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  1. Trump was visited in the White House by several people, including the President of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She called the availibility of PPE "sporatic but manageable." She said she had been using the same N95 mask for a few weeks. Trump told her, "Sporatic for you but not for a lot of other people, because I've heard the opposite, I've heard that they are loaded up with gowns now, and initially we had nothing, we had empty cupboards. We had empty shelves, we had nothing because it wasn't put there by the last administration." He is telling this nurse that no matter what her experience is, he knows the truth and its the opposite of what she says. In essence he told her she is wrong, and if she's right, its Obama's fault. Forget the childish bs about empty cupboards, he's been in office for over 3 years. He claims that he knew about the pandemic at the end of January when he placed the China travel ban. But his admistration didn't begin purchasing and managing the PPE supply for almost 2 months. He doesn't want anyone to know about any Presidential pandemic briefings: when he got them, what was in them, what actions he took and what he was telling the American people.
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    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    There were many lies told in the Rittenhouse case, beginning with Kyle telling the film journalist that he was an Emergency Medical Technician and that he was venturing away from the group at the carlot to help people. He walked with his assault rifle amid protesters, telling them he was an EMT. The jounalist was filming him. He didn't help anyone, but it was his first step to being famous. The worst lie was told by the ex-soldier who was Kyle's venturing partner. The guy who let Kyle give him the slip. He testified, under oath, that the first murder victim, Rosenbaum, earlier in the night, told him and Kyle that if he got them alone he would kill them. Another ex-soldier covered this lie. On it's face it seems to be made up to justify the murder, but there is more than suspicion. On the witness stand, this soldier was shown a brief video of him walking on the sidewalk toward the site where Kyle was shooting the other 2 victims. He was very close. With all the shots he would have seen at least some of what happened. He certainly would remember Kyle walking right past him toward the police vehicles. And yet, earlier, in testimony for Kyle's defence, he testified that he was somewhere else, far away, and didn't see anything. He agrees though, that's him in the video. And he doesn't remember any of that. I was in a medical clinic once when, in the next room, I overheard a Physician's Assistant giving the introductory rundown to a new nurse. She half jokingly told the nurse, "if you make a mistake I'll protect you as long as you don't kill anyone." Cops and the military's self protection goes all the way. And that instinct gets exploited. The wingnut judge also protected Kyle by dimissing the possession charge. Everyone knows it was illegal possession. Kyle admits it was illegal at his age to even buy the gun. His assault rifle was the main reason his fellow wingnuts at the carlot thought that he was 18. Even so, the wingnut judge protected Kyle by using a hunting rifle loophole in the law. He knew that Kyle was most likely to be convicted on this charge. Tucker Carlson spent a segment blasting the fact checkers who said that Kyle violated the possession law. Reality means nothing to these folks. Its all about what you can get enough people to believe. What about the folks in Kyle's wake, the dead guys, the maimed guy, the folks that will have to live with the lies they told for Kyle. And what about the good friend who illegally supplied an assault rifle to a minor, the same guy who took Kyle to his family property to shoot hundreds of rounds from their assault rifles, the same guy who made the connection with the carlot, the same guy who asked Kyle to stay with him on the carlot roof where it was safe. That guy is in serious legal trouble, but not Kyle. There will be lawsuits but the babyfaced sadist is the darling of the wingnuts.
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    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 11/22/21

    🤣 I thought the message was funny, then I checked picture. Great one. 🤣
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    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 11/22/21

    Individual revenge motives and music history aside, I don't know which is funnier, the pic of Adams or Conley. Sometimes there's an Easter egg to be appreciated. I bow to the basketball gods, lower and shake my head when I think of Mike and Rudy and the season that might have been.
  5. Unfortunately that is a true statement and to the point. If you knew before the game that the Griz would shoot 35%, on the road. You'd mark it an L. I don't give a flip about the margin. Its in the L column same as a 1 point loss. You are gonna have problems when your 2 best defenders and scorers are out. Bane coming out of the shooting slump is good, Tyus 3 for 3 from 3, nice. Considering Ja's will to win, a down night will bring some adjustment. A team can grow from an embarrassment. I think the Griz are one of those teams.
