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  1. BigHunkALove

    Bleacher Report likes JJJ

    Zac Lowe has Jaren @ #3 in R.O.Y. race Rookie of the Year 1. Luka Doncic 2. Trae Young 3. Jaren Jackson Jr. The third spot is an eye-of-the-beholder thing. Deandre Ayton has the best box-score numbers, and has appeared in 13 more games than Jackson. He made real strides on defense after looking in his first 15 games as if he had never seen a pick-and-roll. He has a case. So do Marvin Bagley III and perhaps Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. The Cavs will stump for Collin Sexton; his shooting, shoulder-checking drives and "give me the freaking ball" tenacity made for a pleasant surprise over the last 30-plus games. But those first 40 ... oof. His defense at the point of attack has been about as damaging as Young's. Jackson has been the best all-around player in this group, and 58 games is enough to nab this historical footnote. He's miles ahead of Bagley and Ayton on defense, and his 3-point shooting -- 36 percent from deep, with a polished pump-and-go game -- makes him the most versatile among them on offense. Critics might point out that the Grizzlies were abysmal when Jackson played without Mike Conley, but the same holds for Ayton and Devin Booker. Jackson gets the nod here.
  2. BigHunkALove

    Role Players

  3. BigHunkALove

    The "Rebuild" is over guys...this team will compete next season.

    Exactly But that wasn't the premise of the statement made by Trae's bumchum
  4. BigHunkALove

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I'm supporting Smit-Tay on this one. The first deal, Mozgov etc is absolutely ludicrous, we'd be dead stupid to even consider that. We could offer Parsons and get that, minus the pick The second deal with Minny is more realistic, it ain't great but in the absence of any other deal, it's worth considering. Deal #3, why would the FO do that when they already knocked back Utah with "better" pieces? This is just a rehashed deal but with less being offered than the original one. Deal #4 is laughable Deal #5 is more realistic, a deal like this structured around getting a pick, but not immediately, is quite likely to be a common theme in the make-up of deals. And might benefit us if we are not able to convey the Boston pick before it come unrestricted. The leverage is with us. Who cares if Mike doesn't wanna play anymore, he ain't gonna be in more demand by refusing to suit up like Davis has. The size of his contract hamstrings his leverage. Also, you guys need to let the FA play out, all our considerations won't mean nothing if Kyrie wants out, Kemba wants out, Beale gets dealt, a PG suitor offers DA Russell a max offer. There is a hell of a lot to play out, it's way to early to take a deal right now. What if Kawhi stays at Toronto?, they could make a move for Mike (or Kyrie, or Kemba) to dump Lowry (who sucks) If Mike wants out, fine, that's his problem, we've got until Feb to make a deal, some teams are gonna be sweating at that time, it'd be stupid to make a deal right now. In the meantime, we can use Mike to get us some early wins so that we can get out of the bottom 6 and convey next season, if we don't this lottery.
  5. BigHunkALove

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    Good call I've liked him since the first time he played against us, and was hoping our FO would be looking closely at him when he was moved back down to the G league
  6. BigHunkALove

    Will the Grizzlies be improved next season?

    Ever considered a job as script writer for SNL or Veep or something similar? With this talent exhibited, you'd definitely get a look in ­čśů ­čśé ­čĄú
  7. BigHunkALove

    Could Luke Walton coach the Grizzlies?

    Yeah it slows up now the Grizzlies aren't playing. It'll pick up when someone posts something outrageous and then gets rebutted For most....not all! ­čśé
  8. Yeah he sucks Now....if they had Majic Money Mike...... Completely different story....
  9. BigHunkALove

    Could Luke Walton coach the Grizzlies?

    Still gotta get there without getting banned!
  10. BigHunkALove

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    Mike Conley made his statements BEFORE he knew JB got fired. Most of his statements alluded to leaving for a contender team, and looking after himself, and not wanting to be in a "rebuild" But you would know that, you watched the interviews right?
  11. BigHunkALove

    Could Luke Walton coach the Grizzlies?

    Walton is going to the Kings
  12. BigHunkALove

    Could Luke Walton coach the Grizzlies?

    Wrong again
  13. BigHunkALove

    If I was JB I'd sue the NBA

    You must do that a lot because you've lost your eyesight
  14. BigHunkALove

    The Official Coin Flip thread: What's it gonna be?

    Does this mean the coin toss has happened? Michael Gallagher: Final lottery positions: 1. Knicks 2. Cavs 3. Suns 4. Bulls 5. Hawks 6. Wizards 7. Pelicans 8. Grizzlies (to BOS top 8 protected) 9. Mavs (to ATL top 5 protected) 10. Wolves 11. Lakers 12. Hornets 13. Heat 14. Kings (to BOS 2-14, 1 to PHI) 2 hours ago ÔÇô via TwitterMikeSGallagher