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  1. Kinda surprised they haven’t postponed the game
  2. gfaulk09

    Play in possibilities

    When we beat the clippers twice. It’s going to make the west super wild….. I do feel like the grizz are going to get the worst possible matchup at the 2 seed
  3. If there was a game where Adam’s absence is felt most….
  4. gfaulk09

    Play in possibilities

    I really don’t want to play the lakers, Minnesota, mavs, pelicans
  5. 12 is a cheat code
  6. Oh 12. How we have missed the
  7. Hear comes 12 after this timeout
  8. I really don’t want to play Minnesota lol…..
  9. Well, PG goes down for the clippers.. Grizzlies have by far the easiest remaining schedule in the league. It’s not even close….
  10. Torn between going all out and possibly getting the #1 seed. Vs. resting and making sure we get the 2 or 3 seed and being fully healthy going into the playoffs with the exception of Clark. I personally think Bane has earned a few games off… he needs some rest.
  11. Some type of way….. we still may win lol
  12. It’s not about being off games… he averages 2 bad fouls a game. Atleast….
  13. 1. I just always feel like it’s a battle against them.. I really don’t want to play them in the playoffs. 2. he’s been in the league too long to still have these problems… his improvements on the offensive end or defensive end doesn’t matter if he can’t stay on the floor
  14. 1. I hate playing the mavs.. 2. Is anyone surprised about Jaren? He’s never going to learn
  15. If we can end up playing Minnesota. That would be great as long as Edward’s is out for the season