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    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    Even if the wingnut judge hadn't made rulings that set the defense's stage and frequently interrupted the procecution for no reason, even if the judge had seen fit to sequester the jury, at least during deliberation, even if Kyle's recent brutal attack of a teenage girl was allowed into evidence, The video I quoted above has been censored to adult Youtube members. This article contains a short version or the attack. There are longer videos that show the preceeding argument. That girl is alone. I ask you to think back to your youth. What kind of person does that? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8687475/Footage-shows-Kenosha-gunman-Kyle-Rittenhouse-punching-girl-times-argument.html even if the 2 week previous video of Kyle saying he wanted to shoot people with his assault rifle was allowed that jury was not going to convict Kyle. They have to raise their families amid the wingnuts with assault rifles. I'm grateful that they drew the world's attention to the videos. I'm grateful they forced the defense to show their lies by asking for a mistrial without prejudice. "Bruh I'm just tryna be famous." https://twitter.com/RonFilipkowski/status/1458487217454780422 You made it Bruh.
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    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    The Rittenhouse defense team wants a mistrial. They say their video of the first shooting is not as clear as the one shown to the jury by the prosecution. This is the second day of deliberation and the jury wants to see that video again. The defense says that they would have presented a different case if they had known that the jury could see clearly what really happened. Kyle sat in the witness chair and swore to tell the truth. He lied. His attorneys lied. How does a lesser quality video excuse that? They fear the close examination of the evidence. They want the wingnut judge to stop the jury and give them a do-over.
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    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    Kyle's Mom: "You're a big time train wreck." That's where you see the evil, real-life Rittenhouse-Cartman connection. Folks are pointing to the similarities between Eric Cartman faking tears for sympathy: and Kyle's crying testimony: As an evidence video shows, Kyle is lying about what started the confrontation with Rosenbaum. He pointed his assault rifle at Rosenbaum and others. Rosenbaum got upset and chased him, mistakenly believing that Kyle wouldn't shoot an unarmed man. Kyle showed him. Kyle admits that he knew that Rosenbaum was unarmed. He had to, because Rosenbaum had little clothing and video shows that during part of the chase he had both empty hands raised above his head. On this night the lawlessness was basically limited to middle-of-street dumpter fires and an overturned porta potty. With all the talk about self-defense, don't forget that Kyle has an assault rifle, with 30 bullets in the clip, strapped securely to his body as he wanders around among protesters and manages to separate from his adult wingnut assault rifle carrying partner. After pointing his rifle, Kyle was running quickly away from Rosenbaum, then he turned to look at Rosenbaum, and then, at a slower pace, headed for a dark spot between cars, stopped, turned and pointed the assault rifle. Rosenbaum approached Kyle and grabbed at, maybe tried to swat away, the rifle barrel. Even though the weapon was securely strapped to Kyle's body, Kyle says he was in fear for his life from the unarmed man so he shot Rosenbaum. Kyle bought the rifle strap shortly before the protest, for the protest. He pointed the rifle at Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum grabbed at the barrel so he was very close to Kyle. Kyle says to protect himself, he shot Rosenbaum ... 4 times ... 4 shots ... from an assault rifle ... at point blank range ... one in Rosenbaum's back. The wingnut judge has ruled that evidence of a previous Kyle "fight" is inadmissible. I assume that's the one displayed in the video where Kyle's sister holds the girl while Kyle comes up behind her and round-house punches her in the head at least 4 times. Kyle is a stocky, strong looking kid so, to me, there seems to be a good chance that this girl could have been killed, but the wingnut judge rules this has nothing to do with Kyle actually killing people. The judge might as well be saying, "only look at how it happened, not why it happened. Don't look at whether Kyle manipulated the situation to seemingly