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  1. TM: Majic Money Mike HM: Triple J, Jamychal, Marshon
  3. The Kid back to 30 mins Result: WIN PLUS MINUS OF +14
  4. Page 4 man, get it right šŸ˜œ
  5. looks like its Majic Money Mike Expected or Unexpected? Depends on your individual view....
  6. Well JB is not going to sit him down, he values his job too much
  7. JaM is having something to say about that
  8. Marc is horribilis right now
  9. Oh well JJJ with 2 fouls, gotta come out now šŸ˜±
  10. JJJ with a foul - his first - quick sub him out! LOL
  11. LuvThem gotta be happy, but is going to go nuts if JB subs him out and we lose LOL
  12. Someone posted this comment about Marshon on another website before the Denver game. I haven't had the chance to check the numbers, but if it is accurate, then why not give this a go is all I'm saying and maybe what LuvThem is saying: "Heā€™s 3rd on the team in scoring per 36 minutes(without shooting as well from 3 as heā€™s capable of shooting), but heā€™s not going to be consistent or score 20 points regularly when he only receives 14 minutes per game. If you trade for another shooter and only play them 14 minutes, they also will not score a lot of points. MarShon Brooks has only shared the floor with both Gasol and Conley for 67 minutes on the season and the team is +23 in those lineups, and fewer than half of those minutes have included either Kyle Anderson or Jaren Jackson. All 5 together has only been tried for 1 minute on the entire season(zero point differential for that minute). I say, put MarShon Brooks into the starting lineup with Kyle Anderson and Jaren Jackson and see what they can do. He is a more dynamic scorer than Garrett Temple. .... A bench of Mack, Temple, Casspi, JaMychal Green, and Noah, with Selden, Dillon Brooks and/or Parsons mixed in when available, should be pretty solid. MarShon Brooks and Shelvin Mack are not a great pairing because neither is solid on defense, but MarShon could provide scoring punch to the starting lineup while Temple could provide defensive help for Mackā€”they have played well together on the year, showing up at +33 on the season in 292 minutes. Obviously the +/- is impacted by everyone else on the court, including the opposition, so itā€™s difficult to know how things will go in the future, but unless they try it, they will never know if it could work."