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  1. 3 strikes you're out. Carter, Rabb and Yuta time
  2. We so badly want to move on from Mike n Marc....well the *ice cream, puppies, and rainbows * is anyone else on the team doin aside from them? I'd keep them over anyone else on this team not named JJJ.
  3. cdp

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    Well this is the year of being 2 years from being 2 years away...but if the Raps couldn't develop him over 4 years I wouldn't hold out hope that we'll be able to do anything for him. edit-23 years old played in just 35 games in 4 seasons ..... mind you Whiteside was probably about the same‎ when we signed him.
  4. Marc looks refreshed a bit edit- nevermind lol
  5. They better hit a homerun on those two picks. JJJ, Kyle and maybe Brooks are the only young guys that'll probably still be on this team in 2 years.
  6. cdp

    New GM Thread

    Yep Griffin all the way. Makris would be more realistic tho.
  7. The Raps prime for the finals, look at how good they are even without their best player. Ain't never seen them play like this before.
  8. So far they don't seem much worse.....or much better either
  9. Here's ya'll chance to see the Grizz post-Marc. Be careful what ya'll wish for. Tbh I'm hoping JJJ turns out to be better at PF than C. I don't want the team turning down the chance to draft Wiseman just because of JJJ.
  10. cdp

    Pera met with Marc, Mike........

    Marc would want to help the team regardless whether he's on it or not. Now this show is over, he knows it, the team knows it, we the fans know it. Better to either trade him to a team where he has an actual chance of winning while we get something else of value back. Or take a paycut/eventual decreased role to retire with the team. Thems the options
  11. Ah but that's exactly the type of deal they should expect, and be making. Mozgov, Biyombo, Tristian Thompson, Ryan Anderson, Batum etc. Basically any of the non-allstar guys that got massive contracts because of the TV deal. They're all expiring around the same time, all could use a new team.‎
  12. cdp

    Time to trade Marc

    Zbo doesn't do **** for the Grizz without Mike, Marc and Tony. Just like Mike doesn't do **** without Marc, Zbo and Tony. Just like Marc doesn't do **** without Mike, Zbo and Tony. And just like Tony doesn't do **** without Mike, Marc and Zbo. They carried eachother. This team was always greater than the sum of its parts, remember that.
  13. Well it sure is nice to know that our 3rd strings are better than the Bucks 3rd strings
  15. It's just the difference between a good team n a bad team