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  1. tangogriz

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    It seemed we were in the bottom 10 and in short order we're in the top. I do love seeing Jaren roaming around the rim and elsewhere hunting blocks. It almost makes me feel bad for the bad guys. Almost. 😀
  2. tangogriz

    Anyone Have a Problem With Ja Doing This?

    About Ron Tillery, I don't know much about the print side but when I heard Tillery on the radio, I was entertained and enlightened. Maybe his bias was mine, but I don't remember a heavy finger on the scale.
  3. tangogriz

    Anyone Have a Problem With Ja Doing This?

    Here's one for ya: Ja Morant says he will gift his Grizzlies teammates Rolex watches with new NBA contract “It’s just a matter of time,” Morant said of getting his teammates Rolex watches. “My bread got to kick in first. I’m still broke. Next year, when I get my money.” 9/20/22 https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/nba/grizzlies/2022/09/28/memphis-grizzlies-ja-morant-to-gift-teammates-rolex-watches/69515358007/
  4. tangogriz

    Anyone Have a Problem With Ja Doing This?

    You should quote the stuff that bothers you. I'm guessing we can't read it without a subscription. But, and its a big one, (I love saying that,) you've got the beginnings of some good outrage: "stat padders," and new ones on me: under-the-table shade, and unstated privilege. I dig it man. Keep up the good work!
  5. tangogriz

    Miami Heat @ Memphis Grizzlies - 12/5/22

    Well, I gotta admit that many times I was screaming at the screen "what are you doing." Until the end I didn't believe they'd get it. And then I had to ask myself "who was clearly the better team tonight?" Those guys got the time to shine and worked hard for that win. It is impressive. Much applause. Bravo. And if its true that the Heat were in Memphis a day or so early, maybe they can save some face and blame the barbeque. Until next time.
  6. tangogriz

    Miami Heat @ Memphis Grizzlies - 12/5/22

    😀 And I bet Ja still finds a way to be spectacular.
  7. tangogriz

    Miami Heat @ Memphis Grizzlies - 12/5/22

    You got any stock tips? Not this far into the future though.
  8. tangogriz

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Watching Dea and Kyle recently reminded me of how much I liked them as players and teammates, but I didn't get that "wish you were here" feeling. Would we be better right now, at this point, ok, yes, but their departure made room for growth. And it looks like its working. Drafting more experienced College players can produce instant contributors. If the goal is a championship, its a worthwhile risk because of future limited recources and, lets face it, the postseason production of the vets was known not to be a level bump-up. I liked Roddy more from the draft and while his savy is showing through early, LaRavia eventually developing into a deadeye 3pter is the holy grail.
  9. tangogriz

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    This not too many words and its not about a nearly impossible mountain. Its a positive opinion that some of us share. Roddy is exactly the kind of player to help guard guys like Zion and Doncic.
  10. tangogriz

    Team Hero Grizzlies @ Knicks 11/27/2022

    Great pics. When I go to a game in Dec. I'm not wearing a jersey. I'm wearing on of these. Oh, wait a minute, $600. Never mind.
  11. tangogriz

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I believe you used to be big on "coaches see players in practice and we don't." Now that we have had the opportunity to see more of Aldama, would you have kept Kyle for 2 more years stifling Aldama's development?
  12. I seem to be able to upload images. I would like to learn more about the forum and images. As a test, I dragged and dropped this image from my Windows desktop. I didn't know you could that. I read about it here. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/467502-bug-no-longer-can-drag-and-drop-images-files-have-to-use-the-upload-attachment/#comment-2893628
  13. "At all times" is a stretch, but I hope you are wrong about your point. Imo the top reason he was chosen is to help defend guys like Zion and Doncic. He's got the tools and intelligence, needs experience.