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  1. We've been down this road before. I think the 2 deals were: Rudy Gay, Marreese Speights, Josh Selby, Wayne Ellington, Hamed Haddadi and a first round pick for Tayshaun Prince, Jon Leuer, Ed Davis, Austin Daye and a second round pick The Griz were top of league until Levien started shopping Gay. Imagine that team in the playoffs with Gay, Speights and Ellington. It amazed me at the time when many folks here liked Davis and thought, like Levien, that he was a Zbo replacement, but now the only argument is the weak "addition by subtraction." Oh no, Tony and Ed, just shakin my head.
  2. Hehe, yes dynasty, and here we are next season. I predict playoffs. Why not.
  3. Levien screeeeeeeeeewed the Griz. Davis was the centerpiece return of the -dagger to the heart- trade of the team's best contending effort. Hey, just wondering, can Davis shoot from beyond 5 feet yet. He says in the interview, why would he work on his shot when he can lift weights. Yeah, Hollins would have loved that attitude.
  4. Screeners do that a lot. I wish they'd call it then.
  5. You missed an opportunity, should have said Bruno is guano. I disagree btw.
  6. I don't know much about Allen except the tripping incidents, but it appears that now the screener can bear hug the defender and if the defender reacts he gets a flagrant. The NBA's emphasis on scoring is laughable. On the second flagrant, Allen blocked the ball and grazed his head. The Boston homers calling that game were a joke.
  7. ESPN announcers have started kissing Clipper backside already.
  8. I was a reddit nbastreams fan too. It might be tough next season. I'm sure we'll find something. Here is another possibility: https://www.stream2watch.ws/watch/basketball/ I watched the end of this game there. Lots of popups. The site forced me to turn off my ad blocker addon to Firefox, Addblock Plus, but AdGuard DNS seemed to catch a lot of stuff. You set it up in your network settings so it works with all browsers.
  9. Well, I guess I'd like to see Iggy on the court more than Parsons, but that ain't saying much. That pick looks sweet though.
  10. tangogriz

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    I've had my fingers crossed about JV returning. I'm really looking forward to watching him. It's great to have a bruiser in the middle.
  11. tangogriz

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    I have not read or seen the interviews but I was surprised to hear Mike talking about wanting to be traded. Maybe he's just getting out in front of what he knows will happen. So trade him for the best deal, period. Marc probably took less money to get the trade kicker. I was surprised that Mike took a max contract. He could have at least given a no-state-tax discount. Mike has something to do with why we are where we are.
  12. Zion or covfefe, baby. Make it so! Well maybe, that's still the way to go.
  13. tangogriz

    If I was JB I'd sue the NBA

    I agree and sue the show, the Mike and Marc Show.
  14. I work late and miss the most part of most games. But from what I've seen, the most important stat for this game was Parsons - 0 minutes. Guys differ to him. He gums up the works. He should position for 3s, screens and rebounds (and concentrate on his grab and hold defense.) I hope Parsons and Conley are gone soon. And I wish Mike a ring somewhere.
  15. It seemed like we were trying to win ... until the design of the final play.