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  1. I still dont get the need for mass testing when the treatment stays the same; self isolate for atleast 14 days and more if you still have symptoms after that. That's what everyone should be doing right now. If you must go out wear mask+gloves. If the symptoms get worst only then should you get tested. Another thing that needs to be done is ban n95s from retail and only send them to the hospitals. The blue ones won't do shot to protect the healthcare workers. Same goes with whatever drugs that might be working right now. Noone should be taking anything like chloroquine unless it's administered by a doctor in icu or you've already been prescribed it.
  2. Olympics pushed back one year. I think at the rate this is going the NBA needs to consider doing the same. Start up again March 11 2021 and keep the same schedule. It's an option.
  3. Players too?!? All I saw was "members of the organizations" so it could be the waterboy for all we know. Not that it matters much, it's clearly spread through multiple teams. This season is looking done.
  4. Finally getting around to watching Fargo. Good so far. Apparently each season has it's own set of characters so you can start watching with any of them.
  5. Two Lakers and a Celtics player just tested positive with no symptoms. Yea there's a snowballs chance in helll this seasons starting up again any time soon.
  6. Ya'll lookin for a little time filler normally used on bball? Two words; Death Stranding I don't waste my time on video games, average 2 or 3 a year excluding 2k, so when I pick one I make sure it's the right one. This one's it. Started it in november. 50ish hours. Finished it tonight. What a trip.
  7. down goes the nhl......
  8. Apparently suspended atleast one month. Damm.
  9. Seems like it's not about the years but the money. Can't offer him more than $8.9 total no matter how many years. Doesn't make a difference anyways. Hopefully his teammates can convince him to stick around.
  10. They just cancelled the Thunder/Jazz game possibly because Gobert may have it. **** just got real. Can't see teams playing for much longer, fans or no fans.
  11. They've been playing better without Fournier. I'd like to see us steal him from them. Especially if we lose Melton or Josh. I think we could afford a s&t depending if we give them enough salary.
  12. He's earning what he was entitled to. Give him his 8.9 mill next year plus a player option 2nd year and offer him a chance to earn a starting spot in training camp/preseason. That should be enough to get him to stay.
  13. cdp

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    Another thing to note: Jontay is the youngest player on the team now. If he turns out how he was suppose to turn out this is a homerun. This is pretty much our 2020 first round pick.
  14. cdp

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    Yoooo if this guy is actually healthy watch out. Im pretty sure he was projected to be a lotto pick at one point.
  15. Not only start Josh but, if it comes down to it, I'm resigning him over Melton. Thankfully it's looking like we'll be able to resign both easily.