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  1. Only down by 7 with the 3rd dwindling down.. that's refreshing...
  2. Idk anything about the guy. Couldn't even muster up the care to google search him. Presumably, just another guy who's gonna be in Southaven most nights, and the very end of the bench when/if they have him on the big squad.
  3. Sadly, I feel confident in that assessment.
  4. So apparently we have picked up Julian Washburn(who?) from the G League Spurs, and released Jarnell Stokes.... again
  5. Crisco

    Memphis Hustle - It's Official

    I can dig it. Definitely going to have to get some gear.
  6. Crisco

    Memphis Vs. Utah, 1/8/17

    I so wish the like function worked here. +1 to you ODK
  7. Crisco

    Rick Trotter Out As Grizzlies Announcer

    When's tryouts for the new PA voice?
  8. Crisco

    The Grizzlies Playoffs, In Perspective

    This is where I'm at on they upcoming season. I feel pretty confident the Grizz will make the playoffs. I would really like to see us get our first division banner and go from there. Small steps, we're talking championship, but never won the division, these guys deserve some kind of banner for their efforts over there past 6 years and hopefully this year it will come to fruition.
  9. I just said the same thing to a buddy of mine. Another 55-60 game season incoming of we're lucky. On a positive note, I'm actually kind of excited for this upcoming season. Way more than the last one.
  10. Crisco

    Conley's Facebook

    My first thought looking at them is a M surrounded by a Grizz head. It may be wishful thinking though.
  11. Crisco

    New Orleans @ Memphis 01/18/16

    O.o is this gonna make it to 6? Go, go, go!
  12. Your optimism is semi contagious I'm pretty excited to see how this plays out. Way more than I was before all the trades and when Marc went down.
  13. Crisco

    New Orleans @ Memphis 01/18/16

    I love that this made it to 5 pages because of this. I are amused
  14. Crisco

    Pgs I Would Rather Have Than Conley

    I'd make everyone and everything available to get that guy.