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  1. cdp

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Dunno why anyone thought the Suns would want Conley. If any deal happens with them it'll involve moving down to #6 so they could get Morant, doubt that happens either. Looking at which teams being mentioned you gotta think the ones to seriously talk to would be the Pacers, Jazz n Heat. All pretty desperately need a pg upgrade, another guy to push them a level up in the playoffs, all offering some enticing pieces/picks/space; Pacers- Sabonis, Holiday, McDermott, 18th pick Jazz- Favors, Exum, Korver, 23rd Heat- Waiters, Jones Jr, Ryan Anderson, 13th Not sayin that should be what they offer, but definitely some combo of them.
  2. B̶z̶d̶e̶l̶i̶k̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶o̶n̶e̶?̶ Nvm sounds like he's gonna retire f'real this time. Kinda down on hiring another rook now that it sounds like Sarunas is out. Looking more into Tibbetts, Jensen, Griffin, Kokosov(rookie-ish) they're probably the top options but are they really any better than JB would be? Gimme a coach with real experience, who knows what it takes to get there. SVG or bust pretty much.
  3. cdp

    Even I know you have to draft Ja

    I'd trade with them if we were guaranteed to get Garland, and then some. He might be as good or even better than Morant, albeit way more of a risk. Really wish we could've seen him play this past year.
  4. cdp

    When Should Conley be traded??

    When the offer's right
  5. cdp

    Even I know you have to draft Ja

    Apparently we're set on drafting Ja. Could be a bluff to get teams offering trades. Suns are already interested in moving up for him. Gonna be the most exciting draft night since the one we don't mention!
  6. cdp

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Was last night a dream? It feels a little surreal don't it. Like was that the real draft lol
  7. cdp

    Ja Morant

    Yea that's one of the most interesting scenarios in all this. It's not like they rushed to trade Marc once Jaren was drafted, and they had no problem finding a trade partner for him. I could see it playing out the same way for Conley. See if him and Morant can play together otherwise move Conley at the next trade deadline.
  8. cdp

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Hey you never know now that the possibilities are endless. So many directions they could go, trade Conley, trade the pick completely, draft Morant, draft Barrett, trade down. Teams future suddenly looks much brighter. As long as this new FO plays their cards right. Which is why I expect us to draft Rui Hachimura with the #2 pick smh.
  9. cdp

    2019 NBA DRAFT could package that pick + Parsons to get a certain disgruntled PF/C....
  10. cdp

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    This is league changing because now, now I wouldn't bet on Anthony Davis leaving.
  11. cdp

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Totally fine. Top 5: Morant Morant Morant Morant Morant
  12. cdp

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    TOP 4!!!!!
  13. I didn't know what time the lottery was on and decided to check the boards first, and all I saw was "Memphis Grizzlies Land the 1st Pick" at first glance. I hate this thread now
  14. cdp

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Ohhhh yeaaa forgot he was on that Celtics team. Wasn"t that the year he was injured on that dunk tho? Whatever, it'll be even nicer if two Core4 guys win then lol.
  15. cdp

    NBA Playoffs thread

    That was the greatest moment in Raps history, what a game‎. Happy for Marc. Would be nice if atleast one Core4 guy won a ship.‎‎