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  1. Porteroso

    DeAnthony Melton Appreciation Thread

    Thanks Melton! Always appreciated his attitude.
  2. Porteroso

    Steal of the draft

    As a Baylor fan, I think both Brown and Sochan could be sleepers. Kendall shot well from 3 in the combine, after not really attempting many in college. Sochan is a super hard worker that just doesn't have many weaknesses. I see both out playing half of the people in front of them.
  3. Porteroso

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    I can't believe this thread is question Adams and us winning with him. If he was 100% we might be in the Finals right now. Ja needs him to essentially clear space. Adams isn't the only guy in the league to set good screens, but is one of the best. Plus, his rebounding. We probably beat Golden State with him imo. Adams is one of the last true centers capable of contributing in today's game. He creates matchup nightmares of his own, against all the teams trying to play small ball. And there are a good few of them in the playoffs. It's mostly KAT, Giannis, and Embid that can abuse Adams. Just subjectively in my opinion, he's a guy we need to win a championship. Throw in 2 solid role players with a 100% Adams and we maybe win it all this year.
  4. Porteroso

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    ZW definitely has huge potential. He could not improve at all and still be a huge player off the bench. Any shooter who refuses to let big moments get to his head is valuable in the league. If he were to sustain his rate of improvement we would be forced to start him 2 seasons from now.
  5. Porteroso

    Random Points to Ponder

    I do think Luka is great, but you have to just trust our coaches are not idiots, and can guide Ja in the right direction. He is 10x the passer he was last season. I saw him make so many dumb plays. This postseason he really cleaned most of that up. I think he can up some aspect of his game just as much this offeseason. He is hungry. Next year will be a higher mountain to climb. Multiple teams were 1 piece away from being contenders. We were 1-2 away. We needed a healthy Ja, but also probably a combo guard who could defend/knock down 3s. I'm not sure what purpose threads like this want to achieve. It's true Ja has weaknesses. He's not Jordan yet. But I think there is a positive way to talk about the weaknesses of our star we are about to supermax. Wishing he was another guy is just plain useless.
  6. Porteroso

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I'd love to have Tyus back but he might have played himself into a price range we can't afford. Would be hard to replace him, but somehow cautioning Ja against going to thr floor so many times per game might go a long ways towards not being desperate for a great backup pg that might need to start 30 games.
  7. In the end, our youth showed. Are the dubs actually more talented? In better shape? Could they actually pull off as many regular season wins as us? We were the more consistent team all season long. Love this team and everyone on it. They didn't quite make it to the promised land but if we learn from this, we will contend much more seriously next year.
  8. Porteroso

    Kleiman Wins NBA Executive of the Year

  9. Fun game. I'll be thinking of this one for a long time. Reminds me of the beat down the Suns took, us just playing our bench against their starters. What a season, no matter how game 6 goes. So many great moments.
  10. Porter seemed to land weird after a drive to the basket, if I recall correctly. Didn't look like anything major, but who knows. Adams proving his worth. As discussed in other threads, only 2-3 guys in the league can truly abuse his defense. Draymond not one of them. What he did against Steph last night, on the switches, was as good as anyone his size. In fact I can't think of anyone like him who I've seen play a shooter that well.
  11. Porteroso

    Ja Diagnosis

    What I mean by facilitating is not really assists. I am talking about the general flow of the offense. The reason guys stand around is he might drive any given possession, even if there are 3 guys in the paint waiting, so they don't want to clog it up even more. He needs to learn to flow the offense more, get everyone into their rhythm, then he can be opportunistic. Obviously in clutch situations things can be different, but for better or worse, we play a deep rotation, and we need multiple guys in rhythm, shooting with confidence. Edit: I'd bet a ton of his assists come from driving then kicking out to the open man. As we saw against the Twolves relying on that can make us 1 dimensional when Ja is out there.
  12. Porteroso

    Ja Diagnosis

    Yeah Ja is developing really well, let's not forget what he looked like last year's playoffs... He is turning into a better ball handler and passer, but that's different from facilitating. He can't get stronger, improve his 3 ball, become a better facilitator, and learn to play defense all in 1 off-season. But if he gets 2 or 3 of those things he will be pretty scary.
  13. Draymond with the casual trip. Bane just takes it. Baller.
  14. Oh man this is fun right now. We have not looked like this in 15 games