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  1. Ive got hulu live, but havent had it long enough to know how or if they will show the games. I am guessing they will, as I've been able to watch baseball and the premier league with it, so I'm hoping that basketball is gonna come through for me as well.
  2. Crisco

    Memphis Slim's Father Passed Away

    So sorry for your loss man, many condolences, thoughts, and prayers for you and your family in this time.
  3. Crisco

    Ja Morant hurt?

    I think its just a scope of some kind, 3-4 weeks recovery. I don't claim to know anything about the nature of it or what all it entails.
  4. Crisco

    Tyreke Kicked out of League for Violating Drug Policy

    Hope it's not over something ridiculous like marijuana. I also hope even more that its not over something worse or even extremely addicting.
  5. Did you hit the sauce early on a Friday? Where do you come up with some of this ūüėā Idt anyone here is advocating getting rid of Conley for peanuts (airline or packing), nor letting Jonas just Tennessee Waltz out of here.
  6. Crisco

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    i agree, it's why I never post trade scenarios lol, I'll keep my 2K trade's in 2K hahahahaha. I also don't watch enough of other league games to know who is doing what, just cursory glances here and there to see the big names.
  7. Crisco

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    That always seems to be what gets mentioned when trading with Boston. I don't pay enough attention to salaries, and usually rely on those of you who do to make the mention of it.. It feels like folks think Boston is just gonna give up the farm for Conley, if Kyrie leaves. I can't see that happening, nor can I see them coming off of any of the players some of the guys around here covet. Idt we're getting our pick back from Boston tbh.
  8. Crisco

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    If we can swing that in a Conley trade, without giving up the 2 pick, I would be open to listening. If trying to package the 2 and move down, I'd say no to that, no reason to get crazy with the Cheez-Wiz.
  9. Only down by 7 with the 3rd dwindling down.. that's refreshing...
  10. Idk anything about the guy. Couldn't even muster up the care to google search him. Presumably, just another guy who's gonna be in Southaven most nights, and the very end of the bench when/if they have him on the big squad.
  11. Sadly, I feel confident in that assessment.
  12. So apparently we have picked up Julian Washburn(who?) from the G League Spurs, and released Jarnell Stokes.... again
  13. Crisco

    Memphis Hustle - It's Official

    I can dig it. Definitely going to have to get some gear.
  14. Crisco

    Memphis Vs. Utah, 1/8/17

    I so wish the like function worked here. +1 to you ODK