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    Should We Think About Starting Nick Calathes?

    This is going to get my head chopped but WTH.Who is the better b/u point guard?
  2. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    He might not be relevant here any more but he is in Boston. He's no. 2 in assists for the them & with another week of starting, & he'll be in the top 5 of the team in scoring. I guess he just likes that parquet floor.
  3. DPI Graphics

    Third String Point Guard Options

    Golly gee I know of a backup point guard that scored 14 with 6 assists & a stl tonight IN THE NBA. maybe we could get him.
  4. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    Could be that they are thinking about some more dealing, or thehey're just replacing Lee.
  5. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    The thing is he isn't trying to fit the coaches system. He is playing naturally He won't even see Boston until sometime next week. When he is allowed to play on his own this what you get. This is what I have been saying for 4 yrs. Once he gets to a team where he can be JB not not Jose, CP3, Blake/Miller, MC, he will be the star(like his summer league season) that PDX wanted when they traded for him on draft day. If you remember, I have said that he is a slash & dish guy who is quicker than fast & can hit some long shots as well. Also, I noticed that his new coach put him with a couple of mins. to go to make the in bounds play. That shows BB I/Q. The bottom line here though is we really need to give them about 10 games to see how the trade is going to work for both players & both teams.
  6. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    Bayless will play tonight & wear #11 for Boston. Here is a link that I just read. It's pretty good. http://www.boston.com/sports/basketball/celtics/extras/celtics_blog/2014/01/jerryd_bayless_will_make_his_celtics_debut_vs_denver.html?camp=twit:celtics&SREF=Optin&dlvrit=834396 This is what I like about him. He did what he could to win on Sunday while knowing he was leaving. Good character.
  7. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    I plan on watching the Griz Firefox & the Celtics on IE 7 flipping back & forth.
  8. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    It used to be that we could root for our favorite team & players @ the same time but with all of the free agency, salary cap etc. stuff you have to either root for a team, a player, or a team/player then when your player plays against your team well... I know, root for a triple double from your player while your team wins the game while your player is resting on the bench.
  9. DPI Graphics

    Jerryd Bayless Appreciation Thread

    Jerryd, keep the faith, you will find THAT team & will take off like a rocket! & for those who are celibrating now, be carful what you wish for because you just might find it!! As I see it, right now, Tay will be playing PG some because Calathes is onle capable of playing spot mins.(if that) & MC can't play 48 mins. every game.
  10. DPI Graphics

    Refs For Tonight

    Yeah see what I mean
  11. DPI Graphics

    Refs For Tonight

    Well you gotta admit, they tried.
  12. DPI Graphics

    Refs For Tonight

    Normally I would say to the team that they know the refs & to adjust to them but... After thursday, I just wonder if they are betting again?
  13. DPI Graphics

    what a call (back again)

    Remember this. I have been to do that same kind of thing while playing hockey. It was always do to frustration when the refs were not giving me anything & every time I threw a check, they blew a whistle. We know that he is no wussy & we know he gets no calls so, maybe he is trying to make a point. You might have a point with the shoes. He seems to be having them slide out from under him a lot lately.
  14. DPI Graphics

    Just Tank Already

    The quickest way to to tank already is to get rid of JB. Now before All you haters have heart attacks, let me explain. There is no one to take his place & MC will be playing 40 min. a game again. He got away with it before but he wasn't carrying the scoring lioad like he is now. He will be used up, and probably injured, before the year is out. We've seen what Calathes can do & if you think that Seth can run the team, think about this: if a player can shoot lights out & run a team, don't you think he would be playing in the league already? So like I said, dump JB & wear out MC = TANK!!! I'm just sayin
  15. DPI Graphics

    Accept Advanced Stats

    "Most teams start the process nearer the bottom than the top. It is painful to watch the transition because everyone has high hopes for the season and it feels like it is being thrown away right now. Let's be honest. The team is a lot closer to 0-5 than 4-1 or better right now. No one, not even 4-6 me, thought that would be the case. No one felt the team would be blown out at home against New Orleans. No one expected the team to have to fight from behind in the 4th against Boston who's competing for the top pick not the top spot this summer." This is exactly what I said would happen. I see an arrogance from this FO(and the whole league) right now that says we know how to do this better than the BB people, which is why there so many BB people on cruses right now. They want to make major changes without starting over & it doesn't work! The first clue was dumping the defense first coach then resigning the top defense first player with a long term contract. As they say, "That does not compute.". The team owner cemented my thoughts this summer when he challenged one of the leagues best one-on-one defenders then turned around & challenged one of the best one-on-one offensive players in the history of the league. Sounds like he thinks he's better than the pros at their game. How many seasons did he play? Finally, things will not get better until the "whit coated wizards in the basement" start listening to the Basketball people!