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  1. KelvisKblam

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    No, just basing my question on the lineup listed in the original game thread post, which omits Fox. I haven't seen any intel either, so imagine its just an accidental omission, but wondered if someone knows something. From what I've seen, I expect he'll play and its just wishful thinking.
  2. KelvisKblam

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings 2/20/20

    No De'Aaron Fox for this game? I wouldn't mind.
  3. KelvisKblam

    Why I believe Memphis by Lang Whitaker

    Hey that's a cool call out (and accurate), KBM...Mina's brother is a friend of mine, he lived in Memphis for years. Went to U of M law school, now lives in Nashville and works for the state legislature there. They're from Seattle originally, and are a big football family, but I'd venture to bet that Isaac is a Grizz fan.
  4. KelvisKblam

    New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    I hope Tony gets a huge standing ovation when he checks in. Gonna miss that guy.
  5. KelvisKblam

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    I wonder what the market for Ilyasova is? Haven't heard anything about him. Could we get him for 3yrs/$30M? He made ~$8.5M last season. I might rather do that than sign Green for 4/$48M or whatever he's likely to cost.
  6. KelvisKblam

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    How much would Ilyasova cost? Less than Green? Maybe try sign him and make a super lowball offer to one of Terrence Jones, Jared Sullinger, or Montejunas? Seems like Jerrell Martin is dead weight, I might rather have one of those guys (on a super bargain deal) for depth. I also read something about Denver maybe cutting Fareid and Darrell Arthur loose. Hmmm...
  7. KelvisKblam

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    My question is...If Green's offers end up being too expensive to match, who is the starting PF next season? We all love Zbo and if Green bolts they probably bring him back, but Zbo as the starting PF is far from ideal. Wright? Or what starting-caliber free agent PFs would be realistic?
  8. KelvisKblam

    Dog Days Of August

    Nice thread indeed... My handle comes from not too long ago when I was in a band touring Europe. I started telling everyone my name is Elvis, because it was more memorable and more of a conversation piece for the European girls than my real name (Kevin), and because it references my hometown. In time, Elvis became Kelvis. The second part is from when I worked at a certain big box corporate guitar store, and how our names would display on our computer monitors. Mine would display as "KBla," and one of my colleagues would always say "KBlam!" when addressing me. Thus, when asked what my stage name would be if I were in a hair metal/butt rock band, I posited, "KelvisKblam."