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  1. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Rumor has it

    Well, at least they fille dout the front office before bringing in a coach. (assuming these are the last guys being hired). Now, let's fine out where we're picking in the draft, come up with a go forward strategy and then hire a coach that fits your strategy. We'll see how this plays out. I never understood why teams hire coaches before front office people. It's just screaming that a conflict will happen.
  2. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Rumor has it

    Rich Cho article from today on The Athletic:
  3. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Is this going to be the place to post about the "Express"

    Uhh, what was this thread about again?
  4. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Good points.
  5. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    And for the record, I have absolutely positively nothing against Conley. It's not personal. I just think it's time to move on from him. We waited too late to move on from Z-Bo and TA. We should have learned our lesson and we should strike while the fire's hot. I think Conley may be in peak trade value after a relatively injury free season and avg a career high in points. I think now is the time to move on. Keeping him next year won't really benefit us. He needs some new scenery and so we. If we're somehow in the position to draft Ja Morant, then that makes the decision a lot easier. Although, I have reservations about Morant. He was a really late bloomer but I remember reading a story where he said he grew like 5 inches from 10th to 12th grade. in 10th grade, he was 5'10" and couldn't dunk by the end of his 12th grade year, he was 6'3" and dunking and improved over the summer between his senior and college freshman years. So it's probably just a case of him getting used to his body.
  6. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Huh? What exactly do you call this: Mike Conley candid: Hurt and taken for granted, but still wanting to play for a title (somewhere) And this:
  7. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    His max salary plus Chancun's max salary restricted our chances of signing any impact players. You add in Marc and those 3 players took up like what 70% of the salary cap for us?Those 3 players aren't good enough to do that not to mention Parsons injury history and the fact that Mike was out for almost an entire season. We're the smallest market team in the league yet we're like 7th in salaries. Out of the top 10 team salaries in the NBA, Memphis and Miami are the only 2 that didn't make the playoffs. That's a bad model and I believe teh numbers were similar last year.
  8. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Yep, that's what I did in my original post. I looked at 2019-2020 salaries.
  9. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    As the old saying goes, business, never personal. Yes, Mike has been good for this franchise, but giving him that max contract negates any good that he has done imho and recruiting Chancun makes it even worse. He got what he wanted and it hurt the franchise for going on 3 years now. Obviously no team could offer what we could, but I'm not even sure if there was another max-type offer out there for him. He's averaging $31 mil a year and he has never been an All-Star or even come close to an All-NBA team. How many players can you say that about that get paid in the range that Mike does? The Grizz have been berry berry gud to Mike. it's time to move on. I also didn't appreciate the interview in The Athletic because he came off sounding like a victim to me. Oh it's time for him to be selfish, what do you call taking a 5 year, $153 million contract? if he was so selfless, why not take a 2 year, $10 mil contract to free up cap space to sign additional free agents. It's a bunch of bull malarkey. He wasn't getting anywhere near that on the open market. He could've taken less and gone to a better team with a brighter future, he CHOSE to stay in Memphis, mainly because of that max contract. I have zero sympathy for him. He and Chancun took up roughly 50% of the salary cap. That hurt the team, especially with them being injured. Lastly, as far as what we can get for him in a trade, I have no clue. I will say you rarely get equal value for star players and I don't think the league looks at Mike as a star. They look at him as a solid player but not a star, maybe because he plays in Memphis, who knows. If we're able to get a first round pick, cap relief and a starter type player, that would be golden. i don't think those trades are that far off. I think if we would have received better deals, he would have been traded at the past trade deadline. We shouldn't overvalue Mike because he plays in Memphis and I don't think the Grizz have any obligation to send him to a playoff team or anywhere where he can maintain his stats. They felt an obligation to give him a max deal, that's enough to me. Now it's time for the team to be selfish and put this team in a position to get better instead of putting faith in Conley.
  10. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I think Hayward is the most intriguing and would help with team.Might be able to get our pick back.
  11. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Where did I say you can trade him for anything? All of those trades work moneywise with the exception of SA which I said they may not have the assets
  12. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    With Conley's The Athletic interview and the fact that he supposedly was going to get traded before the deadline, I think it's a pretty good assumption that he will be traded this summer. my question is...where? Are there any really good situations for us to trade Conley? At first glance, teh following destinations come to mind: Boston- This is an interesting one because i think this is Kyrie Irving's last year with Boston. He has a player option for next year. I could see him bouncing and going somewhere else next year. They would need a PG. Would a Conley for Hayward trade interest anyone? Hayward fits the getting injured player model that the Grizz love and would give us a starting SF. Clearly this year was Hayward getting back to form but it was hard for him to fit in with Irving and Tatum and Brown. I think he'll be in the upper teens/low 20's in ppg next year. Is it worth it? Phoenix- Rumors out of PHX wanted them to get involved with Conley.They have a ton of young players and another lottery pick. would they trade TJ Warren and cap space to us for Conley and just absorb his contract? Indiana- Would they just absorb Conley's contract and send us some draft picks back Those are the teams that come to mind for me. Maybe, San Antonio would be a good fit but not sure if they have the assets to trade. Any thoughts on where he could end up?
  13. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Will the Grizzlies be improved next season?

    I think it's way too early to determine if the Grizz will improve. I will say this, at the beginning of the season I predicted about mid 30s in wins. When you look at the fact that we trotted 28 players out there and lost like what 22 games where we had double digit leads, think team could've been on the cusp of a playoff spot if healthy.I have no idea how this team will stay healthy because it seems this has been a recurring theme for years. I'll wait until after the draft , after any trades that will be made and after new coach has been hired before assessing if I think they can improve.
  14. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Could Luke Walton coach the Grizzlies?

    Walton has been the head coach since 2016, not just this year. A lot if not most coaches don't get that long and they definitely don't have the best player in the game. What are they supposed to do? Give him 10 years before we decide if he can coach or not? It's all a moot point as the Kings (quite possibly the only franchise that can give the Grizz a run for its money in dysfunctionality), just hired him.