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  1. tangogriz

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    I want to thank many of the regulars on the board. They contributed to an exciting roller coaster ride. I don't watch College ball so I don't know about prospect comparisons. Before I checked any news, I got home from work on draft night and started reading the draft thread here. The JV positioning trade had been a slow steep climb of more than the usual pre-draft tension. Then the messages about the pick began the doom and gloom and a fast rush to the bottom. I wallowed in that a while before watching the kid's vids and starting the momentous next climb. My guess is that he wowed em in the workout. He hit shot after shot. If he can do it in games, he'll be a great fit, soon, next season. He's got a lot of work to do but, out of the gate, he can get that step-back off against anyone in the league.
  2. tangogriz

    JV Appreciation Thread (So Long Big Fella)

    So true Tok. So many former Griz are out there. I don't watch anywhere near as much as many here but I look out for them. Most of them are just that, former Grizzlies. A few wore it well while they were here. Jonas was one of em. I'll watch him down the road and think, he's a Grizzly.
  3. tangogriz

    How long have I said NBA refs are bogus?

    I believe the answer is zero. Do I win a prize? lol I guess I'm a hypocrite because I loved ZBo, but Zbo was not a prototype for the future of the NBA. There is just so much of run the court, crash into defender, throw up a shot, get the call and cheat at the freethrow line that I can stand to watch. And simply everyone who is anyone will be setting screens like Giannis. I love watching that crap.
  4. tangogriz

    How long have I said NBA refs are bogus?

    Makeup Non Call for the bogus call(s) that put Booker on the bench during important minutes. The best way to effect the outcome. I wanted the Suns to win. I'm not a fan. I just much prefer watching the game played by Booker over Giannis.
  5. I kicked the habit Kicked the habit, kicked the habit Shed my skin Shed my skin This is the new stuff This is the new stuff I come dancing in Giannis smh
  6. I just watched a replay. They didn't replay it during the game because Giannis clearly takes a big step sideways into Booker's path late. Booker putting his hands on the screener is not a foul. It wouldn't have been a issue if not for the step into his path. You are also wrong about Booker accepting the call. Clearly, he could not believe that call was made. I agree that it was not typical. For screens, Giannis likes to spread his feet 6 feet apart, get down in a crouch and push the defender to get a jump to the basket.
  7. If you get preferential treatment, you are treated better than other people and therefore have an advantage over them.
  8. Word games. Funny.
  9. And I'm the homer.
  10. Booker knows the score as concerns Giannis.
  11. Funny how they didn't show the replay of that one.
  12. Giannis makes an illegal screen and a foul is called on the defender.
  13. lol Good one. And I guess Crazy Eyes is one of his nicknames. https://www.nba.com/news/legend-continues-to-grow-for-bucks-fan-favorite-bobby-portis
  14. Portis looks like his history. I guess he's going for the enforcer look. Maybe it will pay off. If you have a history of punching first, in the face, and seriously injuring a teammate, I guess you gotta go to one extreme or the other.
  15. Really? The refs were calling the game to favor 3-1 in the finals? The no-call on Booker was a makeup for the bs that put him on the bench during important minutes. I don't know what else explains that one. The Giannis favoritism is rubbed-in-your-face with the free throws. Have you ever seen him set a legal screen?