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  1. tangogriz

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I have not read or seen the interviews but I was surprised to hear Mike talking about wanting to be traded. Maybe he's just getting out in front of what he knows will happen. So trade him for the best deal, period. Marc probably took less money to get the trade kicker. I was surprised that Mike took a max contract. He could have at least given a no-state-tax discount. Mike has something to do with why we are where we are.
  2. Zion or covfefe, baby. Make it so! Well maybe, that's still the way to go.
  3. tangogriz

    If I was JB I'd sue the NBA

    I agree and sue the show, the Mike and Marc Show.
  4. I work late and miss the most part of most games. But from what I've seen, the most important stat for this game was Parsons - 0 minutes. Guys differ to him. He gums up the works. He should position for 3s, screens and rebounds (and concentrate on his grab and hold defense.) I hope Parsons and Conley are gone soon. And I wish Mike a ring somewhere.
  5. It seemed like we were trying to win ... until the design of the final play.
  6. And its not just that his constant gamesmanship makes the game hard to watch. Against Atlanta, he makes one of his famous gem adjustments. The Rocket announcers think its hilarious. Paul knows which refs are milktoast (or on his Christmas list) because, just like when he sucker punched Gasol (ok, forearm to the solar plexus), there is a Chrissy-friendly ref a few feet away. Great win, btw.
  7. I'm gonna blame the usual suspects. This was not a game where one team should have shot twice as many free throws. We should have won it, but anyway, NBA.com tagline should have read, "Thunder (AND REFS) Surge Past Grizzlies Down Stretch" (Well, I forgot about Parsons. His defense is grab and hold.)
  8. Back to Back, ciunas bringin it!
  9. tangogriz

    Parsons back after all star break

    Maybe I will end up eating crow, but I'll say it anyway. I'm starting to hate this guy. I've had two sports knee surgeries, so I'm biased and knowledgeable. Its over for Parsons. I just watched his grinning interview. Its a little knife in the gut every time that hypocrite says the word "team." Parsons, take every dime of your 94 million and go home. You are embarrassing yourself and the Grizzlies. They said you had to prove that you could play before they would let you. (How unreasonable of them.) Now they've gone back on that. To me this means that you've decided to push your sorry broken down backside up and down the court no matter the cost ... to others.
  10. tangogriz

    Parsons back after all star break

    I hope this means that he is NBA ready _and_ ready to prove it in the G League. If not, the Grizzlies and fans are cast as bit players in the continuing Chandler Parsons Saga, as we find your hero, Chandler, turning away from early injury retirement, once more grabbing the spotlight and battling impossible odds to return to his beloved NBA.
  11. tangogriz

    Screw jobs by refs

    NBA refereeing is ridiculous. Its part of the show, not sport. Money closes mouths. "Rasslin" calls confirm that some games are rigged. I hope the winner of the Super Bowl is the boycott. It might send a message, even to the NBA.
  12. Professionally refereed sports entertainment.
  13. tangogriz

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    Well I tried, but it seems that you must get your panties in a wad. I asked you why you repeatedly misstated the facts before you messaged that you didn't the facts. It had been pointed out to you in at least one another thread, so for all I knew you were doing it on purpose. I was honestly wondering why. Calling me Chris is strange, but being bassackward about the worst FO stuff is stranger. There are plenty of facts against the Wallace FO. Your view of "banished" _is_ a twist of the facts. Wallace would not have done that to the team that he had a major role in building.
  14. tangogriz

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    I see your reply above that you didn't know the facts. The Grizzlies best shot at a title, the goal of the blow-it-uppers, was killed by that new FO, the clean sweep. You make great arguments for your case, but you were unconsciously rewriting history to erase the best argument against it. Its hard not to be affected by current politics, seeing the facts twisted 180. I don't mean to offend. I'm sure I do it myself. Its a sign of the times.
  15. tangogriz

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    And on cue, Atlanta takes it to Oklahoma. About the low playoff threshold in the east, its also likely that a couple of the group of nine will hit the skids. So still 3 or 4 that we have to beat to make the goal.