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  1. BigHunkALove

    Oklahoma City @ Memphis Grizzlies - 12/7/22

    Totally agree. And last season was similar but they came on strong
  2. BigHunkALove

    Bane out another 3-4 weeks

    Yep bad news He ain't "trending well".... Yeah that is f...ed up for poor Des and the Grizz. Prayers and thoughts.....
  3. BigHunkALove

    Oklahoma City @ Memphis Grizzlies - 12/7/22

    Almost fully agree. Noy sure we found the answer to Luka yet. And Boston will be a challenge
  4. BigHunkALove

    Team Hero Thunder@Grizz

    Yo tambien, a.k.a. back at ya!
  5. BigHunkALove

    Team Hero Heat@Grizz

    Santi deserves to stand on his own for HM
  6. BigHunkALove

    Team Hero Grizz@Pistons

    I thought he laid the platform early and therefore had us playing from in front, but yeah Dillon's shooting from the perimeter was highly impressive
  7. BigHunkALove

    Team Hero Grizz@Pistons

    very hard to split Jaren and Dillon. I'll go 13
  8. 26 TO s by the Grizz must be a franchise high
  9. Scuds and TOs. Not a good mix
  10. I always like the Honky Tonk Man
  11. 15 TOs in the half way too many. We'd be comfortably leading if not for that
  12. BigHunkALove

    Is Desmond Bane challenging for the #2 rank?

    Yeah, the #22 jersey is now a top seller. And to think it was once "owned" by one Rudy Gay.......