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  1. BigHunkALove

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    Bobby Marks: Memphis will have a $12.5M cap hit on Miles Plumlee and $392K for Ivan Rabb. Since the Rabb contract becomes guaranteed on Oct. 19, any team claiming the former second-round pick would inherit his $1.6M guaranteed contract.
  2. And hopefully this rookie coach uses him correctly, which is not @ C
  3. Still whining about the Grizzlies passing on Trae?
  4. Classic entertainment ūüėā
  5. BigHunkALove

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Because counterfeit products are rife. NBA must lose a ton of money on lost sales of unlicensed products
  6. By Joe, I think you've got it! P.S. I don't have the gif skills you have ūüėĀ
  7. If the coach thinks Jaren is a C, expect more similar performances. He's not going to match it with the likes of Embiid and Gobert. But some keep peddling this line....
  8. If Jaren plays say 32mpg, that means by your calcs he will be playing half or more of his mins at C. My view is that is not the right thing to do. Jaren could play 8-10mpg at C when JV is off the floor, but bearing in mind a lot of Jaren's mins will be played with JV, that still leaves a big hole to cover the balance. Noah was playing around 18mins, often more, and he was a backup. Is Plumlee gonna get those mins? And is he good enough to play those mins and not see us in a deeper hole than we will pdobably be for many of the games?
  9. How is he that backup when he's the starting PF?
  10. spot on definitely need a true C as a back up
  11. he's handled the point ok tonight too
  12. That Jaren 3 shows why he should not be chained in the post as a C Bruno is not a C Coach better realise these things quick
  13. yeah, so far, a nice surprise
  14. Grayson's D is better than Dillon's