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  1. https://official.nba.com/2020-21-nba-officiating-last-two-minute-reports/ 28.5714283% Complete 01:10.0 To 00:55.5 Q4 00:59.9 Foul: Shooting Jaden McDaniels Ja Morant INC Video Comment: McDaniels (MIN) brings his arm down and makes contact with Morant's (MEM) head, which affects his driving shot attempt. I was waiting for the 2 min report and they called it right, an Incorrect Non-Call. It was a heavy duty blow to the face and head. It could have been a serious neck injury. McDaniels had no chance at the ball. It should have been a technical at the least. The ref was 10 feet away looking right at it. It was replayed during the game. Pete and Brevin ignored it. If this continues our star is going to get injured. It happened near the end of the last game too. I don't know what can be done. Can the FO make some kind of formal complaint?
  2. If Jaren as a defender collides with a driver and brings his arms down from vertical there will usually be a call. I hate to see Ja crashing into folks for health reasons but the defenders are bringing their arms down on him. I don't understand our broadcasters. On a replay last night one of those arms hit Ja in the head and Pete and Brevin said they didn't see a foul. Good on Jenkins for the show. It appears that the refs are "letting them play" to keep the games moving but Ja is our star and at crunch time the refs should be making fair calls.
  3. tangogriz

    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    They used to try to hide this stuff, but the disciples-of-Trump care not about witnesses, only about breadth of broadcast. If the story meets the model, enough said, let's move on. All this bs about limiting the vote to legal voters is rubish. Let's make it as hard as we can for poorer voters. Let's try to limit voting to in-person, one day, a work day. Then, in states controlled by Republicans, let's make it difficult to vote on election day. I remember 2000 on voting day when the media reported long lines outside of majority Democratic party voting precincts. Some thought this was a sign that Democrats were doing well. In reality, it was a sign that Republicans were doing well. The lines were caused by voting machines that "mysteriously" failed in heavy Democratic precincts on election day. If you just got off an 8 hour shift and saw a hundred folks lined up at your precinct, what ya gonna do? And with the new rules you can't vote anywhere else. This is, and has always been the plan: limit the legal vote. They might as well institute a "selective" poll tax. There are lots of gotchas in the newly preposed laws, like only allowing poll workers to distribute food and water to voters in line, as though that would be an incentive to entice folks to vote. Another is the ease of voter registration. The owner of a gun license tends to vote one way, the owner of a student ID tends to vote another, that's why one is a legal ID for registration and the other is not. I don't know how this works but it does in 3 states. Wingnut state legislators witness THIS. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cars+running+into+protesters And it make them want to pass laws to protect folks. Their morals, their consciense, their God modivates them to do WHAT: pass laws that make it easier to run over protesters. Consider the latest rioter laws along with the "stand your ground" laws. If there is an instance of property destruction at a big rally (Proud Boys should be mentioned here) it can be declared a riot and you can shoot folks (if you are a sadist-in-training like Kyle Rittenhouse.) Meanwhile, the wingnut funded, wingnut-only attended Arizona recount uses UV light to determine why Big-G abandoned the Trumpster faithful. How can you expect your recount to be respected if you won't allow independent observers? In other developments, will Rudy rat on the big cheese or will Gaetz get there first? It's an interesting dilema, one is 40 the other is 80. Which one has the most 17 year olds in their future? Which was the biggest cheerleader for Trump? Wingnuts should just stop it. Stop claiming that they are the ones who are protecting freedom in America. IT IS THE OPPOSITE. Their interpretation of the 2nd amendment is not about freedom, but class maintenance. Now that wingnuts control the Supreme Court, "malitia" means gun sales. Seriously, they don't know what the amemdment literally says and they don't care. 70% of wingnuts believe Trump election lies. Winston Churchill said a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. One of Trump's main election lie lawyers, after being sued by a company she defamed, claims she is not accountable because no reasonable person would have believed her outlandish statements about Trump's victory. And yet these zealots who are waiting for the KRAKEN want the new laws to allow them to literally look over the shoulder of ballot counters. Well what's the big deal, you might say, if it helps them win elections, all is fair in love and war. No, it is a big deal to use the culture war to divide us on the environment and also the issue that has become a an environmental proxy fight, the covid wars. The high rate of wingnut vaccination deniers is not about freedom. It's about the willingness to die trying, especially if you live in rural areas where the risk of dying is low and the opportunities to fly your maskless wingnut flag are are high. The collapse of the healthcare system in India should be a wingnut warning instead its a chance to impugn the impoverished. Oh to be a wingnut, to wear blinders, to have God on my side and truth be damned.
  4. Guy walks into a bar. He's a young guy. We'll call him the kid. Kid has with him a big box. Bartender says, "What ya got in the box?' Kid opens the box, inside is a small piano and the person sitting there begins to play. Bartender says, "Wow, where'd you get that?" Kid says, "I have a genie in my pocket and I made a wish." Light goes off in the bartenders head, he says, "Can I make a wish?" Kid says, "Well the genie has lived in a bottle all his life and he refuses to come out, but its ok with me, make a wish and we'll see what happens." Bartender says, "Ok then, I wish for a million bucks." And sure enough, within an hour the bar is filled with a million DUCKS!!! Bartender says, "Hey, I didn't wish for this." Kid says, "Yea well you think I wished for a 13 inch pianist?"
  5. Once upon a time I put a curse on McCollum. Maybe this is the game he runs into the stanchion and breaks his face. And I will fall down on the floor laughing. That forearm to Dillion's ribs showed that the facebreak was not a mistake.
  6. It's great to get a win in one of these back-n-forths. It's a lot more fun than the other. It was a bold move for Jenkins to challenge early. It probably helps in the ref respect department. (Now if the league could just send out a memo about illegal screens.)
  7. tangogriz

    bad brooks

    The wink at the end, and how the game played out for each team and each player, like movietime scripted, so sweet.
  8. tangogriz

    bad brooks

    What has Dillon been thinking about and working on to improve his shot: follow through and getting better lift with his knees. Once you hear it you'll see it.
  9. tangogriz

    Putting Out Notice

    Chip, y.o.u a.r.e t.h.e m.a.n. Thanks.
  10. tangogriz

    Gorgui Dieng Appreciation Thread

    I liked watching Gorgui as a Grizzly. Good luck big guy. I'm sure we'll see more of your game down the road.
  11. Ref Rodney Mott, your name is mud. If you don't call a foul on Yoki, you shouldn't call one on Dilly.
  12. That was a great pass. As hard up as they for material, I can't believe the the Rocket's broadcast guys missed a comment on that.
  13. tangogriz

    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    Thank you sir. You are a gentleman, a scholar and a man who knows his whxxes, ah, I mean horses.