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  1. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Boston Celtics 8/11/2020

    Just try copying and pasting the link without doing anything. It should automatically embed it but you need to use the link in the address bar. I think it works for most people but I have heard some people say it doesn't work for them. I use google Chrome and it works by just pasting.
  2. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Boston Celtics 8/11/2020

    Look at this B.S. i guess they wanted to beat us in hopes we don't make the playoffs so that they will get a better pick.
  3. Ole Dirty Klondike


    My bad 0-3. I'm still not convinced that Winslow will be that big of an upgrade for us. We shall see but I think he needs to play alongside a high scoring wing (not Dillon) to be the most effective and that's not something we have. He sure as heck won't be that guy.
  4. If Dillon made 1 more FG per game he would be in the upper 40% near 50% for FG and avg around 18ppg. I'm sure no one would have a problem with that. He's streaky and that's why I have said since day 1 that I would love to see him be our 6th man so that he comes off of the bench and light it up with teh second unit.
  5. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Boston Celtics 8/11/2020

    While scanning Twitter, happened to see this. Just posting since people are talking about LaVine:
  6. Ole Dirty Klondike


    Yep, but dude used to live in South Memphis ­čśé­čśé­čśé­čśé I remember watching an interview and they were talking about how Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett filmed his intro in Jarret's back yard and tried to make it look like a jungle.Great gimmick !!! But he fell on hard times in recent years. I think he had both legs amputated due to diabetes and I know he was struggling financially. Vince M. messed him over big time and didn't pay him anywhere near what Hogan, the Undertaker and other big stars were getting paid although he was headlining too. He said Vince told him that's what he agreed to so that's what he got, basically shut up and leave me alone. He said he had no idea he was being underpaid. Sad story. I don't think they ever inducted him into the WWE HOF either. Just sad.
  7. Ole Dirty Klondike


    Beating the Bucks doesn't guarantee we make the playoffs, only the play-in and with as poorly as we have been playing and as well as POR and PHX have been playing, I don't see how anyone can realistically think we can get out of that especially now that POR is #8 and we're #9, so we would have to beat them twice now. My take on it is this....the team that is out there now, is not the team that put us in a position to be in the playoff hunt. We have been a different team ever since that trade. Before the trade, we had vet leadership from Crowder and Hill, we had a healthy JJJ, a healthy BC and Ja had found his groove. After that trade, JJJ was injured, Winslow was never healthy, then BC was injured and now in the bubble JJJ is injured, WInslow is still injured and Tyus is injured and we have no vet leadership. It's just a different team. It's not the same exciting team that got us here. We need a new cast of role players.
  8. Ole Dirty Klondike


    Yep, straight out of northwest Mississippi or the jungles of Uganda, whichever you prefer!
  9. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Can Someone Convince Me.....

    i'm saying that we overachieved and they made a move under the guise of "for the future" which blew our chances. I think they just wanted to avoid the playoffs, just my opinion.
  10. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Boston Celtics 8/11/2020

    Write up on the Bulls future specifically around Lavine. The Zach LaVine extension It was only two years ago that LaVine signed a four-year, $78 million offer sheet with the Sacramento Kings -- a contract the Bulls matched. In those two seasons, LaVine has averaged 23.7 and 25.5 points per game, respectively, making his $19.5 million per year salary one of the league's best bargains. However, in those two seasons, the Bulls' 44-103 record has somewhat overshadowed the play of LaVine, evident by his getting bypassed as an All-Star Game selection in February. "I've never won anything," LaVine told ESPN earlier this season. "Sometimes you get drafted to a really good team where you're already in the playoffs and you're a winning player, but I haven't experienced anything like that. I'm still trying to learn this like everybody else because it hasn't come easy for us." Since he was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2014, LaVine has never reached the postseason. His most wins (29) came in his second season with the Timberwolves. The playoff futility is a reason why LaVine is often compared to Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker, an elite scorer who has not played in meaningful games past the All-Star break (though the Suns are trying to change that with an impressive run inside the bubble). LaVine is set to enter Year 3 of his contract with his third different head coach. The Bulls can extend him (something they can do as early as Oct. 18) for an additional three seasons starting in 2022-23, at a total salary of $76 million ($23.4, $25.3 and $27.1 million per year, respectively). The deadline for a new contract is Nov. 30, the eve of the scheduled start date of the 2020-21 season. The decision for LaVine could come down to multiple factors: Does LaVine have faith in the new management group led by Karnisovas? What is the blueprint on how this team can compete for a playoff spot? Besides $76 million in guaranteed money, what exactly are the pros of signing an extension? LaVine would become an unrestricted free agent in 2022, when he will be in the prime of his career at age 27. A new contract could put him in a Bulls uniform through 2024-25 on a team-friendly salary. If there is no extension, LaVine would enter the 2021-22 season on an expiring contract and be one of the most sought after names prior to the 2022 trade deadline.
  11. Ole Dirty Klondike


    I'm definitely not alone in my opinion:
  12. Ole Dirty Klondike


    Personally I think those weaknesses were exposed a long time ago and everyone knows what those are, lol. I look at this 8 gaMe stint as a pseudo-playoff experience. Every team was in thE playoff race in some way and most teams are playing playoff level bball. The difference is there is no travel, no fans and you played 8 teams instead of playing a best of 7 series against 1 team but I think they have been exposed to a pseudo-playoff environment already and should learn from it.
  13. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Can Someone Convince Me.....

    Personally, I think we unexpectedly overachieved and the F.O. made the trade under the guise of "planning for the future" but in reality wanted to keep our win total low. When that trade was made, there was no guarantee that Winslow would even play this season so in essence they already threw this season in the trash as they got rid of 2 contributors knowing that the guy they were obtaining may not even play. This is partially why I don't care about this bubble anymore because the team in the bubble is not the team that got us in the playoff hunt to be in the bubble so we are a shell of ourselves, especially with the injuries.
  14. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Milwaukee Bucks - 8/13/20

    i think they already know, especially the vets. I'm also worried about a freak injury. At some point, we have to face reality. It's been good that the young guys have experienced a pseudo-playoff style environment but obviously we weren't prepared to up our game and then we had some bad luck as well. Quite honestly, I think they have learned as much as they could up to this point, play-in game or not, getting swept by the Lakers or not. We are clearly undermanned and missing 3 key players, we are clearly inexperienced and I hope this pseudo-playoff experience has helped them understand how to prepare for the playoffs better but I think we have learned all that we could learn in these 7 games.