthony Melton
  3. Zappastache

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/31/21

    Dillon was frustrating at the end of the game, but it was our defense on Conley that lost us the game. Most of that was on Ja, and then finally they switched Ja onto someone else but then whomever Ja was guarding would get a rebound or bully him. I think Ja's 3 point shot developing is important, but his defense is his most needed area of improvement, by FAR. Jazz have a great roster. Why can't we get just one or two vets who can score? We have JV and Kyle Anderson, they had Clarkson, Bogdanovic and Ingles. Maybe our players will develop into that, but I'd love to see a trade or signing of veteran scorer at some point this offseason.
  4. Zappastache

    Predict JJJ's Return

    Chris Wallace is still on staff? Jesus... I need to get me a job where they keep me on payroll for years after they fire me
  5. Zappastache

    what a call (back again)

    me too! lucky my wife wasn't sleeping yet, bc I probably would've woke her up. Yeah Dillon KILLED us in the last 5 mins with his terrible shots. The broadcast team made him the player of the game and kept praising his performance, and I was yelling at the TV that "7 for 20 is NOT A GOOD NIGHT!" He really doesn't know when to pass the ball.
  6. Zappastache

    what a call (back again)

    also, how about Holiday laying on the out-of-bounds line on his steal that got them that extra possession at the end? Thought they should've challenged that foul call against Ja with 1 min left as well, where dude turned his ankle and then they decided to call one on Ja who was just standing there. refs kinda screwed us in the last min of that game.
  7. Zappastache

    bad brooks

    I think your third point is part of the reason that this stat may not be "failing." When you're not efficient, and take 20 shots a game, that's taking away possessions from more efficient and productive teammates. When Dillon calls his own number and takes a wild, midrange shot falling away from the basket, that is basically a turnover. Also, I think his fouling drops his defensive rating here as much as the tough assignments he draws. He was #1 in the entire league in fouls last year. Seems a bit better this year, but he still fouls at an obscene rate. I can imagine that advanced analytics of all kinds hate a player like Dillon, but you're right that they shouldn't be seen as some kind of definitive statement but more as one variable in a huge equation.
  8. Zappastache

    bad brooks

    LMAOOOOO IT'S BOTH! I thought his defense was actually pretty good. Eye test failing me.
  9. Zappastache

    bad brooks

    Hmm, guess his offensive score is dragging him down? Not sure what to make of this metric. Would be interested in what those offense vs defense scores are.
  10. Zappastache

    bad brooks

    What is TPA?
  11. wasn't that what Justice said the plan was in his press conference?
  12. I mean, his rookie year they held him out for the remainder of the season after a minor injury to tank too, didn't they? I'd be getting pretty ****** if I was him too, especially if they are going to try to hold that over his head in contract negotiations (which they should, and will). Hard to know what's really going on, but as a fan watching games, it is painful to see our rotations with so many missing players, thinking how good we actually could be.
  13. Yeah i heard that too...
  14. Dillon's gonna read this board at halftime and go off ūüĒ•
  15. Jonas gonna get pulled off the floor in the middle of the game from a sudden NBA suspension?