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    what a call (back again)

    Remember this. I have been to do that same kind of thing while playing hockey. It was always do to frustration when the refs were not giving me anything & every time I threw a check, they blew a whistle. We know that he is no wussy & we know he gets no calls so, maybe he is trying to make a point. You might have a point with the shoes. He seems to be having them slide out from under him a lot lately.
  2. DPI Graphics

    Dog Days Of August

    Mine is the name of my company. When not coaching Hockey, I designed race cars. & No it doesn't stand for Dots Per Inch. It stands for Day Performance Industries.
  3. DPI Graphics

    Nut Heads IV

    OMG!!! The Preds just picked up the BEST player in the draft!!!! WOW
  4. DPI Graphics

    Nut Heads IV

    Just want to thank Tennessee for giving us Fisher & Cookie. I can't wait until Nov. 3rd.
  5. I'm telling you him & JBay get along fine. He yells at JB & JB yells at him then they go have dinner. They're a lot alike.
  6. If he's not a puppet he'll be gone. Like I said, I'm not complaining about him yet. But if he is going to stay(unless they grow up) he WILL be their puppet. If he stands up to them, he'll be gone.
  7. You had bettr start liking Vinnie D. & Brooks cause that is all these FO people are going to find.
  8. NO they just don't need the super new guy. They keep the team together and find better subs each yr. Maybe they KNOW something.
  9. Maybe. I have no opinion about his coaching ability but, if he sticks around lets the FO run him like their puppet, he'll loose his team before the season starts.
  10. That isn't just LH. It's everywhere. Because JBay is only 6'3", he must be a "combo" guard and dropped from top 5 in the draft to 11th. Don't believe me? Go back & look at the comments when he was drafted.
  11. As soon as attendance goes down, they'll be crying that they can't survive in this LITTLE town and away they'll go!!!!
  12. I'll tell you who else doesn't hate him, JBay & most of all of the players on the team. They may get mad & want more PT but they KNOW he knows what he is doing.
  13. I gar-on-tee the FO would never walk out on his floor!
  14. I would have probably shot a puck at him if a FO person marched out onto my ice during practice!!! There is a time for FO stuff & it ain't on the court during practice. If that is the the way that the new FO is going to run things, this team will go straight to hell & they will NOT be able to find a coach for more than one yr. unless they find a "developmental" one to make players for other teams. When I read that quote, I went off like a VOLCANO. That is just about the BIGGEST NO NO that admin people can do. LH run as fast as you can anywhere you can but get away from these idiots.