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  1. tangogriz


    Thanks. I was only able to skim it. Facts that everyone should know.
  2. tangogriz


    The lack of test kits and even healthcare protection equipment in the US is insane. This doctor has some good videos. This one is about the death rate. He points out the similarity of the death rates in China and Italy. Also, at 13 minutes he discusses a study showing that the death rate is actually higher than reported. The rate should not be calculated using dead today divided by infected today but instead dead today divided by infected 14 days earlier. That study finds a 5.7% death rate because the number of infected is rising. And the rate could be even higher because the time from infection to death is often longer than 14 days.
  3. tangogriz


    The President wants to go back to semi-business-as-usual where possible. So do the rest of us --- if we had a time machine and could go back and prepare the US for the required testing. In about a week he will decide. I am guessing (seriously) that the number of infections and deaths will weigh on his decision. The stats have been starved from the beginning. Will reporting of test results be more representative of reality in a week? The President seems to be making decisions based on testing starved data so I'll follow his lead. I believe that negative test results come back in a couple days while positives take a week or more. Reported stats are really bad.
  4. tangogriz


    So the alarm bells are more than a month late. On that you agree with the experts.
  5. tangogriz


    In China, 8 to 10% of the men over 70 who got the virus died. Only 2% of the women died. Why? Probably because 65% of older Chinese men smoke and very few women smoke. 45% of American men _and women_ over 45 years of age are obese. In general, smoking and obesity are big risk factors for life threatening disease. That info is about 4 minutes into this portion of a longer interview:
  6. tangogriz


    In semi-rural USA, Trump country, evangelical country, FOX news country the virus has been considered a hoax and a funny joke. I've been in some clinics. I know this. I hope that things are changing. Stay safe, my friends.
  7. Imo, GS is not responsible for this mess. Iggy is. Marc Gasol's last Grizzlies contract was lower than many expected. He got a trade kicker. He took less money to get some control over where he was traded. Iggy wanted it, and got it, both ways: money and control. I hope some in the media don't buy into his bs. Iggy better be a star for the Heat or he will face the heat.
  8. (Facts are facts. Everyone, who wants to, can see them.) (Iggy reminds me of someone.) The Memphis side of the story is told by liars. But he's too big a person to call them liars. He is so smart that he figured out the Memphis trade before GS did it. He would have humbled himself and played for Memphis but they didn't want him. The Memphis players commenting on his absence are millennials confused by social media. Iguodala took the entire situation in stride. (What a great guy.) Now, lets gather the sycophants and rewrite history.
  9. CJ McCollum: Bruh you’re a legend @andre. My guy sat half the season. Spent time with his family. Promoted his book. Sharpened up his post retirement plans and cashed out 😂✊🏾 respect bruh. – via Twitter CJMcCollum CJ keeps proving why he's the only guy on my Break-His-Face list.
  10. To me it looks like the right arm is extended with an elbow to the ribs.
  11. Knicks TV analyst, Hall of Famer, Walt Frazier didn't find any wrong with Crowder's shot. He said something like "you play the game, there's 48 seconds left." What Payton did was meant to injure. Once again, the league shows it's bias.
  12. tangogriz

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    I can't stop laughing.
  13. Watching a young team win, together, as a unit, is special and maybe rare. We are lucky. I agree with most of whats been said, except I don't wanna give up on Guduric yet.
  14. tangogriz

    Kobe Bryant dead in helicopter crash

    I thought Kobi was a good guy so there is pain. He accomplished so much. That fluid shot was a thing of beauty. Hard work made him one of the greatest ever. He will be remembered and respected as long as most of us live.