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  1. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Im with KBM Reddish will be a star and we need him badly...

    Pretty sure any interest in Cam Reddish from anyone on this board is along the lines of if we get a later lottery pick from 7-10 somehow. Wouldn't be surprised if Hunter and/or Culver are gone by then.
  2. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I don't think many teams divulge who they will draft. Tons of speculation but not sure many teams just come out and say they will draft such and such player so I wouldn't expect the Grizz to do it either.
  3. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Uhhh, I didn't see a direct quote from Griffin about Williamson. I saw him talking about Davis. The rest seemed to be speculation from the writer that they will draft Williamson. FWIW, they have also interviewed Ja as well. I find it funny that so many people in New Orleans think they can get the #2 pick as well. They seem mighty confident that they will trade Davis and Memphis will help them to trade Davis by giving up their #2 pick and taking on a lesser pick and some trash contracts. Why in the world would Memphis do that? I've seen blog posts, Twitter posts and at the end of that story, they mention it as well. Why would any team do that? Just sounds delusional. Which makes me think Memphis will do just that and take on bad contracts and draft Bol Bol at #12.
  4. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Who from the Pelicans definitely said "We're taking Zion Williamson"? Maybe I just haven't seen it.
  5. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Has New Orleans gone on record and have definitively said they are taking Zion? How often do teams announce a month before the draft who they will draft? i think it's a safe assumption to assume we are taking Ja but it's no guarantee. He could go in and just screw up in workouts or something could come up. I think it's much ado about nothing. There are supposedly 3 players who set themselves apart from everyone else and we have the second pick so we should be fine...but I wouldn't rule out us drafting Bol Bol. I mean, we gave up 2 second round draft picks for a player we probably have no intention of bringing back.
  6. Ole Dirty Klondike

    OT: Faragi Phillips

    Have no clue on any of your questions but seems like Stackhouse did it to get that Matthew Murrell kid.
  7. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Put on your GM hat and pick the next Grizzlies HC

    I have no problem with this coaching search. I haven't heard anyone say a coach turned us down. It's more like just talks, nothing official and I don't think they have offered anyone. They probably ha e a good idea of who they want to hire. There's really no rush.
  8. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Roster Moves

    LA is far enough under the cap to absorb Conley's salary outright but that wouldnt benefit us and it would limit their options in FA. Think about it this way, LA basically structured their team salaries to allow them to sign 2 Max FA this off-season. If they trade for Conley, they essentially use Conley's salary as one of those Max contracts and would only be able to sign 1 big time FA
  9. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Put on your GM hat and pick the next Grizzlies HC

    I'm starting to think they are waiting until after the draft because they may be anticipating trading Conley on draft night. Either that or as mentioned above, the coach they want ( an assistant from the last 4 remaining teams) is still coaching in the playoffs.
  10. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I think the Orlando deal makes the most sense. You could waive Mozgov. IDC about his 1 year contract. Waive him, keep him, doesn't matter. Founier would give us an instant starting swingman to use as a 3 and D guy. Although his shooting and points were down last year, he stayed healthy, which is a good thing. Fournier and a first round pick is close enough to keep me happy. Don't care about Mozgovs contract. I would probably try to get them to add a second rounder or two to compensate is for taking Mozgovs horrendous contract especially since Wallace traded our second round picks for Holiday (just stupid). Bamba will probably be a Nerlens Noel type. So glad we didn't draft him but I'd take him as a backup C in a deal like this.
  11. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Chris Herring list of potential trades with all 29 teams. He lists the Boston-Hayward trade as a likely scenario if we deal with a contender. He also mentions a deal with Orlando as being one of the "cleanest potential deals" out there. Good read and a lot of stuff we have mentioned as well.
  12. Ole Dirty Klondike

    Put on your GM hat and pick the next Grizzlies HC

    No they didn't. The article states within the last 25 years. That was more than 25 years ago. I really don't see any reason to bring in a college coach in the hopes that it will help with their development. Typically, when I see teams putting development efforts towards lottery picks, it's usually some assistant's job to do that. Otherwise, this is a man's game. You either sink or swim. You have to figure it out. You have to figure out how to be motivated. How to play your role to contribute. How to navigate the politics. That's on the player and his team. This league is not all about talent. Probably the only franchise that heavily invests in developing non-lottery talent is the Spurs but I still think that's on the assistants. So if we want to focus on their development, put that on an assistant. The reason I keep mentioning that it's different is because if you brought in a college coach to help develop those two because he somehow can psychologically figure them out better than a regular NBA coach (which I don't believe) then you are basically ignoring a lot of other parts of an NBA coaches job. I think overall most college coaches are teachers whereas most NBA coaches are managers of talent. I just don't see that approach as being effective or adding any value. Most staffs have guys dedicated to player development anyway. I think the Spurs go above and beyond but I see no reason to bring in a head coach because he knows how young players think. In 3 years, those players will be vets, do you still need that coach? I think most NBA coaches are tasked with managing the talent that the front office gives them and win as many games as possible with that talent, not really focusing on developing young guys. Look at Brett Brown. He wasn't a college coach but he was on the Spurs staff focused on developing players. He did a great job and got the job with the Sixers because they had a lot of young talent. He turned them around and got the best out of them and now they are looking at him as he's not a coach that can get them over the top and they considered releasing him. I think if we focused on getting a college coach for the reasons that you state that he would be in a similar situation (if he was successful at developing them) and would probably be released. Just get someone who is familiar with the NBA, hire a development person and go from there.