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  1. tangogriz

    Does Yuta Watanabe deserves last roster spot

    I voted yes. Mostly, I'm thinking of the future though. That 3pt shot is nice looking. He's a worker, so I believe he will hit at decent rate. His speed and handles are good for six nine. If given time, his defense will really shine.
  2. Imo, GS is not responsible for this mess. Iggy is. Marc Gasol's last Grizzlies contract was lower than many expected. He got a trade kicker. He took less money to get some control over where he was traded. Iggy wanted it, and got it, both ways: money and control. I hope some in the media don't buy into his bs. Iggy better be a star for the Heat or he will face the heat.
  3. (Facts are facts. Everyone, who wants to, can see them.) (Iggy reminds me of someone.) The Memphis side of the story is told by liars. But he's too big a person to call them liars. He is so smart that he figured out the Memphis trade before GS did it. He would have humbled himself and played for Memphis but they didn't want him. The Memphis players commenting on his absence are millennials confused by social media. Iguodala took the entire situation in stride. (What a great guy.) Now, lets gather the sycophants and rewrite history.
  4. CJ McCollum: Bruh you’re a legend @andre. My guy sat half the season. Spent time with his family. Promoted his book. Sharpened up his post retirement plans and cashed out 😂✊🏾 respect bruh. – via Twitter CJMcCollum CJ keeps proving why he's the only guy on my Break-His-Face list.
  5. To me it looks like the right arm is extended with an elbow to the ribs.
  6. Knicks TV analyst, Hall of Famer, Walt Frazier didn't find any wrong with Crowder's shot. He said something like "you play the game, there's 48 seconds left." What Payton did was meant to injure. Once again, the league shows it's bias.
  7. tangogriz

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    I can't stop laughing.
  8. Watching a young team win, together, as a unit, is special and maybe rare. We are lucky. I agree with most of whats been said, except I don't wanna give up on Guduric yet.
  9. tangogriz

    Kobe Bryant dead in helicopter crash

    I thought Kobi was a good guy so there is pain. He accomplished so much. That fluid shot was a thing of beauty. Hard work made him one of the greatest ever. He will be remembered and respected as long as most of us live.
  10. tangogriz

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    I was a Parsons fan for many years, until I saw him limping around on the court in the video linked above. That was after 2 months of rehab and a short time before the big blowup with the FO. He claimed to be ready to play. I see plenty of room for differing opinions on this. I'll just say why he should have wanted to retire. If he retired, he would still be paid every dime of his contract. Parsons has injured knees that, with more playing time, will cause more problems when he's older, potentially very serious problems. Luckily, doctors have gotten good at knee replacement surgery. When his knees allow him to stay on the court awhile, he's an embarrassment. He can't run well and certainly can't move laterally. He had a very negative effect on the team that signed his 94 million contract. I believe that the team understood his injuries and wanted him to retire. He is now in the 5th year of fighting back. There is no fighting back from his injuries. There is no honor or greatness here. There is the case of a player who wants to be around the game and has a contract. Parsons is rich. His yearly capital gains are probably a heck of a lot more than an improbable next contract. He loves the game. But, having hung around this long, his reputation is shot. Many consider him the biggest thief in NBA. That is his legacy in the game he loves. I believe that I would have retired in his situation. It would have been a legacy plus. And if I didn't, I would understand why some call me a leech.
  11. tangogriz

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    I am stating now and did state a year ago that I believe it is his fault. He refuses to face reality. He has suffered career ending injuries, and yet he continues to tell doctors the opposite. The proof is in the pudding, meaning his obvious failure to perform. As far as playing basketball, he is crippled. Take another look at him in the clip I cited a year ago: As I said earlier, the G League ask was an effort to get him to face reality. I don't believe that would have restarted the 1 year clock. I purposefully asked you this question above: Here is the part of the rule, that I cited last year, that I believe applies: http://www.cbafaq.com/salarycap.htm#Q61 Again, I am stating now and did state a year ago that this all depended on Parsons facing reality, admitting his injury and choosing to retire. The FO did not waive him because he refused to do so. He would have signed with another team. I know that you have a great understanding of the rules. I have learned a lot from you. But I do not yet see where you have shown me the error in my logic.
  12. tangogriz

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    If a player chooses to retire, you don't consider that to be a role in the process? I think one doctor can make the decision: "The determination as to whether an injury or illness is career ending is made by a physician jointly selected by the league and players association, or by a Fitness to Play panel " The link to the rule is in the message below. I cited this rule a year ago. https://boards.grizzliesonline.com/topic/20938-woj-parsons-to-leave-grizzles-indefinitely/?do=findComment&comment=861704 At that time the FO wanted Parsons to play in the G League. Parsons refused. Why was there such a struggle about this? Because Parsons had played under 10 games at the beginning of the season. If the Grizzlies were trying for this exemption, the 1 year period would start then. And if they could get cap relief, it would be at the start of this current season. I know there are variables involved, but it should have started with Parsons facing reality about his knee injuries and deciding for himself to take an injury retirement. Can another team pick up a player off waivers if he chooses to retire? As for the doctors, I've had 2 knee surgeries from sports. I know a lot of it has to do with "do you feel pain when ..." Parsons is still in the NBA because he tells them, "I feel fine." This lasts until he has to spend time running up and down the court at full speed. His time with the Hawks is more of the same. The FO was right last year. His basketball career was over then but he is a leech.
  13. tangogriz

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    If Parsons had taken an injury retirement last season when the Grizzlies wanted, he'd have gotten all his money but been off the team's books at the beginning of this season. Why has Parsons played only 54 minutes this year for the Hawks? The same reason he rarely saw the court in Memphis: CHRONIC KNEE PROBLEMS. Is this the 5th year of chronic knee problems? What team, even in China, is gonna give this guy his next contract? He has already earned more than 130 million. His net worth is at least 50 million. Please help me understand why he is not a leech, why he is a team guy. Do I need aversion therapy? Before you answer, carefully study this picture and tell me who is Parsons and who is the Grizzly fan.
  14. tangogriz

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    Get outside of the house more, guy.