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  1. cdp


    Danny Green didnt give him the mic to give a speech like he was supposed to because he was too drunk ‎. Marc most definitely locked up a HOF entry with these past 3 months, crazy run
  2. Denver doesn't want to go a penny over the tax. They just convinced Bol to sign a 2way instead of straight up because of it. Maybe something like Barton/Hernangomez/Vanderbilt for Iguodala/Rabb/2nd rounders would work. Then flip Hernangomez for another pick to Washington or whoever else has a trade exception big enough to fit him. Nuggets then waive Rabb to get back under the line. Sweeten the deal for them because Barton would be huge for us. Legit starting SG option or atleast a guy that can be a focus off the bench. Plus getting another prospect in Vanderbilt. That would be an amazing haul. It's a real slow day at work lol
  3. cdp

    Free agency 2020

    The only way he doesn't is if we draft Wiseman. Even then they might trade him instead. Lets just enjoy this year of JJJJV while we have it. Anyways free agency-wise, even tho they're RFAs, if we could get one of Sabonis, Brown or Beasley i'd be over the moon.
  4. Dubs literally had no choice but to trade him in order to get Russell cuz it hard capped them. That's why the threw in a 1st with Iggy and i'm sure we were the only team willing to take on that kind of salary at the start of free agency. Way I see it is no team would pay Iguodala 17 mill as a free agent right now. So he has no value at that price. Best bet is to trade him to a third team for even bigger salary that will play this year (THJ?, Batum?) and let that team buy him out so he can go wherever.
  5. The only downside in keeping him is losing a roster spot, but with the two-ways that's not as important anymore. Just a matter of who gets cut instead...
  6. cdp


    That last play is why the nba should never adopt the goaltend rule. Way too many games end on fts and with the way nba refs are bs like that would go down all the time.
  7. cdp

    2016 Draft Diamonds&Busts

    That would be just part of a real dream scenario next year wouldn't it; Steal Jaylen away from the Celtics, draft Wiseman for maximum local hype, have Josh Jackson become what we're hoping he'll be; Ja Jaylen Josh Jaren‎ James Jonas wins sixth man of the year.‎ I'm hyped over the slim chance that it plays out like that.
  8. cdp

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    Eric Gordon just agreed to an extension...which means the only Iguodala trade option with Hou is a sign+trade for Shumpert...which would put them 20 million into the tax. Safe to take the Rockets off the list i'd say. edit- dammit wrong thread
  9. cdp

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    LA could still end up cuttin Cousins n signing Noah too. Overall, this Howard trade was a massive win. Almost 6 mill in savings wow.
  10. Wait until we can package him with other guys then make a play for someone we could actually use. Iggy/Rabb/multiple 2nds for Tim Hardaway or Barton maybe?
  11. cdp

    Dwight saves some money for the Grizz

    I'm blown away by the Lakers actually wantin him back. I guess Dwight doesn't burn that many bridges...who's gonna start the appreciation thread
  12. cdp

    Cousins injury

    Y‎ou actually expecting a team to trade for him or somethin? FO just jumped at the opportunity to shave 4 mill when they traded Miles. ‎Now that teams have their rosters filled out and money spent he's got zero value.‎ Either we keep him to play him or let him go.
  13. cdp

    Cousins injury

    Lakers would be all over Dwight right now.....if they didn't already know how that movie played out.
  14. Don't hold your breath. I'd be surprised if they didn't buyout/waive him by the start of the season. Besides we already won the trade by getting a 1st out of it, anythin else is gravy at this point. September 7th is when we can package other players with him, might be more trade options then.
  15. cdp

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    As former Vancouver-ite i'm findin it mad disrespectful. But it is what it is. It'd be a lot worse if it were the Thunder doing a Supersonic throwback.