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    Jenkins...Time to Evaluate

    The lack of focus and urgency displayed by the team is very concerning and makes me question Jenkins. Also, real talk...What the heck is this team's offense?! Do they even have one? Outside of an occasional pick and roll, I struggle to see any real meaningful, consistent scheme with this team. Its just Ja penetrating and taking on 3-4 defenders in the paint. We seldom ever see any designed plays for Bane and not nearly enough for JJJ. All iso's and hero ball where everyone not named Ja (or, god forbid, Dillon) is standing around. Such a stark contrast to many of the elite teams who have infinitely more ball movement, cutting, etc. What the heck is the strategy here, is there even one?!?!
  2. Well said, this is a good insight. Our draft picks shouldn't be very high for the foreseeable future, & we have taken enough swings on guys outside the lottery. Trade some of the near term draft picks if you can & get us some vets who can help, because this team has some very problematic holes if we're truly trying to contend with the NBA's elite.
  3. Yep this is correct, 71% with Adams and 75% if you exclude him. And a bit more on GoGrizz!'s stats on the recent 5 game stretch... According to his numbers of late, Ja's FT% has declined marginally from 75% to 73%. But he alone is taking 27% of our total FT attempts (this has been constant), so his seemingly small decline is dragging the entire team's % disproportionately. Same for BC, who's FT% has declined from 73% to 61% in the recent stretch, and he's taking 13% of our attempts over the last 5 games vs. 9% of the entire season. Likewise for Santi, who has quietly seen his FT% decline from 71% to 59% on an increased share as of late. Meanwhile, the share of FT's shot by good shooters like Bane and Tyus has declined marginally. So there are a couple of your big culprits. Jaren is obviously solid at the line and has been trending in the right direction (both % and share), but the negative FT trends are outstripping his improvement.
  4. Hey homies, in case anyone else has been nervously searching for this... One of those Dr. Brian injury analyses from tonight's misfortune: https://youtu.be/wo0rTC59ArE