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  1. It's about that time for Josh. He should come in to take Hills and Gudurics minutes very easily. With Guduric im not sure what he can learn in the dleague that he can't on the main team. He's already been playing in a better league than the dleague. Send him down for some practices to keep him fresh i guess. It's not like he's costing us wins so just keep playing him as 10th man. The same goes for JJJ and eventually Josh, just let them play through it. It's the only way they're going to truly learn.
  2. cdp

    Do we already have enough legit scorers?

    I think from the look of this game tonight it's pretty obvious we don't.
  3. cdp

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    Watching the Raps-Hornets right now and i can see Dillon getting Norman Powell-level money. Maybe a full-time starter if he stays consistent, maybe better off the bench. Still early for that to be decided for either of them. 4yrs/42 is what Norm got. Thats bout right for Dillon if he keeps up his play.
  4. Yup Crowder for Clarke and Hill for Josh. They'll be that much better off.
  5. I saw the other day he had a DNP-CD, but apparently he's been sick. Don't get too excited lol. Edit- he came in as i typed that go figure!
  6. Really just depends if they're willing to go into the tax. I think we're more likely to trade them Crowder at this point. Hope I'm wrong cuz if we could steal a guy like Beasley, Barton, Hernangomez, even Porter from them that would be a heck of a haul.
  7. FO probably told the guys they've been winning too much. Lets go with that
  8. This Nuggets team would have to give up so much to get Iguodala and stay under the tax that they'd actually be worse if they did it. They could definitely get to the finals with the right matchup/homecourt even without Iggy. They're deeeeep.
  9. Hill with a hack lol. Doesn't matter they earned that win! Instant classic.
  10. About as bad a way you could finish a game for JJJ there
  11. His moves reminds me so much of Bosh, heck he even kinda looks like him. If he can turn into the next CB4 I'd take that and run.
  12. All praise to the draft lottery gods
  13. Haven't watched the Jazz at all. I imagine seeing Mike play in a Jazz uniform will be very much like Marc in a Raps uniform. Bittersweet.