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  1. cdp


    Nah we dodged a bullet. Mavs got a center without trading Lee, who's the only guy they could trade Iggy for. Still a chance.
  2. cdp

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    Why would any player willingly retire while they're under contract? They would want to fight to make their way back and earn whatever penny they can from it. The team let him play even after the whole dleague debacle so I guess they didn't think he needed to retire either. Didn't need to go to the dleague either after all. edit- I just remembered, look at Bosh. Took him what 3 years of fighting with the doctors to call it quits. Think Miami got cap relief more than year after he last played.
  3. cdp

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    Zion bout to be so hyped up he could end up being the most overrated player of all time. Sorry but can't see him having a career half as good as Lebron. I'd say Luka has a better shot at that right now.
  4. cdp

    Andre Iguodala/Dwight Powell

    If I'm the Mavs I'm trading Lee+picks for someone like Thaddeus Young, Dedmon, Biyombo etc well before I think bout trading for Iggy now. Powell and Plumlees injuries really mess up our chances of trading him.
  5. Ain't no quit in them that's a good sign. But clearly this game is a wake up call. Yea they've been a tear lately but still a long ways to go before calling them a winning team.
  6. cdp

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    Has JJJ improved from last season? Yes. So he's progressing just fine with plenty of room for improvement
  7. cdp

    Solomon Hill

    I was ticked he was gettin minutes over Bruno while being vastly overpaid, but he's been pretty decent lately. Better than Parsons that's not sayin much tho. Can't see any team offering anything for him unless we take on a longer contract.
  8. cdp

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    Man that's rough. Hope he makes it back on the court period let alone play well on it. People'll say why feel sorry for him he's made millions. All the money in the world don't mean shot if your health won't let you enjoy it.
  9. Scratch Portland off the list, Sacramento too if they were ever on it. Doubt they have any interest in Iggy, maybe Hill for Dedmon+1st instead?
  10. #1 Free agent signing in the summer...... Marc for cheap (5 mill max) as a backup c. Let him teach JJJ all he knows about defense all summer.
  11. cdp

    TA Returning to the Grizz!!!

    It always brings a smile to my face seeing Jamaal Magloire on the Raps bench knowing how big of an inspiration he was and is to my city. Memphis no doubt feels the same with the Core4. This is good way to keep them involved with the team and city and that next generation of players coming up. Hopefully Pau and Zbo get on board next.
  12. cdp


    Interesting move for the Wolves. Opens up a PG spot to go after after Dlo....but actually makes it a little harder to get a trade done without Teagues contract, maybe they aren't planning on Crabbe staying too long.
  13. It's in good faith. It was only an extra 1.5 mill to guarantee him and they're well under the tax.
  14. That 3 team deal with LAL and Charlotte would be sick...except the Hornets can't take on that many players. I think it's gonna come down to either we take on unwanted salary for next year, which isn't ideal, or we get 2nd rounders instead. I say that Lee+2nds trade gets done and they waive Lee to open up a spot for a buyout big or another youngn like Isaac Humphries or a resigned Deyonta.