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  1. Zappastache

    We did not just trade for Oubre

    Apparently we have been talking to Phoenix about Dillon for a while. Jes├║s Christo Wallace, what the f...
  2. Zappastache

    The Grizzlies should trade for John Wall

    John Wall's contract is the type of contract that could put a small franchise in the dumpster for years. Washington is NEVER going to get rid of that contract. It would be one thing if he was one of the 3 best players in the league (I seriously don't think that even Giannis on this contract would be moveable). I think John Wall would be interesting on our roster (Mike is sensational off-ball and has been needing someone to take on more point duties for years), but at that number, NO THANK YOU.
  3. I think this is close to what reality will be. The west is brutal and I find it hard to believe we will make it past 44 wins or so. Big game tonight!
  4. Zappastache


    I've heard that mustardy Carolina 'cue is pretty good but havent tried it. Ate some brisket in Austin, TX that was really good but i wouldn't trust them with pork anyway.
  5. Zappastache

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Lots of love here on the board. Must be our Jarebear bringing us all together ­čÉ╗­čĺŚ Go Grizz!
  6. Zappastache

    March toward 50 wins - grizzlies edition

    I wonder what FiveThirtyEight has our playoff prediction number at now after predicting us to win 32 games or whatever. Edit: just looked and they update after every game. Still only a 19% chance and our predicted win total is now at 38. Guess I can take solace in the fact they predicted Hillary Clinton to win the election with 99% certainty ­čśů
  7. Zappastache

    Roster Moves

    I like to look at the league by contract value, so I can figure out who we can trade expiring Parsons for. Would love to get in on the Washington blow up (Beal or Porter or even possibly Wall), and if the Blazers were to crater (they're actually looking great though) maybe they'd trade McCollum and take on Parsons to get cap room in 2020-2021 (those are high hopes). Also my thought it the Lakers, Rockets and Warrirors will need to move money around to change their rosters so who could end up being the odd man out that we could snatch. I don't think it is a good idea for us to rely on free agency, though i can dream of a Julius Randle signing or a scoring wing.
  8. Zappastache

    Parsons - Disabled Player Exception or SOMETHING

    right, and i said i was wrong, that we could actually potentially get something from him when he is an expiring contract. just frustrated there is nothing we can do to help the team NOW
  9. Zappastache

    Parsons - Disabled Player Exception or SOMETHING

    I think you're right. He may actually have value next year as a huge expiring number, versus whatever we could get off the scrap heap to replace him. Unless all his cap space is off the books this summer and we could sign a Randle or someone then I think desperately trying to take on a longer contract next year is our only hope. Some potential trade targets near Parsons salary next year: Bradley Beal CJ McCollum Otto Porter Nicolas Batum Jrue Holiday (ugly contract tho) These are all players whose contracts go on beyond next year and I could maybe see their teams wanting to trade them.
  10. Zappastache

    Parsons - Disabled Player Exception or SOMETHING

    But then we'll be paying him like a MLE for 4 years while he's chillin in Miami with some Instagram thot... Don't want this pain to drag on for 8 years instead of 4. I'm just thinking the NBA has to have something where we can get out of the last year of the contract if he hasn't even played 25% of the time he has been signed.
  11. yeah they have been loyal, but i just think that money was the primary motivation. And IIRC, neither player had another offer on the table (though people would have paid at least close to max for both) lol yeah these cell phones are pretty addictive. but i should be working and am on this board arguing about Parsons ­čśů
  12. The thing is, nobody else would have paid either of them even close to what we offered. We overpaid both these guys to keep them in our small market, and that is the only real reason they are here. They don't deserve any credit for making a smart financial decision and making $50M more each than they would've anywhere else. It's tough being Memphis. I help recruit IT employees right out of college for my company, and the biggest factor for people not accepting a position is that they don't want to live in Memphis. I think it is the same thing for NBA players, and the only way we can make up for that is overpaying (much like my company does for these entitled millennials ­čśŁ - jk) I love Mike and Marc also, but I don't like this narrative that they are some kind of loyalist hometown heroes. Nobody else was going to offer Conley the max and even if they did, they couldn't offer the 5th year of freakin $32M or whatever. Same for Marc, and even after getting paid he acts like he doesn't want to be here half the time anyway.
  13. Since Parsons is still nowhere to be found, I've been thinking: is there SOMETHING we can do so that we can use some of that salary number on a player that can actually see the court? I read that the Disabled Player Exception allows the team to use up to half of a players salary if they are evaluated as being unavailable until June 15th of that season. Can we get our doctors to say that this is the case with Parsons and just sign a re-animated corpse or any halfway-decent player that could contribute? Is there another option we have to just get the contract off the books next year also? Seems like there should be some way to get out of this hell if he isn't able to get on the court. I feel like this dude is robbing us (I know, it is not his fault, but rather is Chris Wallace's)
  14. Zappastache

    Pulling a KB. JJJ?

    One thing i noticed from the stats page that Chip posted is that Jaren has much fewer minutes played than Doncic, Young and Ayton. I think a few of these games where he's been benched because of foul trouble have brought down his season-long numbers so far. let's hope he can stay on the court and give us 25+ min a game for the rest of the year and keep improving. I agree I'd like to see him featured more on offense but just contributing and improving is we really need out of him.
  15. Zappastache

    Grizzlies vs Jazz - 11/12/2018

    Thanks Chip! I should go to this game...