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  1. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis Slim's Father Passed Away

    Condolences to Memphis Slim and his family. Fwiw, he is one of my favorite posters here. tmoney
  2. tmoneyinmphs

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    All of the fans ive talked to since the trade are so happy that marc gasol is gone. The team looks totally different especially offensively and is exciting to watch again. The guys we got in the trade have looked pretty good. Toronto is 11-7 since the trade. They are 7-7 in the last 14 games. Marc's production is down. Of course this is just a short sample. Things can change. I'd like to know if chris wallace made these trades or was it someone else?
  3. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    I wish this was our team from the beginning of the season with a healthy kyle anderson and triple J. Things might have looked a lot different for the grizz. We just need to keep parsons on the bench. His all star game is apparently only with the ladies these days. I gotta give him credit for that.
  4. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    That is why i respect mike conley. It wasn't the prettiest especially early and mid way in the 4th, but he has 13 points in this quarter, and that is exactly what the team needed. That is how an all star responds in a game. Way to go, mike !!!
  5. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    We need more than 12 points from mike, he needs to take this game over. I love him, but he has too many "average mike" games since the all star break where he said he wants to play in an all star game. He just got a layup, but he needs to hit like at least 10-12 points in this quarter.
  6. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    Rolling out with parsons to start the 4th is just dumb. Parsons is not even nba worthy, and even though i'm older than him, i bet i could beat parsons in a game of one on one. He's only -11 since entering the game late in the 3rd, and we are lucky it's not worse. Real lucky.
  7. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    The only explanation would have been that rabb is injured. Parsons should have never played that long even if he did score 5 points. But now ivan rabb enters the game with 5 minutes left in the 3rd. JB just made a bad coaching move or someone is telling him to play parsons. Either way, it's a suck *** move that should not be repeated. The grizz don't need parsons.
  8. tmoneyinmphs

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic - 3/10/2019

    Man, i'm so glad we moved on from the gasol era. JV hustles and plays more a true team game than what gasol did. The offense is looking different. Noah comes in and hustles. I thought this turnaround was gonna be longer, but we really got some nice pieces to work with. I'm starting to get interested in watching the games again.
  9. tmoneyinmphs

    Team Hero Lakers@Grizz

    No one really disrespects mike conley on this site. Kbm is just oversensitive on the subject. I love mike conley as a person and a player, but he has had like 4 straight "average mike" games, so it was good to see him score more and have such a big 4th quarter. So i'm going with mike at team hero. Now that marc is gone, mike should be stepping up like this more often and even in a bigger way. That's how you get all star votes from fans. I watched noah a lot in chicago, he has always played this way. Dude plays hard and hustles. Always has. I like having players like him and jonas instead of players like marc gasol who does not alway hustle or "play the game the right way". Jonas has done a great job for the grizz so far. I'm not disappointed at all. I can't stress how happy i am with marc gasol gone. Now if we could just eliminate chandler parsons off the team. His 16% shooting is not needed. I'd rather other players get that time.
  10. tmoneyinmphs

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    I have not watched any of the all star weekend. I have heard the comments about mike's interview and seen the video. Mike is talking like he is as good as the best players in the nba, and he openly says he wants to be an all star and he thinks he could be. Then i saw the video on mike conley in the skills challenge. Seriously, if mike wants fans to respect his game more and vote him as an all star, he has to play like one first. Every game. We get "average mike" games way too much. A guy who wants to be an all star doesn't go 10 for 37 (27%) averaging just 12.6 points per game in 3 losses just before all star weekend. Then go into the all star weekend and lose in a skills challenge in the first round to a younger player. Just not something an alpha does, and i think it's been established mike conley is not an alpha. Imo, it's an attitude of competition that separates good players from great players. Great players don't wanna lose at anything.
  11. tmoneyinmphs

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    I APPRECIATE that marc gasol is gone. Should have been done years ago. Does that comment work for my haters ? Can you let that go? Doubt it.
  12. tmoneyinmphs

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    It's just dumb to retire a player's number when a lot of fans didn't really like him at the end of his era, because they realized he was selfish and lazy and without the heart of a true winner. Yes, marc gasol has skills, but he only wants to play the game his way. That's why he got traded. So i'm making my case as to why his number should not be retired.
  13. tmoneyinmphs

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    I have always respected mike conley, but mike has way too many "average mike" games. That has to stop if you're being paid over 30 million. Of course, it's not his fault the FO overpaid him, is it? I think mike could refresh his game now that gasol is gone. At least i hope he can.
  14. tmoneyinmphs

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, they were fired up excited about rudy gay too. How long did he last in toronto?
  15. tmoneyinmphs

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    Good luck to marc gasol. I'm not a fan at all, so i'm happy the overrated titty baby is finally gone. The owner or whoever is wanting to retire his jersey is dumb af. What is he getting his jersey retired for? For being BFF with pera? The grizz never won any banners under marc gasol. We did come close to winning a division title once, but that was the year that marc gasol played great until the all star break and then cruised the rest of the season as losses piled up and we choked away the division title. I will never forgive him for that. The success the grizz enjoyed was when zbo was the man. Not with mike and marc. Not tony allen. The only person who should have their jersey retired, and even that is questionable, would be zach randolph.