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  1. BigHunkALove

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    The first question to be asked is who is a definite keeper and who is not. For me, PG Ja SG: Desmond, Konchar (backups) PF: Jaren, Brandon ūüėĄ Jonas, Xavier, Jaren Are the following mid to long term keepers? Dillon, DeAnthony, Tyus, Grayson? With Tyus: Not enamoured with him, much rather have a good vet backup PG with more height and better 3pt% Winslow: if he can't get on the court by ASB, and not miss anymore games through injury, and show something - No Anderson: Again, not enamoured with him, A trade candidate, IMO we can find better for comparable money, even with the trade kicker Dieng: trade candidate or fall off the books With that in mind, I'm looking at the following: Expiring: Could be had for cheaper in FA if overpriced but may not wanna come; if already cheap, may need to increase current earnings: PG: Majic Mike - $34.5mil (would need to take Tyus money) Patty Mills - $13.5mil (would need to take Tyus money) SG: Danny Green - $15.5mil Alec Burks - $6mil Terrence Davis $1.6mil Malik Monk - $5.5mil SF: Otto Porter - $28.5mil Kelly Oubre Jr - $14.4mil Long term deals: Would need to trade for them, probably have to give up 1sts, may not be available anyway SG: Bradley Beal - $29mil, 3 years+ player option left on contract Zach LaVine - $19.5 mil, 2 years left SF: TJ Warren $12mil, 2 years left Josh Richardson $11 mil, 1 year plus player option The only ones that could be a difference maker are Beal, LaVine (prefer Beal), also maybe Richardson at SF if Winslow doesn't work out. I'd love to get Mikal Bridges but no way in Hades does Suns let him go.
  2. BigHunkALove

    Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies - 1/18/21

    You're correct, and I think that's the way coach will go, Dieng starts, Tillman off the bench, but Tillman may get the final mins of the game over Dieng
  3. There was an article on ESPN website about the 2021 trade deadline and it had an updated full list of every restricted, available player broken up into 3 categories: expirings, long term deals, and players still carrying trade restrictions. I looked at it on my phone this morning, but tried to look at it now on the computer and its been moved to ESPN+ and paywalled . However if you look at this link, the Aussie ESPN site, the article and the lists are visible: Much of who is realistically or theoretically gettable has already been raised in other threads (e.g.Otto Porter, LaVine, etc) Are we gonna make any moves at the deadline? Are we gonna go after any free agents?
  4. According to ESPN Trade machine, which I assume is regularly updated, Dillon Brooks' current (today) PER is 10.9 The others are: Dieng 19.8 (it was 24 earlier this month, I posted about this earlier) JV 18.9 Melton 13.1 Anderson 13.9 Morant 26.9 Jones 13.7 Clarke 14.4 Allen 12.0 Konchar 18.1 Bane 10.7 Tillman 18.4 Frazier 0.6 McDermott 2.5
  5. BigHunkALove

    NBA disrespecking us yet again: Let's Boycot!!!

    Yeah just read them, great stuff. Also, I'll never forget that gif, where Zbo is giving Flake a left arm clothesline, magical memories! Love Zbo4ever
  6. BigHunkALove

    Philadelphia 76ers @ Memphis Grizzlies 1/16/21

    it won't be happening but go back to your your bedroom and dream up a trade scenario trading Jaren and JV and keep yourself busy
  7. BigHunkALove

    Philadelphia 76ers @ Memphis Grizzlies 1/16/21

    Bane needs to be in the starting 5, and also be in the game at the end. Need his shooting and his threat from the perimeter
  8. BigHunkALove

    Philadelphia 76ers @ Memphis Grizzlies 1/16/21

    no, tyus was crap yes to Bane
  9. BigHunkALove

    Philadelphia 76ers @ Memphis Grizzlies 1/16/21

    Great win, we coming at ya!
  10. BigHunkALove

    Philadelphia 76ers @ Memphis Grizzlies 1/16/21

    Dam I was bricks, been a while I felt like that ūü§£
  11. TH: Ja Morant HM: Xavier Tillman