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  1. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    There's an issue the coaches are not addressing

    and then inserts melton...who has be iffy for the last 5 or so games.
  2. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Jaren Jackson Jr. ....Is NOT selfish at all

    it even comes out in ja from time to time...jumping up and down throwing temper tantrums and mopping after no-calls.
  3. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Jaren Jackson Jr. ....Is NOT selfish at all

    he's still immature and it shows in his game...that why i am not worried about 3js...grown man jaren is going to be one heck of a player
  4. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Jaren Jackson Jr. ....Is NOT selfish at all

    only reason jones missed out on a ring was because he wasn't a starting caliber C on a championship team....and more than like is going to happen again here for the grizzlies.
  5. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Jaren Jackson Jr. ....Is NOT selfish at all

    sometimes the freedom of speech is over rated....smdh....the 3j hate is real.
  6. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Denver Nuggets 4/26/21

    shouldn't have counted....joker step in before releasing the ball.
  7. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Predict JJJ's Return

    imo i wouldn't start him unless grayson regresses...with that being said our finishing five should be ja/db/slowmo/3js/jv or ja/db/slowmo/bc/3js
  8. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Jenkins son arrested

  9. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Predict JJJ's Return

    to be fair jaren's first two injuries he could of played if it would have mean anything...heck he can play now
  10. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Predict JJJ's Return

    we also got to realize these are medical records which is private...maybe 3js agents doesn't want to much info released.
  11. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Predict JJJ's Return

    maybe they're having setbacks because he is still growing...and if this is all about the long term goal then i have no problem with it because imo he is the most important piece to this championship puzzle.
  12. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Houston Rockets - 2/28/21

    jw/db/slowmo/clarke/3js....getting close
  13. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan

    our future #1 option

    unless ja gets a legit 3pt shoot its 3js...if the teams play style was different imo 3js could ave. 25-27ppg...but having a team oriented playstyle he should ave around 20-22ppg.
  14. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan


    kyle and winslow are a huge part of the next core...odd my out is going to be JV...also i don't think you can have to much playmaking,defense and shooting on ja,winslow,slowmo and 3js is a lock in the starting five
  15. PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan


    if 3js return this season they are making the playoff