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  1. 1. Thabeet 2. Brian Cardinal contract 3. Love/Mayo swap (although would we have ZBo without the swap?) 4. Jon Leur 5. Basically the draft every year. If you really want to get depressed look at our draft history and look at some of the names we traded away on draft night
  2. bmcgee81

    Memphis @ Golden State 04/13/16

    Would love to deny them win 73. With that being said I don't think we will
  3. bmcgee81

    Mike Conley

  4. bmcgee81

    Mike Conley

    I agree. Even if he does come back, we have a minuscule chance of winning the championship. No point in hurting yourself worse
  5. bmcgee81

    Mike Conley

    When is MC coming back? Or is he coming back? What about Wright?