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  1. Porteroso

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 10/29/22

    Audio slowed way down????
  2. Porteroso

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 10/29/22

    Looks like an early season game.... We are taking away the paint slightly better but everything they chuck up goes in now.
  3. Porteroso

    Is this roster currently

    In a vacuum, if you remove the team's development last year, and compare rosters as if both could have started 2021, the previous roster is probably better. In reality, given the team's development, and the challenges in adapting to the new starters and role players, this year's is definitely better. It is way easier to adapt to new outside shooters and players like Clarke, than have to figure out a player like Adams. Most of the team's work will be on the defensive end, but Zaire/Clarke have already shown their worth. The offense should be measurably better and more efficient halfway into the season, though I bet it will start off rough.
  4. Porteroso

    DeAnthony Melton Appreciation Thread

    Thanks Melton! Always appreciated his attitude.
  5. Porteroso

    Steal of the draft

    As a Baylor fan, I think both Brown and Sochan could be sleepers. Kendall shot well from 3 in the combine, after not really attempting many in college. Sochan is a super hard worker that just doesn't have many weaknesses. I see both out playing half of the people in front of them.
  6. Porteroso

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    I can't believe this thread is question Adams and us winning with him. If he was 100% we might be in the Finals right now. Ja needs him to essentially clear space. Adams isn't the only guy in the league to set good screens, but is one of the best. Plus, his rebounding. We probably beat Golden State with him imo. Adams is one of the last true centers capable of contributing in today's game. He creates matchup nightmares of his own, against all the teams trying to play small ball. And there are a good few of them in the playoffs. It's mostly KAT, Giannis, and Embid that can abuse Adams. Just subjectively in my opinion, he's a guy we need to win a championship. Throw in 2 solid role players with a 100% Adams and we maybe win it all this year.
  7. Porteroso

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    ZW definitely has huge potential. He could not improve at all and still be a huge player off the bench. Any shooter who refuses to let big moments get to his head is valuable in the league. If he were to sustain his rate of improvement we would be forced to start him 2 seasons from now.
  8. Porteroso

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I'd love to have Tyus back but he might have played himself into a price range we can't afford. Would be hard to replace him, but somehow cautioning Ja against going to thr floor so many times per game might go a long ways towards not being desperate for a great backup pg that might need to start 30 games.
  9. Porteroso

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    I was ****** at how he played last night, but he has given us a lot. I doubt we will fork over 25m, but his defense would be hard to replace. However it works out I'm glad he has been a Grizzly these past few years.
  10. Porteroso

    Will the NBA say a dirty play is OK?

    Pulling a guy down by the jersey is different from whacking a guy in the head from behind. That was for sure the right call. Green does plenty of other things that should be fouls and techs. Running down the floor tonight for example. Grizzlies in the past have gotten Ted up for that.
  11. Porteroso

    What's happened to Ja's floater & pull up jumper?

    Yeah, him showing the ability to knock down volume 3s really makes him unguardable, and indeed he was ready to go for the warriors.
  12. Porteroso

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Imo depending on how much Adam's costs, he's the perfect big to pair with JJJ. Just totally different. It gives us a ton of matchup versatility, and Ja plays well off of both of them. It's too easy to go off on Adams because of this series, but don't forget if he had played his normal role, sure we might be swept by now, but he also might have adjusted his game, not be a huge liability on defense, and creating on offense like he does. Bane doesn't get blocked on what seemed like 3 floaters in a row, if Adams is out there.
  13. Porteroso

    What's happened to Ja's floater & pull up jumper?

    He hasn't been aggressive like that since game 2. He needs to exploit matchups, the thing is he is showing he really doesn't want to shoot 3s. So you don't need to be as fast as him to defend him, you will always have a step towards the basket. But for sure the twolves have defenders he should be eating for lunch. They really beat him up in games 2-3, so I'd bet he's trying to ration his body. Don't want to go down injured.