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  1. Yea I guess he's done. Cheers to the best memories Marc. Suddenly only Conley and Gay left from that Grizzlies era. I guess Jeff Green too but still, suddenly i'm feeling old.
  2. Legit just finding out bout that Hernangomez trade now. That's how slow the off-seasons been. So what's the count now, Valanciunas/Murphy/Allen for Adams/Williams/Culver/Dunn/Edwards/Oturu/Merrill? Wonder who stays n who goes. Can't wait till training/preseason.
  3. I think any slim chance there was at getting Simmons is even slimmer now. Because his trade value just dropped enough where other teams don't need a third team to get involved. Still think he ends up in Golden State. Wiggins/Moody/two 1sts is better than anything we could offer.
  4. Or they plan on trading Hernangomez but gotta wait till October or whenever they can package him with other players. Same thing happening with the Mavs/Raps Dragic trade right now.
  5. That was all after we traded for him. I'm sure a lot of people back then said no thanks to a Zbo trade because he was putting up "empty stats" on losing teams and getting in trouble. Sounds like Beasley to me.
  6. In other words available for guys like Beal or Lavine.
  7. Unless we get Simmons himself we're likely getting the worse in any 3 team Simmons trade we make. Doubt anything like that happens anyways. And yea a 2-for-1 trade to get another 24 year old 20 point scorer would be great for guys like Melton & Kyle. Who else would you expect to get for them? As for Beasley being a possible bad influence well that didn't stop us trading for Zbo or Josh Jackson. Plus let's be real, most these players got someone or someones in their life that probably shouldn't be there. I wouldn't worry about Beasley being the worst influence. This is all mute point anyways. I don't tthink we nor the Wolves have what it takes to get Simmons. I was just throwing it out there. I think he ends up on the Warriors or Blazers eventually.
  8. Well the Wolves are trying to get Simmons....I just dont see what the Sixers would want from us. Maybe something like: Wolves: Simmons, Melton, Beverley Sixers: Russell, Anderson, picks Grizzlies: Beasley, Hernangomez, Culver
  9. Did they end up waiving anyone to make space for this trade? Haven't seen anything mentioned anywhere. I'm guessing they're trying to make another move before making the Wolves trade official.
  10. When you zoom out the trade it's like; JV/Allen/Murphy/Boston for Adams/Williams/Aldama/Merill/Rondo/Oturu/Hernangomez/Culver So far atleast. That doesn't look as bad as it looked originally.
  11. Yo i swear i just called Beverley to the Wolves just last night talking to a friend. They needed a backup PG so he's perfect for them, gives them some toughness. I was hoping for Beasley but Culver + Hernangomez is a great haul for what we gave
  12. I dig this trade after half-sleeping on it. Rondo could be bought out and they'd still be in a better position than we were before it. You can say Beverly is a slightly more tradeable/packageable player than Bledsoe, they pay the full 22 mill owed this year instead of the 4 mill Bledsoes guaranteed next year, and they get to kick the tires on another young prospect. Best trade of the off-season so far. Obviously another one to come.
  13. Trey Murphy with the game winner.....sigh
  14. Maybe not Beverley but I think a 35 year old former all-star/champion player who was once one of the best point guards in the league would be a great mentor for Ja.