be on the defensive." The wingnut judge is limiting focus to that night and mainly the immediate moments when Kyle killed. The wingnut judge has ruled about evidence that 2 weeks before the murders, Kyle said, on video, that he wanted to use his assault rifle to shoot protesters/shoplifters/looters (we can't see it, who knows what they were.) The wingnut judge says the jury can't see this evidence because, in his opinion, it has nothing to do with Kyle's reasoning, his mindset, his intentions, when 2 weeks later he ... ahhhh ... yeah ... shot and killed protesters. After killing Rosenbaum, Kyle fled toward safety. If he was trying to avoid using his assault rifle, that's where he would have gone before killing Rosenbaum. But now there was a killing and the alarm was spreading. So ... Kyle made a phone call to his buddy, telling him that he just killed someone and then fled onto the main street, into the lights, toward the police lines where some protesters tried to disarm him. Kyle fired 2 shots and tried to kill someone who kicked him in the face. Another person hit Kyle with a skateboard so, as he ran away, Kyle shot him in the back and killed him. Until this point Kyle has been killing the unarmed. The next person that Kyle shoots has a handgun. This person is close to Kyle trying to grab his rifle when shot in the arm. He was trying to disarm Kyle and didn't want to shoot Kyle or he would have done it from a safe distance. I guess Americans should feel lucky there aren't more wingnut-with-assault-rifle vs unarmed-protester murders. Maybe it takes the partially formed mind of a sadistic juvenile, swimming in a sea of hate speech, to actually do it. Even so, the trial has shown that some of the adult wingnuts who were present that night are now willing to lie to protect Kyle. During the trial the wingnut judge's phone rang. The ring tone was one of Trump's rally songs.
  9. I know it's hard to let it go, but you've got to stay up when you're down.
  10. I'm gonna follow my ref bias and say that, barring a great performance, this was a loss before the tip. NO needed it bad on their home court. I tuned in at 7:00, cough, so I missed a lot. One sequence Bane was called for a foul under the basket. The replay showed no foul. Next play, the replay showed that Ja was fouled twice and no call. At the beginning of this season the ref-for-show seems to be unusually bad across the league. I wish they'd adjust their calls on screens. Its good that the board regulars have diagnosed the problem: everyone sucks but Ja. This slump hurts, but we've got Dillon back. He'll have a positive effect. Jaren is battling. I'm not jumping ship. I still believe. Just as the odds said that our shooters couldn't stay so high, they can't stay this low. Their misses are part of the reason our defense is so bad.
  11. But Clarke is not a wing player. So going forward, that leaves Anderson and Konchar to play backup minutes on the wing. Imo, these are the guys to compare with Williams. Imo, Williams is improving and playing well enough to be in the rotation. We'll just have to disagree on this one.
  12. You also said that Brandon should get Ziaire's minutes. Who should Brandon sub in for: Melton or Bane?
  13. We need some shooters to show. And let's get that big guy in foul trouble.
  14. For the latest 3 games he's shooting 47% from the floor and the 3 is 44% on 7 of 16 , including that beyond-half-court heave last night.
  15. Jaren touching Joker's wrist after release of the shot is reviewed to be a foul, but Embid body slamming and driving his shoulder into DeRozan's face is incidental contact. https://official.nba.com/l2m/L2MReport.html?gameId=0022100111 https://official.nba.com/comments-on-the-rules/
  16. And Jaren didn't touch his wrist until the ball was out of Joker's hand.
  17. If the bench called the timeout before the travel then they also called it before the 5 sec violation. You can see Jenkins raise his arm when the ref counts 4. Imo, it could have been the travel call, but how often do you see that.
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    Leave My Balls Alone

    Halftime asistants softening the balls like football deflaters.
  19. Thanks. I forgot which hand. Maybe he'll come back with a fantastic one-handed shot.
  20. Thank you sir. You hit the target. And, I may be off a little, one year the Lakers shot 35 fts, we shot 5, and 1 or 2 of those were delay of game.
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    Team Hero Grizzlies v Nuggets 11/03/2021

    3Jay SloMo
  22. I wonder how long its been since he hit a hoop. I fear for a while, Dillon won't be Dillon.