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  1. Well. This is a MUST WIN GAME
  2. I’ve been against this thought for a while. I do believe it only takes a couple of calls to make a game go left vs right. But with the NBA restarting.. I just don’t see how we think we have a chance this season. The NBA LITERALLY came up with the play-in rule so the Pelicans can have a chance. Gave the pelicans the easiest schedule..AND let them end against the Magic instead of one of the teams who are fighting for positions! And we get the BUCKS?? Come on bro.. it’s so blatant. The media doesn’t want us their, the nba doesn’t want us there Theirs no ifs ands or buts about it. Prepare for some horrible calls. We will lose both play-in games. The first one is by blowout due to bad calls and the second one with Morant going off, but losing by single digits late..
  3. We need every win we can get because the month of March is about to be TOUGH
  4. They were bad before melo. Melo is honestly the only reason they are even in contention.
  5. gfaulk09

    Boom goes the dynamite!!! Bye Iggy!!!!

    Have too. Unless crowder and hill is a separate deal
  6. gfaulk09

    To blow it up or not to blow it up??

    If any veteran wants to stay in Memphis then we shouldn’t want him at this point. Jae likes playing for Memphis because he has a green light every night and plays 30+ minutes. His goal isn’t to win a championship. We are two years away from possibly going on a run and I do think we could make the playoffs next year. Hill needs to go ASAP. I get disgusted every time he’s on the floor. We are missing a shooter or 2.. we need like a Mike Miller type. As well as a lock down defender. Not saying he has to be as good as T.A... but nobody on our team can make it difficult for let’s say Kawhi or LeBron or Harden. Or anybody...
  7. I don’t think this game is on ESPN as well....
  8. Not to be a negative fan.. but It’s not going to help. We don’t matchup at all. They have the better players. They are on a mission this season win a chip while we are trying to win the first pick in the draft lol. They are bigger.. faster.. stronger.
  9. gfaulk09

    1st franchise superstar?

    I think you all forget how far Mike came.. A lot of us was upset that Lionel picked Mike over Kyle Lowry as the future PG for the Grizzlies. Conley has come a long way to be a good player.. He developed his floater and being able to do floaters with both hands etc.. Ja isn’t as skilled as Conley yet but he is far more talented than Conley will ever be. Ja’s talent alone is making him just as good as Conley will ever be... and when he gets more Experienced and sharpens his skills. He will be a great. We will see improvements next year... but by years 3-4... we will be in the playoffs with Ja as the leader of the team
  10. gfaulk09

    Grizz on National TV

    Memphis has never been great lol
  11. gfaulk09

    Grizz on National TV

    We will see. I know we may not be good... etc. but we are part of the league...when only 2% of our games are national televised... that’s just a slap in the face...
  12. gfaulk09

    Grizz on National TV

    Sooooo, I woke up this morning thinking about the NBA season and I haven’t really looked at our schedule. So I went to ESPN and pulled it up and wow... only two games are national televised this year.. The lakers have more national televised games the first week of the season than we have all year... i know we may not be great but geeesh.. I bet we have the lowest amount of games in the league.. (NBATV games don’t count as national televised in my book)
  13. gfaulk09

    Cousins injury

    Grizzlies have two players that lakers want.. I wish the lakers had more lol
  14. gfaulk09

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    Don’t know if you all have seen. But here’s the new court for next
  15. The one time that the grizzlies have the assets.. we draft ja and now Westbrook is available. Only a few teams have the cap space to trade for him. And we could easily do it right now. And Westbrook is locked up for the next 3 years. Which makes it even better. It’s not a 1 year rental... I know many of you don’t want Westbrook but he would be the best grizzly to ever suit up for us.. And would at least be exciting to watch