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  1. gfaulk09

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I disagree. This is an entirely different situation. We kept mike and Marc for years. Paid them their money without a gripe and now it’s time to move on and rebuild. What you do is try to put them in a great position while also doing what’s best for your team. No agent is going to talk bad about the grizz sending Conley to a non-contender like New York.. but if they do. You can argue that the grizz tried simply because we sent Marc to Toronto. You have to do what’s best for your team and take the emotions out of it. Emotions aren’t good in business. Look at how that played out for the pelicans.. They could’ve gotten more at the trade deadline vs what they got last week.
  2. gfaulk09

    Am i the only one that really isn't happy for Marc...

    This isn’t nothing new.. players leave Memphis and win a championship. That’s just the way it goes. Shane battier mike miller pau gasol marc gasol Matt barnes mareisse speights james posey
  3. gfaulk09

    Lonzo & 4 = RJ Barrett?

    I would straight up trade mike Conley for the .4th round pick.. may be able to add parsons since he’s an expiring... I’ll even throw in a second round pick... we don’t need lonzo
  4. gfaulk09

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Has anybody seen this?
  5. gfaulk09

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    The grizzlies gifted the raptors a trip to the NBA Finals..
  6. We unfortunately may win this game... Theirs no Mack coming in to blow it.. ite almost bittersweet.
  7. gfaulk09

    Grizzlies Last in NBA Team Valuations

    The only reason the grizzlies value is going up is because of the value of the NBA. Not necessarily because of the grizzlies.
  8. Forbes released their annual team valuations.. and grizzlies are last in the NBA. Which as a Grizzlies fan makes me worried. Starting to see the writing on the wall for the Grizzlies to leave Memphis
  9. gfaulk09

    Trade Deadline - Who Stays, Who Goes

    I don’t think we will trade Marc or Conley.
  10. J Green is out and Noah as well..
  11. Theirs a 2% chance we get Zion. Remember when the grizzlies was awful and we still couldn’t get the first pick. Theirs just no way.
  12. gfaulk09

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    I don’t really see any good deals going down... unless, we get in on the Lakers pelicans deal.. Lakers get Anthony Davis, pelicans get lonzo, Gasol, Ingram and a Lakers first round pic. Grizz get back a Lakers First round pick a pelicans second round pic, lance stephenson, and zubac
  13. man.... its so sad that all you can honestly do is laugh lol..
  14. hmmmmm. anyone thinking that its a possibility that we still blow this game some type of way?