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  1. cdp

    Did We Make the Right Move?

    It's definitely one of the bigger "what ifs" for the Grizz. I remember they played like what, a season and a half together? It would've been interesting to see them play more like Lowry/Vanvleet now...
  2. cdp

    Interesting Topic about JJJ

    I forgot about Vasquez he was good for his short time there. It's quite the butterfly effect because Powell made Terrence Ross expendable and got traded for Ibaka, who didn't mesh great with JV and got him traded for Marc. And even tho JV is the better player now and when he was traded, the Raps simply do not win the championship without him over JV. And they won't win it this year either if he doesn't up his game.
  3. Pretty sure you can say Miami won the trade now
  4. cdp

    Interesting Topic about JJJ

    It's funny how the Raps came up in this conversation. That Derozan-JV-Lowry core had ran its course. They had five playoff runs and were swept out in back to back years. It was time for a change, Masai took a gamble and it paid off big time. We are nowhere near that point yet. Our Core 4 was together 7 flippin years and we're sitting here talking bout trading one of our best players before we even have a winning season. Like somehow the guy we just drafted with the 4th pick two years ago isn't good enough for our suddenly championship-caliber team, yeesh. Especially the guy everyone knew would be a project. 4 years. Give him until his rookie contract is up to show significant improvement. After that....
  5. cdp

    Interesting Topic about JJJ

    What? I mean yes......for Doncic. After all. He's had ankle problems the past two seasons. Mavs should really think about trading him before his injuries start piling up, it'll make it difficult to trade him later.
  6. Ideally they find a SG that pushes Brooks to the bench. I don't know if they have that guy or could even get him this offseason tho.
  7. cdp

    Luka Doncic is the Best Player in the NBA...Period

    Im saying...If there's one player that COULD POSSIBLY, if everything goes right in terms of health, conditioning, calls n such, end up being a better player than LeBron, it's Doncic. He's got a loooooong way to go but man he's on his way.
  8. cdp

    Would You Rather....NBA Draft Lottery Edition

    If the Sixers fall in the 1st round.....I bet Golden State puts the pressure on them to trade Embiid or Simmons for that 2nd pick+
  9. cdp

    Would You Rather....NBA Draft Lottery Edition

    If anything it's a draft asset to flip. So either top 4 pick this year, no pick next OR no pick this year, mid lottery pick next Rather have the first one.
  10. I think only one of Melton-Jackson-Tolliver will be back. I dunno which one. I like Yutas and Konchars game but they're 16th and 17th man, unfortunately very replaceable. Theyre probably gone. Draft will just be that second rounder we got, my money's on drafting Tyus' brother Tre. Trade wise Kyle, Guduric and Dieng are probably the only guys to look at trading, tho doubt we'd get anything for them FA-wise Marc, Crowder and Hill were at the game apparently today watching. Wouldn't oppose to bringing 1 or 2 of them back.
  11. No shame in this loss at all. What a rollercoaster season, memorable for good and bad reasons. Next year they come back healthier, more experienced, with a couple added pieces n they'll go farther then they are now. And for Portland....I hope the Lakers kick their arse!
  12. And there were actually ppl saying Melo was done.....
  13. My question in all this do we get McCollum in a trade this off-season.
  14. They were trying to land a haymaker way too early
  15. That was a wild sequence those two possessions there