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  1. Magic needed that one more than we did anyways... Dorsey'll get his chance. Pencil him in for the training camp roster atleast. Unless he stinks it up in summer league if he plays.
  2. Give Chandler the ball n let him go for 30+ tonight, gotta convince the Magic to trade for him in the summer.
  3. Game of the year, bar none. And whether or not you want the team to tank, no denyin it feels so much better being on the winning side of this one.
  4. Chandler Parsons: The Return I, for one, am happy for the guy. Now if only he costs 2.5mil instead of 25.
  5. After last nights Kings/Nets game, no lead is safe.
  6. If it means getting a higher level talent then what we could get this coming draft heck yes. They have a great chance to get out of the pick they need to go for it. Worst case scenario we end up in 8th with one of Garland or Langford available. And at this point they have better odds at conveying than they do getting Zion.
  7. Why tank when a win tonight would be huge. Pels gettin beat up by the Magic, Wiz down to the Bulls, Mavs play at Portland later on.
  8. After what went down the other night against Phoenix, I'm sure it won't be too hard to pass the Pels. They're tanking hard;
  9. The one good positive from this game; Parsons might still be a nba player. I wonder if it's possible to waive him before July 1st....then resign him to the minimum as a FA. I'd do that in a heartbeat
  10. Getting destroyed by the Hawks-oh but we should be fighting for the playoffs next year lol. Face the music ya'll, with or without JJJ this team needs a lot of help.
  11. cdp

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    The Raps were very much contenders, had to double check but knew it was the year they went 56-26 and were two wins away from the finals only to be stopped by Lebron. That was with DD, JV and T-Ross all contributing. And another thing, the Raps have signed 1 of their guys as free agents, Lin. That whole team was built by drafting good prospects, developing them into great players, and then trading them for even better ones. And if Toronto can't get players to come to the city, it's going to be that much tougher for Memphis. Heck the only way we've had free agency "success" was to overpay already injured players.
  12. cdp

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    Funny enough the Raps were; Derozan, JV and T-Ross. And then they were all flipped.
  13. cdp

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    We need a new core. We've got one major piece in JJJ, maaaaaaaaybe two with JV. How are we going to get the next guy? Either we trade Conley for him, trade this years pick (if we keep it) for him, or draft him. What's it gonna be. Draft is probably the best bet.