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  1. Imo, maturity has to start within the person. Getting older or gaining more experience should help, but with some individuals it can be a slow an arduous journey. If he wants to be a keeper in the NBA it would be in Wroten's best interest to accelerate the maturity process. He should know what his strengths and weakness's are. Utilize and strengthen the former, and correct and as much as possible eliminate the latter.
  2. Imo, I think they did. Playing J. Leur 5 min in the 4th while only giving Davis and Arthur a combined 3 minutes was questionable. Any thoughts? Hollins rotations in a lot of our games last year and this year have been puzzling. And I;m not just talkiing 4th quarter ones in these other games
  3. evergrizz

    Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    See what you can work out, Hesam. We wIll give you and the Suns, Pittman and 3yrs of regular FedEx'd Corky's BBQ shipped weekly for Haddadi. Of course, assuming you eat pork :unsure:/> We do miss the big guy. :)/>
  4. evergrizz

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    D-Dawg, or maybe D-Day for Ed Davis. I think this guy is going to be special.
  5. evergrizz

    Nut Heads IV

    Not bad. But imo, chip didn't use the the "hottest scene shot" pic. The one where she's bending over washing the car does it best for me. But then, I'm a booty man. 'em!
  6. Clarity is the best drug and most under used one readily available. And you sir/mam' are sorely in need of it.
  7. evergrizz

    Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    Class act. Good luck Hamed. At least you got away from Hollins.
  8. Why can't I become a member of the grizzlies fan forum

  9. Why can't I become a member of the grizzlies fan forum