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  1. tangogriz

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    Well I tried, but it seems that you must get your panties in a wad. I asked you why you repeatedly misstated the facts before you messaged that you didn't the facts. It had been pointed out to you in at least one another thread, so for all I knew you were doing it on purpose. I was honestly wondering why. Calling me Chris is strange, but being bassackward about the worst FO stuff is stranger. There are plenty of facts against the Wallace FO. Your view of "banished" _is_ a twist of the facts. Wallace would not have done that to the team that he had a major role in building.
  2. tangogriz

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    I see your reply above that you didn't know the facts. The Grizzlies best shot at a title, the goal of the blow-it-uppers, was killed by that new FO, the clean sweep. You make great arguments for your case, but you were unconsciously rewriting history to erase the best argument against it. Its hard not to be affected by current politics, seeing the facts twisted 180. I don't mean to offend. I'm sure I do it myself. Its a sign of the times.
  3. tangogriz

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    And on cue, Atlanta takes it to Oklahoma. About the low playoff threshold in the east, its also likely that a couple of the group of nine will hit the skids. So still 3 or 4 that we have to beat to make the goal.
  4. tangogriz

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    Definitely these 5: Atlanta Chicago New York Cleveland Phoenix So we only need 3 out of these 9: Washington Sacramento Minnesota New Orleans Dallas Brooklyn Charlotte Orlando Detroit I guess depends on who gets hurt and who comes to play.
  5. tangogriz

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    Why do you continue to say this?
  6. tangogriz

    Grizzlies at Miami Heat - 1/12/2019

    I go back to my old standby. Its Marc and Mike's team. They need to enforce the mismatch thing. Because of his size, Marc is often the one who should be taking advantage of the mismatch. He should be shooting over or pounding and bullying his way to the hoop until they double or the refs stop him. Then there will open jump shots.
  7. tangogriz

    Marc vs Noah

    Click-bait and I guess ear-bait for local radio.
  8. tangogriz

    Grizzlies at Miami Heat - 1/12/2019

    Marc fell asleep on the rebound. At times the team is asleep. Just create the mismatch and do what works until they adjust. This is the number one frustration watching Griz games, followed closely by post entry passing. This team should have a playoff worthy record. And the players know it.
  9. We will just have to differ on this. We're talking about a knee not a heart. A lot of it has to do with how it feels, probably more so after extensive repair. I don't see malpractice issues. What do you think about that video of him after 2 months of rest and rehab? Do you think that the players and coaches are looking at those kinda workouts and saying "Chandler, you look great. You are ready, buddy." Or are they saying something encouraging like "We really need you out there. We're looking forward to getting you back. You could really help us." Its tough for a pro but its over. He's a friend. We'd like to stay friendly and have him face reality. If it is over, then he could refuse to retire out of spite. If he does eventually retire early, putting him in games now hurts us badly according to that question #61.
  10. Not allowing him to play during an NBA regular season game is explained by the 10 game limit and the 1 year anniversary rule. Making him prove his fitness to play in the G League is not conceding that he is fit. The purpose of the exception is to knock unfit-to-play-due-to-career-ending-injury salaries off of your salary cap. I would like to know more about the doctor reports from an unbiased source. My point is that he can't play. How much more money can he earn in the NBA? HE SHOULD RETIRE.
  11. His last game was against the Jazz on 10/22. He was to be evaluated in a week or so due to fluid build-up on a knee. Here he is limping around at the Moda Center in Portland on 12/19. That was 2 months after the "fluid build-up." Considering that Parsons has undergone season-ending surgery each of the last three seasons, someone tell me how the guy in that video is ever going to play again. I don't think Parsons will play again in the NBA. It would be better for the Grizzlies if he figured that out this season and retired. What about salary cap relief after career ending injury? Parsons would still get all the contracted money, but as I read it here, http://www.cbafaq.com/salarycap.htm#Q61, his contract would be removed from team salary on 10/22/2019. HE SHOULD RETIRE.
  12. There are possibly a couple of things at work here. Its difficult for a professional athlete to accept that he has suffered a career ending injury. There is a chance that he could still be paid but be off the Grizzly books on the one year anniversary of his last game played.
  13. I see it as a neutral to positive effect. I guess you missed the video from about 3 weeks ago of Parsons limping around on the court. My guess is that the Grizzly players know that Parsons is toast. It is also my guess that there are doctors telling Parsons and the FO that if he wants to avoid walking with a limp for most of his remaining years that he should retire now. I'm sure someone will correct me but the the reason that the FO opposes playing Parsons for a few games just to prove that he can't play is here from question #61: The Grizzlies have gone the extra mile to get Parsons back to NBA form, but its over.
  14. tangogriz

    This Entire Organization Lacks Leadership

    The link: Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to check out that thread. Interesting info about the buyout clause and that Kaplan "wanted to buy the team or create a distressed situation."
  15. The ref is right there, unobstructed. I watched the end of that game. I was surprised the network replayed it. It would have been nice for our division foe to lose but GS played stupid. They had the lead late in reg but continually took very difficult shots very early on the shot clock, especially Durant. I hope the GS internal problems continue, except when their winning helps us. Here are a couple of Holiday clips: