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    Ja Morant invited to Dunk Contest

    Ja won't participate
  2. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Parsons traded

    Get well soon Chancun:
  3. Josh Jackson is the only player not up with the big team. If a spot HAD to be created, he makes the most sense. I don't think it will come to that though
  4. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

  5. Ole Dirty Klondike

    New Orleans Pelicans vs Memphis Grizzlies 1/20/20

    Sadly Zion's debut will be january 22nd. I don't see why they would put him on full display on a national holiday game. So many people will be off for work plus so many will be tuning in for Ja, if Zion played, it could have been the most eyes on a Grizz game in several years. I hate that NOP are holding him out until 1/22.
  6. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    I'm thinking a second and an expiring contract may be the best we could do. If they get a first, that would be great but GS gave us a first to get rid of him so that they could sign DLo. I don't see a team giving us a first for a 73 year old that had to be packaged with a 1st to be moved.
  7. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    The trade deadline is Feb 6th. i wouldn't expect any serious offers to come in until the first week of Feb. Whether or not those serious offers include a first can be disputed but most teams won't make serious offers until that first week of Feb but there could always be 1 who makes a deal well before then.
  8. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Man oh man, can we put a moratorium on this thread until this bum is traded? Everytime I see this at the top I get an irrational exuberance thinking we've got a haul for that bum that comes crashing down.
  9. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Ja Was A Nobody

    Dude still playing at Ole Miss while Ja and Zion were the top 2 picks in the draft 😂😂😂😂
  10. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Houston Rockets @ Memphis Grizzlies - 1/14/20

    Did Dennis Scott just ask TA what does he think about Jonas Jerebko down low? People really need to do their homework
  11. Ole Dirty Klondike

    It is time to talk about Jonas Valanciunas

    Uhh but you always talk Jonas Valanciunas, well and you always talk about the Jonas Brothers too(I'm not sure if you realize that Jonas is not a part of the Jonas Brothers)
  12. Ole Dirty Klondike

    2020 draft class, well, kind of sucks

    Precious. Harris and Boogie were kind of ok but everybody else sucked.
  13. Ole Dirty Klondike

    San Antonio Spurs @ Memphis Grizzlies 1/10/20

    https://www.expressnews.com/sports/spurs/article/Ja-Morant-Memphis-Grizzlies-gain-payback-on-San-14966998.php The Spurs left FedEx Forum feeling as if they had let an otherwise well-played game get away because of little lapses. “I think we did a lot of the big things well,” Forbes said. “There were just small things we didn’t take advantage of.” Maybe Friday’s outcome had more to do with what the Grizzlies did than what the Spurs did not. Memphis might not wind up securing a playoff berth this season. But nights like they had against the Spurs show it is possible. As a player who says he was “basically raised here” in Memphis, Gay remains proud of what is being built in his old stomping grounds. “They’re definitely going to be a good team, for sure,” Gay said. Squint your eyes just right on nights like Friday, and maybe the Grizzlies already are.
  14. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Ja Was A Nobody

    I think I heard people saying Paul Pierce said that Ja needs to be in the All-Star game. Also, as far as any Ja-Trae Young comparisons for best young G, Young puts up a bunch of stats, but he hasn't really helped his team win. I think the nod goes clearly to Ja. He takes over in the 4Q.
  15. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    i think if anybody is available on that team, it may be Ben SImmons. not sure if he fits the identity of the rest of that team and not sure his game and Embiid's go together like hand and glove. They need a guy who can open up the floor and Simmons is not that guy as talented as he is. You need certain players around him but they are putting him around Embiid and Horford. We'll see how it unfolds in Philly.
  16. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Well reading the story, it sounds like Philly is the one doing the pursuing. They would have to give up assets if they want Iggy and with their salaries, Richardson is the only one that makes sense. Otherwise they should realize there's no chance for a deal.
  17. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Josh Richardson(in combo with other salary) is the only thing that makes sense roster wise or salary wise.
  18. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Ja Morant invited to Dunk Contest

    How many people have been hurt in an NBA Dunk contest?
  19. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    If they do, I'm pretty sure good Dillon's agent won't ever mention bad Dillon during negotiations.If he does, good DIllon needs to find another agent.
  20. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    Well, I was thinking low 20s so count me as being wrong but it feels good to be wrong on something like this. Ja and BC have exceed expectations as rookies (but it's still early) and Jaren, JV, Melton are playing well and Jae has been a great leader, probably better than expected. Not to mention Jenkins has probably been above average with his play calling.
  21. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    Only good Dillon can answer that question. Only good Dillon knows.
  22. Ole Dirty Klondike


    Nice Josh Jackson write-up. "Don't Feel Bad for Me"
  23. Ole Dirty Klondike

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    Everyone on this team is playing better than they did at the start of the season. Jonas is playing better after getting back into game shape after an off-season injury, Jae Crowder is actually putting up some nice all around games and is exhibiting excellent leadership despite his shooting, Jaren is playing better but he had to adjust to Ja's style as well adjust to playing with Jonas and as I have mentioned before, Kyle got quite a few assists finding Jaren down low last season, they haven't played together much this season so big adjustments for Jaren. Tyus Jones had to get acclimated to a new team and he's been better the past few games. De'Anthony Melton was injured, he's played well the past few weeks. Jenkins has also shortened the rotations and cut out Marko and Bruno. Looks like Kyle's role is reducing as well. Everyone on this team has gotten better and the guys who haven't have seen their minutes reduced.
  24. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Why would a team give us a good player for those sets of players? If anything, it's probably taking back a 1 year deal and a second round draft pick or something. I doubt if we get a starter for any o fthose players-Iggy and Jackson haven't played in the NBA all year and Hill is just another guy.