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  1. cdp

    Around the NBA - 2022-23 Season

    Mavs are going to protest that basket because apparently the refs changed it to GSW ball during the break without telling Dallas. Only problem is they were on the wrong side of the floor anyways 🤣
  2. Needed win. JJJ was a beast tonight but the real question is can he keep that goin with Ja back in the lineup. Gonna need both playing at all-star level if they want to sniff even the WCF
  3. Well. Quite frankly the Heat needed this win more than us so whatever. On to bigger and better games....
  4. If Love doesn't have a kid yet he ain't having them now!
  5. I was just thinking that. Him or DeRozan. Would be godly. Just don't see how they could do it.
  6. Luke getting the Troy Daniels treatment. How do you not get your best 3pt shooter some looks
  7. Time to knock this team out, put em under .500 and end any slimmer of a hope they might have of catching us
  8. cdp

    Grizzlies final standings position

    You know I haven't checked the standings in weeks, thought we had more breathing room than we do tbh. The Kings not only are gonna make the playoffs but they're looking like a top 4 lock. Unbelievable. I'm actually happy for them, like finally they did it lol. Still think we finish 2nd. It's still doable.
  9. cdp

    D Brooks’ role

    All I'll say is unless you can get a guy like OG, Bridges, Cam Johnson or move up in the draft to get a bonafide stud, I don't see how you could let DIllon walk. Don't tell me one of the rookies or ZW will step up, FO should not be counting on that.
  10. Dillon scored 14 points tonight. TNT knew exactly what they were doing choosing to interview him 😆
  11. Sit Bane for the love of god i need him under 20
  12. Couldn't ask for a better first half, considering the circumstances
  13. cdp

    Grizzlies final standings position

    I think we just hold to 2nd seed, but it won't be easy. Probably hold it by a game or two max.
  14. cdp

    You guys see this?

    I was thinking about that kid suing Ja, how some people were calling out the kid. He's just doing something just about everyone else would do in that situation; trying to get a little money out of a millionaire. Ja has to recognize there's going to be people left right and center trying to do that. I had a feeling it was "bud", but Ja needs a nip on the *** to wake him the **** up anyways lol
  15. cdp

    You guys see this?

    Yea talking trading Ja, not gonna happen. He needs to smarten up and it's gotta be him that does it, these incidents aren't on his parents or his friends it's all on him. He's got to know he's got to move differently now, stop putting yourself into situations like this where other people can take advantage of you on social media and in real life. If I'm Silver I nip this in the butt and suspend him a game. Kyrie and Meyers Leonard got suspended for retweeting and saying a word respectively. This is an actual action that shouldn't be glorified.