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  1. Zappastache

    GRIZZ are playoff bound in 2019

    Love the optimism but Grizz are bottom 3 team in the west next year, most likely. Vegas has them at 25.5 wins for next year currently, 3rd worst in the league. Vegas doesn't like to lose money and so I think we can trust that projection is at least somewhat close. We'll see how free agency shifts the landscape, but seriously doubt we are a 35+ win team next year and DEFINITELY not a playoff team. West is staaaacked right now. If Kawhi comes over here... lord help us. 3 of the 4 top picks in the draft went to the west, LAL and NOP got way better. This is a warzone and we better stay out of the trenches.
  2. Zappastache

    FA Targets

    Adam's is making the same as Giannis for the next two years. $25M and $27M. Id need 2 firsts to take that contract. I think he's good but not that good and not worth the cap space for a position we hope Jaren can play. Maybe there's another team who that makes sense for but not us.
  3. Zappastache

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    But there's nobody to go after next year. Would be a good year to have space. #chancun
  4. Zappastache

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I think we can get someone around mid-level after we pay JV and Delon and factor in our rookies. Maybe not even though I haven't done the math. I guess we wouldn't be able to get anyone with max space anyway so it's probably better we don't overpay someone. Our roster is kind of clogged up and we have a lot of expirings. I like Crowder and wish we got more locked up assets from the Conley trade but I like that we got Clarke.
  5. Zappastache

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I thought he played the 2 in Portland mostly... Even saw him out there with both CJ and Dame a few times
  6. Zappastache

    GRIZZ are playoff bound in 2019

    Fair enough. Think that's a bit much but if he improves his shot that will be a steal. And he is young... I feel like we are kind of boxed in and he has a lot of leverage. Hope we can get a team option on the fourth year if it's $20M plus or even just 3 years where it doesn't exceed $17-$18M
  7. Zappastache

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Hence my comment about having to (over) pay the Middletons of the world. Would love to overpay Middleton right now tbh... but that's not even really an option I am scared of what JVs number is gonna be so I don't think we will have much cap, even with the expected departure of AB and Korver. Maybe we can get Seth Curry? Even he could be too rich for our blood. Could be a good fit tho.
  8. Zappastache

    GRIZZ are playoff bound in 2019

    I pray to God we don't give JV a contract like that. Adam's and Capela are grossly overpaid for their roles/production. I really like JV too, but I just can't. Unless it's only 2 or 3 years, team option, etc. We don't want a $20M season of JV sitting there on our books when it's time to pay a 22 year old Jaren.
  9. Zappastache

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I agree would be nice to snatch picks with castaways for the teams that need space to sign major free agents, since we aren't getting any of them ūüėĒ Thinking of all the huge deals that are going to be given out this summer and we have effing Parsons clogging up our cap. Kawhi Jimmy Butler Tobias Harris Klay Kemba Porzingis Kyrie Deangelo Russell Kris Middleton (maybe) All getting max contracts. Plus so many other good players who are worth going after. Shame we aren't in the hunt to add a max veteran to slot right in with our shiny new core. Maybe we will always pay the Middleton types a little too much because it's hard to recruit people to the market. This type of class isn't gonna be out there next year, I can tell you that.
  10. Zappastache

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I feel like we really may have just drafted a more exciting version of Kyle Anderson. But I could def see Kyle starting next year. I don't get the Bruno obsession around here either. I guess if he can become a great shooter he was compared to Kevin Durant on draft night so we'll have to max him too. We have a lot of wings now... Can any of them shoot?
  11. Zappastache

    The Brandon Clarke thread

    Kinda feel the same on him as a prospect. I doubt he plays much/any center tho. His highlights remind me a lot of a more skilled Rabb. But those numbers don't lie... He killed it last year in college. Feel like this was an analytics pick or at least that they desire it to be perceived that way. I see him as a backup 3/4 and hope he can get minutes because he looks exciting.
  12. Zappastache

    thanks mike, wow

    He'll get a statue with the core 4 and his jersey retired, and he deserves it. Salute to one of the cornerstones of our most successful years. Cheers Mike!
  13. Zappastache

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    Still hate this trade with Utah idea, as the picks are pretty much guaranteed to be in the 20s
  14. Zappastache

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    Not a ton of exciting prospects on Utah that we'd want back. I guess they have room to absorb him? If we had to match salaries it would be tough. Guess this will a future-building move. We'll be focusing on getting picks and Favors and maybe Grayson Allen. Pretty meh and we'll probably going to be sad with the return. Thought the Gasol return was OK but I was hoping Mike could at least fetch something a little better than that.