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  1. gfaulk09

    Grizz on National TV

    Memphis has never been great lol
  2. gfaulk09

    Grizz on National TV

    We will see. I know we may not be good... etc. but we are part of the league...when only 2% of our games are national televised... that’s just a slap in the face...
  3. gfaulk09

    Grizz on National TV

    Sooooo, I woke up this morning thinking about the NBA season and I haven’t really looked at our schedule. So I went to ESPN and pulled it up and wow... only two games are national televised this year.. The lakers have more national televised games the first week of the season than we have all year... i know we may not be great but geeesh.. I bet we have the lowest amount of games in the league.. (NBATV games don’t count as national televised in my book)
  4. gfaulk09

    Cousins injury

    Grizzlies have two players that lakers want.. I wish the lakers had more lol
  5. gfaulk09

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    Don’t know if you all have seen. But here’s the new court for next
  6. The one time that the grizzlies have the assets.. we draft ja and now Westbrook is available. Only a few teams have the cap space to trade for him. And we could easily do it right now. And Westbrook is locked up for the next 3 years. Which makes it even better. It’s not a 1 year rental... I know many of you don’t want Westbrook but he would be the best grizzly to ever suit up for us.. And would at least be exciting to watch
  7. gfaulk09

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    What’s also crazy is if kawhi doesn’t pick a team by noon tomorrow. It hold up all the trades over the week basically
  8. gfaulk09

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    I think we have to handicap the team this year some type a way. Let’s be competitive but lose lol. I want another lottery pick
  9. gfaulk09

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Grizz aren’t finished.
  10. gfaulk09

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Bleacher report just confirmed. Cj miles. We saved 3.1 million in cap
  11. Saw this on Twitter. Didn’t see this coming. Interested to see what we gave up
  12. gfaulk09

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    No Parsons appreciation thread?
  13. First time in forever that we actually feel like we have a plan for the future. Finally stocking picks.. and finally have direction as a team. We got a young core.. future picks and players on expiring deals that may be of value at the trade deadline... wishful thinking. Imagine Chandler Parsons actually having a good year and we get a first rounder for him at the trade deadline from a team trying to make a playoff push.. that’s is a very Possible scenario...
  14. gfaulk09

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    I disagree. This is an entirely different situation. We kept mike and Marc for years. Paid them their money without a gripe and now it’s time to move on and rebuild. What you do is try to put them in a great position while also doing what’s best for your team. No agent is going to talk bad about the grizz sending Conley to a non-contender like New York.. but if they do. You can argue that the grizz tried simply because we sent Marc to Toronto. You have to do what’s best for your team and take the emotions out of it. Emotions aren’t good in business. Look at how that played out for the pelicans.. They could’ve gotten more at the trade deadline vs what they got last week.
  15. gfaulk09

    Am i the only one that really isn't happy for Marc...

    This isn’t nothing new.. players leave Memphis and win a championship. That’s just the way it goes. Shane battier mike miller pau gasol marc gasol Matt barnes mareisse speights james posey