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  1. tangogriz

    Finally, the boards are back!

    Oh yeah, you can claim it was intentional now.
  2. tangogriz

    jarell martin appreciation thread

    Why did you put this in the appreciation thread?
  3. tangogriz

    jarell martin appreciation thread

    I think Martin was always assumed to be a project. He was older when he started basketball. The money drew him out of college too early. And then the injury derailed a typical rookie development timeline. I've been waiting and hoping to see some consistency in his offense. I think he'll get there soon. Good luck, Jarell.
  4. tangogriz

    Grizzlies sign Yuta Watanabe

    Interesting player, with big improvement his senior year. Interview: College:
  5. tangogriz

    Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    I liked Fizdale. I knew he was on a rookie head coach learning curve. I wondered about his job status because of the injuries, and also, his words against the racist statues showed that he either didn't understand a large part of the Memphis fanbase or, what's more likely, that he didn't care. (I was impressed.) This leads me to wonder when caused things turned sour and what happened before and after that point. I believe this Pera quote about Bickerstaff from his last interview was directed toward Fizdale. "He’ll compromise when he sees it’s best for the organization."
  6. tangogriz

    Vegas Summer League

    ? Bulls Eye!
  7. tangogriz

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    That future first will probably end up being a second in 2022. Boston Celtics - 2019 first round draft pick from L.A. ClippersL.A. Clippers' 1st round pick to Boston (via Memphis) protected for selections 1-14 in 2019 and 1-14 in 2020; if the L.A. Clippers have not conveyed a 1st round pick to Boston by 2020, then the L.A. Clippers will instead convey their 2022 2nd round pick to Boston [L.A. Clippers-Memphis, 2/18/2016; Boston-Memphis, 6/23/2016]
  8. tangogriz

    Grizzlies sign Omri Casspi

    That was Levien time, so they must have gotten that quote on the rare occasion when Wallace came in to check his mail.
  9. tangogriz

    The 2018 Free Agents

    You were right about Reke. My guess is that the interview was an effort to get our FO to up their offer. This is a good thing because it disproves the rumor of bad blood between Reke and the Griz and means, baring later opportunities, we like what we got, both Brooks and company.
  10. tangogriz

    Cousins to Warriors

    Is this the rich get richer? Or Bogie off the bench, and on his best behavior? Yeah, sure. Why wouldn't I believe that?
  11. tangogriz

    The 2018 Free Agents

    I agree. Tyreke's brother is playing the agent game. The dooms-day-chorus takes another opportunity to wail and howl against the many miseries visited upon them. All the while, they are being played.
  12. Those folks think the other guys have a superstar ceiling. Ayton I'll accept, but what's more likely is that Doncic has the ceiling of a passing wizard version of James Hardin. Heck, odds are that Porter is in street clothes and Bagley is on the bench in 4th quarters for the next 4 years. All the superstar-wannabes wanna be in media centers. Can you blame them?
  13. tangogriz

    How Do You Feel?

    The draft is gravy. Its definitely a highlight but I'm looking forward to the good health of the old guys and the effects of last season's extra playing time for the young ones. Sometimes it takes a break and further training to consolidate whats been learned. I like the addition of extra training coaches and think it shows an emphasis on development and disproves the tightening-the-belt angle. I don't credit whats in the news leading up to the draft. Its the season of smoke.
  14. I believe you've gone way too far. Maybe you could correct me, but it appears that Bagleys' "legendary" work ethic comes from interviews like this: https://valleyofthesuns.com/2018/06/05/marvin-bagley-iii-deserves-join-ayton-doncic-debate/3/ This kinda stuff is a double edged sword. Why wasn't he a better defender at the end of the year? Why did they have to go to a zone? I don't care about the swagger that I guess gets put in the Motor category. To me "work ethic" means defense, dirty work not glory work. Coach K says don't worry, he'll learn. And probably he will, but how long will it take, because some guys get a taste of the glory and tend to shy away from the dirt.
  15. tangogriz

    Is Chris Wallace on the Boards?

    Ahh, so, the General Manager private messages his phone number to you and asks you to call him. You don't call him. You post his phone number in a public forum. And you question _his_ judgement?