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  1. cdp

    Grizzlies Bubble Rotation. Discuss.

    If they're actually interested in playoffs, they'll keep it tight n get the guys they want moving forward gelling as much as possible. Morant-Jones Brooks-Melton Winslow-Jackson Jackson-Clarke Valanciunas-Dieng Allen, Anderson, Guduric, Konchar, Tolliver + Watanabe as 3rd stringers/injury.
  2. cdp


    Hate to say it but, at the rate this going, a Grizz player will get it. Hopefully not but just prepare for it to happen. Hope reporters respect the players privacy unlike what they did with Austin Matthews there.
  3. cdp


    Glad we would play the Lakers. Since the Raptors just signed some new dude who looks like he'd be an absolute beast against us;
  4. cdp

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    It's the right the thing to do. Let the players vote on whether they want to continue or not. If a team can't muster up enough players then the sit this one out.
  5. cdp

    OJ Mayo

    I wouldn't object to bringing him or Tyreke back at added SG depth....when we're a top 4 seed preparing for a deep run. As long as we're a developing team it's a hard pass.
  6. cdp

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    This is about the only good news of the week
  7. cdp

    What is fair?

    They could invite 24 teams like the nhl, including ones that still had an outside chance at playoffs back (Por-Phx in the west, Was-Chi in the east). Then vote among personnel and players of each team whether they'd like to come back or not. If teams choose not to play just mark the rest of their games as losses. Play the regular season condensed with multiple back to backs for all teams. There'd be no travel involved so that won't be a problem. Whenever a team is eliminated from the playoffs or locks in their seed they stop playing their remaining games. The regular season would be done in less in a month that way.
  8. He's not going into the frontlines as a doctor. Lillard choosing to sit out right now isn't selfish at all, especially when the health risk outweighs playing what would be a few meaningless regular season games. Now if he's looking to get his millions on top of sitting out that's another story.
  9. I think they could still play a 82 game season among the teams that choose to play. Leave it up to the players to decide they're willing to risk it. If a team, say the Knicks, can't gather the minimum roster of players willing to continue then let them forfeit the rest of the season. This would help a tanking team plus helps the teams that still had games to play against them. Mind you it still doesn't help our chances in making it..... Edit- they can start with the Warriors as an example. They're eliminated already. No point on risking their safety. Record them down as finishing at 15-67 and record it as a win for their remaining opponents.
  10. cdp

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Yo as a Grizz fan I want to see us make the playoffs of course.....but we haven't had any nba in 2+ months. Gimme 76 games, heck gimme a full 82 game season if they can make it happen. Even if it lowers our chances of making it in, the more basketball the better. I'd actually watch a Knicks game at this point. ‎Btw players won't be free agents on July 1st. They only become free agents come the end of a full nba financial term, which will still go on if the season picks back up.
  11. cdp

    What is fair?

    I think they're going to try and take the risk of playing the regular season out in a bubble. Atleast the games that still mean something to the playoff standings. The biggest hurdle will be access to fast testing. There's tons of different rapid tests being developed, a lot in research-only trials, so hopefully some get approved soon. Disneyworld would be the place, it's big enough to fit the entire league+family. There'd be no travel so they could play the season out even faster and since teams would be free to leave after being eliminated, it would probably be something like 3 months max in the bubble. With their family around and maybe some things to do in the park I think teams would be willing to go for it. It also makes more sense to try and finish a season that's already 75% done over trying to get a full season for next year when there won't be fans either way.
  12. For what it's worth, and it's worth nothing, the Pels just beat us into the playoffs on a tiebreaker on simulation. So 2k seems to think they're better than us!
  13. cdp

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    I still think a one year break is a possibility. Really the only way to save the full schedule. Call it the 2019-2021 season.
  14. I keep seeing people using that "influenza kills more" argument. But it's not about the deaths it's about the spread;
  15. Ya'll are going absolutely crazy with no Grizzball huh How bout a lil 2k talk to lighten our moods. I've been simulating the season, atleast the teams that were still in the race.....except it's not looking good for us. Things have tightened up its probably gonna come down to the last game of the season. Sacramento Kings 39-40 (!) Memphis Grizzlies 38-41 San Antonio Spurs 37-41 Portland Trail Blazers 38-42 New Orleans Pelicans 37-42 I'll let ya'll know if we make it or not....