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  1. Barton is a pipe dream. The Nuggets aren't trading one their better players for a 35 year old Iggy. That doesn't make them a better team at all. We'd be the ones to give up a pick for Barton. Clips are really out of it now if they wanna keep Harkless since he's the only one they could trade to make the salaries work. Unless some other team comes out of nowhere with a 1st round pick offer it's between the Mavs n Rockets.
  2. This is it. Witness the greatest Grizzlies summer league team of all time with our best player ain't even playing. This is the peak. I think i'll ride off into the sunset and retire from watching summer league
  3. Grayson makin some nice moves just ain't finishin
  4. Rabb says not quite yet! They'll probably try to package him in a trade as a sweetener. At this point he'll have to have a heck of a training camp/preseason to make the cut that's for sure.
  5. One more chance at what? Yuta, Konchar n Allen are locks for training camp imo I'd say right now its; Hustle bound- Aldridge, Shaq, Evans, Dusty, Harvey (might get camp invite if there's room), Lawson Safe...till training camp atleast- Allen, Bruno, Rabb, Konchar Yuta's probably locked in unless there's someone that blows him out the water
  6. Oh forgot about that. Maybe? Schedule releases sometime in august.
  7. I'm just cheesed we don't get to see Ja vs Zion. Bet we play the Pels in the season opener
  8. Best bet might be to wait out the 2 month period (until sept 7th i think) then packaging Iggy/Hill for something like Hardaway/Lee/pick. Would be an amazing haul especially if Hardaways contract doesn't affect making moves under the cap next year. Also sidenote re: Denver; the report was they're only interested in signing Iguodala. Doubt they trade a guy like Barton for him anyways.
  9. Can picks even be included with a S&T player? Because the only trade with the Rockets that would make sense is Shumpert+1st. Then just buyout Shumpert.
  10. cdp

    Official: Russ to Rockets for CP3

    Wowwww the rest of west see the Warriors down for the count, now's their shot at the ship. Kinda wish we were in it tbh
  11. It's funny that FO thinks they're going to get that much more value for a 35 year old 17million dollar player on his last legs. A 2nd rounder plus 5 mill in savings is exactly what to expect for someone like that.
  12. cdp

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    If FO values roster spots and minutes for younger players over the older vets then Iggy, Hill and one of Plumlee/Howard won't be on the team come october, regardless whether they're traded or not. Simple as that.
  13. cdp

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    If the original plan was to buyout Parsons...and instead we traded him for smaller yet equally unmoveable contracts...and we don't get any takers for Plumlee or Hill, which we most likely won't... then maybe they should just waive them like they probably would've done with Parsons had ATL not made the trade. Let's face it, Howard at 5 million is better to have on the team than Plumlee at 12 million any day of the week ANY sign of trouble, locker room problems, antics, whatever, then just waive Howard. Same goes for Jackson.
  14. Brevin thinks the Warriors aren't making the playoffs. Whose gonna kick em out? The Kings?