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  1. My man this is the only time of year tv's worth watchin. Timeout in the playoff game? Time to flip over to watch NHL playoff hockey. It's wild.
  2. This game was over as soon as Dillon fouled out. Is what it is. Regroup. Send the Spurs packing n come right back for hopefully a rematch.
  3. I feel shame for turning it off.....keepin it off and watchin it later so I don't jinx it
  4. Thankfully it's only "game 5". Looking like they're down "2-3" now. Gotta win the next two.
  5. All things considering atleast it's not a blowout yet
  6. Aight......who else is absolutely HYPED for this one. It's been awhile since the last game of season was important.
  7. Playoffs pretty much start tomorrow. Best of 3 against possibly 3 different teams. Win 2 or go home.
  8. Actually a perfect time to throw Winslow into the fire. Start him and play him 30+ minutes. Jones-Melton-Bane-Winslow-Tillman Bench of Frazier-Konchar-Tillie-Porter
  9. cdp

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Mavs 05/11/2021

    TH: Ja shoutout JV, won the last two team heroes vs NOP + Toronto
  10. That's just it Konchar's like 13th man on the roster, and Winslow still can't beat him out. Feels like Josh Jackson 2.0 where maybe he can turn into something great but it ain't worth it when we already have better players worth investing more into.
  11. Winslows a goner when he can't even get in the game over Konchar
  12. They don't want to make the play-in apparently
  13. We're due for a win against these guys
  14. Siakam done for the night. Zero excuses to lose this one.